Video 200: Q&A Session #43

Hello and thank you for all your questions! Feel free to continue submitting any new questions at and put “Q&A” in the subject line, so we won’t miss your email. As usual, we might have slightly corrected some grammar in the questions, and at times, we’ve shortened them, but never out of context. This will be the last video in 2019, so we wish you a happy end of the year!

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Questions in this video:

QUESTION 1: I´m out on the road, driving my car and I have a friend with me as we are heading somewhere together. What if we crash and we die simultaneously, do we see each other moments after death? If so, and considering you´ve learned me a way out of this matrix/patrix, can I take my friend with me when I escape the grid, if he trusts me?

QUESTION 2: When we/I are finally in the KHAA, after going through the Grid, will we be masculine, feminine or neutral? Also, if we once again become creator gods, once through the grid, how are we related to the other gods, i.e. Queen of the Stars/King En.lil Sr./Prince En.lil Jr/Isis & Ereshkigal, if we are ‘royal’ and the Queen’s soul children? Are we equally related to the others I mentioned, or will they be seen as we see and look up to the U.K. royal family and we’ll just be seen as much lower ‘royals’ down the genealogy line?

QUESTION 3: When I´m long gone from this planet and have managed to escape the Patrix, and I’ve willed myself to Orion; if I instruct my children to call for me when their time is up, will I hear them? If so, can I assist them out of the Patrix?

QUESTION 4: You recently stated that the W.P.P. were first published in this time-loop; how do you know that for a certainty? Are you and all the people that found your papers ‘Glitches’? And… if we are indeed glitches, why now? Why this time-line/loop? Have a feeling Enki is behind it for some nefarious reason/s.

QUESTION 5: What would be the task for a human that forgave an overlord without first visiting your video on “Another Slant on Forgiveness”? As a targeted individual, I rarely have a moment’s peace. I feel like now has been the only time I can share my feelings with someone, without fear. 

QUESTION 6: In Video 177 you say twin-flames is a Luciferian experiment to see if people can “ascend” faster. I thought it was a universal phenomenon, for instance we have the Aeons, who were created in pairs. Also, we have binary stars, and so on, “as above, so below”. What do you think?

QUESTION 7: Willingness of the One/Law of Attraction, who gave us this information which makes it possible for those of us who are searching to have this information? Who do you mean as being the ‘ONE?’… THE QUEEN OF ORION?

QUESTION 8: Why do you suppose not too many people have opened up their minds to the W.P.P. (Wes Penre Papers)? Are they all still asleep? Or are they not meant to know as part of their freewill or lack thereof? 

QUESTION 9: John dies at age of 25, and his parents, age 52, continue living. John goes through the Tunnel of Light and gets immediately incarnated. But how when his parents continue living? 

QUESTION 10: Knowing what we know now in regards to how Enki and Marduk pose as various gods, Enki’s Singularity, so on and so forth; could I still have this knowledge and still be Pagan, but instead not work with these gods and goddesses since I know of their true identity (in some way)? Do they only pose as gods, or do they pose as goddesses as well?

QUESTION 11: Rumour has it that the controllers are culling the sheeple; if they need energy from us to support this reality and themselves, why the cull?


  1. 🌹💙 Ohh My—these are some great questions! I’m out on errands, and I’m unable to watch the video until later today, so thanks Wes and Ariel for posting the questions in the description! Bright Blessings to everyone in 2020! 🌞🙏.

  2. thankyou ariel & wes for another great q&a. if you get the time if possible could you answer the 2nd part of the question 2. it would be greatly appreciated.
    if we once again become creator gods,once through the grid,how are we related to the other gods, i.e.Queen of the Stars/King En.lil Sr./Prince En.lil Jr/Isis &Ereshkigal, if we are ‘royal’ and the Queen’ssoul children?Are we equally related tothe others I mentioned, orwill they be seen as we see and look up to the U.K.royal family and we’lljust be seen as much lower ‘royals’ down the genealogy line?

