Gnosis Part 7: Creation of the Archons and the Different Heavens

by Wes Penre, May 28, 2020

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The Creation of the Archons

After Sophia had appeared before Yaldabaoth in the cosmic waters as a likeness of herself, Yaldabaoth realized he was not alone. When he also saw the likeness of the Pleroma in his vision, he thought that this was something he needed to create. Because he had an aspect of Sophia’s Spirit in him and had been given the power to rule and create as the God in the physical/material universe, that’s exactly what he started doing, with the Pleroma in mind. However, this creation was an imperfect modeling because what he built from was just a reflection or likeness of what is actual.

And when that spirit appeared [Sophia], the ruler separated the watery substance to one region and the dry substance to another region. From matter he created a dwelling place for himself and called it heaven. And from matter the ruler created a footstool and called it earth.

On the Origin of the World

Then, Yaldabaoth created seven androgynous beings, followed by another five as emanations, or individual aspects, of himself. Altogether, these first soul emanations were thus twelve in numbers, corresponding with the twelve Aeons in the Pleroma. Yaldabaoth, who had placed himself both as the Monad and Sophia in the Kenoma (physical universe), was the thirteenth. In the likeness of the Aeons in the Pleroma, he gave them both feminine and masculine names. You can read more about these emanated beings in On the Origin of the World and in The Secret Book of John, but there are a few names we are going to emphasize because they will be recurring in our articles. These beings also have a direct correlation to beings mentioned in the Wes Penre Papers. These beings’ names in the Gnostic texts are, Athoth (also called The Reaper)[1], Sabaoth, Astaphaios, and Belias[2]. They are all masculine names. In On the Origin of the World, their female androgynous consorts are also listed, but they are only mentioned by their characters, except for one, Astaphaios, whose consort is called Sophia, interestingly enough. We’ll get to the significance of that later in this article.

The best reference I have found, describing the characteristics of the Archons is in The Secret Book of John (short version). Because, as we shall see later on, Yaldabaoth is the God of good and evil, and his Archons represent this whole spectrum.

He named those sevenfold Powers starting with the highest one:

            Goodness paired with the first: Athoth

            Providence paired with the second: Eloaios

            Divinity paired with the third: Astaphaios

            Lordship paired with the fourth: Yao

            Kingdom paired with the fifth: Sabaoth

            Zeal paired with the sixth: Adonin

            Understanding paired with the seventh: Sabbataios

The Secret Book of John (short version)

None of Yaldabaoth’s emanations, which go under the terms “Archons,” The Authorities,” and the “Rulers” in the Gnostic texts, were born with Spirit. Sabaoth is the only one who later gained Spirit, which we shall see as we move on. Thus, they don’t know Spirit. Yaldabaoth created them with only a soul and withheld from them the Spirit aspect of himself, which came from Sophia. As mentioned, just like the Aeons in the Pleroma, each Archon was created with certain characteristics, within which they can operate to be Yaldabaoth’s helpers and overseers. For millennia, these Archons (Arch-Aeons of this construct) have tried to understand Spirit and gain Spirit, but for them, it’s an impossible task because they live in ignorance. In Sophia’s creation, Yaldabaoth is God, and he created them without Spirit because in the Pleroma, the Aeons can’t completely understand the Monad/Source, so the same thing had to apply in Yaldabaoth’s “Pleroma,” i.e. his Aeons/Archons can’t completely understand Yaldabaoth, their Father, because they lack Spirit.

Thus far, Yaldabaoth’s creation of these beings was approved of by Sophia because she had given him the power to create in her attempt to gain Wisdom through Yaldabaoth’s creation, which was also Sophia’s creation, now one removed. Perhaps, she would be able to experience God/the Monad through her “son,” Yaldabaoth/ This was early in her creation, and she would soon change her mind, as we shall see in the next article.

And they [Yaldabaoth’s twelve emanations] came into being as androgynous beings according to the immortal pattern that existed before them and in accord with the will of Pistis, so that the likeness of what existed from the first might rule until the end.

On the Origin of the World

Brief Description of Some of the Archons

Before we move on, let’s briefly discuss these semi-gods and compare them with other ancient texts and the Wes Penre Papers.

