Video 201: General Misunderstanding of Soul, Self, and False Self

We would suggest that the general conclusion psychology has come to is flawed. Even life coaches talk about a Self and a False Self, where the latter needs to be reintegrated with the former for a person to be “whole” again. The problem with this is that there is no Self—only a False Self, and we’ll explain this, partly by using metaphors and analogies, and the listener will hopefully grasp our concept.

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  1. Very clear indeed. Really needed to hear this , in this exact way right now. Note to Self. When I forget what/who I AM stop, drop, breath and Remember IAM.
    Thank You both 💙✌💜
    Going over to sign up on Patreon

    1. He didn’t describe, what is the actual existential difference between the real and the false self.
      How to differentiate?

  2. So good you guys so good!! Could you give more information on how to let the our real Soul take over our artificial one! Is that at all possible? Besides just writing it down what other methods can be done? If you want you can use that question in discord on Saturday or answer here whatever works for you

    1. Ariel and I are working on this right now. It’s very hard and painful because the artificial self wants to cling on. It’s the death of the ego. Yes, we will go into more about it as we move along. I doubt it’s possible to completely succeed, but it has to be done one thing at the time or it’s very overwhelming.

      1. From my understanding it’s about being in the present moment. There is no past and future, only the moment that we are in now. We are lost in our mind, our thoughts. We need to learn to hit the pause and be here now. And tell the ego to take a back seat to let us be in charge. But the ego will never be beat, as to try and defeat the ego is the ego.

        As we imagine our future and dwell in the past, think of it as a video. Until you hit pause and become present in the pause screen your lost in your mind, thoughts. It’s about becoming centered. With time, every second is the past, present, future. Take time away and live only in present, truest moment, the only moment. You become centered from duality. Sounds simple, but the ego I’m addicted to thinking won’t let it be so simple.

        1. Hi. I’ll write this because it helped a lot as I worked with it. Before though I will state what others have written: “it’s like MKUltra”, “it’s brainwashing”. . .

          A Course In Miracles us what I wanted to write and what others have written. I done the course with a dear friend, separately but exchanged experiences and thoughts.

          I write this because of your words about the ego and how one can work on controlling that part (ego).

          The book and course is a form of brainwashing because it is very intensive. Starts with lesson one , two times a day for a couple of minutes and the last lessons ca. every five minutes. This, u believe and found effective because the wind doesn’t have much time then.

          Take Care. Blessings.

  3. Here I am in fuerturventura a small Spanish volcanic island off the coast of Africa. It is 30 minutes after midnight. What better way to listen to the summery of 50 years of my life. Realising at an early age that this is not where I belong. Pain along the way has been a weary guidance.
    Wes you so eloquently sound out the doing in what we have been doing. I have read that some are fed up with non action, well, this is the action. No war no fighting no destruction. I have led a very lonely path with love empathy etc leading a way through such destruction. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. You can be a better athlete, you can strive for more. But as you say leaving the sub conscious and conscious behind are the path to exit this is not negative it is a beautiful embrace and a guiding star, much like looking at orions belt on a clear night on a small island off the west coast of Africa. I am alone but I feel others on various paths within me. Good luck to you all. With love Andy.

  4. 🌹💙 Two observations regarding the awesome miniSeries, I’m requesting clarification on Wes and Ariel: (1) I thought Egypt came after the Flood, and (2) If Lord Ninurta defeated Marduk when the battle came here, what happened so as to cause the relapse? 🤔. Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

    1. The original Egyptian Empire was before the Flood at it was mainly matriarchal to begin with. When Ptah took over in Egypt, the matriarchs migrated to Lemuria. Then came the Flood, but Egypt did not sink, and survivors from the Flood found their refugee in Egypt. Then, a second Egypt empire was built after the Flood. But Ptah, Thoth, and Marduk had their heydays in Egypt before the Flood.

      Marduk is relapse personified :). He was still remaining on Earth–he was just temporarily stripped of power in favor of his brother, Thoth.

      1. 🌹💙 Ahhhh—I had forgotten about matriarchal Egypt! You don’t read about this everyday, and very few scholars such as yourself, put this out there—most other researchers aren’t even aware! Thanks!👍

        1. You’re welcome. Few people are even aware of the pre-Flood Egypt. It has been discovered fairly recently. Many now date the pyramids back many tens of thousands of years, so how could that be if the Flood was 13,500 years ago, for example? And how can Thoth’s Emerald tablets be 38,000 years old (give and take. The dates are never completely correct).