    1. Sorry, we forgot that part of the Q. The answer we have is that in Orion, there is no hierarchy–we are treated as individuals; unique, and equally valuable souls who all contribute to the All That Is by anything we create. No one is above anybody else–and not below, either. However, just like here, beings in the environment will of course react to another being’s actions. If the actions are destructive, anyone has the right to either defend themselves or to leave that environment. It’s freewill and freedom at the same time.

      1. thankyou ariel & wes for answering my question. love the ‘our creation’ video series at the end of each video yuou guys make. i hope when you have time to combine all of the small stories into one big video for us to watch from start to finish.

  3. Agree that these were great questions :).

    The statement: “One road will lead to the Singularity and the other to ascension toward’s / EA’s hEAven. ” – in the forum we are now just discussing the new video we saw about New Earth being the digital Earth and how each one of us has a digital copy / twin there that we will merge with. In my opinion now, it would seem that these two things could be one and the same but were presented to us differently by the overlords. Would you agree or is there still a separate ascension where basically we will still be us (true soul being) in a different ‘role’ and trap?

    Also regarding what was said about targeted individuals – do you not think that, or at minimum, the Elite, are targeting some of us and using us to try out their new tech etc? This again, relates to the video that was posted in the forum yesterday where the person is claiming he was a non-consensual subject to their new simulated tech. We already know that they can control our minds (MK Ultra). Or are you inferring that you feel most of the people who think they are targeted are not really targeted but have created this through their fears and thoughtforms?

    1. Good questions, Dreamer! It’s all a mind game. knew/knows that some of us will wake up, and he needs to have a plan for us, too, so he invented the ascension process. It’s been in place for a long, long time. But in the end, I think all roads lead to Rome–the Singularity. It’s just more divide and conquer.

      I know for a fact that there are true targeted individuals–I used to know one of them pretty well. Her pen name is Solaris BlueRaven. She was/is the victim of the voice-to-skull program. The ones who executed it in her was the rock group Rush, believe it or not. Coldplay also does the same thing, but not with her.

      Because this Matrix is a program, and it seems like the majority of “humans” here are soulless programs. So are probably many of the rock bands, too. They are predestined. They are put here to complete certain tasks. This is why The Simpsons could not only predict Prince’s death, but also Donald Trump–even describing an incident with Trump in the cartoon that happened exactly like that a couple of decades later. It’s because Trump is programmed into the smallest details. It’s like watching a movie, where the actors are following an exact script to convey the story line.

        1. I found your original article on Solaris and the video is still up on YT – watched almost halfway.. it’s so hard to believe these kinds of things have been happening for so long.. Thanks for bringing this to light so long ago…

          1. You’re welcome, Dreamer. There is also an interview David Icke did with Solaris that is many years old. It could stlll be on the Internet, though…

  4. 🌹💙 The miniSeries is becoming quite impressive—got me emotional at a couple of points—and seemed a bit familiar in another! Very well done! I’m grateful. 🌞🙏

  5. I got a bit confused on the video towards the end.
    Was Isis still toward Enki’s side during the Atlantis Era and left after the flood?
    If i remember correctly you mentioned that Jesus is an incarnation of thoth, who is also marduk. Is the story simply going about how it played out during Egyptian times? Just want to make sure i keep track of their avatars regarding who is who
    Am currently watching The Big picture videos the pleroma information explains alot of details. Thank you

    1. Yes, Isis was on’s side most of the Atlantis Era. Her history is more vague when we go that far back in time. Throughout history, she’s been loyal to in some instances and with Marduk in others.

      1. and Isis is considered Queen of Witches ( correct me if that is wrong please Barbelo) … and I received intuitive information a while back connecting Witches and working with moon phases of Full Moons help bring things IN, while New Moons help things LEAVE the planet (including energies) as being … a way that the Queen communicated and worked with her people that were here, and especially after Ea arrived on the scene … that that is how She got and gets around him ? And that that is why and how Witches had to sort of “go underground” and be secretive even still up to this day.

