From the Dying Moment to Exiting Through the Grid

By Wes Penre, June 13, 2023

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Narrated by Angela

I am writing this article on request from one of my Ko-Fi members. I have written a lot about the Grid and how to exit, but there are always things that need further clarity. And I don’t want there to be any confusion on the subject—I wish that as many as possible leave the Matrix after death. This article will, among other things, bring up, in bullet points, what will happen if a person is very sick, perhaps having Alzheimer’s, Dementia, cancer, or in any other way is confused in the death moment. What should he or she do? Here is my advice:

Let’s say “Bill” is in his hospital bed, ready to die, and he has chosen to leave the Matrix through the Grid once he departs from his body. In his mind, he has prepared himself, and he has been fully determined to leave through a hole in the Grid for quite some time. However, he has Alzheimer’s, so he is confused. While still having some of his mind straight, he worries about even remembering going through the Grid. He has learned that the procedure should be simple: When he leaves his body, he just spots the Grid, chooses any random hole in it, sets an intention to go through the hole, and then he’s out. However, he notices that in his life, he’s set many intentions, but they either don’t manifest at all in the way he intended, or it takes forever for them to manifest. Therefore, he doubts he can do better once he’s dead.

This is probably a common concern for a person who prepares for the departure moment, with or without a cognitive disease. There is, of course, a reason Bill can’t manifest as well in the Matrix. Here, everything is solid and slow, but even the Matrix is thought responsive, though it’s incredibly slow. It’s like moving through glue compared to the astral. It takes “forever” for a thought to manifest in the Matrix, and while this thought (intention) takes its time, the person (Bill in this case) has all the time in the world to create counter intentions he is not even aware that he’s creating. Because the Universe always manifests the most recent intention that was expressed, it might not be what Bill wanted—perhaps, Bill even gets the opposite to what he intended because he doubted his ability to have his intention manifested.

This is how it works in the Matrix.

Still, it’s a major difference between being in a physical body and to be in the astral. The astral, contrary to when we’re stuck in our solid body, is instantly thought responsive—it’s like night and day. As soon as Bill has left his body, he will notice that things he thinks, if he puts an intention behind it, will manifest immediately in the astral—he will understand he’s a creator god. If he thinks about a cat and intends to manifest that cat, and before he’s learned that he can also restrain himself from doing so, a cat will manifest before him. Although he will learn quickly how to restrain himself, it’s better to, as soon as possible, just focus on one thing—to exit through the Grid. Once out on the other side, Bill can practice how to manifest things and how to restrain himself from manifesting his thoughts—he learns (or remembers, rather, because he’s been there before) how to set up inner boundaries, and he will learn quickly. The reason I know this is that of the testimonies from numerous astral travelers, who all say the same thing. You can read all about it on the Internet. Some of these people are trained astral travelers.

Here are some typical examples of how things work in the astral. This information comes from many different astral travelers, skilled and beginners alike. These explorers teach us how to move around in the astral, and how to travel from point A to point B. It’s very simple, and it’s instantaneous. Now, let’s say the astral traveler is either confused about something, or what they are seeing is fuzzy and not so clear, all the traveler needs to do is to think to himself, “Clarity NOW!” In a nanosecond, everything will be clear. The command NOW! is very important because it denotes that something should happen immediately.

In the astral, let’s say a traveler wants to move from point A, where he is located, to point B, which is, let’s say, a landscape “over there.” All he needs to do is to think and intend, “In the landscape NOW!” and he will be in the landscape at the same moment he thinks NOW! This is not hypothetical, or a conspiracy theory; there is not only evidence, but proof that this is how it works out there. So, no one needs to doubt whether this is true—it is. There are literally thousands of individual testimonies to this. No more proof needed.

Consequently, when people die and enter the astral and they have spotted a hole in the Grid, and chosen to go through it, all they need to do is to think themselves through it.

So, let’s return to Bill. His illness is now so bad that he is completely disoriented within his body, and he doesn’t know day from night. He’s close to death, and so he dies. What will be his steps?

