FAQ: What is Loosh?

Loosh is a term that has been used for a long time, but it has been coined in modern times by researcher and Out-of-Body-Explorer, Robert Monroe, who founded The Monroe Institute.

When Monroe did his astral travels and communicated with nonphysical beings, he learned that the human soul energy that we produce is being harvested and fed upon by non-corporal entities, and ultimate a being Monroe called “Someone” (see his book series “The Journeys Trilogy“). This “Someone” can’t be anybody else but our now so familiar En.ki, whom the Gnostics called the Demiurge.

Others, who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs), claim that they have met with a being who was literally bathing in love and light. Many of them confused this being with God or Jesus, but we would strongly suggest that this being was either En.ki himself or one of the Overlords. Religions talk about “God’s Divine Light” and associate this with Heaven, but from our perspective, built on our own research, we would say that this immense, overwhelming experience of Love and Light is the Overlords’ harvest of our human soul energy–they have an abundance of it, while we humans walk around, depleted and drained.

In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), as well as in many of our videos, we have discussed how the Overlords, who can’t produce their own energy anymore, are dependent on our human soul energy to survive. Therefore, they have many different ways to directly and indirectly feed off our energy in daily life. They can do this on an individual basis, and they can do it collectively. In this article, we want to bring up the most common ways they collect our soul energy.

  1. Through individual trauma. Narcissists and psychopaths, who lack a genuine soul, and only consists of an artificial soul, which is being created within this Matrix, are incarnated here with a purpose to traumatize us and pull out our life force. These artificial souls, just like the Overlords, can’t produce their own soul energy, and in order to survive, they need ours. There are more of these “empty vessels” walking around us than most of us might think. The narcissists are like hubs between us and the Overlords. The narcissists keep enough loosh to survive, and the rest is spilled into the astral, only to eventually reach the Overlords.
  2. Through belief systems–particularly religions–where we worship a deity. It doesn’t matter which deity we worship because they are just different names for the same God. The church is “God’s Temple,” and when people worship and pray to God, the Overlords receive that energy and keep it to themselves.
  3. In sports arenas and at rock concerts. The energy that is emanating from the audience is enormous, and it feeds both the performers and the Overlords in great quantity. Any rock musician can tell you that the distinction between a good and a bad gig is how the audience responds. Their response is overloading the artists with loosh and elevates them, but most of it still goes right to the Overlords.
  4. Through casual and irresponsible sex. The sexual energy is our biggest creative energy–at least in this Matrix. This is especially true for women, so I’ve learned. When a woman has an orgasm, she can connect directly to the KHAA/Greater Universe, and she can create astonishing things with these energies, if she knows how. However, almost all women shoot this energy up through their spine and out into the nonphysical realms without having any goals or boundaries as of where to direct this energy. Thus, these energies can be fed upon. Men can do this, too, but women are more powerful in this regard. Thus, we need to use our sexual energy wisely. It’s a good idea to set up goals before we start, or we’ll exchange energies between the partners. It’s also a good idea to set an intention that we allow no one to interfere and steal our energy.
  5. Through dark, Satanic rituals.
  6. By extracting our genuine love/light, compassion, and empathy.

It is almost certain that number 6 above is where they get their main loosh.

In the Matrix, we have at least three types of “humans:” 1) The Namlu’u (the original soul group), 2) Random star beings, who were captured here by the Overlords. They also have a genuine soul, and 3) Empty vessels, who are divided into two sub-categories: a) background people, who are pure programs, acting like humans in general, and b) narcissists/psychopaths/sociopaths, who are also just programs.

a) and b) above only consist of an artificial soul, which can merely function within the Construct/Matrix.

A narcissist does not mainly feed from our negative emotions, although they indirectly do–they feed from our love, compassion, and empathy. For example, when you fall in love with an often charismatic and charming narcissist, you “fall in love.” This love is an euphoric state of beingness–similar to a potent drug like heroin. It makes us elevated, and it comes from the genuine soul. We would, just like Robert Monroe, suggest that Love and Light are one and the same–it’s our soul-fire, i.e. our Light. This is what En.ki and the Overlords are bathing in wherever they roam. This is also what the Tunnel in the Afterlife is built from, which makes it so attractive to us after death, because we subconsciously feel that we are regaining the Love/Light that we’ve lost during our lifetime–it’s amplified a thousand times to the point where it is almost overwhelming–we are drawn to it.

