Video 203: Q&A Session #44

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Questions in this Q&A:

QUESTION 1: From my understanding, the ultimate “thing” about our existence, whether it be in physical or else, is love. Without it, there is no reason to exist at all. So when we die, we leave our loved ones behind and our “new” state of being in the astral makes us “less” loving to what we had before we died. I know our “new” sense is “all is well” since everyone comes to the astral sooner or later and that we in practicality still have love for everyone we left behind even in all other life scenarios. but I can’t help thinking, why, why does those feelings of love fade so quickly after death? At least, that is what I read from many testimonies; the sense of importance fades.

QUESTION 2: I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I was involved in MK Ultra. I have many alters, that activate during different points of the day or I might go out to smoke a cigarette. I don’t remember many things, although they’re coming back slowly. I need an honest opinion; was my own freewill there during the process during the times I was doing things I can’t remember (judging from other people’s experience)? Because I worry that when I exit the grid and go to Orion, I would be judged for the things I may have done in a state of trance? 

QUESTION 3: If the Status Quo of the grid changes, will you be informed right away? I mean, let’s say they block the holes of the grid and no spirit can go through it anymore, will your informant have access to this event and tell you?

QUESTION 4: In the Bible it says “My father’s house has many mansions.” This is from the King James’ version. Now that I know enough about astrology, I know that the word “mansions” is used to indicate certain positions,  I believe, of planets and stars. And this in turn generates energy that affects everything on the planet. 

The Bible goes on to say that “Jesus” prepares rooms for his people in these “mansions.” 

Could you look into this enough to translate it into what it really scientifically means?

QUESTION 5: Can you give it a shot to explain “where” the BLA (Between Lives Area) is located in relation to us here in daily life? Is it “above” us but we can’t see due to it being outside our visible light range? The BLA consist of the Tunnel of Light plus the Soul Recycling area?  Would you classify this as “high tech” stuff? 

QUESTION 6: Was it the Orion Queen outside the Matrix/Patrix that came up with the idea of the flood to end the experiment? (And then Enki went back on his word and saved DNA and started it all over again)

I would imagine there would have been mass trauma/suffering at the time of the flood, correct? Was there a between life area trap at that time? (I’m basically trying to figure out if they saw it at least one or two steps ahead of the flood)

If it was the queen or council outside Patrix, do you think that something was done to mitigate the trauma and suffering?

QUESTION 7: I still do not comprehend why you would want to make money out of crypto-currency when your main objective is to get out of here? If one is well-off, it becomes harder to leave this construct; perhaps that is why we, the majority, who feel we have had enough, are so looking forward to exiting.

QUESTION 8: What do you know and/or think about Sekhmet and/or Bast and their connections to Ea? I don’t work intensively with them at the moment, but they feel like they are my family, more or less, and this worries me sometimes. If they ARE part of Ea’s crew – are we able to befriend some of Ea’s crew without being overly tied to or imprisoned by him and his constructs? 

I am conflicted about working with the Moon and Sekhmet and Bast or letting those ties remain; that is my issue. I am interested in yours and the people in your community thoughts on the subject.


  1. So so so good Wes and Ariel!! I just wonder being we were supposed to be exterminated, are we who are alive still cared about in Orion? In other words does the Queen still want us ???? Does she still know us as hers our genuine souls?

    1. The flood as a way of exterminating us as a whole does not seem right to me. There must have been a better, easier way. Why create more suffering to the prelude of leaving and / or surviving? Surely they must have thought some would survive. But if we are living in a “hologram” there had to be an easier solution IMO.

      1. @dreamer – Whatever method was used to destroy this world would have been catastropic, by our human perspective, no matter what method was used. This is even true today, for those who are calling for this construct to be ended. The suffering that is felt is created by us forgetting who we are and that there is no “death”. Once upon a time, we knew this and we didn’t fear detachment from our physical body. The longer we are here, though, the more we forget and become attached to our physical existence, so we cling to it at all costs. Some of it has also been inserted or embedded into us, as well, so we aren’t totally to blame for our attachment. This is a physical 3D environment and so the effects created here would be physically experienced. We wouldn’t just be “zapped” out of here or “beamed away” because these applications do not correspond to this density. I hope that makes sense.

        No one was intended to survive. It was meant to be a complete end. ensured that it was not, however.

