Video 202: Why the Genuine Soul is Unconscious and how to envision the KHAA vs. the Matrix

After we released the last video number 201, which seems to have been very helpful to many visitors, additional questions have come up, as well. This is very encouraging because this shows that people are really processing and pondering the information. If you look at the title of this video, you can see the two most common questions we’ve got, so let’s see if we can explain this with an analogy that might hopefully work. Our intention with this video is that our visitors will better understand how the Matrix and the KHAA/Greater Universe are set up and the difference between the two.

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  1. 🌹💙 I’m not convinced that we (the Nams) just “volunteered willingly” to continue with the experiment under Enki’s tutelage—I mean what other choice did we have? It’s not like Enki would have just let us go back to Orión had we said no! Maybe it’s more like he deceived us—promising this and that leading us to misbelieve we had a choice when we didn’t—while all the time Enki knowing he would never make good on his own word! 🌞🙏 Regarding the miniSeries—my soul remembers the part about the UNfriendly giants; like we had to be careful venturing out during these times. Your depiction of how they ate humans as well as the weird creatures are spot on—my soul just feels that this is how it was! Thank you Wes and Ariel. I am eternally grateful! Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

    1. Hi Barbelo. Anything is possible as of how we landed in this latest trap after the Flood. The reason for it, I don’t know. What I do know is that many human souls DID go back to Orion after the Flood. We didn’t. Why? Hopefully, someone might figure it out eventually, or I guess we’ll find out after we’ve exited 🙂

      Blessings back!

      1. 🌹💙 That’s the question I’d love an answer to. It’d be comforting to know that those Namlu’u who escaped—got out—before and at the flood, that they think about us, maybe they’re working behind the scenes in some way to help us, or that they will greet and aid us once we cross the grid. As for us, maybe we’ll get extra credit for having been here, a badge of distinction of some kind on our portfolio (as Creators) so to speak, or at least credit for time served in this dump! 🌞🙏.

        1. “Once we cross the grid”. Yes. Do you think that they remember us? I was wondering…
          Your thoughts about the firmament?
          My Soul remembers about “a place where there was “no night but only day” and that enviornment. For me… it was perfect in all possible ways.
          PS : I take the opportunity to say thank you for all the comments and for the great work of Ariel and Wes.I really enjoy every moment.

          1. You’re very welcome, anamaria!

            Oh yes, they remember us. There are also Namlu’us in Orion–those who escaped the Tiamaat war and those who returned to Orion after the Deluge.

            The Firmament, which seems to be held together by something that can be compared to a “glass ceiling” is more or a physical and semi-physical nature and will not affect us when we exit through the Grid. It’s of another frequency than the soul.

            1. As much as I enjoy the thought of leaving this matrix upon expiring, and have read your instructions to do so, I have to question if it even be possible. The Wingmaker material suggests that where we go one we all go together and thats as it should be. Leave NO MAN BEHIND. So I guess I’ll go to the tunnel and continue this discussion within that matrix. But thanks for all you do Wes to make us aware of our choices. I just don’t think showing up in Orion and going home alone will actually work but the GREAT ESCAPE does sound nice. Earth is my home and if not for the BS,it’s a beautiful place. We could actually create Heaven on Earth, but alas that is in our distant future. I think the Queen of Heaven would desire all of her creations to be Joyous don’t you.
              Peace to ALL

              1. You’re of course free to make any choice you wish, but this is not our home–not the home of the original soul group. This is a realm of death, where everything witters and dies–unheard of in the Greater Universe. This is’s realm, not ours. WingMakers’ idea is noble, but impractical. The Queen does not want this experiment to continue. She wants us to go home, but only those who want to.

                1. Wes also mentioned a key point, if I recall correctly:
                  Upon exiting, one will become fully briefed. Then, you could entertain the option of coming back, so much better informed and more “empowered” for lack of better word. Coming back from the outside will be fundamentally different than coming back directly from BLA. I am paraphrasing, but I believe this characterizes what Wes said during an episode heard last year or year before. If not, I stand corrected and please correct me as needed.

                  1. What you’re probably referring to is when I answered a question such as yours, and I said that you can come back, but if you enter this Matrix again, you will be trapped here just like now with amnesia and artificial soul. That’s how this construct is set up. See also Robert Monroe’s book (I think it’s the second one). He says the same thing.