  • His soul-mind leaves the body and the silver cord breaks. He is finally free from the heavy, restricted burden of being inside an immensely limited human Matrix body. Most likely, the first he will feel is relief and a sudden feeling of joy. His confusion, due to the disease, and from being in a physical body in general, is now lifted, and he can think clearly. He feels no pain, no depression, or other emotions and sensations we must deal with inside a physical sapiens body.
  • It may take a brief moment before Bill locates himself and realizes he is dead. He will see his body below him, even though there is neither up nor down in the astral, and time is irrelevant. Bill notices he now has a 360-degree vision and is no longer restricted by his physical vision. Once he’s located himself, he uses his physical body beneath him as a reference point and looks “up.” There he will see the Grid, probably as a fuzzy “cloud” above him. But there are many holes in it—like in a Swiss cheese.
  • Suddenly, Bill sees something in the distance to his right, and he loses his focus. Even though he knows he should stay focused and not pay attention to anything around him, and not “speak” to anyone in the astral (in fact, you can’t speak there—you communicate with thoughts), he couldn’t help himself. He gets curious, and by mistake, he thinks of himself as being there to explore what it is. In an instant, he is at the location of his new focal point. He is surprised and a bit shocked, not used to this instant type of traveling. But he remembers his real task, so he refocuses on one of the holes in the Grid.
  • Without further ado, he thinks, “I am through the hole in the Grid NOW!” and Bill is instantly outside the Matrix, probably finding himself in the solar system, with the Grid and the Earth beneath him.
  • When Bill was still alive on Earth, he was afraid. “How will I feel when I’m outside the Grid? Will I be horrified and lonely, not knowing what to do? Will I get a panic attack and return through the Grid and into the astral again, where it’s ‘safe?’ Maybe I’ll go back and go through the tunnel after all!” Well outside the Grid, Bill notices he’s not the least afraid. He has withdrawn his spirit energy from the Matrix, and he’s now reunited with his true spirit body. He feels “whole” again. Somehow, it reminds him of playing a computer game on Earth. He is the player, possesses an avatar inside the very intense game on his laptop. He invests most of his energy in that game, and he feels he actually is inside the game (which he is, one could say, because his energy is invested in it). But then he decides to quit playing, and with his mouse, he stops the game and turns the computer off. In other words, he withdraws the energy he invested into the game, and that energy is now reunited with him, the player (analog to the spirit body). He is whole again and not invested in the game. And he is not afraid. Why should he be? He was just playing a game. None of that was him. Now, when he’s in his house, walking around, he is in the “real” world. So, there is no reason to be afraid. He’s been walking around the house a thousand times before, and there is nothing to fear.

This is how Bill feels outside the Grid—no fear. He’s home. However, he thinks it’s best to go to the Queen first to report back and get some advice what to do next, so he thinks, “I am at the highest aspect of the Queen NOW!” and before he knows it, he is there beside her.

This is all there is to it. If something goes “wrong” for Bill on his way out, it’s not a big deal. If he thinks himself to the wrong place and doesn’t know where he is, all he needs to do is to think, “Back at previous location NOW!” and he can start all over. The requirement is for Bill to keep himself level-headed and not give into fear and start panicking. That is unlikely to happen, but if it does, Bill needs to calm down and just focus or refocus. There is always an “Undo button,” so to speak, and he can go back to a previous location or state of being. Exactly which commands to use in the astral can be customized to what feels best for each person, but it’s advisable to use the word NOW! at the end of the train of thought. Also, using the word “at” instead of “to” is also advisable. For instance, “I am at…NOW!” instead of “I am going to… NOW!” because the word “at” does not include time.

Last, here are some additional questions I want to address, as well, because they have come to my attention:

Q1: In Switzerland, they have an assisted self-suicide organization, which is legal. You go there and they give you a pill. Of course, there are strict requirements, such as a letter from a doctor that confirms the modern medicine cannot do anything anymore.

Would it be okay to do so?

Comment: Yes, I support this full-heartedly. If there is no chance of betterment, and the person will suffer for the rest of their life, I see no problem with the Swiss solution, which I have been a little familiar with recently.

Q2: So, if Bill does not know day from night anymore, is it not possible that he puts out an intent to leave NOW (leave physical body → astral → exit grid through whole) instead of waiting until the body gives up and then he ends up in the astral.

Comment: Because of how constructed the sapiens body, the soul-mind is connected through a “silver cord,” which is there to prevent the soul-mind from leaving before the body is dead. It’s the cord that keeps us glued to the body while we’re alive. When creating these homo sapiens sapiens bodies, had a hard time keeping us in these uncomfortable bodies, so he came up with this sloppy solution to attach an energy cord between the astral body and the physical body. Therefore, it would be very difficult for Bill to leave his body by will only. It’s not impossible, but a person must have a very strong intention to wish himself dead without actually committing physical suicide.