The narcissists can’t feel this euphoric state of being we call love because they don’t have a genuine soul, but they steal it from us because it’s life energy (fire), and it strengthens them. They can’t feed on like-minded because other narcissists and background people don’t have what we have–genuine soul fire. They can, however, also feed on Category 2 above (captured star beings) because they, too, have loosh.

Thus, the narcissists pull in our love, compassion, and empathy, and then they distort it because they don’t understand it. How could they, when they have never experienced it by themselves. It’s not that they are feeling love and compassion when they suck it in–they only feel they are getting stronger. Because our emotions are very strong, the narcissists must, at the same time, be in control, from their inferior perspective, so they traumatize us by using our good intentions against us. This fills two main purposes; they make us feel less than them, and they can also extract more loosh from us at the same time. This is what makes us feel drained of energy; because we are. Our Light diminishes and we literally lose our energy, like a drained battery.

When this happens, the narcissists starts love bombing us, so we can recover and gain some more energy. Then, the abuse starts all over again. Eventually, after long-term abuse, the targets either gets sick and die before their time, or because the narcissist doesn’t get enough loosh from their target anymore, they need to get secondary targets. It’s like a drug addict, who wants to secure their supply by having perhaps more than one dealer, in case the first one is unavailable.

Thus, the most important thing to get out of this FAQ is to understand that they feed from our genuine Namlu’u characteristics–love, compassion, and empathy. The Overlords and their minions, the narcissists, have none of that anymore–they can’t produce any of it on their own. This is why we see narcissists carefully selecting their targets and disregarding others. They can’t feed from someone who is part of the program–it needs to be either a Namlu’u or a captured star being…

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  1. Ill bet there is a mathematical matrix formula too it. Like one namluu or captured star being for every narc or empty program. Whatever the ratio is it sure feels like we’re outnumbered.

    1. I just now listened to a 2 hrs lectures by Dr. Sam Vaknin, who is now confirming almost everything we’ve said about narcissism. It’s well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmzHq4fs8h4 . Just like we’ve done, he explain it as a virus that is multiplying exponentially. We’re going toward a narcissistic planet. It started by the Overlord, but now, it’s an automated program and multiplies itself.

  2. Long time wes and ariel.
    Wes if someone say a namluu tries to connect with the mother Goddess how much chances are there that the person will succeed if not deceived somehow .

    Wes people especially males are very attracted to females well that what I see they need so called girlfriend my self included l see it as a harbinger of death or despair it is somehow pathological.

    Isn’t it funny they sore they will never going leave each other only to separate at the end of the day.

    What will you advise to a person who has nothing left only hollowness, despair,guilt ?

    Till date I don’t know the answer if someone ask what life you would like to live if you could live.

    I guess loonliness is ultimate gift.

    Until next time.

    1. It seems to me that you have had some bad experiences with female narcissists, and this has of course affected you on a deep level. Just so you know–you’re certainly not alone. It sounds like you need emotional healing before you potentially go into a new relationship, or the cycle will repeat itself, i.e. people who come out of a narcissistic relationship will, 9 times out of 10, go into a NEW narcissistic relationship–unbeknownst (ref: Prof. Sam Vaknin–world expert on narcissism). Unless we educate ourselves really well, this WILL happen.

      Suggestions: find a forum where people in situation discuss this matter from own experiences and learn from those who have been successful in their healing process. Go to YouTube and listen to different life-coaches on narcissism. There are some excellent ones out there; Sam Vaknin and Richard Grannon being my own personal favorites. It is an inward journey back to your own childhood, where the core reason for pulling in narcissists is located.

      As you continue that path, you will feel better and better, and you’ll recognize these abusive people so much better. It’s not about them, it’s about us. We can’t fix them–we can only fix ourselves.