                    1. Such an important distinction and I totally understand that now. Not sure why I misunderstood so much ! Thanks

                2. Ok Wes, I see your point. I have listened to Dr. Neruda’s #5 interview many times, in fact I sent you an email asking several questions about Michael Lee Hill for one. To date the interview was the best info to date I have come across and I’ve been down a lot of rabbit holes. I have never astro traveled so I don’t really know what’s out there. Have you seen the grid? If so did you ever attempt to go beyond? I think you give excellent ideas on this subject and have no reason not to trust you because you seem to have first hand info on this subject and I only read about it. As far as the Anunnaki or Sams go, I’m well aware of the story as best I can be. I have attempted to square as much of it as I could from my limited understanding BOTH sides of the story just like 3D there is duality. It’s very hard to understand the perspective of the Queen though. I had parents who both loved us all as much as humanly possible they would have NEVER ALLOWED this to happen for ANY reason, and that’s all I have to go by. I understand our concept of time is different than theirs but Enough is ENOUGH! You do not allow your children to be abused by another sibling/Ea for their entertainment. AS a parent/Queen you put a stop to that BS as soon as you aware of it. I know i’m not seeing the big picture here, HOW could we? I absolutely hate how those in the positions of power have enslaved an entire species and most don’t even realize it!!!!!! And the only thing I can do outside of going POSTAL is breath and accept that all is as it should be. Any way, thanks for giving me space for my daily rant.

                  1. It’s perfectly fine; I appreciate your “rant” LOL. It’s not as easy as to just terminate this experiment. Has anybody asked what humanity as a whole wants? Under current conditions, if you ask your neighbor, who ‘assumingly’ doesn’t know anything about this, he would say he never wants to leave this planet. Would you take him off this planet with force, against his will? We live in a universe of freewill, and we are not children. We are “adult” souls, and we have our own will and individual creative consciousness. It’s up to us what we want to do.

                    The problem, as I see it, with the WingMakers Material, which otherwise has great info, is that James doesn’t seem to realize that this Experiment is over, and the Queen is calling us home to Orion. She just needs us to wake up. James Mahu (WingMakers) seems to think that when the Grand Portal happens, we as original souls (Sovereign Integral) will replace the artificial soul and run this Experiment directly from the Genuine Soul (Sov. Integral) like we did on Tiamaat. This is not Tiamaat–this is a very bad, corrupted, inverted, and manipulated reality based on’s rules and laws. There is nothing to save here. Orion wants us to come back so we can start operating as the creator gods we are outside the Matrix.

                    However, no one is going to force us to do that. Even if the Grand Portal will be found (which is no guarantee with the Singularity around the corner), why would we continue this solid reality when we can experience full freedom somewhere else?

                    1. Well said Wes, I agree. Why wait for a portal when it may be another carrot and stick just to keep us waiting for something that doesn’t happen. Your insight is appreciated and well taken. Thank you for taking time to respond.

                    2. I was thinking about the Grand Portal this morning and I wonder if this Portal that James talks about is the vision of John when he speaks of the new Heaven and Earth. Not trying to be biblical here but the scriptures do contain some truth although twisted. Like half n half. I know you can’t answer this,as for me i’m just speculating here. As far as a portal goes, without the book of Rev. no one would even be looking for a portal. But then we must also consider that this could be another Matrix of Enki’s creation.I hope if this actually happens,which it could that we would be able to make the right choice. As far out as this scenario is when do those in the know on this subject start trusting ANYTHING? I guess this would be the Wild Card or Joker depending on how you look at it.
                      Oh well,just attempting to look at this from several angles here. Your right Wes, Earth is a very dangerous place.

        2. Barbelo Tradwitch

          Only one Namluu failed to escape the flood. She was a shy and somewhat stupid soul that has since been shattered into billions of little pieces. Or commonly what is now known as you, me; and all the other fool-hearted folk of planet patrix.

          Her name was Song-jay.

          I love speculating on this stuff with you guys! !