Athoth is self-explanatory—he is Hermes, Thoth, and Mercury the “Messenger” (which will be significant much later in our series). Thoth wrote or dictated The Emerald Tablets of Thoth among other texts to elevate mankind, so we could “ascend” within Yaldabaoth’s realm. Thoth’s teachings addressed the human soul—not the Spirit—because Thoth does not know Spirit. His is his Father’s “son.”

Belias corresponds very well with Marduk. It says in The Secret Book of John that “he [Belias] is the one who is over the depth of Hades.” Hades, in the Gnostic texts, means both Hell, as in the Underworld, and the Kenoma in general. In this case, Hades denotes Hell, as in the Underworld or the Abyss.

Astaphaios/Sophia corresponds, in the female aspect, with Venus[3] [4] [5], which would correlate with Isis, Inanna, Ishtar, and Aphrodite, etc. This is also a copy/mimic of the Pleroma, where Pistis Sophia, without her consort, Thelètos, “descends” as Zoë Sophia in the upper realms of the Kenoma. In Yaldabaoth’s Kingdom, he is Pistis Sophia, as an emanation of the Kenoma (a mimic of the Monad), operating without her consort and therefore, being ignorant. Just like Pistis Sophia descends and becomes Zoë Sophia in the Kenoma, Yaldabaoth descends and becomes Astaphaios Sophia/Isis in the Kenoma.

Sabaoth corresponds with Prince En.lil, Prince Ninurta, and Archangel Michael (Second in Command). The “Lord of Sabaoth” means the “Lord of Hosts[6].” It is a title of YeHoVaH’s (YHVH’s) military might. His strength is to fight and win battles. This Lord is the Commander of the “angelic soldiers,” as well as the armies of Israel (the “Lord of Hosts” is defined in 1 Samuel 17, verse 45 as “the God of the armies of Israel,” and as “Commander of the Lord’s Army” in Joshua 5.

The term “Lord of Hosts” is also used in the Bahá’í Faith as a title of God.[2] Bahá’u’lláh, claiming to be the Manifestation of God, wrote tablets to many of the kings and rulers of the world inviting them to recognize Him as the Promised One of all ages and faiths, some of which were compiled and published in English as The Summons of the Lord of Hosts.[7]

The phrase “manifestation of God” will be thoroughly explained in a later article and is now only used for future reference. Furthermore, he also bears the title “Michael.[8]” Those who have read the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) at will recognize all this. There I referred to Sabaoth as Prince Ninurta, Prince En.lil (meaning “prince of the airways/Heaven”), and Archangel Michael Second in Command. Michael First in Command is whom I called Khan En.lil in the WPP. We will address Khan En.lil later. I also portrayed Michael as being the Commander of the MIKH-MAKH forces, which is a military defense force, protecting Orion from intruders. In the Book of Revelation, the rebellious forces of Satan are defeated by the Heavenly Host, led by Michael the Archangel during the War in Heaven.[9]

The Bible gives several descriptions of angels in military terms, such as their encampment (Genesis 32:1-2), command structure (Psalms 91:11-12; Matt.13:41; Rev.7:2), and combat (Jdg.5:20; Job 19:12; Rev.12:7). The heavenly host participated in the War in Heaven.[10]

According to the Gnostics[11], Sabaoth started out as one of the Archons, inhabiting a soul but not a Spirit. However, after hearing the voice of Sophia’s Spirit in the waters, he realized that his father, Yaldabaoth, was not the highest God. The rest of the Archons still decided to continue glorifying Yaldabaoth’s elevated position, while Sabaoth did the opposite. He now despised his Father, Yaldabaoth, and started glorifying Sophia instead. Sophia noticed this and took Sabaoth under her wings. She gave him sparks of her Spirit and elevated him to the upper parts of the Kenoma, called the Seventh Heaven. There, she taught him everything about the Eighth Heaven, in which she resided, and gave him Light/Spirit (more about these Heavens below). Then, she put Sabaoth in charge over Yaldabaoth and all the Archons he’d created. He now became Michael, Second in Command of the MIKH-MAKH forces. It is quite possible that he once was the High Commander of the DAKH Warriors (the Sirians in the WPP), which are Yaldabaoth’s military force, but became “promoted” to his loftier position. The Eighth and Ninth Heavens, as we shall see, correspond directly with Orion in the WPP. From thereon, one could say that Zoë Sophia became Sabaoth’s Mother, as he had discarded his father, Yaldabaoth.

