Orion Q&A Session #16

By Wes Penre, May 23, 2023

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Welcome to another Orion Q&A. And thanks a lot for the questions this week! Send more at wespenre2@gmail.com, and put Q&A in the subject line. If you are interested in reading my The ORION Book, upon which these Q&As are based, you can find it on Amazon.com if you search for Wes Penre, or at the following link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3.

Question 1: Does the grid include the seven heavens or are the six heavens above the earth outside of the grid? I think you mentioned somewhere that the latter was the case. This would mean that when we leave through a grid hole, we are still in archon territory. This is confusing to me.

Comment: After much pondering on this question for long, comparing different schools of thought, I think the conclusion I’ve come to should be quite accurate: The Grid is an Earth Grid, so it surrounds our planet (“plane-net”). Inside the atmosphere, I suggest we have the sun, which is artificial, and the moon, also artificial. Outside the atmosphere is the rest of the solar system with all the planets, etc.

So yes, when we exit through the Grid, we will most likely enter the solar system, which is “Archon territory.” But once there, we have already regained our power (something I will also discuss in The Orion Book, Volume 2), but regardless, from there, we will use our power of thought and think ourselves to where we want to be, e.g., we think ourselves to the highest possible aspect of Sophia. And the Archons will not touch us outside the Grid because of their contract with Orion. They have promised to let us evolve, and they have not gone back on that promise (in theory) because we can still evolve on Earth, but on their terms (which would take millions and millions of Earth years). But once we’ve exited, we are no longer theirs.

Question 2: Hello, what is your opinion on the teachings of A’shayana Deanne and Lisa Renee? Thank you for all your work.

Comment: I understand that many people may be curious what others think about other researchers, channelers, and general truth-seekers, but the best is to build one’s own opinion after having investigated their material. If we are drawn to certain information, it’s usually because it’s a part of our learning process, whether or not the source shows to be credible. All I can say is that I have investigated both these sources, and as usually is the case, there are some gold nuggets even in information packages that otherwise would not interest me. I would say this is the case with both these sources, from my perspective.

Question 3: a) I understand the 3-UC, and that our spirit is made up of trillions of “fires”, plus the silver chord that connects us to our spirit when in a physical body. Or what is the silver chord connected to?

Comment: Yes, our Spirit (i.e., the spirit body/Namlu’u) is made up of trillions of tiny fires, but the silver cord runs between our astral body and our physical sapiens body. It is an energy cord, put there by En.ki and his scientists to connect the Matrix soul (astral body) with the physical world, so we won’t abandon our physical body and “escape” so long as we are alive on Earth. It’s like being attached to a chain in a prison cell.

b) When we are living a life in 3D, where is our spirit held, as it is still captive…correct? I believe there are fires in our blood and heart, but is there a core somewhere else?

Comment: The spirit body is still within us. But it’s dormant and trapped in the Matrix, one could say. Our Higher Selves (the 3-UC, comprising soul-mind-spirit body) invested energy in this matrix system a long time ago, attaching themselves to a false avatar that is of the Matrix (the astral body), and we got very focused on the “game,” just like we can be here when we play a computer game—the world around us seems to disappear out of focus. Then En.ki closed the trap, and our consciousnesses were captured within En.ki’s Matrix and have been ever since. Upon that, we were given amnesia and forgot who we really are; that we are of a much higher existence. So, there is a disconnection between the trapped consciousness and our Higher Self, which is the true human (the 3-UC). Location can be external and/or internal. It’s not necessarily here or there; it’s in the same space, but in different layers/dimensions. For the sake of being able to communicate these matters, I think it’s closest to truth when we say the spirit body is still “within” us, but to a large extent inaccessible to most people most of the time.

c) Could you please provide a description of how we can be in a 3D life, but our spirit is elsewhere and where is that elsewhere? Or have I misunderstood?

Comment: See b) above.

Question 4: Hey Wes, I’m working my way from The Orion Book, backwards to your other books, and I’m almost through the first level of learning.

There seems to be two themes.

            1. We are 3-UC and exit the grid back to Orion and Sophia.

            2. We have a responsibility to continue in our earth suits as part of the living library.

            a) How and where did you shift gears?