            1. Please see this. They are trying to silence me and prevent me from ever walking away from this. And good luck sounding credible. Fragments, check. It’s the perspective of full circle vs dualism interdimensional portal, check. I wouldn’t be quick to do anything without the information to remain objective. I access them in my lucid dreams. And the navigation is non existent. Discalcula the reason for this is ego greed. And real estate. I’m fully evolved and awakened. but the attacks and restraints are depleting. They are timing us ou . Please someone honest and good see this. Jessica meehan

  2. Wes! (and everyoune else) You should absolutely check out ‘far sight press’ new upload on youtube and on their site.
    They rw the dethtrap.

    1. Hi, johan – We have watched the Farsight video on Soul Traps, and unfortunately we do not feel that we can use this remote viewing session as any type of confirmation. The way this target was worded/intended was frontloaded with so many preconceived conclusions that we consider it corrupted data. For all we know, the girls were rv’ing what was in Courtney’s (or whoever created the target) own mind and his interpretation of these concepts. We are disappointed to learn that this target was so carelessly created. Farsight knows better than to develop a target in this way. What a shame – there are some very good rv’ers working with Farsight, but unfortunately we cannot disregard the possiblity that they are only rv’ing Courtney’s thoughts about this target rather than the target, itself. For this reason, there is nothing in this session/video that we can use to corroborate our own research.

      Thank you suggesting it, though. 🙂 ~ Ariel

      1. Ah..i have just seen the trailer. Thats a shame though…yes courtney should have known better😶 thanks.

    2. We were hoping to be able to use this Farsight movie as confirmation of our own research. Although it IS confirmation, we can’t use it because of how they set the target, like Ariel said in her comment.

  3. Wes and Ariel thank you for the new video. I am getting a clearer picture of the construct and how it operates but have a couple of questions regarding the last 2 videos.
    1) Where does my genuine soul reside while I’m on earth?
    2) Since changed the frequency of the construct, is it possible for an individual to change his frequency back to match the KHAA?
    3) Since I’m now aware of what is happening, why can’t I(my genuine soul) withdraw my soul energy from my human form and be free to return to the KHAA?
    Thank both of you for all you do.

    1. These are good questions, Kurt!

      1) Because everything is ultimately a mind concept, you can visualize your genuine soul as having the Construct inside of you. You and everybody else here more or less built it around ourselves with the artificial soul layers being wrapped around you like overcoats. Or look at it as an onion, where the core is the genuine soul and each layer of the onion are layers of beliefs and belief systems we have accumulated here, with some “help” from Overlord technology.

      2) Yes, in a sense. That’s what we’re doing now when we are waking up (i.e. reconnecting with our genuine soul). However, to leave this Construct while still alive in our bodies means we need to get rid of all beliefs we have while in a physical body, and that’s nothing that’s done overnight, and I would say not even in a lifetime. But we are preparing so we can leave after body death, with full intention. While on Earth, we also need to deal with the entire mass consciousness, which is a massive accumulation of false beliefs. Because the Namlu’u are all connected, we need to penetrate the false Grid, as mentioned in the last two videos.

      3) Because we are all connected to our physical bodies via technology (silver cord). We need to break the cord first, which we can’t do without physically dying. So, we’re back to where we “started;” we need to drop our physical bodies first.

      1. The silver cord is in fact technology, Wes, you mention. Wow and omg, makes sense.

        A few people are referring to The Wingmakers. Where is the go-to source/s for this?

          1. I suggest that everyone read the fifth interview of Dr. Neruda, linked above by Wes. You don’t have to agree or believe what is said but you can get a good picture of what may have happened for us to get where we are mow. I find it best to read the transcript while listening to the audio on YouTube linked below.


            If you get confused you can pause the audio and reread the script, makes it easier to comprehend.

            Just a thought.


  4. I’ve never had a problem playing the videos here except for now. The videos here don’t appear to be a hot link, but rather just a greyed out box. If anyone has a suggestion, I’ll try it. Thanks in advance.

  5. I cant believe that finally i am atleast having a grasp about the topic here in the comment section.. when average people would probably think we are insane people when they read this comment section … now that is mind blowing in my part.. even my partner and co worker think im insane..

