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Mission Statement

Our Complete Work




Questions about the Orion Queen
Fears Going through the Grid
Is the Universe Neuter, Masculine, or Feminine in Nature?
The Nano World and UFOs
What is Loosh?
The Light-Tunnel (the “After-Light”)
Different Travel Methods in the KHAA aka the Greater Universe
Wheels within Wheels and Fate vs. Destiny


Gnostic glossary
Gnosis Part 1: Introduction to Gnosis
Gnosis Part 2: Gnosticism vs. the Wes Penre Papers
Gnosis Part 3: The Pleroma–the Spiritual Universe
Gnosis Part 4: Sophia
Gnosis Part 5: Introduction to Thoth
Gnosis Part 6: Yaldabaoth
Gnosis Part 7: Creation of the Archons and the Different Heavens
Gnosis Part 8: The Indestructible One and the First Humans
Gnosis Part 9: Order, Hierarchy, and Family Relationships in the Kenoma
Gnosis Part 10: Where Souls and Spirits Go After Death
Gnosis Part 11: The Second Atlantis | The Beginning…
Gnosis Part 12: On Star Races, our Bodies, and our Emotions
Gnosis Part 13: The Second Atlantis | The Tree of Knowledge
Gnosis Part 14: The Second Atlantis | The Antediluvian Timeline
Gnosis Part 15: The Second Atlantis | The Deluge and the Destruction of Tiamaat/Earth
Gnosis Part 16: After the Deluge–The Current Construct
Gnosis Part 17: The Divine Messenger and his Message
Gnosis Part 18: The Zodiac and its Impact on our Earthly Lives
Gnosis Part 19: Important Definitions Before the Next Article
Gnosis Part 20: The Apocalypse and the Consummation of the Age
Gnosis Part 21: Reflective Thoughts and Musings–What Now?

Gnostic Musings #1: Why are we Constantly Descending Through the Kenoma?
Gnostic Musings #2: The Singularity Deception
Gnostic Musings #3: Gnosis and Creation
Gnostic Musings #4: Spirit vs. Soul–Which goes Where?
Gnostic Musings #5: Mastering the Human Mind
Gnostic Musings #6: Enlightenment and Self Reflection
Gnostic Musings #7: Where is Isis in the Gnostic Texts?
Gnostic Musings #8: The Milky Way Galaxy
Gnostic Musings #9: The Divine Mind (Part 1)


Article #1: Can Nanobots be Removed?
Article #2: The Death Trap and how to Avoid it
Article #3: WARNING! AI is Not what People Think it is
Article #4: Why we Need to Get Rid of Attachments to Exit this Matrix
Article #5: Who is Hidden Hand?
Article #6: The New Hidden Hand Thread 2018
Article #7: Dialogue with “Hidden Hand”, Self-Proclaimed Illuminati Insider
Article #8: The Human Need for Intimacy


Interview #1: Robert Stanley Interviews Wes Penre
Interview #2: Mark and Lynna Cummings Interviewing Wes Penre

Of Interest

Military Patent on Triangular Spacecraft
Different Types of Co-Dependency
Coronavirus Help Guides
Robert Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan

Wes Penre E-Books to Download

[2013]: Beyond 2012–A Handbook for the New Era
[2016]: Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind–A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond

By Other Authors


The History of Humankind

Video #1: Human Origins
Video #2: The Invader Force


Introduction to our Video Channel (Traducción al español ver Descripción Cuadro).
To All of You from Wes and Ariel
Thank you for your Donations!!!
Our Exchange for your Support!
VERY VERY URGENT!!! We Are Moving to another Video Platform!!!
PLEASE WATCH!!! NEW Video Platform Launched Today!
Video 1: Why I Left Social Media and Why I’m Back (Traducción al español ver Descripción Cuadro).
Video 2: Overview of the Penre/Glad Project
Video 3: Why?
Video 4: Narcissism and the Human Condition
Video 5: Narcissism in our Daily Life Part 1: What is Narcissism?
Video 6: Narcissism in our Daily Life Part 2: Loss of Identity
Video 7: Narcissism in our Daily Life Part 3: The Inner Critic and Fragmentation
Video 8: Narcissism in our Daily Life Part 4: The Soulless Narcissist
Video 9: Narcissism in Society and on Social Media
Video 10: Narcissism on a Cosmic Scale Part 1
Video 11: Narcissism on a Cosmic Scale Part 2
Video 12: Narcissism on a Cosmic Scale Part 3
Video 13: Healing from Narcissism
Video 14: Why Karma is a Trap
Video 15: Narcissists as Catalysts
Video 16: Narcissists as Nemesis or Benefactor
Video 17: Healing Fragments and Pulling up Anchors
Video 18: The Abandonment Fragment
Video 19: Your Personality is just another Character
Video 20: Love
Video 21: Life Changes
Video 22: Misconceptions on Dimensions and Densities
Video 23: Humanity’s War on Orion is already Raging
Video 24: Oneness out of Proportions
Video 25: The Slow Boil of the Singularity
Video 26: Mirroring and Projection Part 1: The Narcissist-Codependent Relationship
Video 27: Mirroring and Projection Part 2: The Codependent-Codependent Relationship
Video 28: Emotions are a Gift
Video 29: Narcissism and Dis-eases
Video 30: Fear
Video 31: Important Message from Wes and Ariel
Video 32: We are Programmed for Self-Abuse
Video 33: Did Deactivate our DNA or Did he Add Something to It?
Video 34: Synchronicities and the 100th Monkey Syndrome
Video 35: Our Matrix as Computer Code and Its Implications
Video 36: It’s in the Breath
Video 37: New Important Playlist on our Channel
Video 38: Spiritual Narcissism as a Coping Mechanism
Video 39: Misconceptions of Codependency
Video 40: Cosmic Racism
Video 41: Break the Programming
Video 42: Everything is Inverted
Video 43: Inside Dimensions and Densities
Video 44: What is Truth?
Video 45: Between Lives Area and Soul Patching Part 1 [Not for the Faint-Hearted!!!]
Video 46: Between Lives Area and Soul Patching Part 2
Video 47: Why Doesn’t Orion come to our Rescue?
Video 48: Personal Responsibility vs. Life Outside the Matrix
Video 49: The Mindset to Exit the Matrix
Video 50: What are our Sources of Information?
Video 51: Inside Out—Left Brain vs. Right Brain/Intelligence vs. Intuition
Video 52: More on Soul-Splitting in the Between Lives Area: Soul Indexing
Video 53: An Experiment in Freewill and what it Really Means
Video 54: Have there been Breaches of Freewill?
Video 55: Subconscious Creation
Video 56: Beliefs and Belief Systems Outside and Within the Spiritual Community
Video 57: IMPORTANT! Is the Universe Outside the Matrix a Hierarchy, too?
Video 58: Why are there Wars Outside the Matrix?
Video 59: References on Soul Splitting in the Between Lives Area
Video 60: How Soul Splitting in the Afterlife affects our Daily Lives
Video 61: Does the Law of Attraction Actually Work?
Video 62: Is our Reality Matrix Shifting Drastically as we Speak?
Video 63: What if we could Save this Planet after all?
Video 64: What is Happening to the Matrix Right Now?
Video 65: IMPORTANT! What is a Simulation?
Video 66: Is Narcissism the new Normal?
Video 67: [IMPORTANT!!!] Evidence of a Feminine Universe Part 1: Importance of Angles and Curves
Video 68: Evidence of a Feminine Universe Part 2: How the Overlords Trapped us in Masculine Energy
Video 69: Elon Musk’s Singularity
Video 70: Transferring Brain and Consciousness between Bodies making Between Lives Area Obsolete