  3. I observe this phenomenon lately!I think we are coceived with this need for belonging and having a partener.it is part of our programming and it is very strong.I feel it too.I am also a male and single,right now , and i feel what you say.!But I also notice ,that the women are the ones who drain you the most.they act more and more unaware and if you fall for an empty one,be sure she will drain you out.So,untill you find a true love,get used to being alone and observe your thought patterns!I am trying to.

  4. If the target of a narcissist is vibrating in pure love, compassion and gratitude and is therefore intrinsically pure and strong, the narcissist will eventually “self-destruct” because it takes more energy to keep trying to extract the loosh (which in a high vibrational being is freely given and is easily replenishable) than it can ever gain. I feel that this is the reason why so many awakened people proclaim that living in a state of love, gratitude and forgiveness is the solution. This from first-hand experience.

    1. Wendy richardson:
      Which one of these is your first hand experience-feeling awesome all the time or watching a narc self destruct because it could not feed off of your awesomeness?
      I ask because id love to hear a story about a narc defeated.

      1. I have several stories about 2 separate narc relationships. 1 was a classic narc and the other was a covert. I was married to both. I escaped both and regained myself.

  5. Although not very well know, copied and modified in various ways in various countries (plagiarism) , there is a German gentleman named Ryke Geerd Hamer who developed new german medicine. He explains very well the emotional causes of the diseases.
    I feel that his work should be appreciate for this.
    As we all observe the so called medical treatments implies, among other things, changing the environment!
    A prison remains a prison.So : you either go out or you remain in.
    Thank Wes and Ariel.

    1. Yes you are right no medical treatment can probably cure you if someone has disease,our whole human population is on chronic stage of degeneration,there has been indication of breakthrough but they ultimately suppressed.
      At the end they will introduce nanomachines and it
      Is beginning. So called doctors won’t there anymore.
      All are very well planned.

      1. Well…I do not know…
        We are not all on a chronic stage of degeneration.
        I would not generalize😊
        But…yes I must admit that I am frustrated regarding “my actual body”.It is humiliating receiving a car with only basic instructions.Let’s rephrase this : no mathematician can solve a problem if he receive incomplete datas.In other words : see Nassim Haramein and his rubik cube😊
        If you are blind…would take an eternity to solve that cube.Why?Because there is no feed back!
        It is true that I also observe that a lot of people live from victimhood.
        Anyhow : I’ve learned to acknowledge my ignorance..to accept my state and “fight back”.😃😊
        The last words are not “war words” : what I want to say is that I do all that I can to find some answers.
        To be in the company of intelligent and generous people is a blessing for me😊

      2. I missed an s…And there are some nice docs.Would you like to speaka little bit more about “patients?”😊…

      3. Giving a hint : there are people who literally prefer to die in stead to change somenting in their behaviour!There are people who would do anything just to avoid losing health insurance…You already know this😊, right?

  6. Some practical wonders:
    How do I know that I have an original soul?
    How do we recognize them at first hand, do they have obvious signs on them?
    Are they born like humans from mothers, or they just appear/exist in our spacetime as they like?
    Can have their own children, or how they reproduce, if they can?
    Are they getting old? Can they eat and drink food like us or they are just incarnated 3d ghosts?
    How many are they, related to the soul beings?
    Castaneda‘s “tenants” in which category they are?
    I am very grateful for all of your research,
    thank you for your time!

    1. These questions are too comprehensive to answer in this comment section. First, you need to know what the soul is and what it isn’t. Btw, we are soon going to make a video on this, or perhaps an article–we’ve not decided. So, please subscribe to this blog, and you’ll be notified (unless you haven’t already). We have talked a lot about souls in our video section of this blog, but the most details about that and much more is well documented in my Wes Penre Papers (WPP), which you can find for free here: https:/wespenre.com/site-map .

  7. Hello, I’m wondering what to do in case when you die and you are in void?
    I have read few stories and it feels its hijacked too, but honestly not sure.
    Its insane how reality is so matrixed, only one thing I know that I exist, everything else is questionable.