      1. One need not be a genius to realize that the planet is run by psychopaths. Some will argue the following point, but at the age of 73 I have found that most people I have known were fundamentally decent and their “sins” minor. So here we have a horrible planet run by psychopaths but composed of primarily decent people. Then the questions evolves as to whether these psychopaths were unguided humans of a psychopathic predilection or minions who were gathered as an interface with humanity by a non-human extra or multi dimensionals evil force. People who maintain that the whole show is a strictly human production, do so by making claims of either original sin, or that the natural forces guiding our evolution created a rather nasty, brutal creature. I find the “alien” intervention concept to be far more credible as psychopaths have a very hard time cooperating with each other and executing centuries and millennial long agendas unless there is one of greater force up the ladder with a very extended life expectancy. So to paraphrase Harry Truman, I guess the buck stops with I have to credit David Icke with opening my eyes to the idea that at a certain hidden level of the power pyramid, the entities transition from human to non-human. But an intense interest in UFO’s from age 11 allowed me to consider this as a likely possibility. I got into this comment from the idea that “outsiders” reading this comment section would view us as insane. But as the saying goes, Satan’s greatest deception is convincing a (pseudo) enlightened world that he doesn’t exist. But Jamie Dimon, for example, CEO of JP Morgan, certainly knows that he does.

  6. Thanks again you two. Great work . I have a question concerning Lou Baldin. Have you heard of him? What he’s saying scares the Shitt right out of me. Lou Baldin-guide-english.pdf. Please let me know if your aware of him via email … . Might he be Enki in flesh? Or ?

    1. Ahnah:
      Interesting, hmmm.

      Imma gonna-go check that guy out.
      Lou baldin sounds phonetically like Lugalbanda.the sumerian god in the epic of gilgamesh.

      Be it by my beard or from the grace of mother Ninsun’s sweet-teets i promise to get to the bottom of this treachery! 😂

  7. Hello Wes&Ariel! I simply love these mini videos, they tell a lot. At times I feel like crying, they remind me of something. I have a question though, Anu is not mentioned at all in any mini video, did he had nothing to do with all of this? It seems like he and The Queen just let their ‘kids’ play at will with us, if the play turns up ugly, they just terminate us, and start with a new one. We have been the puppets of their will. Again, feels very much like we live in an Illusion of free will. What happened with the Namlu’s created on Mars?
    Thank you both for your incredible work.

    1. Anu, aka Khan En.lil, didn’t have much to do with the Tiamaat Invasion. He was busy in the Sirius star system at the time (I mention this in the Wes Penre Papers, but that’s not easy to remember LOL).

      There have been three “constructs” what I know of; Tiamaat, the original Earth, and the Earth after the Flood, which became’s own experiment, in which we are trapped. The second construct was accepted by the Orions and by us, the Namlu’u, because the Original Experiement (on Tiamaat) could continue on Earth, and we could still graduate.

      The third construct (today’s Earth) is an abomination and not in agreement with Orion.

      The Mars Experiment was terminated in the Tiamaat War. When Marduk nuked Tiamaat, he also accidentally(?) destroyed Mars. The Tiamaat explosion was so enormous that it sucked out the atmosphere from Mars. During that incident, all life on Mars’ surface succumbed, including the Namlu’us who resided there. This is brought up in the miniseries, though…

  8. A traumatization.. . .Err i mean dramatization you say regarding our desire to destroy the overlords. The whole story has both elements eh?

    And my second question iswhat has it got in its filthy pocketses precious penre?

    . . .Still hoping for that LOTR comparative-composition 👍

    1. I will eventually make a LOTR comparison, but it also needs to involve The Silmarillion to make perfect sense, and in order to do that personal analysis, I need to research the books to some degree. Particularly the Simarillion, I haven’t read in many years. It’s an interesting project, though, and I would love to do it, as soon as I get some time 🙂

      1. Good i believe such a lotr article would not only be entertaining, but might also strike a cord with a larger audience if placed in proper context. Some fans intuitively feel the story behind the myth already.

        There have been many great audio recordings in recent years of all those books. I highly recommend them.

        And i sirius-ly cant believe orion let enki continue workings on tiamaat after he “accidently? ” blew the place up in a giant space war.

        Whats thats about??

    1. no one can give you what you already are : the rest mindfuckery for usary and empire building : but yeah 13th : sounds right : being original is difficult : copy cats are a plenty : getting high on ur milked neurons for a while privilged enjoy ping pong ding dong : until it becomes to much for them.