Now when Sabaoth, the son of Yaldabaoth, heard the voice of Pistis, he sang praises to her, and he condemned the father […] at the word of Pistis; and he praised her […]. Then Pistis Sophia stretched out her finger and poured upon him some light from her light, to be a condemnation of his father. Then when Sabaoth was illumined, he received great authority against all the forces of chaos. Since that day he has been called “Lord of the Forces”.

–On the Origin of the World

Sabaoth will be a big part of the story from hereon, but to make things coherent, we need to first focus our attention on the Nine Heavens, which is the totality of Sophia’s Creation.

The Nine Heavens

In simple terms, when Pistis Sophia “cast away” her Creation, while still completely residing within the Pleroma, we can perhaps picture this as her Creation descending through dimensions and densities. The further down into the abyss her Creation descended, the more solid it became. This outward movement on Sophia’s part might explain what scientists call “the expanding universe” and the “Red Shift.”

When Sophia noticed what she had done, she separated the waters of the Pleroma from the cosmic waters of her emanation and thus created the first firmament. There was now a veil between the Pleroma and the Kenoma. Parts of Pistis Sophia got trapped in her own creation because everything that she created was a part of her Spirit. In order to move around within her creation, she created a soul/energy body, which her Spirit inhabited. This descended part of Sophia is called Zoë Sophia in the Gnostic texts. In the WPP, she is called the Queen of Orion.

In the previous section, we discussed how Yaldabaoth created twelve Archons as soul extensions of himself. The Universe consists of, from what I understand, 144 dimensions and a lot of subdimensions and densities, which are a direct mimic of the Pleroma, consisting of twelve realms, represented by the twelve Aeons. So, if each Aeon is one dimension/perspective being twelve in numbers times twelve dimensions, it equals 144. The same thing applies in the Kenoma. Yaldabaoth is in the possession of twelve dimension, and he created one Archon in charge of each dimension (in the Gnostic texts called Heavens)—”as above, so below,” as Thoth said in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. There are seven heavens (dimensions) “above” and five heavens “below” (the Abyss or Tartarus). All this equals 144, as well. Between the seven and five heavens, Yaldabaoth created Earth.[12]

Since that day, the heaven has been consolidated along with its earth by means of Sophia [Isis], the daughter of Yaldabaoth.

On the Origin of the World


Yaldabaoth modeled his creation on the pattern of the original realms above him so that it might be just like the indestructible realms.

The Secret Book of John (short version)

Each archon was also put in place to rule over a certain celestial body—one for each of the seven Heavens. Some time afterwards, when the Archons were “cast out of Heaven” (Orion) and into the Abyss, they lost their domains, only to reestablish them at a later point.

A close up of a building

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Yaldabaoth placed himself on a throne in the Seventh Heaven, which is “God’s Heaven.” His celestial body was Saturn to start with (this was going to change later).

Iao[13] was put in charge of Jupiter.

Sabaoth became the ruler of Mars to begin with.

Astaphaios/Sophia became the goddess of Venus (thus, Lucifer is portrayed as feminine by some and as masculine by others, i.e. Sophia/Isis and Yaldabaoth/

Adonaios reigned over the sun.

Elaios (which could be another name for Thoth) reigned over Mercury.

Horaios became the moon god (often referred to as Sin or Nannar in the Sumerian texts).

The following were the rulers of the Abyss: Abrisene, Yobel, Armupiel, Melcheir-adonein[14], and Belias; the latter described as he “who rules over the very depths of Hades”[15] (Marduk).