Comment: You will notice, as you read more of the Wes Penre Papers that the levels of learning build upon each other. “Levels of Learning” pertain more to my own sequence of learning than that of the reader’s (although both are usually true). So, the reader basically will follow my own progress in my research over a 5–6-year period. I “switched gears” at the Second Level of Learning and on from there, when I was fortunate enough to encounter an excellent source who is not from within the Matrix. You will see I learned a lot from those discussions, and the material does not only resonate with me but with a lot of other people over the years. Curious to hear what you think once you get to the upper levels (Levels 2-5).

            b) Why did you shift gears?

Comment: See above.

            c) When did En.ki and En.lil stop being sons of the King of the Anunnaki and became sons of unfertilized eggs of Sophia?

Comment: The First Level of Learning is, among other sources, based upon the quantum physicists in Life Physics Group-California (LPG-C), the Sitchin Material (which I criticized), and Barbara Marciniak’s “Pleiadians.” En.ki and En.lil never stopped being “sons” of ANU, but rather stepsons. ANU and KHAN. EN.LIL are one and the same, but they were both born from unfertilized eggs, i.e., from a mother only (the Mother Goddess). This was revealed to me in the Level 2-5 sessions.

            d) Hidden Hand steps down from the one all creator… to layers of sub creators… fractals?

Comment: Not completely sure what you mean, but yes, there is an overall Source, who divided Herself into fractions, and from there, more fractions were created, almost like a domino effect, all the way down to you and me, who are lower fractions of the Source, in whom we exist. And yes, I look at Source as being feminine. We talked about unfertilized eggs, which means life can develop from the feminine alone. The same thing happened when Source divided Herself. Again, the feminine giving birth without the masculine. The masculine came after.

            e) Are all the ET races within the Kenoma?… or just visitors.

Comment: The Orion Universe (the Universe as a whole) is teeming with life, so there are innumerous ET races. But the ones we encounter within our closed system (the Matrix) are relatively few. Most of them are the Invader Force, i.e., En.ki, Marduk, a group of Sirians, Alpha Draconis, some Arcturians, and others from different star systems that joined together to invade and take us over. Then there are random star beings, who were trapped here, just like us, and are now recycled over and over together with us. But yes, there are a few visitors from outside the Matrix, but they are few, and they are usually here on some kind of mission.

            f) If the Elites are executed following Military Tribunals, won’t they just reincarnate back into their own bloodlines and continue business as usual?

Comment: Good question! Yes, they would, so executing their physical bodies doesn’t do much overall. They will return.

            g) I watched a video following medbed narrative, where one of the key players civilian working with military (their story), said was Pleiadian tech, and at death they would catch the departing spirit body…. hmmm so are the Pleiadians us in the future, looking for the means to exit the grid?

Comment: One could say it is “Pleiadian tech,” which refers to that En.ki used to reside in the Pleiades. The tech in itself is Orion tech, which the Invaders hijacked and have now used against us, and certainly still do. They are giving it to us now, so we can form the kind of collective society they want, i.e., the Singularity. So, our technological development is not based on human technology, but “ET” technology.

Almost all channeled entities claim to be us in the future, and in a sense, I would say it’s correct enough. To understand that better, please see The ORION Book, where I discuss “Wheels of Time.” Time is not linear but cyclic. When we understand that, it’s easier to understand how someone can be from our future or our past.

Most, if not all, of these ETs residing within the Grid, not having our best interests in mind, are not interested in exiting through the Grid. They know that if they do, they will be captured by Orions and put on trial for horrendous crimes.

Question 5: … what if the silver cord is breakable, only, we’ve been told it’s not as a way to make us believe it’s not, thus reinforcing its strength? It was created by En.ki (as stated in The Orion Book), and since it was created in a realm of death, it couldn’t be so strong that it can’t be broken. I’m sure I or someone may have brought up the cord before, but after reading The Orion Book, I have my doubts about the silver cord being totally indestructible. Do you have new thoughts on the cord?

Comment: The silver cord is breakable, and we can easily break it. However, the only way to do it is to die. The cord connects between the astral body and the physical body, and because of that cord, we are “alive” in this Matrix and can operate here. Without it, our consciousness would not remain in our body, and the body can’t operate in the Third Dimension. The cord transfer soul energy from the real us (3-UC) via the astral body, and into the cells in our physical body. When we die, the cord breaks. The only way we can intentionally break it is to commit suicide. And that’s not advisable.