    2. Very interesting read. there-s a book, called “ALIEN INTERVIEW” from Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, alegedly a nurse that “During July and August of 1947 she interviewed an extraterrestrial being who she identifies as “Airl”, and whom she claims was
      and continues to be an officer, pilot and engineer who was recovered from a flyer saucer that crashed near Roswell, New Mexico on July 8th, 1947.” (p. 13). On page 62, Airl said:

      “…a wide area of space is monitored by an “electronic force field” which controls all of the IS-BEs in this end of the galaxy, including Earth. The electronic force screen is designed to detect IS-BEs and prevent them from leaving the area.”

      “If any IS-BE attempts to penetrate the force screen, it “captures” them in a kind of “electronic net”. The result is that the captured IS-BE is subjected to a very severe “brainwashing” treatment which erases the memory of the IS-BE. This process uses a tremendous electrical
      shock, just like Earth psychiatrists use “electric shock therapy” to erase the memory and personality of a “patient” and to make them more “cooperative”.”

      “On Earth this “therapy” uses only a few hundred volts of electricity. However, the electrical voltage used by the “Old Empire” operation against IS-BEs is on the order of magnitude of billions of volts! This tremendous shock completely wipes out all the memory of
      the IS-BE. The memory erasure is not just for one life or one body. It wipes out the all of the accumulated experiences of a nearly infinite past, as well as the identity of the IS-BE!”

      “The shock is intended to make it impossible for the ISBE to remember who they are, where they came from, their knowledge or skills, their memory of the past, and ability to function as a spiritual entity. They are overwhelmed into becoming a mindless, robotic nonentity.”

      The book is free for download at

      1. Thanks for the excerpt. Sections of that book is “stolen” from L Ron Hubbard’s Scientology book from 1952, “A History of Man,” and another section is a rip-off of Hubbard’s OT Levels. The author is also a self-proclaimed former Scientologist. However, the author is correct that there is an “electronic fence,” but the complete “memory wipe-out” is science fiction.

        1. Yes, I have listened to that interview on YT it never sat right with me. Thanks for clearing that up Wes

        2. Speaking of the “electronic fence” which you usually refer to as “the grid,” I heard somewhere, maybe Simon Parkes, that if you are not very careful going through a hole, the grid will stun your avatar, and you will be hauled back to what the Pleiadians refer to as the Anunnaki Recycling Center. Do you have an opinion on that, Wes?

          1. I have no idea where he got that from, but it’s not correct. Like I am often repeating to everybody who have questions regarding how to go through the Grid safely: just go through the Grid. Set an intention and go. It’s not more complicated than that. If we all set aside our fear about it, it’s just a matter of exiting the Grid. I’ve noticed that people apparently think it’s too simple, and they complicate it by letting all their fears come in the way. How do we go from one room to another in our house? We open the door and walk in. We don’t think about whether we will smack our heads in the wall beside the door or not–we just open the door. Not more complicated than that. Only difference when we exit the Grid is that we “open the door” with our thoughts and intentions instead of with our hands.

  9. Is there a way to know while alive on this planet if we have a Namlu’u soul or a star being soul that got captured here through ignorance? You also mentioned that there are many apparent humans walking this planet with only artificial constructed souls and no true soul. Do you have any sort of estimate what the percentage of these are of the total population? One area where you and David Icke disagree, is that he states that entities of what you refer to as the AIF cannot incarnate into human bodies in this 3-D dimension due to the frequency difference. You state that they have been and are in ever greater numbers. Also do you think that will be tried for his crimes eventually? If convicted would his avatar be dispersed and destroyed or would the Queen try to imprison him? He is one pretty slick dude to keep in a prison for eternity.

    1. Hi, gallinazo

      There would be no way to know a soul’s true nature of origin, whether Namlu’u or another star being. The longer a being keeps incarnating within this system, the more disconnection with that being’s true nature would occur. Everyone here is subjected to amnesia and that includes any star beings who have been trapped, as well. Even if a star being was from a different time/space, they become fully immersed in the human experience upon incarnation into the human physical experience. So, they wouldn’t even know they are not human. Essentially, we are all humans at this point. This is my understanding up to now.