        1. Or could be stated as a complete liberation.we would have been freed. Not stuck here as we have been and now with others pulled into it as well. It wasn’t the souls Orion was ending. It was the physical experiment and physical vehicles/bodies. The souls led have been freed to go home.

    2. @Susan Hassett – Yes, She does. However, no one is forced to do anything. Consider that it is up to us to choose Her. Our very human expressions of longing, need, abandoment, and despair are being projected onto a being who is not human and interpreted as neglect, regret, forgotten, and discarded. This simply isn’t the case, in my opinion. These are the interpretations of a traumatized humanity who cannot help but filter everything through the abuse and manipulation they have experienced here. SHE did not do this.

      If you feel that She has forgotten you, then please consider watching Video 198/”What If”. Remember, She can NOT come here. Perhaps the only thing She can do is to call US to come OUT.

  2. 🌹💙 Awesome as always Wes & Ariel, thanks! Regarding the miniSeries: you state that at the end of the Flood, there are (human) survivors. Does this mean the Flood was not global? If it wasn’t global then why not, since Orion voted to completely terminate! If it was global, where were we during this desolation? Lastly, is it conceivable that there was more than one spaceArk—maybe a fleet of them? (Some for animal specimens, some for plant specimens.) Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏.

  3. 🌹💙 To take Susan’s question one step further: Because we survived the Flood, does the Queen/Orion even want us, or are they more or less obligated to accept us should be make it through the grid?🤔.

    1. You survived because that’s what you wanted or because you were “luckley un lucky” (you thought you were dying but sadly, you were still alive after the flood).In my understanding : the flood solution was a majority requirement. Why an awake minority would say no to the flood in that unfriendly environment( I am referring to what left from Tiamaat)?Errors at such a high level seem a nonsense.
      If you survived “torture” and stayed still with the desire to know what really happened…you can be consider a hero.
      Not related to your shared thoughts but related to the idea of a computer game : in my humble opinion… experiencing pain matters. Wish you all a beautiful week.

    2. @Barbelo Trad Witch – Dear friend, please watch Video 198/”What If”. They are certainly not obligated to do anything where we are concerned. It’s a choice, for all beings involved. If they did not want us to come out, we wouldn’t have been told how to get out. Remember, it was a question of why the human soul group was not graduating and returning. If they didn’t care about us, the WPP would not have been conceived and a solution would not have been given. This was not an obligation, by any means, but a helping hand. I interpret that to mean that they want those who will come out to come out.

  4. Can you please explain the difference between a being like Isis and Marduk? You say mdk is an aspect of enki considered his son yet Isis is her own being. The product of the orion prince ninurta’s union with some sirian lady galzu or what have you.

    What’s the distinction? Why the two separate classifications and by what process did they each come about?

    Are khaa beings created by sex between two star beings like isis or can they be created without union the way Marduk was made?

    Fascinating stuff.

    1. And in a closely related question, why didn’t En.Ki incarnate into an infant offspring of Marduk and Isis? The AIF swap physical bodies like billionaires and Ferraris. It would have “put him back in business” regarding raping women and producing a special line..

      1. And I’m reference to body swapping all of you would be interested in this latest season of the 100 on netflix. Really shows the behind the scenes ways u can get people to worship a human as a deity plus there is literal body swapping in order to stay “immortal”. Souls r downloaded onto a mindchip.

    2. In the KHAA, similar two here, there are two types of births. On Earth, we get a physical offspring through having sex, but that physical offspring is also “giving birth” to a soul, i.e. a soul inhabits the physical body. In the KHAA, the Queen creates star races (souls) that then inhabit physical bodies, similar to here.

      In the sense of Isis and Marduk…The first physical “Isis” was born from the Ninurta/Gula relationship, and her soul was of the Sirian or Orion soul group (I don’t know which). But Isis, in her current state, considers herself being Sirian (from her mother’s bloodline) more than Orion (her choice, I guess). Exactly HOW the “Isis soul” was created; I have no idea if it was particularly chosen or not.

      Marduk is just one of his names/titles. As an example, look up “The 50 names of Marduk” in Wikipedia. We know him as Marduk, but he has had many incarnations under other names and titles. His soul is, from what I understand, a splinter of’s soul, just like we are splinters of the Queen’s soul. Just like us, Marduk then developed his own personality.

      Some KHAA beings are having sex, similar to us, so long as they are in their physical form, while others are androgynous and can choose whether they want to create an offspring without a partner or with a partner. I’m sure there are other options, as well, that I’m not aware of.