Q3: So, can Bill put out an intent NOW to never end up with Alzheimer’s in the future, and instead die in his sleep, with no pain etc., up to that point.

Comment: Yes and no. Bill would need to go against the Matrix rule set to accomplish that, but again, it’s not impossible. Mind over matter, but it requires a lot and a crystal-clear laser beam intention, and no counter-intentions following that. When we’re here in’s 3-D, we are restricted to the rules and limitations of this simulation, just like there are rules and restrictions in a computer game that can’t easily be overridden. The laws and rules in the Matrix are not the same as outside the Matrix, or even in the astral. We have much more liberties in the astral and in Orion than we have here. On Earth, in a human body, we only have 4% of our true capacities. In the astral, we have so much more, and in Orion, we have 100%.

Also, while inhabiting a human body on Earth, you also must take DNA, ancestry, bloodline abnormalities that can bring on illnesses, environmental issues, your mindset, and the rules of the Matrix into consideration. Now we might understand why it’s so hard to manifest our intentions here. There is so much here to take into consideration, which is not the case outside our bodies. Still, people do manifest intentions here, regardless.

Q4: How do you set exactly an intent? What are the criteria? What do you need to think when doing an intent? What do you need to feel when doing an intent? What do you need to see in your mind (pictures) when you do an intent? And then how can I be sure that the intent will work?

Comment: Intents need to be focused and clear. You can’t be in doubt when you set an intention, thinking it might not work because then that becomes the intention, and of course, if your intention is that it won’t work, it won’t work. That’s not a clear intention, and the doubt may prevent it from happening, or at least slow things down. When you intend the command, e.g., “I am outside the Grid NOW!” you must mean it. It’s not advisable to think at the same time in the back of your mind, “I hope this works…”

You must believe in what you’re doing. If anyone has problems with this, I suggest practicing setting intentions and learning how to filter out all doubts. That could be crucial. Just a clear thought, that’s all. Although we all might have some fear regarding leaving, we must put those fears aside when we exit. A flash command: “I am outside the Grid NOW!” That’s all. You don’t need to think, “I wonder what pictures I should look at in my mind.” That’s a distraction. The picture(s) you need will be there automatically as a part of the package within your thought package and in your intention. You don’t need to induce them manually. All you need is to focus and then execute the command. That will do it when you’re in the astral.

In fact, you will probably notice that you will move around even though you don’t intend to because you are passively thinking thoughts about moving. That’s how powerful thoughts are in the astral. I just want people to put intention behind the exit to focus on that alone, ensuring success without distractions. Exiting must be the primary thought in your mind. Everything else must be of no importance. In reality, a light thought is usually all that’s needed, but setting clear intentions without counter-intentions is a safer way to go if we are concerned about being distracted.

Q5: What if Bill cannot remember “Clarity now” in the astral because he has dark energies attached to his astral bodies or who knows what?

Comment: The only reasons a person will accrue dark energies in the astral is if that is the vibration at which this person exits. This is also why we should do inner work and really feel we’re ready to exit. We must feel this inner assertiveness that we can do it. If we don’t have it, it’s a good idea to continue the self-healing process until we get to the point when we say to ourselves and really mean it, “I’m ready!” Then we’re ready.

Regardless, we don’t have “Alzheimer’s” in the astral, humorously speaking. When we leave our bodies, clarity will come immediately. I seriously doubt you will forget your commands. But as always, keep things simple. Simple, straightforward commands, no clutter words.

Q6: How does Bill protect himself in the astral from being attacked?

Comment: Through assertiveness and to set up boundaries. But foremost, by not being afraid, and to be focused entirely on the task and nothing else. Remember that going through the Grid can be done in a matter of seconds after the exit from the body. It’s not a long process. Just do it, be focused for just this short amount of time, and you’ll be fine. Leave all other considerations behind and don’t let them bother you for these few seconds it’ll take to exit the Grid.

Also, keep in mind that people astral travel daily (OBEs), and they are not attacked. Only intense fear will keep you prone to manipulation and attacks. And these are things we practice overcoming while still here in this life, so we don’t need to experience anything like that in the astral.

