Orion Q&A Session #17

By Wes Penre, May 28, 2023

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Thank you to those who sent more questions! Much appreciated. Whoever wants to, please send more to wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. If you’re interested in “The ORION Book,” upon which this Q&A is based, you will find it at Amazon.com in hard cover, paperback, and in a Kindle version. Just search for Wes Penre or follow the direct link you’ll find in the transcript: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: Regarding Jesus, when did Enki take over in the pretended Jesus? Was it during the last supper or while he went out into the desert for 40 days? I’d like to know exactly when he inserted himself in taking over spreading false messages against the great Mother.

Comment: This is an interesting question because, who were the “real Jesus” and the “false Jesus,” and all other “Jesuses” throughout history. Lately, I have often talked about Jesus being feminine in nature, and the biblical and Gnostic Jesus are portrayed as masculine, discussing a masculine God (which is En.ki). The Jesus most people relate to through religion was Marduk. Jesus, the Savior, is also an archetype that has been played out many times through history.

So, here are some thought-provoking ideas: What if Jesus, who supposedly walked here 2,000 years ago did not exist? What if he only existed as an archetype that was played out by the Overlords? Why do I say that? Because the Overlords wanted to create at least one new religion, based on monotheism, thus ringing in a new Age (The Age of Pisces, i.e., Marduk’s age).  But why all this profound and thought-provoking teachings in the New Testament of the Bible and in the Gnostic texts? Because that would draw people in, and a big portion of humankind would start worshiping En.ki and Marduk as the Father and the Son. They would start worshiping the false God, unbeknownst to them, of course. It was a way to pull back the flock into the fold.

Therefore, Marduk has also hijacked the title, “Archangel Michael” from Ninurta, and with this in mind, who then is coming back to “save us?” Is the Book of Revelation in the New Testament prophecies given to mankind by Orion or by En.ki and Marduk? Who is coming back to “save us?” Ninurta or Marduk? According to the prophecies, it would be Marduk, fooling humanity once again. Then we can ask ourselves, where does the “fake alien invasion” come into play? Something to ponder, perhaps…

So, was there just a female “Jesus” then? Well, give the following a thought: what is this female “Jesus’s” message? It’s the message coming from the Divine Feminine, the Cosmic Mother, not the false “father,” i.e., En.ki.

When was Orion here to give us Divine messages? Was it in the Matrix, or was it in the Second Construct, also loosely called “Atlantis?” I would say the latter. Why? Because that’s when Orion was here on Earth together with En.ki and some of his team (more about this in The ORION Book, volume 2). And who oversaw this Orion group, residing mostly in ancient Egypt in the Second Construct? It was Ninurta, aka Prince En.lil, Archangel Michael, and Sabaoth in the Gnostic texts. They are all one and the same. And the Gnostic texts say that Sabaoth was Jesus in the flesh. The only “problem” is that he was not here when the Biblical Jesus was here. He was here before the Flood—before the Matrix.

Therefore, he was the vessel for the Mother Goddess to provide us with Divine information when we needed it the most, i.e., when Earth became infested with Nephilim and other abominable creatures and monsters, and our DNA was tampered with. Does it not make sense, if we take the WPP and the first ORION book into consideration that this is more likely what happened? Then En.ki and Marduk mimicked and copy catted what Ninurta brought to our world long before the Biblical Jesus. I think so, but it’s something for each person to ponder. En.ki and Marduk stole much of the true message from our Cosmic Mother, distorted it, and presented it as if it was En.ki’s and Marduk’s teachings.

But why were the Gnostic texts attacked, and why were the Gnostic scribes in hiding? Maybe because En.ki and Marduk, as usual, play both sides of the “game?” Traditional Christianity became the accepted religion, and the Gnostic texts became the heresy, and the Gnostic texts were hidden from the world. After that, we had this great mystery that the Overlords are experts in creating. The EL-ite probably also decided not to include the Gnostic texts because they contained information about Sophia, the Cosmic Mother and Creatrix.

Isn’t it interesting that all the Gnostic texts they suddenly found in Egypt in 1945 (right after WW 2) in Nag Hammadi showed up just like that and were accepted by the authorities? No attempt to hide them. Instead, they were widely translated and can be found for free on the Internet. It was time to introduce these texts to the world.

This was a long answer, but this is interesting stuff to think about.

Question 2: Hi Wes, so I’ve been going back through some Manly P. Hall, like “The Secret Teachings of the Ages”. It’s interesting in the light of the new information I’ve gained through your help. But I noticed that he paints Isis as the Mother Goddess here on Earth, in this matrix. As above, so below, as with everything they do. However, being related to Archangel Michael, is she an Archangel as well and that she had those creative abilities here on Earth, making herself more presentable as a Goddess at that time? And I wonder about her stealing the Tablets of Destiny and creating a new bloodline to help redeem herself. Thank you.

Comment: I didn’t know that Manly P. Hall said that about Isis, but that is interesting because I’ve said the same things quite a few times. I’ve suggested these “goddesses” we are familiar with through mythology and ancient texts are lower manifestations (and sometimes incarnations) of the Queen.