      2. hello sir; interesting.. matias de stefano has different explanation when it comes to how we could return to our origin.. he said the way to do that is to raise your frequency or vibration to the same vibration to your origin… if not we will still loop into the vibration of the earth which is 3dimentional… any comment in this sir…

  5. Hi Wes & Ariel hope you are well.Thank you for your hard work.With regards to artificial souls/empty vessels.I prefer to call them the walking dead.I have found that I can not be around these kind of people.They are like poisen to my soul.That is why I live like a hermit.I am very happy & content with my life.I live alone & do not have a partner or children.As I feel I did not come here to live an earthly life.I feel my true family is waiting for me.I do not want to say I am obsessed with escaping the matrix.I just feel deep in my heart its time to go home.How ever while I am here I want to help as many humans heal.What confuses me is the people that only have an artificial soul.Whats going to happen to them?Are they capable of healing?Iv tried getting through to certain people but have realised its not possible.So I realised they must be dead inside.So I have made peace that not everyone can be saved.This year I am going to focus on self.My dreams feel very real at times I am a lucid dreamer.I found myself in an underground base.Felt like I was floating and no one noticed me.I saw horrendous things being done to children and babies.I saw them lying on the ground being abused.It looked like a tunnel the walls were not bricks but still dirt and the floors.Then I found myself watching a video of more disturbing images.I saw myself filling in a report.The people I saw doing these bad things were men dressed in Army clothes they looked like soldiers.So I am not sure if I am part of the clean up crew.My life gets stranger by the day.As I have been told I am one of the original consciousness from outside the matrix that incarnated in human form to bring down the matrix.I feel it is part of my mission to help humans raise their consciousness so I teach those that want to learn.It comes natural to me.I have come to learn that I have the ability to open my heart consciousness to people and bring them back to their true self.It brings me great joy knowing I am able to do work for the light.Whats strange about my life is that things happen to me at night when I go to sleep.I have seen a black hole/worm hole appear in my room.It was small and had a bright white light around it like a spinning vortex.So a man on facebook Jake Roy explained that I jumped matrixes.Or was moved based on my vibrations.Not sure if you have heard of this.I have a strong intention to go home where ever home is.My last question is there is so much information on facebook and youtube about benevolent beings here to help liberate us and some say their ships are in the sky and look like clouds.What is your opinion on this?Is this the real deal is freedom around the corner for us?Thank you

    1. First, the “walking dead” as you call them can never heal. They are just programs of the Matrix–an artificial soul. They have no genuine soul, and therefore,, they can’t exist outside the Matrix. When you heal, you bring in more of your genuine soul, but if a person doesn’t have one, there is nothing to heal. If the Matrix would dissolve today, so would they. They are a part of the program/Matrix.

      The “benevolent” beings you’re talking about are from within the Matrix. Many of them are tricksters, while others are “serious” and believe in what they’re doing because they are “advanced humans” who have “graduated” from the Earth experience and now operate from the astral realms. Their “help” is just’s way of enlightening people, so they can climb up HIS ascension ladder. This is a realm of duality—if the Singularity is real (which it is), the opposite needs to be put in place, too, which is Ascension. But roads lead to Rome, i.e. the same Singularity Event Horizon (taking the Singularity term into consideration).

      If we want to be free, it must be an inner journey, which culminates in the conviction that the person can leave this Matrix–most easily through a hole in the artificial Grid, as mentioned in the video. No one is coming to save us–we are our own saviors. It’s an Inner Journey.

  6. Why do prince ninurta need to fight as foot soldier when they have an advance weapons? Do the gods loves to fight using swords and spear?

    1. Because that was the contemporary way to fight. When the gods were here openly and fancied themselves as kings and queens, they didn’t come down to a human society with machine guns and laser weapons, so to speak. when the human population used bows and arrows. They blended in with the humans. There were exceptions, when one side lost their patience and used nuclear weapons, however.

      1. I can recal a story about a battle that happend in India.

        “Ghurka suddenly appeared in his powerful vimana and destroyed the three cities of the Vrishis and Andhakas with a single projectile charged with all the Power of the Universe.

        An incandescent column of smoke and flames as bright as ten thousand suns rose in all its splendor.

        It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a messenger of death which reduced to ashes the entire race of Vrishis and Andhakas. The corpses were so burned that they were unrecognizable. Their hair and nails were falling down; the pottery broke for no apparent reason and the birds turned white. After a few hours, all food was infected … To escape this fire, soldiers threw themselves into rivers to wash their bodies and their equipment …”

        This is the first link I could find with this story, I dont know how reliable this site is. Use your own discernment.

  7. As it is the case with many others,I think you summarized beautifully and clearly the result of my searchings!Now I can better understand why the holes in the grid appear[because some humans stop operating from false self:ego,Id.Entity,matrix personality which energizes the grid and souless beings].So when we turn inwards and find our real place,we take back the energy we put out and instead we operate from a deeper,true state,which is untouched by the matrix.
    Thank you,Wes&Ariel!