        So that line of thinking would make Isis more of a “plant” then? to derail that effort? And I don’t even know if my theory is correct, it is just information I got personally that I felt was true. Interested in others’ thoughts on it.

        Especially considering that the moon is a physical construct that is part of the grid and imprisonment … so I grapple with that also. On one hand I hesitate to work with its energies, on the other I’ve trained to do that for so many decades now it’s difficult to just let that go especially when I feel like it was used by the Queen/Mother/Goddess/MY Source at one time and possibly now too…

  6. As always.. this topic is so fascinating … even though i hate reading i can still read this topic all day 😊😊😊 happy new yr everyone

    1. This is why I love that they are doing videos with accompanying text now too! The WPPs I have converted to MP3s and I listen to them in bed at night instead of reading them. Reading is better because of the graphics, etc. but listening is something at least, and then I look things up in my PDFs when necessary to clarify.

      1. 😊I personally thank you for those mp3.When learning I tend to make notes on the text!Active process.When I want to revist the information I am more visual and acustic(yep…lying down and visualizing a lot).

  7. Wes, since this matrix is Enki’s construct, a copy, is it safe to ground ourselves to mother earth? Is it possible that we are in fact grounding to Enki and giving our energy away to him when we “ground ourselves to mother earth”. After all this is Enki’s domain. I find it hard to believe that he hasn’t already hijack that part too. As you’ve mentioned in question 10 – “It is most likely that has placed HIMSELF as Goddess, where Earth is concerned.” Thank you!

    1. That’s a good question, Nikkie, and you’re using good logic. I would say that it’s even more important to ground ourselves now than ever since this construct was formed. The reason is because we are drawn into technology and virtual reality, which is not grounded. When we’re operating on computers and playing computer games, we are not in the physical. Yes, this is’s construct, but what is important for us now, before this lifetime is over and we can leave is to be in touch with nature and the EArth. If we are, we are also more detached from the virtual reality world they are working on creating.

    2. I wondered this myself a while ago and what I have done personally is to intentionally focus my communication and bonding with the Mother Earth that is connected to the Queen/Goddess that created us and all the true love that accompanies Her.

      I intentionally state mentally that none of my energy is to connect to or go to anyone or anything other than MY Source, and my human children, and NO ONE/THING ELSE, EVER.

      I always keep this intention at the forefront of any communication, working, etc. that I ever do.

      I hope that helps anyone else grappling with this conundrum. Because while I feel different and isolated from most of our society … I feel VERY connected to this planet, and this planet raised me through my childhood when I didn’t have nurturing human parents to do so. So … reconciling this planet’s energy with the idea that Ea has his fingers everywhere was difficult for me as well. I do like Wes and Ariel do and just do the best I can and remain open to new information while remaining critical of it as well. It’s like walking through a minefield, isn’t it lol!

  8. Thank you Wes and Ariel. I started my journey when I rebelled against Christianity after finding out that a lot of things did not add up. Then I bumped into a very “loving” resource on the internet before meeting your work. Her name is Lisa Renee. She founded and she writes intelligently and scientifically. What do you think about her. Do you think she is also from the Overlords or being tricked too cos she speaks from a high level of experience and responsibillty. I really need your say about her works. Thank you

    1. I know of Lisa. I have looked into her every now and then. I agree with you that she has a very extraordinary and positive personality. She says she is in contact with a group from the Pleiades. All these channeled “groups” are from within the Matrix, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t good information in the mix. If we are able to use discernment and our intuition, information such as hers, it can be quite insightful.

      1. Thank you Wes. I find it difficult sometimes to understand some concepts she talks about especially in the area of how our DNAs were/are being genetically modified by the NAA groups/Invader forces. Do you agree with this and do you have any resource in your papers that I can reference for better understanding, please?

      2. She does say she is a Sirian walk-in, any thought on this, and ishe s anti Orion. Since Enki is from Orion seems to me that may be why she says what she does re Orion.

