The Orion Creation Story According to the Wes Penre Papers (Part 2)

By Wes Penre, July 2022


Here, the Creation Story continues. The quotes in this video are taken from “The Wes Penre Papers, The Second Level of Learning,” which can be accessed from Sources to the following quotes are usually listed in the footnotes in the papers.

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  1. I was listening to a interview with John Lamb Lash, Not In His Image, and he stated that he found that Lucifer was Sophia. Is that the same as the Divine Feminine that is with the Orion Empire we are to go to after exiting the grid? All of that Gnostic info is very revealing!

    1. Lucifer only means “Light Bearer,” so both and the Queen/Sophia could be said to be light bearer. Therefore, both could also be considered Lucifer. But the term Lucifer in my Wes Penre Papers refers to, the “God” of the Matrix–not the Divine Feminine.

  2. Thanks Wes, as you can really get confused with all of this. Glad the Divine Feminine has no connection to Lucifer! Hopefully I will get my second audience with her when I pass after going thru the grid.

    1. The Valentinian Gnostic view was that the Aeon Sophia wishing to get close to her Originator was overwhelmed by it’s splendour and fell. This is not like one who was cast out.

      1. Sophia was not cast out. “Lucifer” (Satan) was. Lucifer is a term I use loosely. Same guy as… and many, many more. He’s the self-proclaimed God of this Construct. The Gnostic texts, IMO, has truth to them, but they are distorted and inverted to fit a patriarchal agenda.

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