      1. A really great explanation of the splinter souls is in a juvenile fiction sci go series called the fire chronicles ironically enough. Great read even for adults …. But u do have to do all three books to get the most out of the last book where they really get into the splinter issue. Wes you and Ariel would find it interesting too.I have them on audio (of course lol) if you want my login let me know.

  5. My understanding from reading the Five Levels is that the Orion Empire had the overwhelming military force to defeat En.Ki and his alliance, but that En.Ki had been holding the human and the remains of the Tiamat experiment on Earth as a hostage. Since the Queen and Council decided themselves to wipe out the experiment about 12,500 years ago with the Great Flood, why haven’t they dealt with En.Ki yet and brought him to justice?

    1. It’s not just about (and the Overlords), it’s also about us and our freewill. If you ask your neighbor if he wants to go to Orion, he’ll laugh at you. Are you in a position to force him or do you need to respect his choice not to leave Earth and that he doesn’t even want to research the topic? I would say yes, you would need to respect that. How about humanity in general? Do they want to go to Orion if you ask them today? I would say no–except a very few, and these few ARE leaving.

      1. Now thats great answer… if only human can drop their old belief and use critical thinking then humanity might have a greater chance to exit

      2. But I don’t think Orion polled the human population when they initiated the Great Flood in order to eliminate the experiment and the physical human existence.

  6. Thank you again Wes & Ariel for another great video. I have a query I hope you can answer please.
    In the comments below from another website mentioning Brett Stuart and his colleagues remote viewing moksha. They emphasize a 45 degree angle is essential to leave the body and find a rope and be assisted/helped and then pulled out of the grid. Is this a soul trap? Or is 45 degree leaving the body crucial?

    How to achieve moksha?
    1. At death some specific particles become charged and create an emission. This shoots out of the being like a bullet. This occures from the center of the being. That is the soul. It is being sent to a “super highway” for the soul. The mechanical object around earth prevents the soul from reaching this highway. If you reach this highway, you’re safe. In order to be free, the position in the angle whith which you exit the body is very important. A 45° degree angle is crucial.

    2. There is a safety rope for you, that if you exit in a right angle, you will be helped out the rest of the way. The problem is fear. Because of the fear at death prevents most people to find the safety rope.

    1. I recall that moksha remote viewing session. Very curious! ! Wonder if penre and glad consider those superhighways to be part of the khaa’s interstate systems so to speak. Like pesh-meden? Khaa maps? .

      Then you got old Thoth talking about moving in circles not angles. Don’t know what to make of this.

      Just hope there are no khaa patrol officers waiting to arrest me for smoking weed (I hope 🌿 is legal and free in the khaa) 👍😜

        1. I agree! These things need to be in public domain. The truth is not a walk on clouds. People need to know what’s going on, even if it’s not pretty.

          1. Dude most ppl just don’t care and I think you know that by now. Yet take solace in the fact that a few of us love and cherish your works. Keep it up buddy! !! Your a gold mine of cool info and provocative philosophy.

            Ever wondered what an orion council meeting looks like? I mean they probably discuss some pretty important details.

            Do you think they all get along and politely wait for one member to finish speaking on a point? Or do these star beings vehemently disagree from time to time with rude interruptions and heated debate like our own parliamentary procedures?

            I prefer the latter format for it forces all viewpoints to be confronted and/or incorporated.

              1. Thank you anon for posting link! Stunning how they mailed it. Also – the part about souls passing thru becoming disoriented/list – correlates with Bob Monroe’s info in far journeys book.

    2. @Joseph – No help for us. We have to do it on our own.

      The concept of a 45 degree angle and “help” most likely came up in the rv data due to the term “moksha” being used as a target. This would imply a type of philosophical or religious slant to the data which corresponds to schools of Buddism and Hinduism (among others). When people die, they get whatever it is they believe, and a person believing in “Moksha” or “Bardo”, for that matter, would be in alignment with certain teachings such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead (See – Tibetan Book of the Living and Dying for a presentation of these teachings ~

      We would find references to this in those teachings and the term Moksha probably pulled in certain concepts that got picked up in the remote view, such as the 45 degree angle. I hope this makes sense.

      Bottom line – no safety rope. We don’t need one.