      There is no way to guess a percentage of artificially souled beings, either. We are a soup-pot of humans ranging from souled to non-souled and unfortunately a lot of things inbetween. Some people can appear to be very inhuman, when in fact, their original soul has just been so completely damaged, they retain no more connection to their true nature. There are also those who are very compassionate people, and yet they show no indication or desire to search for truth. Why are they different? We can list and compare personality and character qualities of each possible scenario, but in the end, it becomes a distraction from personal self-awareness, which is really all we can
      control. We have to live and let live. 🙂

      I’ll let Wes answer those questions concerning the AIF.

    2. Good work but can’t you Wes and Ariel do a article about the bushfires in Australia? Many innocent animals died, we talk about billion of animals been killed in this, human soul group is praying for rain but little it helps to keep this issue solved or bushfires to stop, why isn’t it working, now.? Dosen’t Orion hear the animals cries of suffer and pain? It’s heart breaking beyond..

    3. @gallinazo Some of the reasons I, personally know, is because 1) I can completely relate to the Tiamaat Experiment, 2) I feel a deep connection with certain souls, who do not necessarily have the same general interests as I do–it’s just a deep connection that is beyond positive connections I can get with other people/souls, too. It’s “different.” If I were a star being (not Namlu’u), I wouldn’t feel this connection, 3) I just “know.”

      I don’t know the percentage. I have realized that what’s left of the human soul group (Namlu’u) are very few. We are in the few millions out of billions, from what it seems.

      The AIF can incarnate here in human bodies. Marduk wouldn’t be able to be here otherwise….and there are more of them. They all have human bodies. They are not 9 ft reptilians, Grays, or anything else. You wouldn’t find anything odd with them if you passed them on the street. Men and women in business suits, maybe?

      I have no way of prediction the fate of or anybody else. The souls who have been trapped here (you and me and all the rest) who return to Orion, will be advisers to the Orion Council if the Overlords would be caught, and we would have a great say in what to do with them. So, it’s partly up to us. This is something we might want to ponder. What would I suggest, what would you suggest, etc.?

      1. What a wonderful idea. Maybe open a thread dedicated to the idea of the aif and our recommendations about what we’d have done with them should they be caught.

        Would be interesting to see what the overall consensus about punishment is.

        Even more interesting would be how a Souls perspective would change from right now until the time the artificial soul is shed and we are more or less not humans in Orion how would we feel about the situation then? Can’t really say for sure can we? ?

  10. Hey Wes, thanks for your video and notes. I just came across your site today and it has already grabbed hold of me to want to know more. Back in 07 the doctors here in Canada took my physical illness and turned it into a mental health issue, all for something I said during a seizure. Since then though my seizures have had me doing and saying things I would never ever imagine myself to do, there also seems to be a story unfolding in front of my eyes. It’s been an amazing journey of finding a soul that was lead astray by what society had to offer it, thankfully in May of 2013 something wonderful happened. My story started to make sense when I started to put all the pieces together. 2007 was the start of a spiritual awakening that needed someone to call the spirit out and ask it on 2 occasions, “What do you care?”

  11. Wes and Ariel can you make please please a article about the Aussie bushfires? How it killed billion of animals there.? I dont know, if one of my comment got posted as to me it did but then…it is lost again. So, I try again. Sorry, for possible double comment post here.But I retry again, sorry if same comes up again in case. Good work to Wes and Ariel here in many ways but please could you put your thoughts on the fires in Aussie lands a bit more to the peoples here.? Please. Human soul group is praying and in pain for rain to the Aussie lands, why isn’t it working now? It worked due to issue back the due to the flood happened but now, zero help it seems…I send a heart breaking link of a animal in serve burned condition…this is the worst to see and we seeing yet, the real Namulu souls aka their guardians trying to save them like in this video…this little fellow had to been put down later, he did not recover from it…he was to severe burned and yes in horrible pain. Does Orion not hear their innocent cries of the animals being here? They need help none shall suffer like this and human soul group is asking for, why dont come help now? Billion of animals are killed due this fire. Claudi
    Wes and Ariel if you have any more answer or a feeling why, please share…thank you.
    The link to a heart breaking one, watch with strength..

  12. Ninurta is son of enlil, the angry God YAHVEH right, So why would Queen wants to give it to Ninurta who’s equally bad and a son of Enlil?