      1. I know, but not everyone has obe after death. The thing is if you are in the absolute void, you don’t see a thing (Not even grid). Then what?
        And yet the exactly the same thing is happening in the void as in the white light. like “Its not your time yet” and so on and on…

        Well hopefully I’m out of my body as you have wrote in wpp.

        1. Not exactly sure what you mean by this…you can’t stay in your body when you’re dead–you will automatically leave your body (OBE). Then (because you have learned that the Grid is there), you will see the Grid. Then, all you need to do is to ignore any and all distractions in the astral and think yourself through any of the holes you’ll see in the Grid. It’s not the same as going into the Tunnel, which is controlled by the Overlords–the Grid is not. See our FAQ: https://wespenrevideos.com/2019/12/14/faq-2-fears-going-through-the-grid/

  8. Hi. I have just listened to the lecture by Dr Sam Vaknin. It seems to me that everyone displays some sort of narcissistic behaviour. Humans are a soul group and interact with each other all the time. This emotional abuse and trauma mixed with love and empathy makes our society one of dualism. This constant tooing and throwing makes us constantly challenge our own self belief and understanding of who we really are. Many tools have been developed within society’s to uphold these structures, such as the creation of wealth,race etc. We can never really concentrate on the here and now, this moment that we constantly exist in, the present, as we all race to the next. We seem to find it difficult to have a self belief as our environment constantly changes, this we have created for ourselves, with guidance and manipulation from our overlords.if I were given the option to improve on my self in the afterlife, a period of reflection, looking into the mirror of my life, affecting others whom I love, I could easily be persuaded to go again so to speak. But this is not my natural environment, my behaviour is absurd, that is why we spend so much of our time challenging ourselves on improvement etc, especially when we become even more aware, it’s exhausting. If you were a bat and were suddenly living in daylight all the time then how confused would you be. Our former selves are long forgotten, we have been forced into this reality like the bat in constant daylight. Whilst I have done some stupid things in this life it is fruitless to punish myself for them. I can and have stopped the silly repetitive cycles in this reality but I cannot and will not regret anything. I cannot let that hold me here for endless and repetitive lives which are similar but very different. I cannot wish that I could have done this better or that better, I cannot wish for this or that, it creates thoughts that I have to constantly deny or build upon. I try to take joy in the here and now and think in the here and now. I will leave here through the grid without regret, otherwise something or someone will stand in my way. Thanks Wes and Ariel.

    1. Yes. Nail on the head and wow Wes, great write up. Loving it and Learning more each day. Thank you SO much.

  9. Would these beings be considered the same as don Juan’s ‘flyers’ that lick our light energy completely off most people except for the soles of the feet?

  10. “1) The Namlu’u (the original soul group), 2) Random star beings, who were captured here by the Overlords. They also have a genuine soul, and 3) Empty vessels, who are divided into two sub-categories: a) background people, who are pure programs, acting like humans in general, and b) narcissists/psychopaths/sociopaths, who are also just programs.

    a) and b) above only consist of an artificial soul, which can merely function within the Construct/Matrix.”

    What is the approximate ratio / number on earth?

    1. We have no way of knowing. The only way I can evaluate (and that can be flawed) is to go by my own experiences with all the people I’ve met in my life, and if I use that as a guideline, I would say that there are NOT many Namlu’u on the planet. I would say less than 10%, and I feel that’s an exaggeration. Regarding the other two—I don’t know.

  11. Narcs both male and female are designed to make one sex see the other as bad or good. Positive and negative. But this is all a guise masking the same thing under different wrappings. Electrical sexually charged energy that creates conditions conducive for more conflict and points of polarity.
    Its both a shame and a sham what the sexes have become to one another. Gone is the freedom of fellowship. Replaced by a slave-like system of swapping sex for survival it has since become.