Video 71: We Have Some Very Important Decisions to Make Right Now About Life and Death!
Video 72: The Event (A MUST WATCH!!!)
Video 73: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Interpreted Part 1
Video 74: The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Interpreted Part 2
Video 75: The Teachings of Thoth Part 1: The Much Bigger Picture
Video 76: Is it Ascension or Electromagnetic Radiation?
Video 77: The Teachings of Thoth Part 2: Thoth’s and Marduk’s Impact on Ancient Egypt
Video 78: The Teachings of Thoth Part 3: Why Thoth Doesn’t Have our Best Interest in Mind
Video 79: The Teachings of Thoth Part 4: Jesus
Video 81: The Teachings of Thoth Part 5: Who is Maitreya?
Video 82: Tiamaat and the Petrified EArth
Video 83: Agenda Warning! The Plot is Thickening! Part 1 of 2
Video 84: Agenda Warning! The Plot is Thickening! Part 2 of 2
Video 85: The Construction of the Soul [Redux]
Video 86: The Inner Grid
Video 87: Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Memes used in the Spiritual Field
Video 88: Understanding the Inner and the Outer Universes
Video 89: Please Send Questions for Q&A Video
Video 90: Q&A Session #1
Video 91: Q&A Session #2
Video 92: Twin Flames
Video 93: The Twin Flame Phenomenon vs. Narcissism
Video 94: Q&A Session #3
Video 95: Singularity in 2045 or just a Distraction?
Video 96: Q&A Session #4
Video 97: Q&A Session #5
Video 98: The Orion Family Feud Part 1 | The Archangels
Video 99: Q&A Session #6
Video 100: The Orion Family Feud Part 2 | What is in a Name?
Video 101: Q&A Session #7
Video 102: Q&A Session #8
Video 103: The Orion Family Feud Part 3 (of 3) | Marduk
Video 104: Q&A Session #9
Video 105: What would Happen if the Grid was Removed?
Video 106: Q&A Session #10
Video 107: Q&A Session #11
Video 108: Q&A Session #12
Video 109: Is the Event an Attempt to Manifest the Second Coming?
Video 110: Q&A Session #13
Video 111: Is En ki “Locked out” from Earth?
Video 112: What Exactly IS the 4% Universe?
Video 113: Q&A Session #14
Video 114: What Kind of Bodies will we Humans Possess when we Live in the KHAA?
Video 115: Q&A Session #15
Video 116: Q&A Session #16
Video 117: Q&A Session #17
Video 118: Q&A Session #18
Video 119: The Grid and how to Exit the Matrix
Video 120: Q&A Session #19
Video 121: The Astral, the Akashic Records, and Between Lives Regression Therapy
Video 122: VERY IMPORTANT! Are We Taking the Matrix with Us When We Go?
Video 123: Q&A Session #20
Video 124: We are Looking for a Graphic Designer!
Video 125: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES || Introduction to the Big Picture
Video 126: Q&A Session #21
Video 127: What Will Happen to Humans When AI Takes Over Everything?
Video 128: Q&A Session #22
Video 129: Q&A Session 23
Video 130: THE BIG PICTURE #1 | How Perception Creates Reality and the Mandela Effect
Video 131: Personal Responsibility—The Loaded but Perhaps Most Important Words in our Vocabulary
Video 132: THE BIG PICTURE #2 | What Happens When Perception is Challenged?
Video 133: Predestiny vs. Freewill
Video 134: Q&A Session #24
Video 135: THE BIG PICTURE #3 | Where does the Story REALLY Begin?
Video 136: How to Build and Find our own Truth
Video 137: THE BIG PICTURE #4 | Where are we Supposed to be Going?
Video 138: Q&A Session #25
Video 139: THE BIG PICTURE #5 | The Gospel of Thomas and the Gnostic Inversion
Video 140: THE BIG PICTURE #6 | Excerpts from the Nag Hammadi (with Comments)
Video 141: THE BIG PICTURE #7 | Spirit and Soul
Video 142: Q&A Session #26
Video 143: THE BIG PICTURE #8 | Final Conclusion of the Human Avatar
Video 144: THE BIG PICTURE #9 | The Creation of the VOID aka the KHAA
Video 145: THE BIG PICTURE #10 | Tiamaat, Star Races, and how this Co
Video 146: THE BIG PICTURE #11 | Trapped Star Races and our Future Outside the Grid
Video 147: Q&A Session #27
Video 148: THE BIG PICTURE #12 | When did the Alien Invasion Happen?
Video 149: THE BIG PICTURE #13 | Thoughtforms and Entity Possession
Video 150: Q&A Session #28
Video 151: Announcement! New Video Channel…!
Video 152: Cloud vs. Recycling Center—Is This the Way they will Trap us “Forever?”