    1. Well the so called gods wrote the story, and I do question how much of the info is the Truth. Let’s face it our own history is a one sided version of FAKERY. Would you really expect anything less from them? Question EVERYTHING trust No One completely!

    2. But who dictated the ancient texts? The Queen or If En.lil was not even there, did he even have a say in the matter that he supposedly was YHWH?

      1. They no doubt had scribes, but other than that who knows it’s probably lost to history. This whole thing is sooo confusing im not sure what to think. I just suspect there is more to this entire epic that we will probably never know for sure. Too many secrets and unsaid things by those that know the truth. No matter how many pieces of the puzzle we have this is ancient history. Speculation at best, I think

      1. Enlil is just a title, so Enki can take the title as Enlil (Lord of the Airway) is that’s what he considers being. There are two Enlil the ancient texts are referring to: one is whom most people call Anu and the other one is Prince Ninurta,’s brother. Ninurta is our original Creator together with the Queen. hijacked the Human Experiment and created a bad copy of the original humans, and we became homo sapiens (a watered-down version). None of the Enlils had anything to do with the hijack. Then, when Marduk and became Yahweh, they did that under the title Enlil (Lord of the Airway). This is why there is so much confusion regarding this. The Enlil you’re referring to is a mix of Enki and Marduk (Yahveh/YeHoVaH)

  13. You guys have a way of getting through our thick skulls..LOL…I’ve always thought about this construct as a video game myself, and you helped me understand very well your conceps here Wes and Ariel!! I think that participing in Enki’s game..with the frequencies being tampered with..we”ve got in a state of stasis/equilibrium..or even hypnotism…like when you really play a video game and go though the tetha state which makes you so susceptible to control.. So if I decide to not play this game anymore knowing that im a character and i’m turning the computer off..getting up…facing the “door”(the unknown..) and setting my intentions to live from now on according to my own own rules..conscious of my soul as a poweful creator..aware of the manipulations and magicians influences..would this in itself open and connet me to my real self in the KHAA?(make the whole in the grid?)

  14. If Enki had his creator gifts taken from him I can see how he would, and could easily have mesmerized (mind-control) Isis. Why? After her rape, and Ninurta’s castrating enki, she stayed even though she could have exited with her dad(?) Why? Because as a creatrix, and with child, marduc, she chose not to separate from him, hoping she could make the difference only a mother can make in a child’s positive development..A thought seldom considered in enki’s hive mind world. enki may have only wanted to exploit her innate creative abilities for his immoral, unethical experiment’s in search of the proper dna sequencing that could create compatible vessels for his walk-in warrior riders to conquer the universe. I understand he has placed a quarter/nickel sized fibroid of programmed nano in his many female subjects trying ti incorporate the transhumanistic control mechanism in each of the android vessels harvested from these female “subjects”.. In Isis’s many incarnations, with accompanying mind wipes, she may be unaware at this time of her role throughout history. Look at her many names and life stories- she always ended up hiding from these beings- enki, and her son, as she awakened. The vessels he creates using her conceptions from his raping/abduction/harvesting/ soul scalping, cloning, etc. experimentation/manipulation of genetic creatrix genomes passed down through the ages, carried by all females that descend from Isis, may be being used at this moment to build ss (Isis) android vessels and sentient machines for his AIF to attack Orion. I wonder about soul scalping, fracturing, and if pieces return to its originator upon exit, or possibly, from release by the souls originator deeming/granting all shards return to them, the originator, or granting permission to release themselves to the KAHH as sovereign freewill beings. Appreciate your passion for the Truth! Thank you Ariel and Wes for sharing all your discovery’s and eureka moments with your readers!SKR

    1. One last thought. Possibly enki or one of his minions are responsible for Isis’s over sexed impediment. It’s common in abduction reports to hear they tinkered with this urge, making it unnatural. Ninurto called him the father of all lies, or so I’ve read. We hear abductions are to restore the greys dying race. In truth, he can’t find compatibility with two seed vessels to procreate himself after the Orion’s took his procreation spark. Akin to the stories he told the zulu- needing gold to fuel the sun, that morphed into for repairing his home planet; and continues to morph.I feel sad for those he tattooed, you know, he’s in the middle of an experiment and needs these subjects until his study is complete. I think if they are not released soon they will not be released until the next night of svarog-26,000 years, how convenient .

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