  12. Hi Wes hope you and Ariel are doing well.Thank you for all your hard work.Could you elaborate on the Captured Star Beings please?How do you know if you are one?I dont understand in the Spiritual community or New Age there are so many Starseeds.Indigo and Arcturians are these one of the Star beings are they the volunteer souls?I have read about beings posessing the Angelic human krystos.It all confuses me.Our end goal is to be free.I feel like i am a volunteer soul as i am a healer and want to help as my humans heal.I even want to go see all my family now.They are all religious i am Hindu.I hope i am doing the right thing I just want to enlighten them on the truth of who they really are.I am aware that I will be crucified as some of them will not understand.Is there a universal law against wanting to wake your family up?Should I rather not do this?I feel like i am part of the Guardian race.I have been to New Earth I just want as many humans to wake up and heal and go their too.So if I am a Star being do we have contracts and must we complete our missions by helping humanity raise their consciousness?Is that the only way to go home finaly?I dont have anything against humans but I dont like living amongst them anymore.I am a high vibrational being and need to be around my kind.So I feel like I am a Star being.I was activated this year and ever since have been seeing light beings in the form of blue stars,white orbs & faeries.I feel they are calling me to come home.I live like a hermit as I can not find anyone that is like me.I live in Cape Town South Africa.I reach out to people wanting to help them or teach them about love.How ever it is like these humans prefer to suffer.So to me it feels like the Universe is blocking me in order to protect me.I am sharing this with you because I am sure there are many lost souls such as myself.If I do not help the humans what is the point in living.I am no longer functioning in a 3d reality but 5d reality.I look at humans and have unconditional love for them.I am an empath so I feel everything.I heal people through my heart consciousness.How does one know who are Star beings amongs us?Thank you

    1. We are many now that can relate to you. It’s perfectly okay to help waking humanity up. I just want you to take something into consideration when it comes to the New Earth and the ascension process–it’s not what we think it is, and they are both parts of the trap. Please watch this short video–this is what the “New Construct,” “The Event”, “Asencsion”, and “The Singularity” is all about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_skskXBlNOA&feature=emb_logo .

      Please also consider the following. We need to leave this Construct/Matrix altogether:

    2. Dhanisha:
      You can try telling your family about this stuff, but i doubt it will take. My aunt who talks about jesus with every sentence told me to SHUTUP when i mentioned these topics.
      But what i really wanted to talk to you about was the concept of helping our fellow humans. Although such sentiments are extremely noble they are also notoriously naive. Helping and healing are great, yes. But we should never help those who do not ask for help. My aunt didnt want my help. She made that very clear. Good luck truth seeker!! !!

  13. those of us from abusive/traumatic lives that seek ‘highs’ either from food/drink-drugs-dangerous activities-sex/self gratification the list is endless that we try to use to alleviate the pain. do all of these types of ‘highs’ go to enki as well or do any go to the queen?

    1. By default, almost everything that you “give away” in the construct in form of energy doesn’t pass the filter, which is En.ki and the Overlords. We need to CONSCIOUSLY direct our energies where we want them to go, or they will most likely be hijacked. If we are practicing what you’re describing here, it’s a feast for the gods and a depletion for you.

      1. thank you again. ariel & wes for taking time out to answer my qurey. do you have or will you be making a video on how to practice ‘consciously’ to direct our energies to the queen so not to be hijacked by the overlords?

        1. We have mentioned that before in videos within a similar context, but it wouldn’t be enough info to make a whole video of. The answer is short: we just need to set the intention where you want your energy to go, and at the same time, as a part of that intention, that none of your energies can be hijacked. Visualize how your energy goes in a straight line directly to your goal without any interference on the way. That’s the way to do it. The strongest creative energies we humans have are the sexual energies. If we put an intention before we have sex as of where the energies are going, we can shoot them out to there just before the orgasm. This goes for both men and women, but women, closer to the feminine source, and having more nerve endings, can usually make a bigger impact than a male in the latter case.