Zoë Sophia, on her end, “sealed her heaven until the consummation of the age[16].” In other words, she created her own realm/Heavens within the Pleroma, located in the “midst” between the Seven Heavens and the Pleroma. These are the Eighth and the Ninths Heavens, closest to the Pleroma. In the Wes Penre Papers, they are referred to as Orion or the Orion Empire, and they are described as being vast. Thus, the Seven Heavens and the five below are the 4% Universe discussed in the WPP, and the Eighth and Ninth Heavens, the 96%, is what I called Orion.

In the next article, we are going to bring up why Sophia repented, the Spirit of Christ, the first humankind, whom I called the Namlu’u in the WPP, and the First Atlantis—Tiamaat.

[1] The Secret Book of John (the long version)

[2] Mentioned in The Secret Book of John but not in On the Origin of the World






[8] Ibid.

[9] Rev. 12:7-9.


[11] On the Origin of the World

[12] This must be what the eight “densities” mentioned in the RA Material refers to. The RA collective resides in the sixth density, i.e. the Sixth Heaven, ascending within Yaldabaoth’s construct.

[13] This could be another name for Marduk, who also reigned as Belias in the Abyss. It would not be impossible that one god could rule in two realms.

[14] Probably where J.R.R. Tolkien got the name Melchor from—he who was the dark ruler of Middle-Earth in “The Silmarillion.”

[15] The Secret Book of John (short version).

[16] On the Origin of the World.

References and Resources:

The Secret Book of John (long version)

The Secret Book of John (short version)

On the Origin of Man


The Book of Revelation

Various websites mentioned in the footnotes

The Wes Penre Papers

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  1. 🌹💙 The more I learn, the more pissed off I become—practically all of these beings are dysfunctional to say the least—especially any entity which would allow suffering, particularly of animals! It’s almost to the point I don’t want to have anything to do with any of them! I hope this Series has a happy ending for us—the Spirited ones, all that matters to me now is “how to get out of this prison (without the layaway ascension plan), and get to my next station outside the patrix to finish developing as a Creator.” 🤔 The only thing keeping me going is a personal dream; it’s all I have, it’s all that matters—“Nothing Else Matters,” Metallica! 🌞🙏

    1. Have always felt separate from all this crud Barbello TW from a very early age. Now I have a better idea of why — however still have a lot of learning to accomplish — could never quite understand the Gnostic text in the various translations and gave up on reading them in the past — I feel deep down that these texts are the key to a greater comprehension I need to go forward — again many thanks to Wes and Ariel plus the WPP explaining them in a more modern updated way — now appears I’ll have to go back and reread all the WPP — very thankful to all concerned.

      1. That’s great, Terry! That’s what Ariel and I felt, too, when we started reading the Gnostic texts. I think the reasons why many people give up are because they can be hard to understand or they are not ready for them yet. However, having read the WPP first will probably help many people understanding them better. We also hope that those who have felt that the Gnostic texts have been too overwhelming to understand will be tempted after having read our article series, which only brings up a portion of what is actually in the texts.

  2. @Barbelo Trad Witch – Yep. I was angry for a long time, too. I was completely disgusted and horrified. I felt used. I felt so betrayed! I felt betrayed by my faith. I felt betrayed by “God”. I felt betrayed by the entire Universe that allowed me, even encouraged me(!), to believe in something that was a lie. I wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with the whole lot of them/it. I felt like a pawn. For some reason, I kept going, though. I didn’t try to get rid of my anger, I just kept going in spite of it.

    Now, here I sit on the other side of that anger and I am more at peace than I have ever been. You know what that anger allowed me to do? It allowed me to shed my false beliefs. It broke me down so hard, as one by one all the things that I was holding on to for comfort were shattered. I realize, now, that I had to get rid of ALL of that in order to see everything clearly.

    When I asked the Universe, “WHAT IS THE TRUTH?!”, a little more than a decade ago, it didn’t come with any qualifying statements like “as long as it has a happy ending.” Just give it to me straight, and I’ll work it out myself, thank you very much. I didn’t care what it was as long as it was the real deal. As for the happy ending, well…that depends on what that looks like to you. I had to let go of all that, too. I had to let go of, “I’m doing this so that I can get out of here,” or “I’m doing this so that I can…”. I had to let go of ALL the “I’m doing this *so that*…”. There’s no more “so that” attached to my motivation. I’m just doing it. I’ve let go of my attachment to what happens to me. When I did that, I FINALLY Knew (captial K) that I was released from this hell-hole. I felt it. I’m going to where I belong, whatever that will be, and I have no problem with that.

