The Golden Grounding Cord

by Wes Penre, November 2, 2020

[This is a repost from a section of “The Wes Penre Papers, the Fifth Level of Learning, Paper #9, Section V,”]

It is very important that we stay grounded when we spend so much time on exploring the metaphysical and spiritual realms. After all, it’s here in the “physical” that we are supposed to make the changes. Therefore, I want to reintroduce you to The Golden Grounding Cord, which is a great grounding technique together with The Quantum Pause–also available on this blog.

The following is from the Wes Penre Papers:

“I am introducing this here just to make sure the readers don’t think that yoga is something really bad because it is originating with the Hindu texts and Lord Vishnu. If you are a yoga practitioner, or a teacher, I would advise you to continue and not stop because of what is revealed here. However, I think it’s very important that you create the golden cord and the golden aura around yourself before you start practicing.

If you have forgotten how to do it, it’s simple: imagine yourself creating a robust golden cord that reaches all the way to the center of the Earth, and at the bottom of this cord you create a giant diamond, or any other precious stone that you are particularly fond of. Then you create a golden aura around yourself, and this aura should be connected to the cord and reach from side to side and front to back so that your whole body is covered. Make this aura, let’s say five inches outside of your visible body. By doing this, you not only ground yourself, but also demonstrate to non-physical beings that you are serious, and that you are a strong person who knows what it’s all about, and you are claiming your sovereignty; telling everybody that no one is allowed to mess with you.

This is actually something I suggest that everybody does several times a day—when you have done it for a while, it becomes a routine, and you can do it in a couple of seconds. Do it first thing in the morning when you wake up and then throughout the day, until it’s time to go to bed. Finally, do it one last time before you go to sleep (very important). Believe it or not, but this will make a big difference and will keep entities away.

Can I prove it? Although the results are subjective, I believe I can assure a positive result if it is done properly. Do it, and you will notice a difference! Also, if you teach yoga (or any other metaphysical classes), make sure you include the “Golden Grounding Cord Practice” in the classes—please! Also equally important as I have stated many times—do a breathing exercise before and after the yoga class! If you incorporate these two practices, you may get astonishing results, and your students will be happy and stay with you.”  

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  1. Love this message. I had read about the yoga poses being negative symbols. Hindus do these poses with Gnostic knowledge but so do those who worship the ‘negatives’. Its the Westerners who unwittingly invite this negative stuff into their lives without knowing what they are doing. Grounding is also important for manifestations. We live in a world of polarity. Perhaps with this method the shadow side of every manifestation is neutralize?

    1. @stoy7 It certainly helps :). Although we are ultimately spiritual beings, we are also “children of nature” while being incarnated in this realm. It doesn’t assist us to reject that.

  2. For me, grounding simply means whatever I can do to pull my mind back into my body and out of the thought realm or astral. If I’m in my head worrying, daydreaming, wishing, fantasizing, etc. then I’m not grounded. I’m either projecting myself into a future “what if”, going back into the past of “should have”, or into some present-day imaginative fantasy (which the internet helps to pull us into, among other things) of “wish things were different”. To be grounded means to come back to Earth, be physically present and not off in my “head” somewhere or somewhen, and engaging with the people and things around me. Just my personal interpretation of things, for what it’s worth.

    The quantum pause breathing exercise has been very helpful for me during very stressful times (usually), and the reason it is helpful is that it puts attention on my physical body and away from the thoughts in my head. This brings the focus back into the body and *down* from the thought realm. It’s an anchor. Tapping is another good method to put attention back into the present moment and in physical reality. There are others. Visualizations are not really grounding for me, as they tend to engage my imagination too much. Find one that works for you.

    Yoga is great for a grounding practice. I have never practiced yoga, but I can certainly see how helpful it would be. I can’t see any negative association with it, to be honest. It would be the same as playing a musical instrument or running, in my opinion. It’s one of those things that focuses our mind on the physical body, muscle memory, and training, and after a while, you get into a kind of peaceful zone. If something is beneficial for you, then it’s beneficial. Period. You know what’s right for you, and you don’t need anyone to tell you. We give too much credit and power away to “bad stuff” when it’s all just a creation of our own mind, in my opinion. Trust yourself. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Ariel. This is very helpful. Quantum pause is a great technique. Having been crippled with anxiety for a bit, this is definitely a go to for me.