  14. Hi it seems to me that we all interact with Loosh in many different ways, depending upon circumstance and thus perspective.
    Many years ago after lots of strange experiences not of this reality, or so it seemed, my brother introduced me to a living person called mother meera. She came from India and was performing many miracles, so it seemed.
    I, because of other experiences in life and my brothers convictions decided to explore this person.
    My brother gave me a picture of her which I placed beside my bed. This led me to study zen, the way, Christianity and Buddhism etc.
    After an inordinate amount of time and study my brother asked me what have I chosen. This seemed a little absurd as deep down I felt something was wrong.
    I stuck with it, perhaps for my brothers sake and ‘chose’ Christ and Buddhism
    One night when I was asleep I awoke but was still asleep, I knew of both states in that moment. In front of me as I lay on the bed next to my wife I looked at the wall of cupboards at the foot of my bed. There was a dim light in the room even though there was no light on, it was the middle of the night. Then their before me across the entire face of the cupboards, as though shining a torch through a lens the entire wall was covered with small bright images of Christ and the Buddha, I and my body floated towards these images I was being pulled towards them. I awoke to find myself at the foot of the bed under the covers which were completely unruffled as though I was pulled cleanly by the ankles under the blankets and sheets.
    Anyway it was a profound experience which I dwelled over for many days, but still deep within me I felt there was something wrong. I decided to throw away the picture and cast away these thoughts of religion and stick with my gut feeling. My experiences as a child held me through.
    I have dreamt all my life and could write a book about them. I read all of Wes and Ariel work quite a few years ago, it is the only thing in this world that makes sense of things for me, as I read each word I felt that I had written them myself.
    There are many ways to interact with Loosh or however or whatever you wish to call it, some may or may be good or bad but deep deep down inside you, you will know the truth. I rejected my experience and study because it was not whole and it was not me, I felt as though I was giving far too much of myself away so to speak far too much of my divine energy and something was sucking it right out of me and replacing it with something false and not whole. All love to you all.

    1. These are great insights you’ve had, Andy! Of course, it’s your experience, so all I’m going to do is to say what COULD happen under your past circumstances. If we are deeply focused on something, just like you were, we create thought-forms in the astral. We continually feed these thought-forms with our soul energy, until they become conscious and self-aware to a certain degree and start interacting with us. Because they are partly self-aware, they are also in survival mode, so they draw more loosh from the creator to stay conscious. Then, when we stop focusing on what created the thought-form in the first place, the effects diminish. Sometimes, a cleansing of the house is needed to get rid of it, depending on how strong the thought-form is. At times, several cleansings might be needed. However, it seems you don’t have any problems with it in present time, right?

      1. Hi Wes, Andy here from above comment. My name sometimes does not appear, not that I’m bothered😂
        I have no problem with it at all. You have reinforced the point I was trying to make. We are all creators, I accept that during our life times we are inundated with data so to speak. I created those thought forms as you call them and interacted with them from circumstances and events at that time. However what I have created now is interacting with what I have in all events in my time line. I suppose what I am trying to say is that loosh is manipulated by us all as we enfold and dance with it as we create it, the overlords love this and use it for themselves as well as manipulating it with us, it holds us here as we do not fully understand it. Happy new year to all.

        1. I agree with Anonymous regarding it’s us who manipulates the loosh. Luce is latin for light. Its our light/soulfires that burn with the fuel of emotional activities. The aif just harvest the astray embers.
          This is why everyone is lacing their loquacious with the terms “like, light or love. ” were all shouting: loosh, loosh, loosh! !!. T Come get your free meal ya greedy aif bastards. There is much power in pronunciation and the words we use are spells.
          Please to do not “like” this comment. Lol-get it!? !

  15. Such a great article that adds to my understanding.

    Is it technology that allows them to create a tunnel light from our loosh? since they can’t create, I figure they have been using technology from the get-go. Technology with a capital T.

    Topic Change:

    I do believe factory farms are loosh farms, and perhaps for the lower demons. The head honchos get the human adrenochrome , and probably many of the rock stars get fueled by that before their concerts.
    Loosh from the audience would be desert compared to what is carried around in briefcases and injected into their systems, and often the left eye is my understanding. So all of these royals and Hollywood stars that walk around with one black eye is a badge of honor that they get the “good stuff”.