Video 153: The Traps For Waking Up
Video 154: Q&A Session #29
Video 155: THE BIG PICTURE #14 | Wheel of Time–How Does Time Work?
Video 156: Life Choices
Video 157: Q&A Session #30
Video 158: Q&A Session #31
Video 159: More on this Construct, the Exit, and Power of Thoughts
Video 160: Q&A Session #32
Video 161: Convenience
Video 162: Q&A Session #33
Video 163: Smart Cities
Video 164: VERY IMPORTANT! Another Slant on Forgiveness
Video 165: Q&A Session #34
Video 166: Oneness Part 1 of 2 || Why are so Many Focused on Becoming One?
Video 167: Oneness Part 2 of 2 || Why Ascension to the 5th Dimension is a Deception
Video 168: Q&A Session #35
Video 169: The Virus
Video 170: The Orion Invasion–How Will It Be Done?
Video 171: Q&A Session #36
Video 172: TIME SERIES PART 1 || Vertical Time and Reincarnation [VERY IMPORTANT]
Video 173: TIME SERIES PART 2 || How Soul Recycling Creates Linear Time
Video 174: Not Released
Video 175: TIME SERIES PART 3 || Wheels within Wheels
Video 176: Spiritual Singularity
Video 177: TIME SERIES PART 4 || The Twin Flame and Time Loop Connection
Video 178: Q&A Session #37
Video 179: Will you Take the Construct with you into the KHAA?
Video 180: Alpha and Omega from Another Perspective
Video 181: Q&A Session #38
Video 182: How to Safely Exit through the Grid
Video 183: IMPORTANT! Loosh for the Gods, Adrenaline Rushes, and the Importance of Correct Breathing
Video 184: Should we Open, Close, or Remove our Chakras?
Video 185: Q&A Session #39
Video 186: VERY IMPORTANT! || How to Understand and Visit other Dimensions
Video 187: On OBEs, “Advanced Humans,” and No-Activity
Video 188: How Confusion is Introduced into the Spiritual Field
Video 189: Q&A Session #40
Video 190: More on Freewill and the Lack Thereof
Video 191: Truth versus Opinion
Video 192: OUR ORIGINS–The Creation of Tiamaat, Our Original Home Planet (full mini-movie)
Video 193: Q&A Session #41
Video 194: The Timekeepers and the Order of the Greater Universe
Video 195: Q&A Session #42
Video 196: The Invader Force (full movie)
Video 197: How to Control our Thoughts and Diminish the Effects of Thought-Forms
Video 198: What If…
Video 199: Seasonal Message from Wes and Ariel
Video 200: Q&A Session #43
Video 201: General Misunderstanding of Soul, Self, and False Self
Video 202: Why the Genuine Soul is Unconscious and How to Envision the KHAA vs. the Matrix
Video 203: Q&A Session #44
Video 204: The Second Construct (full movie)
Video 205: Q&A Session #45
Video 206: Are Channeled Entities, UFOs, and Aliens just Programs?
Video 207: Q&A Session #46
Video 208: Q&A Session #47
Video 209: MINISERIES: The Third Construct Ep. 1: “The Aftermath of the Deluge”
Video 210: Two Types of Spirituality
Video 211: Q&A Session #48
Video 212: Who’s Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 1-7 The Orion Queen
Video 213: Who’s Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 2-7 Khan En.lil
Video 214: Who’s Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 3-7 Prince En.lil
Video 215: Q&A Session #49
Video 216: Who’s Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 4-7
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VIDEO 218: (for security reasons, this video has been moved to FreedomTube. Click here to be redirected)
VIDEO 219: (for security reasons, this video has been moved to FreedomTube. Click here to be redirected)
VIDEO 220: (for security reasons, this video has been moved to FreedomTube. Click here to be redirected)
Video 221: Who is Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 5-7: Marduk
Video 222: Who is Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 6-7: Thoth
Video 223: Who is Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 7-7: Isis and Ereshkigal
Video 224: Q&A Session #50
Video 225: Q&A Session #51
Video 226: Q&A Session #52
Video 227: Q&A Session #53
Video 228: Q&A Session #54
Video 229: Q&A Session #55
Video 230: Q&A Session #56
Video 231: Q&A Session #57
Video 232: Q&A Session #58


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