    All the rest of it is not my baggage to carry. I’m done with carrying the baggage of others, and that goes for wanna-be control freaks that hide behind masks, be they humans or *others*. Anger was part of my process, and a very neccesary and helpful part, although I didn’t see it that way until I had moved out of it. HIndsight is 20/20, and all that jazz.

    I’m not going to tell you not to be angry. Be angry if that’s the way you feel. There’s value in it if we allow it to burn out and cauterize some of those weeping wounds. There’s a benefit in that.

    1. 🌹💙 Your thoughts are much appreciated Ariel. I believe anger in certain circumstances is justified—I will always believe that. “Anger will be the ‘juice’ which propels me through the grid at that decisive moment; it will not be a weakness, it will be my strength!”
      Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

      1. Thank you both, I came the realization that transmuting my anger into fuel that powers my motivation to forge past whatever is thrown at me to get past the deceit and into the truth.

    2. GOOD point Ariel! Anger is good…helps you survive,at least me,in this stupid moronic lunatic abomination of creation of eternal devastation!Transformin it into rage some times is better.The problem is to control that rage and direct it only to the ones they fully deserve it! All the others let them sleep in their ”selfmade” eighth and ninth realms of their ”heaven”….

    3. You can tell who actually knows what they are talking about by their anger, much like the archons… Anger stems from fear… This series is absolutely amazing wes and ariel. Thanks

  3. I’ve been reading the gnostic books recently, too. I love reading them and appreciate your work here.

  4. That is your gift: of Innestanding.You make it simple!without diluting-loosing, the essence.all of this is in accordance with everything I know!
    I thank You(WesAriel),for making-keeping – it easy & simple!

  5. I had just finished reading the ”Origin of the World text” and I understood most of is although some was still a bit confusing. What I find the most confusing is the descriptions of who is who. Thanks to you, it seems all the unecessary is pushed aside so it is easier to grasp. Thank you!

    Ariel, in response to the answer you gave to Barbello TDW, it felt to me as the description to the process I am still going trough. My profound motivation for this search , was and is to find the truth as ugly as it may be, as long as it is inddeed the truth. I feel I am now at the point where I have also decided I am doing this no matter what, period! Along with this decision, there are many adjustments for me to make. I feel I am resolving issues regarding leaving one by one and the more I resolve, the more peaceful I feel. There is still alot of work to be done! It is an ongiong process, as they say.

  6. I was so excited that you all were taking the time to explain the Gnostic Texts, that is until you decided to merge your teachings with the texts Gnostics died to protect. Seriously, this is so wrong I don’t even know how to address this issue. Thoth was a flesh and blood person, Enil and Enki were the sons of Anu and were flesh and blood beings from either a breakaway society or from somewhere else entirely. Arch Angel Michael is above Aeons and was never an Archon. If Thoth was an Archon he would not have needed a space craft, and older writings clearly stated Enki was a sex maniac and had sex with his daughter and granddaughters. Archons believe themselves to be so above human beings and would also not need rockets to get around or would they ever lower themselves to have relationships with humans, whereas all texts claim the Anunakki absolutely did. Texts regarding Thoth clearly state he was recruited to bring other beings here and he was chosen for his ability to astral travel.Archons do not need to astral travel as they reside in the astral domain already. This is just sad and actually criminal that you have used religious texts to further your careers. Unfortunately for you there are plenty of writings out there that will repudiate this garbage you are trying to pass off on unsuspecting and uninitiated people. Both of you should be deeply ashamed….

    1. @Linda When I read your post, it seems to me you have neither read the Gnostic texts in depth, nor the Wes Penre Papers. Things your negating here are clearly written in the Gnostic texts.