    3. When you say “center of being” do u mean center of body also? Because if so that would make sense of my seeing a vortexi like portal to my source right by my solar plexus chakra….it like goes into my body towards my back but doesn’t exit here in physical, it connects to my source dimension…

    4. The 45degree angle and the rope reminds me of the openingscene of the movie SAW. When he crossed the 45degree angle by panic, the key to open his lock was gone.

  7. I always learn something new with these great questions and answers videos…… the BLA has stations on mars and the moon and the Appalachian mountains…..interesting……..there are also whole cities and pyramids in the ocean. Great work wes and ariel.

    1. They are relay stations. The energy bounces around from hub-to-hub criss-crossing and forming a six-pointed star? ??

  8. Thank you guys! When I asked myself the question the answer was instantaneous- “security/parental security”- and that tells me all I need to know.

    Many thanks to you both because swimming around in my own head it never occurred to me to make sense out of my dilemma the way you guys just did. I’ve emotionally orphaned myself fro m my human parents in order to be healthier , I can do this too.

    Thank you for the clear eyes.
    As I step off my cliff lol
    Dr who always says… GERONIMO!

  9. If the account portrayed in the last 5 minutes is true, I must admit I feel compassion for Orion and the originators of this experiment. And if true, isn’t about time for the originators to put their disagreement aside and work together to remedy the situation here on earth once and for all?

    1. Yes, and they are. However, the situation is complicated because of our freewill. I have written about this in other comments here, and we’ve brought it up in some of our videos, but also in the Wes Penre Papers. There needs to be a call for help by a great majority of the human population for an intervention to occur, just like what happened before the Flood. We are far from that right now.

        1. Beetlegeuse has been dimming for years. It could have gone supernova last week for all we know.
          Although if the Matrix construct is true I don’t know how that would work a star exploding? Especially one that close yet they do bust. I have confidence the programmers would mitigate the damage and the Earth crop would be safe.

          But wouldn’t that be a weird way to usher in a new era a supernova from Orion?

          1. Although Betelgeuse is in Orion, that star system is run by Marduk or Rudra, as it says in the Vedic texts. Supernovas don’t happen the way scientists tell us. Stars don’t get old and explode. It’s an electric universe, and stars are not giants gas balls. If a star explodes, it’s because of a potential war, or someone blew it up for some other reason.

            The Orion Empire is gigantic in size. All we can see of it is the constellation we call Orion, but it spans over many galaxies. Thus, if a star in Orion turns out to be in the hands of the Overlords, it doesn’t in any way shake the Empire. Here on Earth we call Betelgeuse Alpha Orion because it’s the brightest star in the Orion constellation we can see in this limited 3D 4% Universe, but Betelgeuse is just another star from a bigger perspective.

  10. Hi, @ArielGlad and @wespenre. I thank you for always taking your time to help us understand more of the world we live in and the real histories. These all fascinate me very much and also very helpful when I leave this Earth 3D reality and graduate out of the grid to go first to Orion and finally meet the embodiment of the true Prime Creator, our mother of all universes and maker of the first Earth. Is her name Sofia or Sophia? I had forgotten. I wanted to know when I try to reach to the Orion Queen or mother, and I would talk to her with all my might and feel the energies of my heart when I try to meditate and then after I feel a bit weak. Is it because maybe my energies are highjacked or stolen by the overlords, or En Ki takes it for himself by hacking it?

    1. The name of the Queen is not known among humans. And even THAT name (in Orion language) is not her name. Being in Orion don’t have names–only titles, e.g. if your occupation is a baker, you’re a baker when you’re at work, and when you come home, you might enjoy drawing, and then you’re a drawer or an artist. They are both titles, not names. Same in Orion. is just a title, meaning Lord of Earth. Then, when Marduk took over, being the new Lord of Earth, he assumed the title

      Regarding your meditation. It’s difficult to say because I didn’t do the meditation but maybe you tried to hard? Also, before you start the meditation set a CLEAR goal, e.g “I am going to communicate with the Queen, and no one else has the right to interfere with that channel.” That will set up boundaries so no one else will pick up your energies. Try one of these two, or both, and see whether you have more energy afterwards or not.

  11. Talking about animals. This video is really the ultimate form of free will.
    I wish we had as humanity the same choice like the cat in the video.

  12. They would also say “what is a matrix?” lol
    “where else would i go?”
    “there’s no such thing as aliens or life on other planets”
    “you mean, travel with elon musk to mars or something?”

    so many – don’t know there is ANYTHING beyond this. Most people don’t even believe in “ghosts” much less the bigger picture.

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