  3. I practice hatha yoga and also have worked as a yoga teacher. It has helped me many times to feel better, more centered and grounded and present. I must admit I have not integrated mantras, however, as I perceive them as negative.
    The article surprised me and I had no idea yoga could be that harmful. Where on this site can I read more about the effects of yoga? Also, in the grounding technique, do I visualize the diamond on both ends or only on the end that reaches the centre of the earth? Thank you 🙂

    1. @Cory Here is a quote about yoga from my Wes Penre Papers (Shiva is Marduk):

      “Quote #29: Maha Shivratri…is the celebration of the Hindu God, Shiva. On this day, devotees fast, practice meditation and yoga in reverence of Shiva. Shiva means, “auspicious one” and he is usually depicted in meditation with a third eye at the brow, crescent moon, snake coiled around his neck, while holding a trident and a drum.[72]”

      You would visualize a diamond (or other precious stone) on the end that reaches the center of the Earth. That’s where the grounding takes place. I personally visualize a golden cord going down from my feet to the center of the Earth and anchor it with a diamond. Along this cord, I let my energy move back up and surround my whole body and back down again, emanating a golden light. So it’s a flow of energy going around your body, down to the center of the Earth, attached to the diamond, and back again. It becomes an electric circuit.

      Hope this helps.

  4. I remember reading about the golden grounding cord years ago Wes, when you wrote about it in your papers.

    I practice a meditation called spring forest qigong. It is a center based here in Minnesota, where I live.

    There are classes offered here at all our local colleges. I’ve witnessed qigong masters cure people from several types of diseases and cancers.

    I always use the golden grounding cord technique before any meditation I do, so I get the best benefits from it….that way entities in the spirit world can’t hijack or steal energy from you.

    1. I’m glad you remember and use the Grounding Cord. There is so much info in the papers that people forget a lot of it–particularly after only one read. I’m also happy to hear that you have seen and experienced such success with qigong. Yes, done correctly, the cord will ground us, and after we surround ourselves with the golden light, it’s the same thing as setting up a strong boundary–it keeps unwanted astral energies out.

  5. Circuits powered by batteries do not have an earth ground. Batteries do not have have a connection to the physical earth. So most DC-powered circuits, especially by batteries, have a floating ground, not an earth. So the above battery-powered circuit has a floating ground.
    Damn that sneaky enki

  6. Is it possible for Wes or Ariel to give us an illustration by way of drawing or an image on how this grounding to be, as I am finding it difficult to figure out/visualize the diamond at the end of cord and where the center of earth is?

  7. @Wes, @Ariel, i still didn’t get it. When you use word “KHAA” in your research and articles , what exactly do you mean by it?
    Is it like a place or a territory of our universe, or something within pleroma ?

  8. @Wes, @Ariel, there is a community that becomes more and more popular each month. I got into it just to see what’s it about, because it’s quite interesting. It is based on knowledge and messages a person named Peter Hedron (shortly 434) receiving, channeling from hyper-dimensional entities called machine elves. This term is an umbrella term for many various beings and entities, ranging from primitive to deity-like with the size of an entire dimension. Some of them are like “bionic androids”, while some of them are not. There is some sort of diversity among these beings.

    Yes, i asked this few times before. What is your opinion on beings like that? How do these entities fit in with what you found out in your research of the archontic/Yaldabaoth’s construct and reincarnation matrix ?

    And what is your opinion on things like Galactic Federation of light, Sphere Being Alliance, blue avians and Corey Goode ?

    1. @Robin Obinray ~ “Yes, i asked this few times before. What is your opinion on beings like that? How do these entities fit in with what you found out in your research of the archontic/Yaldabaoth’s construct and reincarnation matrix?”

      I believe that everything is ultimately experienced within the realm of imagination (which is contained within that part of us we call *mind*, but the mind is not ONLY this…). This singular and individuated aspect of imagination that we experience as “life” is contained within a more expanded, collective form of imagination and we lose our awareness of this perspective when we focus on the individual (which we can’t UN-focus on in this life, as this *is* what we call LIFE). I believe that many people’s imaginations, collective and individuated, have projected many, many experiences and what goes on in the imagination of one may not go on in the imagination of another. There are no such things as “entities” or machine elves in my experience, so they don’t exist for me. For others, they do, perhaps…

      “And what is your opinion on things like Galactic Federation of light, Sphere Being Alliance, blue avians and Corey Goode?”

      See my previous answer. That is my answer to those things, too. There are no such things in my imagination and so there are no such things in my life for me to experience.