        1. We need to use minute discernment when it comes to any channeler, or rather, those they are channeling. It’s always from within the Matrix. The Orion issue some channelers have I think started with the RA Material in the early 1980s, where RA talked about the negative “Orion Group.” Not that I hang my hat on the RA Material, either, but they were clearly referring to the (Orion) Group–not Orion in its entirety. This was also picked up by Lyssa Royal and Lisa and a few others.

      3. I think what Wes and Ariel say also about beings being individuals within their groups applies here too. Maybe this Lisa person is in contact with positive, loving individuals from the Pleiades. Our planet is currently run by the Sirians – but that doesn’t mean that all Earth humans should be judged by Ea et al. I feel like the same consideration should be given other planetary groups and Star system groups too. I feel like also what Wes and Ariel say about asking your inner self and body what it feels about someone or something is applicable and good advice as well. Although I know this is easier said than done with there being tech to emulate positive, loving feelings being in the mix too.

  9. Happy New Year 2020 Wes and Ariel! I did enjoy the questions and answers I had some questions on before. Thank you for this. I also did enjoy learning that all the so called Myths brought by the Greeks and the Egyptians was all the real truths. It is right in our faces and yet others around us choose to just ignore, even when you tell them these beings were all real and are coming as savors after 2030. I was shocked when this pretty young lady named Honovi Strongdeer who goes around the world letting people know about her extraterrestrial encounter with the Sirans is positive. The way she would describe them is as “We are the Sirans”. I thought, wait, no these are the Grays doing the work for the Sirans overlords as usual. She sees this Siran beings as a tall Blue being, and of course we know is a fake projection which they always do to fool us humans. She is very into connecting with them and said they are coming in 2033. Would this be a true date of when they will show up as savors even though they will us as as their slave machines? Are these a different kind of Sirans she is talking about? I hope your extraterrestrial source who has true knowledge of the truth will help with this insight, thank you.

    1. Isn’t it interesting that they call what is written in the ancient texts “myth” and what we learn in school they call “true history?” Everything here is inverted LOL.

      Regarding the Sirians…whoever this lady is, she is heavily deceived and tricked. And any date/year these entities give us, I would take with a HUGE pinch of salt. If they give a date close to now, history shows us that it doesn’t happen,, so it discredits the channeler. If the date is many years in the future (like in this case) its usually because they plan on continue feeding her and others with similar (dis)information for quite a while to distract us from looking in the right directions.

      1. “they call what is written in the ancient texts “myth” and what we learn in school they call “true history?” ”

        exactly. the inversions are everywhere. It’s like being in a carnival mirror house.

      2. Yes, Agreed on @wespenre. You could look up this lady Honovi Strongdeer who is Native American and grew up in England and now lives in South America and knows Spanish now. She is being deceived, and she has such a sweet heart and soul. Yes, not to follow these dates is something we should keep in mind. Their timing is different from humans, or should I say Homo Sapiens time. Honovi does talk about positives that these Siren beings she sees want us to all care for one another, unite as one, and She said they are Star-seeds from Sira.

        She makes them sound so peaceful and genuinely loving all humanity’s races. She said they also appeared to her as a being of the black race because they want to show her how this hate against other races, especially the black should stop because we are all one, which I agree. If these are the same beings that are the overlords and take our energy and when in physical form eat us for survival and have done so much evil to us for their survival, then I see how they will deceive us all when the time comes. Still, I will keep an eye out to see their true form and intentions.

        Things are happening rather quickly I could see, which the controllers of the world are preparing for them and their arrival once again in human or half breed form. Right? I mean the economy and taxes on even eBay for example. I used to not see taxes on eBay products till starting this year 2020, Lol!

