BOOK: Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind

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    1. Correct. I am no longer giving my two e-books away for free. Over the years, everything I’ve created has been free of charge. At that time, I could afford it because I had a fulltime regular job, but not anymore. I need to get exchange for some of the things I’ve created because I need to make a living, too :). However, most of the material produced will still be free, as always. And I will never charge for the Wes Penre Papers, either.

      1. Agree with you Wes. Why let your work for free? I remember a time in my life where vaultours around were transforming the work of few to shine over them. When we charge for our hard work we are at least less frustrated when they destroy or transform the message. They do it anyway.
        Living in a Commercial Artistic community , many of them are really great at vampirizing others to shine over the unknown one. We are All trapped in this matrix and must survive but few have not sold their soul and practice the golden way to behave .

        1. Right! And it’s a tough decision. I am very passionate with what I’m doing, and if I feel something is important, I immediately want to share that with everybody. This is also why I gave the e-books away for free–instant distribution to everyone who wants it. It may work well for some time, but things change and one has to take one’s own needs and best interests in mind. Even a writer must survive LOL.

        1. @Mememan123 … Oh yes, you can certainly keep that. I just don’t present the free copies on the blog or elsewhere anymore, so it’s from now on, so to speak.

          1. Wes, We have the golden duty to make accessible what will serve this transition and you did it. In allowing human kind to stay alert in the face of the challenges ahead, we serve a higher purpose However, many of us have studied and been deprived from the right to reap the fruits of their hard work often overused for recognition to please a doubious agenda.

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