Also, your consent is important. If you allow yourself to be attacked or manipulated, actively or passively, you invite that. If you keep an “aura” around you that you’re off-limit, they will leave you alone, whoever “they” might be. This “aura” will set itself up if you’re determined and assertive about what you want to do. Don’t pay attention to anything except your task, and no one will stop you.

For those who want to study all this in even more detail, I suggest you read “Exiting the Grid, the Exit Handout,” by Suzaku, a good friend of mine who wrote it, based on the WPP information and his own precise exit plans, which I agree would work well for many people. You will find his exit plan on my blog in the “EXITING THE GRID” section ( )[1]

I hope this helps!

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[1] The exact URL to Suzaku’s essay is .


  1. Here’s a thought, why is it that people speak about they have astral travelled, but fail to actually do anything of any substance with it? That is, you have these abilities, claiming divinity but cant even help to prevent the amount of alleged abuse of children (prime example Corey haim). Why is it there are always attempted explanations, that really have been demonstrated to be ineffectual and serve no purpose? Why can’t people just admit that when it really comes down to it, you have idly stood by with all your power and divinity, that you have claimed (through all the literature, myths and stories you claim are truth) I mean you guys are claiming to be the goddess manifest as well as a mother; and from that stand point you have failed to protect anything as a mother should? And No, this is in no way addressing the Orion queen; This is addressing the likes of the Wes Penre’s and David; Ickes who have demonstrated that whilst the nonsense they promotes changes; it literally is ineffectual? Why is that?

    1. The changes must come from inside YOU. Neither David Icke nor I, Wes Penre, are saviors or “gurus.” I am telling people what I have learned and concluded (always prone to change as I learn more), and those who want to go this route need to self-reflect and get to an inner state of mind of healing until they are ready to let go of anything related to the Matrix. I don’t know what you get your ideas from. It shouldn’t take much reading or listening on your part of my material to understand that what you’re saying about me (and also about Icke) is obviously false.

      Regarding astral travel: if astral travel is so helpful, and you want to help “saving the world,” you can practice astral travel yourself–easily. If you practice every day, you should be able to manage it within 30 days or less. William Buhlman, for example, who is an experienced astral traveler, has a YT channel and books on on how to accomplish this. I hope you are up to the challenge because according to you, that’s what people who can astral travel should do–make a change from an astral perspective. I wish you all the luck, and please tell us here when you notice you have made some major changes in this world.

      You say YOUR power and YOUR divinity. Does that mean you’re not human? Or that you consider yourself different than the rest, or maybe above them, even? Just curious.

      Also, you imply to sit on some knowledge because you seem to know for a fact that my info and that of Icke are false. Why don’t you use your assumed knowledge to help the world? And if you are, why don’t you leave a link here so we can check it out? That would at least show you’re not a hypocrite and actually have some substantial conclusions you have made and are ready to back them up. It would also show that you are not here just to be derogatory without having a clue what you’re talking about. Because you are not “one of those,” are you???

      And last: you say what we’re doing is ineffectual. What are you basing that on? How do you know it’s not effective?

      1. For me it is Wes Penre and David Icke who have the best and true information about the subjects they research and write about. Guys, thanks for them; it is priceless and mind and eye opening.

        And finally: very good comment Wes!

      2. Right on Wes! All I know is Paul McCartney who I think had a real big change in mind somewhere along the line, (they killed John, why didn’t they ever cause Paul any pain? Just sayin) just came out with the fact that AI will help him reproduce John Lennon’s voice to use in songs! okay, you think John Lennon would agree with that?? Look people you’re not going to be able to tell AI from anything anymore and this is the world you want to save at this point? or think you can even try like what Wes says, go ahead do your best brother! I’m tired of trying to wake up imbeciles!

        1. I don’t want to leave that last comment on negative note Wes is right, what we do here is effective what you do everyday in putting the truth out there is effective in fact it’s the only way out folks, or least to ease some of that oncoming pain or bring this whole thing to a head. We cannot go on in ignorance how can we go on when true morality is gone so wrong?

      3. Your divinity and your power is what your claiming, you shouldn’t assume so much. Not derogatory, just making observations. You assume an awful lot, maybe you should apply this to yourself ‘without having a clue what you’re talking about. Because you are not “one of those,” are you???’

      4. And to add, maybe you need to be a bit more in touch and acquainted with your very own writings. That is another observation also.

