BOOK: Beyond 2012–A Handbook for the New Era

This book is now available on in paperback and Kindle. It has been retitled in the issue to, “Spiritual Handbook for the Twenty-First Century,” which I think is a more appropriate title.


  1. Hello Wes and Ariel! I am new to your page and have been looking at some articles, some videos , and then this book, and I really would like to know if there is an speciall order you would recommend to start reading all this material
    Should I read this book first? The articles?
    A lot of this topics are not new for me, but I have read a lot of misinformation for years and would like to start from zero, with a blank mind
    Thank you for your time and effort, hug from Mexico

    1. Thanks for your questions, Anonymous. This is my suggested order of reading or listening to our material:

      1. The Wes Penre Papers: (if you want to take a shortcut, read them in this order: Level 2, 4, 5. Level 1 and 3 are also important, but not crucial like 2, 4, and 5)
      2. The Death Trap and How to Avoid it:
      3. Our Gnostic article series (we’re posting more articles here on an ongoing basis): .
      4. Our videos:
      5. The books, can be read at anytime, but the most important work are the Wes Penre Papers and the Gnostic articles. They are the ones who will set your free from this Matrix.

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