Orion Q&A Session #18

By Wes Penre, June 6, 2023

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Hello everybody and thank you for your questions to this week’s Q&A! Send more to wespenre2@gmail.com. If you’re interested in The ORION Book, which this Q&A is based on, please visit Amazon.com, and type in Wes Penre (or go to this direct link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3). Here are the current questions and answers:

Question 1: Not too long ago you mentioned something about us being recycled into our own bloodlines, for example as our own grandchild. Were you being serious with this theory or was it just an analogy?

Comment: No, it’s not an analogy. I was serious. That’s how they do it. They recycle you into your own seed line. This is also why so many channeled entities tell us that by changing the way we are now, by healing, for example, we also heal our own bloodline because we are connected through time through our DNA. And all time exists simultaneously.

Question 2: I’m currently in the middle of reading Chapter 9 in The Orion Book. I came across a sentence that says, “All narcissists have mother issues.” I was wondering if you could elaborate on this. While I see how this makes sense, what of those who have mother issues, but have detached from their mothers for the sake of healing the trauma dealt to them from the mother?

Comment: Yes, all narcissists have mother issues. This is known within mainstream psychology, so it’s not even something I figured out. Mother issues, however, can manifest themselves in many ways in the child’s adult life. One person may have had a mother who was relatively emotionally cold, but otherwise okay. That will leave scars in the child in adulthood, but it’s something that can be healed. In The ORION Book, I discussed specifically the period when the toddler is between 6-18 months old. That’s the time when the child is brave enough to start exploring on their own, thus detaching from the mother in a first attempt to be independent. The child realizes that the mother and the child are two separate entities and not one and the same. If the mother refuses to let the child explore, it creates a narcissistic child because the child didn’t learn at this critical age to separate from their mother. Therefore, the narcissist spends the rest of their life trying to separate from their mother through their romantic relationships, which creates all this trauma in their partner. And if the mother also refused the child to explore in their adolescence and instead keep them away and isolated from friends and social interactions, it’s even worse.

What I was trying to explain in the book was that if a child creates full-blown narcissism in childhood, they can’t heal in adulthood because there is no real person there—only a package of coping mechanisms, a False Self that runs more or less on automatic. The real person, who was there at birth, has been hidden and “asleep.” He or she never developed, and thus stayed in a toddler state.

Therefore, if a narcissist goes into therapy, they refuse to cooperate because they feel that each time they heal, they are closer to dying rather than healing. This is because a therapist who is not very familiar with narcissism is not healing the person but the narcissistic False Self and won’t make any progress. And the narcissist, who is a False Self, has no core being, so every time the narc takes something away from their mind through healing, they feel they are dying. If they take away all these coping mechanisms that are so detrimental to their victims, the narc personality dies. And the narc doesn’t want to die.

Hypothetically, if the narcissist would respond to therapy, and dies forever (which they will), left is the terrified child inside the body—the real personality that never developed. It’s the True Self, which is another person entirely than the narcissist. The real child/toddler never developed, and you now have to deal with a toddler inside an adult body.

Sometimes, you see a narcissist throw tantrums when confronted with something. That’s the toddler inside making a brief entrance.

Because of all this, there is no hope for narcissists. They can’t heal without dying. And they are not generous enough to sacrifice their own lives for the toddler within. Even if they were that generous, what do we do with the toddler left in the adult body? Psychology has given up on healing people with full Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Question 3: Hi Wes! This is a hypothetical but I was just thinking about what happens if you went through the tunnel, after death, knowing all along that it’s a scam, and you went to the BLA and you went before whatever council it is that dictates your next life, could you just say “NO  I’m not doing this, it’s all a scam” and then get out at that point, or is that just too risky, like playing with fire?  I plan on getting out as soon as I can, because I see it as very risky, but I was just wondering if one were the adventurous type. Thanks!