    2. I astral travel sometimes when i am in the right mindset.
      In fact the last time this happened was after i was practicing quantum pause that i read about in one of the Wes’ papers few years back.
      I found that when i stop being judgemental and just humble myself and observe for couple of days, that would trigger an OBE.
      Now i don’t tell you that just to claim Divine superiority over you or anyone else in that matter.
      I only tell you this so that i can ask what exactly do u expect me to do next time i have an OBE?
      I am as much lost there as i am here and trust me the Astral is vry dangerous plase.
      You can get nasty attachments there if you happen to mingle with the wrong energies.
      That’s why i usually try to stay away from that and work on myself whilst awake.
      When i was growing up and even late into my adulthood i always felt there must be something bigger than the god i read about in the bible and in Bhagavad-Gita and other esoteric literature.
      It was like a Koan to me – an unresolvable riddle.
      Well this Koan has been resolved since i read Wes’ papers.
      Now maybe he isn’t spot on on most of the stuff he writes about. But i am fully convinced about the Namlus.
      Back in the 90s, just after comunism fall in my country Bulgarian there was an attempt to dig out an androgynous being – our alleged ancestor from its tomb in a village called Tsarichina. The excavation was led by a local remote viewer named Elisaveta Loginova.
      Long story short- the project was shut down and the “the hole in Tsarichina” (look it up) was filled with cement.
      Ever since o was looking for more information on our androgynous ancestors and here i am.
      There was a religious group back in the days before the Turks were sent out and payed by the Venician Bankers to be wiped out as the inquisition could not achieve the job. That group was calling themselves as Bogomils which literally translates as “dear to god”. They were Gnostics and got the same treatment as the Chatars from South France.
      So naturally i am inclined to believe Wes’ information when I consider my esoterical pathway that brought me here.
      So yeah.. please let me know what would you have me do next time i end up in OBE so that i can prove my divinity to you and your lesser god.

      1. I found that when i stop being judgemental and just humble myself and observe for couple of days, that would trigger an OBE.

        In Juxtaposition to

        ‘So yeah.. please let me know what would you have me do next time i end up in OBE so that i can prove my divinity to you and your lesser god.’

        In Juxtaposition to.

        ‘Now i don’t tell you that just to claim Divine superiority over you or anyone else in that matter.
        I only tell you this so that i can ask what exactly do u expect me to do next time i have an OBE?’

        In Juxtaposition to.

        Now maybe he isn’t spot on on most of the stuff he writes about. But i am fully convinced about the Namlus.

        If this addressing me. I have few comments. You’re not as humble as your claiming to be, that is evident truth as can be seen. You make a request in your assumptive nature as can be demonstrated within your response, expecting me to take your experience as truth and Gospel reference to (can prove my divinity to you and your lesser god). You then proceed to ask me for advice as if you’re entitled to it; This indicates the antithesis of humility which is evidently true, this makes me question the claims you’re making.

  2. I have a comment on what you wrote about having” inner assertivenes that we can do it” while exiting the grid. I immediately thought of when I was in High School and wanted so bad to be on the drill team. I entered the try outs and practiced the routine they taught for weeks and when the final day came I felt good about making it but worried about what the judges would think and if I was good enough. Well, needless to say, I didn’t make it and I was heart broken. The following year I tried out again and it was for my senior year and the last chance. I set out like a bad ass to perform the routine perfectly and practiced with an intense drive. When try outs came I was confident and just knew I was good and intended to make the team come hell or high water and guess what? I made the team. I understand how to set an intention and follow it through and I know you all planning to leave this matrix through a hole in the grid can, and will do it easily if you just set a strong intention to do so. I think it will be a heck of a lot easier than here, in the matrix, trying out for the drill team as a teenager in High school! lol :o) Thank you so much Wes! oxJulia

  3. I read an article of a man who said he remembers how his divine spark became trapped in the prison matrix. He was exploring the universe when he saw earth and was curious. Suddenly a powerful tracker beam pulled him toward earth. He said he tried fighting it but could not and became powerless. He had been recycled in to new bodies ever since. The dark lords understand energy and know how to harness and control it. They have advanced technology we could not even begin to understand. How can we be assured their technology cannot harness our divine spark when we try to escape? As the gnostic texts say ” they take souls by theft”. Also don’t we need to get past Saturn to get free from the overlords? Thank you.

    1. Hi Mary. This is a perfect question for me to comment on in the next Q&A, which will most likely be published here on the blog next Tuesday. Keep an eye open for it.

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