    Hamburger could be replicated in a clean pristine laboratory? I think so, just like clean vegetables or hemp can be grown in a clean greenhouse with filtered water etc.

    in the 1980s it was disclosed that they cloned sheep. Growing hamburger is a process of cell replication with no blood being spilled.
    (Cloning has been around for a long time, well before 80s).

    Why isn’t this being done?
    Because factory farms are loosh farms.

    I sometimes wonder if some Draco reptilians and luciferians are human rights activists and try to talk to their peers to not eat humans.

    the reason I can come up with this crazy statement is because it fits the logical equation of when people talk about veganism or not.

    Draco reptilians eat us because they can. Their IQs are higher than ours, or at least they say so.

    Satanic ritual abuse: they prey on the victims and pray over the prey to honor their entities.

    The term veganism relating to a diet is such a general term that it is almost meaningless.

    Nutrient dense foods, superfoods and alkaline pure water can really boost energy.
    Detoxification can be a real energy drain and if somebody is truly eating a clean diet, detoxification kicks in. This is such a huge topic that it’s not possible to really even touch upon it here.

    Some people get cleaned up pretty quickly on a vegan diet and so if they keep drinking coffee, just a silly example, it kicks their adrenals harder because you don’t have all the junk in the intestines to buffer some of the caffeine.

    it’s quite possible the energy you get from animal products is from at least in part to the adrenaline that is experienced when being slaughtered.

    Cannibalism and Veganism at the same time is now being pushed by the green left controlled narrative right now.
    How is this possible? It seems like an oxymoron. It’s not … it coalesces with the ultimate end game AI agenda:

    Theory based on research:
    I believe the cyborgs will be given adrenochrome and other human products, to fuel their super soldier-dom. The kingdom is the King’s Dome and the overlords relish that we will warm up to the things that they do to us.

    I do believe that they will push human factory farms and I speak of this now so that this timeline is shut down, just as I have been trying to shut down all timelines of extreme suffering of anything in the trillions.

    Please keep in mind that animals are result of genetic manipulation and I can safely say that pigs have a fair amount of human DNA.
    Pigs are wild boars and human DNA.

    Notice the term GMO stands for genetically modified organisms and not genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

    They are merging big pharma with
    big farm animals by wanting to have vaccines administered by kids drinking milk.

    What is spirit cooking in Hollywood?

    Pig semen is used to dilate women giving childbirth, right now and has been for years. This is not an old school thing, this is a right now thing.

    Pigs is used to graft onto burn victims.

    Pigs are often described as being as intelligent as a five-year-old.

    Animals and people together are tortured in satanic ritual abuse. It’s one of their special recipes.

    in those famous historical photos of Illuminati parties, the people there are wearing animal heads and masks.

    How quickly do you think the population could be sold on cannibalism especially if we honored the people who gave their meat and their blood for us and we were extra grateful for it?
    Sustainability component is already being pushed, a swedish “scientist” is pushing that into the overton window right now.

    People who are used to eating animal products and then abruptly denied are more likely to eat human products, openly?

    Fetal tissue has long been used in all sorts of modern food pipelines.

    The meatless patties at the fast food restaurants are not being claimed as being 100% food-based.
    I’ve called and asked.

    impossible foods which is producing these meatless patties for fast food restaurants is located in silicon valley.

    if anyone has heard of the “piggies funtime palace at pickerton farm” in Canada, this is an eye opening example of how animals and people are intertwined in these absolutely horrific scenarios.

    Near this mass murder site, that hosted live concerts with a blackmailing element, had a laboratory that used pigs to understand skin conditions for people, I read it in a newspaper article that talked about pickerton piggy funtime palace. It was insanity that this stuff was being put right under our noses.

    David Hawkins, British fellow from Cambridge, study this mass murder site extensively and you can listen to interviews he gave about this.

    I am not advocating any diet for anyone, I just would like to expand the conversation and include the layers that are here, if you are willing to consider them in full.

    and no matter what your diet is, now is the time and place to ask if you will knowingly eat human products.

    And ask yourself with the amount of genetic manipulation that occured to create this replica earth, how is it possible to make a clear distinction between ” human and animal”.

    Who is “more”, an empty vessel or a whale?