        1. To the overlords a human being is a product. Our names in all caps are like coke and pepsi. We are registered trademarks of the patrix video game

            1. Hi @WesPenre and Ariel. Sorry for the the misspelling of the word Sirian. I had gone over the post I have recently made and saw the misspelling. You did not tell me but I just thought of letting you know that grammar detector is not that great for some reason and I did not go over the paragraph before posting. I also added the eBay humor part but it is no laughing matter, just a thought and extra information as to things changing fast starting now the year 2020. Maybe that is why I did not get a reply if the Sirian overlords are coming soon in human form after they act as savors… right? The U.S. and the world political situations happening I rather not say it here too much. I thank you so much

              1. I don’t put attention on spelling errors from others, so long as I know what they mean, so no problem 🙂

                Regarding the Sirians…they will show up if that’s a part of the plan…and plans can change. I would suggest that some of them might already be here–in human form.

                1. Hey Wes,
                  Lol, yes, misspellings are no biggie.
                  Do you know how I can pick out if there is a Sirian from the crowd? They are in upper work positions of course and are the billionaires or millionaires right or can they be regular like you and I? On my wedding day exactly there was this man who looked Mediterranean, either Italian or Greek in looks and olive complexion; I lighter in skin color than him and complexion as you have seen me in pictures.

                  He was cold as ice but at the same time kept telling my husband in the same elevator where my husband and I went on before we married, and he told my husband he should rethink because there could be better looking girls than me.

                  How dare this man say this to us. I did not say anything but I did give him scolding cold as ice eyes at him and he did not do that to anyone else marrying that day except myself and my husband when I am a totally good loving faithful woman to my husband. My husband laughed it off. The evil man who I could see a blur over him somehow but not so clear did give his lawyer card to my husband and said just in case man, to my husband. I was so offended.

                  I did not say a word to him, mind you I am Latina, Dominicana. I stayed reserved. I do not like making scenes. I felt this man was possessed by a reptilian entity. It was my second encounter last year of this sort. My husband could not see what I saw at all. He just thought that man was normal and yes he did find it disrespectful of that man who had no shame in what he did.

      3. Any thoughts on Ayesha Dean and if any of her material falls into your research? Kerry Cassidy last interview feels she has the most accurate information on our true history. I don’t agree with one of Kerry’s beliefs as why escape this matrix only to just be enslaved else where in another trap. I don’t think she understands that being trapped in A.I we will never have a chance to get out and be used for a dark agenda. Nor take everything as true with Ayesha Dean, just because its so complex does not mean they also don’t have their own agenda. Also. farsight remote viewers has a new video coming out called the DEATH TRAP everyone might find it very interesting to watch.
        for those that want to her KERRY CASSIDY INTERVIEWED BY INDIGO ANGEL DEC 5 starting at 116 on her sharing understanding. I don’t agree with her here.

      1. Welcome and I also like the new format of being able to have the questions in print as well as the video. I think this may work out much better than youtube.

        People asked really good questions, too. As a mother I was particularity in the one about children and communication, and some of the others were things I wondered myself as well. Love the Q&A in general.

  10. Has anyone. heard of the Plasma Apocalypse ?- JayDreamerZ youtube channel Don’t get sucked DOWN! Not only will people and objects be sucked up into the sky during the Plasma Apocalypse, but they will also be SUCKED DOWN, into the earth in many places! This is how many of the Titans died! JayDreamerZ claims sometime in 2024 we may have a Plasma Apocalypse and that its happened before where all memories are lost and new life begins all over .

    Is this something that Enki will do? How would we remember how to leave this matrix if something like this would to happen?

  11. I sometimes, in very serene moments, wonder if certain if not all Overlords-Gods can be transformed back to being loving entities… by being loved and forgiven so absolutely and so unconditionally that through that immense FIRE they’re cleansed and healed? I understand that the MOTHER (who would be the logical choice to reel them back in) cannot interfere as even she has to let things play out she set in motion, but that doesn’t go for us as we may be the KEY to finalizing or completing that cosmic game by remembering who we are (not intellectually but by heart) and thus by being our true SELF and showing it to THEM, pass the final step ? It seems to me that too many people are getting lost or distracted in too many details, keen to escape, and thus may lose themselves again after they’ve only just begun to wake up? In my language (native German) there is a proverb which can’t be translated properly but which comes down to this: One can no longer see the wood for he gets lost in the trees. For me, all those details don’t really matter now (although interesting, admittedly) and they won’t matter then (after my escape) as I believe my focus and perspective will fundamentally be transformed the moment I slip through that grid. All that doesn’t make sense now, will make sense then, but it will not be important anymore. Trust yourself and ultimately the Queen, our Mother. I believe she’s longing for that trust, longing to see that we wake up and start to remember her, the ultimate exchange and mutual re-recognition. Bless us all.