In comparison, we humans are the Namlu’u, who once operated in a much higher dimension, in the KHAA, and we acted very differently from how we act now in a much denser reality. We are just a shadow of our true selves. But because we are “smaller” versions of the Queen, we are not very different from her. So, when she manifests herself in this reality and others, that part of her persona may very well adapt to the situation at hand. Thus, she is not free from corruption, either. Of course, we don’t understand everything about how the Universe works, but it seems to be a general theme that if something is created “above,” it’s also created “below.” Almost like a domino effect—as much as we live in a universe, it’s at the same time a multiverse, where several versions of existence exist simultaneously.

Regarding Isis creating her bloodline and stealing the Tablets of Destiny from En.ki, I think it was the Queen/Isis in our dimension, making amends. Here, she was female, living in a patriarchal world, and she was raped, used, and abused, like women often are even today. Apparently, Ninurta had taken her under his wings (and thus, she became his “daughter”), and he was responsible for her. Because what she went through, she did things she was not so proud of, either so creating a new bloodline was probably her way of making amends to her “father,” Ninurta.

Question 3: [You, who submitted this question, also sent me a lot of other questions. Thank you! I will address them in a later Q&A, but I wanted to include this one here]:

“I have already heard about the holes [in the Grid] from another source, and it is coherent for me. Now she writes that one leaves the physical universe completely. What if I only want to leave the earth to incarnate on Venus, for example?”

Comment: This entire solar system is under the Overlords’ control. Even if you were able to incarnate on Venus, you would still be in a similar kind of “prison” as you are now, under the Overlords’ control. If we want to leave and end the bondage, we must go through the Grid and then think ourselves away from the solar system, e.g., you think yourself to be at the Queen, exactly where she is[1]. If you go through the Grid around Earth and try to incarnate on Venus or anywhere else within the solar system, the Guardians will most likely pull you in again, and you will continue incarnating here on Earth, not on Venus or anywhere else. They would just see you as a renegade.

You may refer to incarnating on a planet in the physical universe in general. If so, that is most likely possible. What you do as a creator god after you’ve left the Matrix is your choice.

Question 4: You once said that you had new findings in the later papers, is it better to read the last ones first and then the first ones?

Comment: I think you get most out of it if you read the papers posted at wespenre.com first. Although I think The First Level of Learning has a lot of valid information, you might still want to start at The Second Level of Learning and go from there through the Fifth Level. These four levels are perhaps more relevant to the Bigger Picture.

Question 5: I also have intuited how the elites constantly disseminate bits of this info kindergarten style through entertainment, but it’s more complete now. I recognize the terms/the roots of these so-called movies and video games, Final Fantasies, Star Wars, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Anime etc. One Question I have: Are tales of other planets just fiction-based on esoteric info of Terra/Earth? What is your knowledge? 

Comment: Depending on the movie, piece of music, book story, or other entertainment, they can have different levels of truth to them. Each piece of work, if it is published to propel the EL-ite’s Agenda, has a purpose to reveal a certain thing or things, but in the form of entertainment. So, they exaggerate things, and make up things, to catch people’s attention. They know what people want to see, hear, or read. But to answer your question more directly, most of the space opera is made up, but it usually has a core of truth to it.

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[1] See “The Exit Handout” on my blog, written by Suzaku: https://wespenrevideos.com/2022/07/21/exit-handout-steps-to-leave-the-matrix/


  1. Great question and answer to number one, lots to ponder here. However I can’t get over the Virgin M-ARY birth of the “Jesus” at that time. How would we explain this, except that in your scenario maybe it was a cruel joke? Hiding the truth in plain sight, but using it for their own ends? As they do on an almost daily basis now as We get closer to their end game? I do like the story that the Mary birth was done stand alone to show that this information does not come from the god of the Old testament or even a creation with his involvement. So this is all very confusing but I do like your speculation that it was in the second construct that we got this Knowledge.

  2. Regarding Jesus being some type of malicious agenda to start a religion, MANKIND did that, not any overlords. Jesus was clear about his rejection for any “religion” to be formed around him. As for the “Father” of all this, in Gnostic cosmology, the “Father” was the first emanation of the Singularity or the “point” of single focused consciousness – the Monad, i.e. GOD/Source of all creation from that point. It was given the descriptive name of “Father” because of its position in relation to single point of consciousness. For people at the time, who understood the hierarchy of familial structure, the father of the house was the “head”, under whose “umbrella” of protection and care, the mother and children were able to move and exist. Father isn’t a *literal* male figurehead, in this sense. It was given so that people could relate to the concept. In the Holy Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit – we see the Gnostic cosmology (and Christian theology, for that matter) represented as Father (first emanation of the GodSource/MIND), Holy Spirit (simultaneous emanation brought about by the first, happened concurrently/SPIRIT), and Son (also happened within the realm of first emanation by the syzygy/consummation of this pair/SOUL/Body, i.e. human).

    Father (masculine), Holy Spirit (feminine), Son (human soul who houses both) – the complete and wholly integrated human being. Jesus was the perfection of this avatar. This was our example of what we are and what we should remember.

  3. You see, this is what happens when a self proclaimer of knowledge comes along, writing things that make no sense. Claim they are something that they clearly are not. Gaslight situations to hide the fact that they will be caught out in their blatant self proclaimed knowledge; which when stripping it apart can be shown for what it truly is, nonsense Actually have little to know understanding despite all the knowledge they possess. And when all does not go their way, they delete posts, making arguments look one sided, as if they have the upper hand; just like the so called church fathers who were accused of removing certain texts. Its actually embarrassing to watch tbh; but I have absolutely no sympathy.

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