      Something to think about, I hope. 🙂

      1. @Ariel, but if you encounter beings and entities like that and if you imagine them as individual beings with their own minds, what would they be? And how would they fit in with yours and @Wes research? Which roles would they play in the situation of us, archons, Yaldabaoth, Sophia and other beings in pleroma?

        And would they be working to free and develop humanity spiritually, or doing the opposite of it?

        1. @Robin Obinray ~

          Just so that I don’t have to write “in my opinion” repeatedly throughout this comment, all that I write is my opinion and based on my own interpretations. Don’t take anything I say as truth. Study these things for yourself. You already know everything you need to know, on some level, anyway. You just need to remember yourself. 🙂


          I believe, just as in my dreams, these entities can be projections or manifestations of my own imagination, personality, and/or psychological function and development.

          They can also be part of a type of collective projection/manifestation, let’s say as in some religious characters or gods. This is very close to what we have previously described as thoughtforms.

          Star beings can also be part of this collective (or individuated) imagination or manifested collective thoughtforms. Many people are listening to and reading about others who have had encounters or experiences with certain phenomena without actually experiencing it themselves, and they are believing these things to exist or be true. In my opinion, these are just attempts to influence the imagination of a group that has a specific psychological profile. It can also be the creation of a person simply because they need to feel special, chosen, or admired. In other words, they are making it up but they become so emotionally involved and invested (energy) in the story, and other people begin feeding it (agreeing to it), that it becomes very real for them! They will begin to experience things in their reality that fit with the story they have imagined because they are bringing it from the realm of thought into the realm of the physical (and other people interacting with it are a HUGE part of the process that make that happen!!). This is one way in which religious experiences happen, in my opinion. It would be like agreeing to play in someone else’s dream. Some people *wish* for experiences so much that they create them. 😉

          Then there are the very damaged minds of victims of abuse, whose minds are shattered and fragmented into compartments, for lack of a better term. This is done with MKUltra, for example, using very specific psychologically effective methods. This can be done in less sophisticated ways by very abusive, personal relationships. Some of the stories we tell ourselves and others come from these damaged parts of the imaginative mind “space”. In the case of MKUltra, the stories are inserted with intention and for a specific purpose. (Blue Avians fit here, as well as almost ALL “alien”/ET narratives and concepts.)

          We have, within our mind/imagination or psychological make-up, the presence of certain individual, collective, and UNIVERSAL Archetypes. I have referenced the “Hero’s Journey” as a path to spiritual development, often.
          This journey of spiritual development is a process that takes a person through these cycles of Archetypes (or “wheels”, if we want to relate it to previous content in our videos/articles). We move through them *individually* with our own personality and development/growth, we move through them *collectively* as nations, cultures, or communities, and we move through them *cosmically* as part of larger and grander cycles or wheels. If you’re interested, look into this more. It’s too much to write here, and I’m in the process of learning about this, myself. I don’t have all the answers about it and I wouldn’t tell you even if I think I had it all figured out. The most important part of the journey is that we must do it alone. We must discover, eventually, that we are our own savior. “We are the one we have been waiting for,” kind of thing. I have intentionally left out some of my own personal opinions and beliefs as I write this, and so this is not meant to answer all your questions or give you a concrete concept on which to base your “truth” on. I value your own journey enough to let you have the experience of self-discovery, which is very sacred/precious, in my opinion. 🙂

          The Archons, from what I understand, are the “negative” or dark archetypes. Each archetype will have both a light and a shadow side. This is represented as one of the Laws of this Universal creation – polarity. They represent an undesired character or personality trait, or one that has become distorted due to unfortunate psychological development, usually due to emotional abuse of some kind or just poorly developed individuated consciousness. When we take on these attributes, for whatever reason, we can say we “embody” that Archetype. We ALL have embodied the negative Archetypes from time to time, in greater or lesser degrees. Some people, over time, form like-minded groups and choose to embody an Archetype, COLLECTIVELY, which gives its influence more power and strength (but it isn’t an ENTITY, it is still only a quality or trait of the personality). Like I wrote above, this is done on an individual basis, a collective or community basis, and even a COSMIC basis. There are, in my opinion, collective groups of other life-form beings who have IMPERSONATED or “embodied” very specific Archetypes and allowed humanity to “feed” them with this energy which *GIVES THEM THE POWER OF THAT ARCHETYPE*. They all act, accordingly, to their type.