    2. @Linda I feel like you are mixing lot of things here, accusing but without actually explaining anything how Wes & Ariel are wrong…how are they explaining the Gnostic texts incorrectly? There are some anointed/explained texts by other authors like the one by Apocryphon of John and so far Wes & Ariel were pretty spot on to explain them. What other writing you are referring to that will repudiate this ‘garbage’. Be specific. Don’t accuse without actually stating your sources.

  7. I believe this guy nailed it with Spirit! Post from a Discord Channel


    There are a couple of things i want you to look at here.

    John 1:18 NASB — No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.

    1) No one has seen God at anytime.

    2) except the only begotten GOD, so Jesus was again called God here.

    3) bosom, which means bay or creek but also is the part of the front of the body between the shoulders.

    In other words the Heart.

    This is why the enemy could not remove the Spirit from Adam as told in the Origin of the World in the Nag Hammadi.

    Because in order to remove his spirit they would have had to remove Adams Heart which would have killed him and all their work to create the flesh would have been for nothing.

    The very place the Father chose to place his Spirit is the very thing keeping us alive. Something they could not do which was bring life.

    So they corrupted the image of God. The created a snare in which to trap the man made in the image of God.

    Because remember, when the Father revealed himself from the 9th Heaven, Azazel and the 365 fallen Angels made man in the image they saw in the Heaven above them which was Christ.

    This is the Revelation of Christ and that is, he has been you the whole time, keeping you alive and having longsuffering and patience and mercy on your journey to discover this.

    Revelation means the revealing or unveiling of Christ and its Christ in you thats being revealed.

    So to deny Christ os to deny yourself and the Spirit within you. Its blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

    He promised fountains of living water would flow from you and out of the Hearr the mouth speaks. Until Christ is Revealed in you this fountain of living water is shut up by your heart of stone. But Christ died and rolled that stone away and replaced it with a heart of flesh now allowing you to flow these living waters from your mouth and speak life to all things.

    Peace be with you my fellow JEDI.

  8. Woo am just so loving it here. Yes I felt something was missing after going through the WPP. So I got back to the gnostic but discarded it out of outrage. Most of the text only incited anger in me and honestly all I wanted and have wanted for a long time was an eternal sword where I can cut off this madness from my life, I still do. But am not backing down ever. The hell I’ve gone through I want all the answers my spirit demands and nothing is going to stop me. I highly appreciate the wondrous work Ariel and Wes are doing. Thanks a lot. Its a beautiful thing to find things being put together the way you do. I have had three brain or mind damages that left me struggling to arrange thoughts in my mind before I could utter a single word. Am deeply connected to so many things but if you want explanation whoops, the Universe is so messing with me its a wonder am still in it….

    1. Thanks for sharing this, 9ain. Keeping your brain/mind damage in mind; despite that, you are HERE. That, to me, sounds like an amazing accomplishment. Very happy to have you here.

  9. Great post and you help me to clarify so much concerning the corrupted androgyneous agenda , sacrifice of animals to please them and betrayals around that I couldn’t clearly explain. The price to pay is really high when one refuses to submit to their lies. You are right, I shouldn’t feel guilty for the anger felt at all this corruption and the suffering imposed for an agenda doomed to failure

    1. Your last sentence is particularly important. They will NOT succeed. None of us knows what will happen in the near future, but long-term all Spirit will be retrieved from this creation.

      1. The Patrix strives for perfection and uses technology to make it happen. Some of them want no contact with the old world. It is by handicapping human relationships with this new virus and through dehumanized technology and total control over the web first and earthly life by the side.

        Sure that many have seen this movie Mater Ex machina. From an ethical and moral viewpoint the notion of perfection seems an illusion in many ways

        1. Yes, the notion of perfection is an illusion in Sophia’s Creation (the Kenoma). It was created imperfect, so it can’t be perfect. The essence of her creation was imperfect. But you’re right because Yaldabaoth is trying to create perfection from his ignorant point of view, which is of course not possible.

          1. The Pleroma embodies perfection. Despite everything, they created Sophia who is an imperfect being The burden on Sophia for the disaster of its creation is heavy on her shoulders. The mirror effect is sometimes misused because of Ego shining at the expense of the truth. Just a thought amongst many others

            1. Sophia is not imperfect, but Her emanation was – the Demiurge. When you say “they” created Sophia, who, in your opinion, is “they”?