Comment: Hypothetically, you could do what you conveyed. You could stand there and refuse to conform to the BLA workers’ manipulation, and then immediately think of yourself at the Grid. But like you wrote, it’s a very risky endeavor because not only would you have to deal with the manipulation that comes with it, which can be quite severe, but once you’ve gone into the tunnel and the light on the other side, your memories of your recent life start fading, and you will soon forget that you were supposed to go through the Grid. Only if someone, for some reason, finds themselves in the tunnel, etc., I would strongly suggest that person, as soon as possible, thinks themselves back to the Grid. That’s the last chance to get out. And as usual, I advise everyone not to talk to anybody in the astral.

Question 4: Concerning the three “superpowers”, China (CCP), West (NWO) and Russia (oligarchy), I’ve always likened this to the ancient times when overlords as brothers and sisters and archons used to fight over rulership even leading to nuclear wars back then. Is this the same situation now with these? Are archons really at the helm of these for the future AI structure and metaverse structure? I’ve always seen Putin and current day Russia as going back more to the Mother Goddess traditions (Mother Russia and all). Is that just theatre as well? Just curious as to your thoughts and how this all translates to current day.

Comment: This is a good question. Interestingly, I am at this moment in time writing about this exact thing in The ORION Book Volume 2, which is going to be released later this year.  So, I don’t want to give away any spoilers. It will be thoroughly discussed in the book, though. Thanks for the question!

Question 5: Wes, in your book you mentioned that our sun may be/is artificial (and directed through Saturn?)

What I noticed in recent months is that I can hardly stand being exposed to the full sunlight anymore (one of my friends confirmed the same impression today); as if it’s become more aggressive, creating sunburn immediately.

Is it possible that there has been an “adjustment” of kinds or that the toxic metals sprayed (aluminum etc.) cause the higher intensity?

Comment: Yes, I wrote about this in the book. The sun is just a “hub.” Saturn, our original sun when we existed in the KHAA, is closed in our density, and we take our solar energy from Sirius A, which through its star gate is transmitting some of its energy through our artificial sun, most likely positioned within our atmosphere. As you notice, this is done with technology, and it’s cleverly orchestrated. Our sun, the hub, can be adjusted with that same technology to make it hotter and colder, whatever the Overlords prefer at a specific time. They can make our sun emit solar flares, solar maximums, and minimums, etc., and they can completely change the climate at will, creating ice ages or global warming.

I personally noticed that the sun got hotter around 12-15 years ago, and it turned from bright yellow to blazing white—it changed color. So, I think it’s more because of our artificial sun itself, being manipulated by the gods, making us less in harmony with the sunlight, and we burn easier. Of course, there might be additional causes aside from that, like what you’re suggesting, but I think the main reason is the sun itself.

Question 6: I have a question if you know anything more about it, because I am connected with the House of Bethlehem and also Borbone.

What do you know about the higher being of King Solomon? Is he a spiritual descendant of Mikael? Do you know other names of him? It would mean a lot to me to know more about this for certain reasons. Thank you in advance.

Comment: King Solomon is not the spiritual descendant of Mikael—they are two separate “people,” if I may use that word. Other names and titles for Mikael (or MI.KHAA.EL) are Prince En.lil, Prince Ninurta, Horus the Elder, Seth, and Sabaoth.

I know of no other names for King Solomon, though.

I looked at your picture, but I don’t see anything remarkable in the sense you implied. All I personally can see is a human female.

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  1. Great questions and answers this episode! Anyways, and question number five, yes all the chemtrails that are being used, sprays etc., moving high pressure zones around, I believe, and low pressure zones, they can do that with HAARP for a long time, which actually may be outdated now, they’re probably manipulateing now from musk satellites. Then they blame it all out man-made climate change which is a truth but it was caused by the overlords as men, not us brothers and sisters, CO2 is the gas of life.PERIOD.

  2. I believe the picture from the last comment is from a story in the Bible where a woman’s baby dies and she steals another woman’s baby and claims it as her own, this issue is taken to king Solomon and in order to figure out who is the real mother he said she will cut the baby in half and give one half to each woman.
    The fake mother agrees to this while the real mother cry’s out and said no no let her have the baby, and this is how he finds out who the real mother was.
    A story to show the wisdom of King Solomon
    Just figured I’d share what was happening in the picture for anyone interested 🙂

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