  8. Thank you Wes and Ariel!It is a very beautiful video-lesson.
    Indeed a beautiful summary of one of my favorite topics : Soul.Beautiful and clear for me at least.
    Thank you Susan Hasset : I was also wondering if once aware, one can fully activate the genuine Soul (quantum mind) as nanotraveling is an inward thought travelling.It seems that it is for the very first time when the average human can acknowledge and break the programming.I am very enthusiatic.We can do it. Let´s take step by step as mister Penre mentioned.I have the tendence to be in a hurry/rush myself as like ” there is not enough time” because I have this feeling I that I was not fast enough once.So please smile with me.
    20:24 up to 22:13 – beautiful design : in fact when deeply calm I see a “black and then gradually violet hall surrounded by green light”.The violet is clear like in my “avatar picture” but only for a very short period of time.Then black again.Thank you for the images!!!
    Where it is assumed the Lemuria is located?
    Strange that Enki was let to continue the experiment altghough a precedent was
    created(distruction of the Original).It means something : to receive a second chance to do it right, I suppose.
    The last part of the video : very suggestive creation! Specially the entrance in the pyramid : the tablest of destiny/ SHAM stone and its red radiance.
    At the end Thoth is ruler again and and a long period of peace starts.Thoth is Enki, right?

    1. Lemuria was located in the Pacific Ocean, west of North and South America, and it sank. Hawaii, the Eastern Islands, some other Pacific islands, and part of the American continent west coast are remnants of the old Lemuria.

      The reason was allowed to continue with the Earth Construct is that there were still potentials to the Experiment. It was basically just moved to a new location, as it were. So long as the Experiment continued as planned, without overstepping the rules, it could still be valuable.

      The Thoth/Marduk connection is interesting, to say the least. As above, so below. The Queen has two sons, and En.lil/Ninurta. Now, is mimicking everything, so he ALSO has two sons (soul sons)–Thoth and Marduk. So, he mimics the real thing and puts himself as the Father (inversion of the Mother). So, putting Thoth in charge of Egypt would be equivalent to the Queen putting Ninurta in charge of Egypt. See what I mean? Yes, Thoth and Marduk are soul aspects of, but being individuated units of consciousness. They are their own beings, but still of

  9. great video, thanks. I have a question for you Wes. As for people with disabilities, what do you think about them, do they have a genuine soul? For example, if one is mentally retarded with a low IQ, he does not possess abstract thinking, so he cannot understand this in any possible way. Therefore, he cant leave this matrix throughout the grid.
    What about an autistic child. For example, parents have a child who is playful, cheerful, sociable, and curious, and after taking the vaccine, becomes autistic- lack of empathy and social skills. what about this, can we say that he somehow lost his soul? Or that when he get rid of artificial soul, he will become full potential again?
    These may be difficult and provocative statements, but I would like your honest opinion on this.

    1. These are good questions, Reprobus. The disabilities you describe pertain to the physical body, and they can’t function properly in 3D reality. However, if these bodies are souled to begin with, they will be like anybody else when they leave the handicapped body–no handicap, no retardation. The downside with people having severe handicaps like the once you mention is that the soul will not get a chance to develop and learn these things you and I are into, unless when they come back next time in the time loop something changes, so they don’t need to go through a lifetime like that again.

    2. Quick note from Jimmy, I picked up somewhere that autistics may more easily adapt to trans human reality and hive mind reality.

  10. Very good discussion of a very important subject. It made me think of my favorite quote from Demian by Hermann Hesse, “”I wanted only to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Why was that so very difficult?”

  11. The image shown at 29:28 is a painting by Nichola Roerich.

    In 2005 I visited the museum in New York where several of the original paintings of Nichola Roerich are exhibited. When I saw in 2005 the painting (shown in your video ) , I froze, looking at that image and feeling so much Love, Beauty, Truth. I didn’t know who she was, wondering if Roerich had a model or just painting this image from his imagination. Since the, I read a lot about Roerich and his wife Helena Roerich.

    I bought a copy (a poster) of this painting and kept it in my bedroom since 2005, looking at her as a last image before going to sleep. Over the years, I came to know that she was a Mother-Queen, Creatrix. So, this image in your video is the best ever to show the Beauty in the process of creating the Namlu’us. Thank you Wes.