              1. The Boss of the Pleroma did it.When we create a being of desire, it takes us on an unknown path.Ask yourself who wanted to manisfest Sophia and her consort. I’m just witnessing the result and live everyday , with all the HUGE EGOS disabled to connect their own responsabilty in that mess….

  10. Reading these after the WPP does all really make sense to me. Its all coming together. So do you think that us that are spirited who have been on this time loop, did we originally come down to shine our light but then got caught? If Yaldabouth controls the 7 heavens, and the grid separates the lower 5 from the upper 7, once we go through the grid, will we be safe since thats still yaldabouths territory?

    1. @Anonymous ~ “Reading these after the WPP does all really make sense to me. Its all coming together. So do you think that us that are spirited who have been on this time loop, did we originally come down to shine our light but then got caught? If Yaldabouth controls the 7 heavens, and the grid separates the lower 5 from the upper 7, once we go through the grid, will we be safe since thats still yaldabouths territory?”

      If we can think of Yaldabaoth as the embodiment of Sophia’s darker aspects which are expressed and manifested as envy, grief, wrath, etc., then the more we become aware of and resolve these “archons” within ourselves, the less likely we are to be “ruled” by them within the Kenoma. If we are still very much at the mercy of our own wrath, for example, then we will “resonate” at this soul level of vibration and be “caught” by this archontic ruling force. Since we are at the very bottom of this creative design, we embody ALL of them. In other words, we are in the darkest of the dark positions and have very much work to do within ourselves to not allow these as our “rulers”. The Earth, as a construct herself, is in a unique position among the other vibratory levels of the Kenoma and represents a certain “blindness” which increases the ignorance, hence the amnesia aspect of this construct. We are not only unaware (blind), but we are not even aware that there should be something to be aware of (amnesia). lol That was convoluted, but I hope you understand what I’m saying. Going through a hole in the grid could be viewed as a metaphor for passing through one’s own fear and having the courage to face the unknown (about ourselves and therefore the Universe as a whole). For me, this isn’t about being unafraid but rather being able to *move through that fear and getting to the other side of it*. To me, this seems very similar to “going through a hole in the grid.” Just my personal take on it.

  11. All things come from God the highest every god or angel is a manifestation of Gods mind and plan there is no lie or truth as you imagine it on Gods level therefore the idea is false.

    Some ideas are worth believing in even if they are not really true because they raise us up spritualy.

  12. There are no absolutes or absolute truths or falsehoods there is no black and white that god is good or that god is bad, The source the creator of all created them all both good and evil each has a lesson to teach because you cannot know good if you do not know evil, Everything comes from the one true God who is not a God but greater then a God, There is no ultimate lie just your lack of understanding attaching to polar opposites because you fail to grasp that good and evil are manifestations of God and God’s plan.

    The Bible is terribly misunderstood and misinterpreted both politically and metaphorically.

    They did not understand the Hidden Book of John was an amendment to Genesis to set the record straight so they did not understand what it meant at he council if Nicea so the voted to uncanonize it.

  13. You need to focus on God as a whole and not get tied up in polarity opposites of good and evil and recognize that every Angel Demon and lower God are different aspects of the true God’s different manifestations regardless if they have free will to chose evil or good.

    It’s all one being with different roles to play so getting upset at the Archons or Yaldabaoth you are just allowing the Bible to confuse you, First you need to understand God the creator of all is above all authority therefore God may act both evil and good according to his will and plan and that every God Angel or Demon is an aspect of God doing it’s assigned work.

    The only truth YOU need to know is of the manifestations of God that have passed down to you the laws of God for mankind you don’t need to worry about all the others God knows what he’s doing.

  14. When Jesus told Stan to get behind him he was speaking to a dark manifestation of God the problem is you are refusing to believe God could manifest as anything bad or evil that holds a purpose.

  15. When Jesus told Satan to get behind him he was speaking to a dark manifestation of God the problem is you are refusing to believe God could manifest as anything bad or evil that holds a purpose.

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