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  1. Since you mentioned Enki here, I wonder what you think of this lady Elena, and her meeting with Enki who is supposedly hanging out in his ship near Saturn, bringing our original template DNA that he put in us when Enlil and his son Marduke betrayed him and he was exiled from here.
    Supposedly, Yahweh, the god of the Bible, was Enlil. and Enki just a scientist who was the one who tried to save his ‘creation’ with the Elohim, at those times…and the ark being a ship in space that kept Noah and his family plus animals till the water had receded. According to Elena, Enki loved us so much since he put his DNA into us and says we aren’t living up to our full potential. He doesn’t want to be worshipped as a God but he is supposedly more like a father, of the Adam race which he inserted his DNA which is 12 strand and I guess that pissed off Enlil and wasn’t suppose to be done.
    Anyway, wondered what you thought of that:
    Also, in Courtney Brown’s remote viewing projects of Noah’s flood, the remote viewers saw the animals on some ship with these aliens, they appeared to be frozen in a sort of time freeze, not like frozen as cold.
    As Elena states it was Enlil who wanted to destroy humans, and Enki who wanted to save them and his character was assasinated by them claiming he was the one who did this to us.
    Yes, the matrix was hijacked, most definitely a closed system and no escape except I wonder if they gave us clues as in the hub that is the Sun (son) might be the exit. Most don’t know it’s a hub or portal of sorts.
    Farsight Institute also did remote viewing of the ‘death traps’ and recently said that they are still there but not as efficient as they were…is it all being dismantled? I certainly hope so.
    So, we have gone from do extraterrestrials exist to, hey, this is a war zone, and Earth is operated as a prison, and there are lots of folks, including a bunch of friendly extraterrestrials, who are trying to help humanity pull off a prison break.
    I’d love to see a video of a remote viewing of when and how the matrix was constructed. Farsight institute does teach remote viewing for free…Do we have bodies in another dimension or place, and our minds are trapped here in this holographic illusion? Micheal Talbot wrote about this being a holographic universe and a mind trap. He was given this info during his abduction but never told about his abduction in his book, but that the ET’s gave him this info during that time. Is this a mind trap, an illusion of our minds…would it not be a perfect prison as in even if we could physically escape, they get your soul in the death traps…and recycled over and over.

    1. Hi thankyourmuse… I wonder if you have read my book, The ORION Book (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BRLXB8Y3) and/or the Wes Penre Papers (https://wespenre.com/)? This whole situation with En.lil vs. Em.ki is explained there in great detail. En.ki is the kidnapper and hijacker of mankind, and his son (not En.lil’s, which is clear in the ancient texts) Marduk is here on Earth, keeping us in check here. If you read any of my material, I think you will agree.

      Yes, I agree that the Matrix is a holographic simulation (universe), and we are being trapped here, originally by En.ki who invaded a very functional world, where we humans were doing great (until he came and started manipulating our genes and perceptions).

      What I’ve been discussing now for many years is that there is a way out (again, see my material, and check out the “Exiting the Grid” section of this blog). You go through the Grid after body death, and you’re out of here. Don’t go through the artificial sun–it’ll trap you, and the sun portal leads to Sirius, which is our new sun after Saturn was closed. And Sirius is one of the star system of the hijackers.

  2. Hi Wes, along these same lines, after En.ki and his cohorts were stripped of their creative abilities, and to have become cyborgs, where do they physically reside, if at all, or are they trapped in the fourth dimension or can they get around? Thankyourmuse brought up good points. It does seem like Marduk is still here, in some form or fashion, it’s anybody’s guess where Isis is.

  3. The statement that I’m about to make has nothing to do with Marduk. In assessing my own characteristics as a spirit in a meat body, I honestly cannot say that I have ever manifested genius class intelligence and have actually learning disabilities. I never have been able to learn information by just hearing the info, however if I study information, I can learn very well. My point is this, I think that there is the possibility that we here on this prison planet are being helped or steered by individuals that are from Orion to gain the knowledge that much more intelligent people have not. I’ve notice that I have two characteristics that are very beneficial to receiving knowledge that sets us free from all the brainwashing that plagues most of mankind. The two characteristics that a person must have is self identity and the unswerving determination to make ones own conclusions about any given data or experience. So, my question to you mister Wes is, do you believe that we are being helped by the Queen of the Stars or one of her representatives to find the necessary information whereby we can exit this matrix simulation death construct. The information that you have shared in your WPPs cuts through all the disinformation and the conclusions you have made seem to be the obvious answer. I cannot thank you enough for the gift that you have given to all of us.

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