      1. Love the episodes at the end.

        Ninurta must have been convinced by his mythical talking mace sharur “smasher of thousands” into
        engaging his brotha nergal in battle.
        This probably occcured on a thor’s day evening? ?? Lol

  12. So En Ki’s gift is still an artificial soul fire that is within us all Wes? I am a little confused. It bites if that is the situation. I thought maybe is part of our real soul parts that comes from our mother in Orion. I do not call her the Queen because is so hierarchy or Annunaki cast system like to me; I call her my true mother and mother of all planets, universes and galaxies. Amazing intro and also, wow ending! I really enjoyed how Ninurta fought for the good of humanity and the universe, fair and square. I did not know about the ancient scriptures with Ninurta aka St. Michael the Archangel or Mikeal (Is this the Orion spelling?). 🙂

    1. We still have our original soul fire shining through the artificial soul fire–that’s what the gods feed from. But it’s like turning on the tap just a little bit to let a small amount of water run through the tap, where the sink is the artificial soul. And the water that runs through the tap is more or less unconscious.

      The correct spelling of Michael is M.I.KHAA.EL.

        1. Yes, we have the DNA of the “archangels,” or more prominently–from That’s why we’re stuck in this Construct and in these bodies. These archangels are not even the real archangels–they are mimics, copies, and trickster beings. Do you know who Metatron represents? Thoth. So you’re taking information based on Thoth? If you do, it will certainly not help us out of this mess–particularly as Thoth is the “son” of, whose purpose is to keep us here.

  13. You are amazing,at explaining the most difficult of subjects.One thing I’m sure of is that we all are feeling the pull of our spirit and core soul and your work gives us so much hope,it empowers us to succeed. Thank you both for being here lol

    1. Curious how the queen responded to a plea for help by the nams to end the experiment at the time of Atlantis. They knew full well that death did not matter and they would exist in another state so it was no big deal to die.

      This gives me great inspiration. Not only am I telling the queen now to end the experiment if / when I get to Orion I will recommend the same thing. Absolutely no desire to heal the human herd. Its a lost cause-leave now before Husband-ry happans to you! i have spoken, is what im gonna tell her. 😜

  14. I wonder if when souls die, and go into the BLA……do the elders convince us to return to earth to help others?
    For example, let’s say a person who lives a life of peace, harmony, and love………do you they trick most humans to return to earth by saying….well you lived a perfect life but your friends and family didnt… you have to go back and help them because they won’t make it to the next level (heaven) without your help……

    I wonder if they use this tactic to convince people who live a very moral and healthy life….For the other people who really did bad and horrible things to others….then it becomes obvious from the point of view of the elders why they can’t graduate or make it to the next level.

    What I am trying to say here is that whether you were a good kind respectful person or a person who did horrible awful things to others…….they (AIF) want to keep all souls here to feed off of them

    It’s interesting ….how do they decide who graduates and who has to come back? Well this time …since I am awakened I am going through the hole in the grid and first stop Orion and to explore the multiverse.

    On a side note, I remember hidden hand saying the elders operate in a different density or dimension on saturn? Is that true?

    1. Drew: theY use an old sales technique taught here on earth. After scsnning a soul’s memory and personality the do the following: tell the souls whatever it wants to hear. Each individual is different. I doubt so called morality or a good and bad life are part of the equasion. They are vultures, scavengers, and they attack a persons weak points as part of their strategy.

    2. First out, what we consider good and bad might not coincide with what the Overlords think. Second, in your example, and the Overlords agree that you have “graduated” from your Earth incarnation, they will ask you whether you want to go back or get “a job.” The latter means as a spirit guide, a teacher, a channel for a human vessel, or something else. You “advance” within their ascension program. Sometimes, if they want you to go back but you refuse, they can, in the “life review” insert false incidents pertaining to your past life and say that this part of your “karma” needs to be handled before you move on. There are different tricks they can use.

  15. Thanks Wes for that awesome explanation! Your words always resonate so much with me.
    One Question: You talked a lot about the Soul in this Video. How fits the Spirit in all of this?
    Am I right, when I say, that a lot of people are here with a genuine soul – but not all of them are spirited as well? Because only the Namluus are spiritied, but the ones with a genuine soul can be e.g. some other alien species (incarnating as humans)?
    What would be the difference betweem humans with a genuine soul vs humans with a genuine soul AND a spirit?
    Both can “awake”, but the ones with the spirit are better in evolving? I remember that you said, that only spirited genuine souls have the inner longing for freedom and so existing the matrix? But also the genuine souled (without spirit) are able to awake and escape?
    Thank you very much for your help 🙂 All the best wishes to you! Your material helps me so much and I am already teaching some, who want more than what the New Age (Enkis Ascension Program) offers…

    1. We get this question quite frequently, so we’ve decided to make a FAQ on this subject. If you’re subscribed, you’ll get a notice when the article is posted. I might start it today…

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