    If feeding on animal is justified because it doesn’t have a soul like we do, then this is a hierarchical conversation and justification. and since when are we putting ourselves on top of the hierarchy just like Enki does?

    The ultimate question is does the living thing suffer in the torture sense of the word? does it have a will to live?
    And empty vessels of people don’t have souls, do they? I don’t think we should eat them, ever. If they are here suffering in any capacity, I hope that the timeline ends favorably and peacefully for them as well.

    Bless this mess and bless the animals that they too make it out of the grid.
    I do believe this is their only opportunity and this is what I’ll be working on once I am on the other side of the grid.

    Thanks for reading.

    1. Brilliant post, K S, and thanks for addressing all these issues. I hope as many people as possible read this post and start thinking about these things!

      1. I appreciate you being open to all of our thoughts. I wrote this late at night and wondered this morning if it was a bit too much sharing 🙂
        Appreciate your being responsive, Wes.
        You and Ariel have your heart in everything you do.

    2. Hi KS
      I’d tick your post but there’s not much in it to like, even though it contains more truth than any fuddy Duddy pussy footing around. I do like your concern so a big like tick for that. I’ve studied the lot and in the past my concern has sucked more Loosh out of me than a giant straw. There’s little left now to experience the joy in this world except the love inside which outmasters all their wheeling and dealings. There’s one way to go and that’s through the grid as fast as my pink butt can take me .
      If they have more IQ than me then they must have designed it in the first place. I see nothing clever in what they do, I do not ignore it nor embrace it, in fact I can’t be bothered to spend the energy or Loosh to itch it. I tolerate it because I have little choice but boy am I glad there’s a hole in the grid. Wes and Ariel say intention is everything and I no longer need to waste my time on intentions on subjects like these. That doesn’t mean I do not care but my attention has one focus and that’s the large sign saying WAY OUT. In the meantime I take this place moment by moment, perhaps I’ll see you on the other side. I wish you and every being on this planet a fast retreat, full reverse in all gears. Especially as forward and reverse here seem to mean the same thing. 😉

    3. Thanks for an extremely stimulating post. What do you mean when you say “this replica earth”?

      1. Earth is a “replica” of our original planet, Tiamaat, which is now the asteroid belt, after Marduk and his cohorts destroyed and kill everybody and everything on that planet–including us. En.ki then built a new construct for us from some remnants of Tiamaat. This became EArth (after EA/En.ki).

  16. Wes can you please do an update on this topic? it seems your view have shifted in a different direction in the past few months
    are you still seeing the white light as something bad (En.ki) that we should avoid?

  17. Hello Wes & Ariel,

    I pray each day and believe in the power of prayer. Are you suggesting that in order to avoid looshing by the overlords we not pray? And if not pray, what is the alternative? I also meditate, but does that energy also create an opportunity for looshing?

    Thank you for your work and your time.

    1. It depends on whom you’re praying to. If you’re praying to God, the being who would most likely receive your prayer is En.ki/Yaldabaoth/the Demiurge (the Devil). You can pray to Mother Goddess or your Higher Self, and the prayer would go to the higher realms of the Universe and therefore have more effects.

      If you pray for changes in your life, prayers can be powerful (if directed correctly) because they act as intentions and might therefore become manifested. I don’t pray myself–instead, if there is something I want for myself, the world, or someone else, I set an intention that it’s going to happen, and then I leave it, never telling anybody, except those who MUST know.

      Once the true, unbiased intention is set, the “universe,” which is pure energy, lets energy flow on that line of intention you created, and you might start seeing things happening that will lead to what you want, although you may need to be sensitive to cues in your environment, pick them up and act upon them as steppingstones toward your goal. This is how all successful businessmen work, for example. All successful people, btw–knowingly or unknowingly. The Universe will give you signs to act upon. Just be sure you don’t set counter-intentions, like “I don’t think this will work.” Because then this will be your new intention that will manifest–you will fail. Every time you counter your own intention and notice it, you can say, “Cancel that!” and the original pure intention will then be what is about to manifest. Hope this makes sense.

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