          This is where the concept of “gods and goddesses” comes from. We ALL embody or have the potential to embody the Archetype of the Divine Mother or Divine Father, as a stage of progression through the “wheels”. There is ONE Archetype or model for this quality of the perfected mind, but this Mother Archetype can have many expressions in a person’s life, with both light and dark formations. The “perfected” Mother Archetype would be what I call the Divine Mother. There can be many who achieve this, and HOW they achieve it will be unique to them. “She” isn’t an entity, though. It *can* be if a life form has embodied this energy and has allowed it to become the dominant archetype of its persona. This is why sometimes “” can be seen as female or male. It depends on which archetype is dominant in his psychological “profile”. It may be an intentional (or unintentional, I haven’t decided, and I really don’t care anymore) deception to allow humanity to believe and therefore create or give a name to an individual who embodies a particular archetype for a time and encouraging them to forget that they, too, are this quality. This is one way in which gods and goddesses are created and religions formed. There are star races who know our creation and know more about the Archetypes than we do, and they have taken advantage of that. BIG TIME. Does that make sense? It was hard to write.

          This goes for BOTH “good” and “bad”. This also goes for US. This is the two wolves story, where WE are concerned. In a collective and cosmic sense, however, there are groups who are only feeding a particular type of “wolf”, if you look at the wolf as the representation of all that is good and bad within us. Each quality is represented by an Archetype (or “Archon” – undesired qualities, and “Aeon” – desired qualities).

          For example, there is the Archetype of Father. There is an Archetype of Mother. There is the Archetype of Child. Each of these is represented with both positive and negative influence on the psyche (soul). There are MANY Archetypes.

          Archetypes have been “given” to us to guide us and remind us of this spiritual journey, in the form of religious stories, literature, philosophy, music, astrology (including the Constellations! <- those are representations of Archetypes that are supposed to remind us when we "see" them or move "through" them).

          You wrote, "And would they be working to free and develop humanity spiritually, or doing the opposite of it?" BOTH. The effect on us will depend on how we use the information we are given. Does it free you or does it imprison you? That will depend on YOUR Archetypal structure and development. For some, it will be bad. For some, it will be good. Only you know what it will be for you, and your own personal astrology will have a LOT to do with how you interact with these Archetypes because we all come here already preconditioned to embody or be favorable to certain "positions" or archetypical structures. Somewhere I wrote here on this blog that we can look at our personal astrology as a type of tool kit we incarnate with. I think that's intricately related. Also, as you continue to grow and develop, what may have been bad at one time could turn to good, and vice versa. Nothing is static and if it is, we are stuck.

          No other entity can liberate you from your own mind. What is created in that mind is completely up to you. The relative health of that mind and the psyche (soul) will be your journey. Some journeys are harder than others. As you participate in this journey through your own consciousness and the consciousness of others, you will try on many different "roles". You will encounter others trying on different "roles". These roles are called Archetypes and they are models for desired and undesired qualities of our state of being, both individually and collectively. How quickly and how well we each (and as a group) pass through these stages of development will depend on many variables, but ultimately each person has their own individual responsibility to do their part (even the bad ones). At the end of this journey is wisdom that we each gain in learning that we are all we ever needed and we are our own savior. Then end. lol

          My best suggestion when encountering information about other entities is to figure out and determine what they mean to YOU. That is the only answer that matters.

          1. “We are the one we have been waiting for,” but it is the outer(gods,entities) we seek and we give attention ,for which we are manipulated.we “bleed” all over(energy-power of creation)…

            “People believe, thought Shadow. It’s what people do. They believe, and then they do not take responsibility for their beliefs; they conjure things, and do not trust the conjuration. People populate the darkness; with ghosts, with gods, with electrons, with tales. People imagine, and people believe; and it is that rock solid belief, that makes things happen.”
            “What’s a God?can we even know they exist?people believe things,which means they’re real.that means we know they what came first ,gods or the people who believed in them?”
            “Gods die. And when they truly die they are unmourned and unremembered. Ideas are more difficult to kill than people, but they can be killed, in the end.”
            ― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

            1. So naive. How old are you? Seventeen? Replace anyone you dislike you will eventually face the fact that you and they were control. Now , to maintain this dimension the next controller have a test to pass and you are not a target on the list. Mirror, who is ugly? Are we babby itting the place?

      2. I don’t agree as I have had entities attached to me and my son and had to have them cleared I have also suffered energy attacks in my sleep and paralysis and have had to use all my strength to wake up from this how can that be all in my mind .my sons out of character behaviour in school was not in my mind this is real shit that is happening

    1. Yes, it’s public information. I actually got it from Marciniak’s Pleiadians many years ago, but it had proven (at least for me) to work. So you can use it–yes.

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