    1. Interesting post Romano. The Over Lords have a lot of work to achieve on themselves. Humans must confront them to their shadow self . They come from afar (Iceland).The highest frequencies cannot be tune in a black-white universe and will never be.They don’t want them up there and have good reasons for that. They will contaminate a universe much healthier than the one in which humans are imprisoned. Some Over lords are stubborn, others angry, greedy, liar, pretentious , jealous., egoist, anxious, proud, revengeful, rational, sadistic, disconnected from the heart, master of disinformation, tricksters, … to not add the 7 Christians deadly sins. Better to know whom we’re dealing with.

  12. @wes penre // quote: “We believe there are not many souls here from the original human soul group that
    inhabited Tiamaat. It’s our impression that most people on Earth lack the original soul and are therefore of the Construct ( made copies/mimics of the real soul, and we call this the Artificial Soul) or they are star beings from outside, who have been trapped here. The latter can potentially be drawn to this information, but it’s harder for them because they are not of the Queen’s soul energy.” So, Is there a way to find out ? Thx !

    1. Humans have the capacity to connect their heart except they are always kept in a survival state to lower the frequencies and please the Overlords. If you listen the second construct video, according to Wes , humans are inhabited by Namlu soul. Is he still thinking the same? Good question. I feel that many want to end the game . The many covid test to load another DNA ship intended to repopulate another construct. In my opinion, they are other options but nobody discusses it.

      6:49 sec.


      Many humans disagree with what’s going on or at least are awakening but they feel helpless because crushed by the condenscension of the medias and politicians.

  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer me. However it’s not what I meant.
    My question is, how can I find out if I’m part of the original soul group? Wes stated that most humans are NOT Nam’lu, I fear that I might be just one of Enki’s copies. And if that’s the case, I’m wasting my time here.

      1. I didn’t say that. My questions is, how can I know or find out if I’m either Original or Fake.

        1. Are you on a path of self-improvement? Are you curious to find out about yourself and how the Universe works? If so, you’re Original.

    1. Yes, The copy cat club.Already met few of them. Sorry, I cannot answer you, being part of the original soul group. In asking, you already have your answer. The singularity is probably your end path. Enki’s copies if they are real, serve the revenge or it’s desire to fight the Sirius detractors. in the beginning. Why I disagree with Wes sometimes, even if he wrote a masterful work This is what I suspect. No certainty yet and open for your opinion.

      At the start of it all, Enki was an ally. He was excluded and forced to build new alliances. He distanced himself from the original message but assured in several ways especially after the destruction of Tiamaat. .There were conflicts between Sirius and Orion and The original Queen delegated her power to calm things down and saved the creation. Probably, the Main reason why you have to deal with the false Queen of England. ahah. Enough for now!

  14. Humans cannot reconnect the source and grow the row if we keep lying because we fear the Sirius detractors who are waging a disinformation campaign on our galactic saga since a very long time .This smear campaign against the ”creator gods” serves their obsession for domination in keeping humans astray. Even if the singularity is a real threat for humanity realize that the Sirius’ club is one more important pitfall knowing now why Enki could have been demoted.Our world was built by the Sirius architects to serve them first. What do you suggest to correct the path we are on?

    1. The way things stand today, we need to correct the path on an individual basis by connecting to the light (spiritual wisdom) inside. We were meant to completely this in a group setting, but as we can see, it’s not feasible. The only way out of here that I know of is the Grid. And to be able to go that route, we need to educate ourselves enough to come to a conclusion whether this is what we want to do or not.

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