Video 127: What Will Happen to Humans When AI Takes Over Everything?

Those who have read my e-book, “Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind — A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond,” which is available for free on my blog,, might remember that I discussed what is potentially going to happen when AI completely takes over all our jobs and we have nothing to do anymore. How do we get our income, and how do we survive in such a society?

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  1. I am responding to this over a year after you have written it. While I agree with you that the Overlords want to eliminate all work to be replaced by robots and AI, I simply don’t think it’s actually possible. While I will give the AIF the benefit in acknowledging that they have technology humanity cannot conceive of probably, that tech has not been rolled out or given to the general population. Robots we are shown are very limited in what they can do.
    I have a commercial landscaping business in Florida. I service 30 condo complexes with wealthy people. Most of the properties are on a barrier island. The ones on the river side have mangroves that need trimming. The ocean side ones have dunes that need trimming. We trim trees and lay mulch. Robots cannot do this. I am outside all day and run into all kinds of blue collar construction people and robots cannot do those jobs either. How would these jobs be replaced? It’s not office work. My company and all the construction type ones did not shut down at all during this plandemic. Florida is a jungle, literally, and if we stopped mowing grass or trimming things for a few weeks, nature would take over that quickly and start destroying the man made structures. How is the government going to end my company? I am an independent business with contracts. How are they going to legally shut me down and replace me with robots? Crowds of citizens are out in the streets everywhere as I write this protesting the lockdowns, masks, inequality, etc.. If the Overlords start doing much more, like replacing jobs with robots, I have no doubt world leaders will start swinging from trees. I don’t doubt what you say, but in light of current events, how do you see this playing out now?

    1. @Shawn Linnehan

      It really isn’t about robots. It’s about AI. Those two things are not neccessarily one and the same. Robots are machines. AI is a self-seeking, self-learning, invasive type of program. Robots can be programmed with AI, to a certain extent, but people shouldn’t look at that robot called “Sophia” or whatever its name is and think THAT is AI. It is not. That’s what they want you think, though. They want you to think that AI is that weird dog-robot-thing that can do flips, wag its tail, and bark. Nope. Not the same.

      Have a look at this article from Canada, as an example ~

      After a period of time when the planet undergoes some geological/climate changes and the need to relocate people and agricultural growing areas have been reestablished…the plan is to recreate a global civilization and create a “utopia” (not really). Blockchain will be used for that, and AI is part of the plan among other things. They won’t be worried about who is going to be trimming the dunes. There will be new dunes, so to speak, as we begin to get a new type of topography. If these plans are true and the changes they talk about are coming, then how to keep Florida looking nice really isn’t a concern if there is no Florida. See what I mean? That’s the tone of the information, anyway. I can’t tell you how all of this is going to happen or even if it will. Everyone is going to have to make up their own mind about it and do what they feel is best for them.

  2. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I did not expect it so soon. I realize you and most of us have no idea what is going to happen, but I just don’t see the AIF rolling this agenda out at this point without blatant violence and force, which would violate free will. The people are fighting back against these draconian rules. Almost half the global population at this point will not take a vaccine. It would have to be forced. Where I live, people are just refusing to wear the mask, I am, and the ones that do are doing so reluctantly and clearly just to get into a store. They are removing them the minute they walk out. The AIF is not going to be able to socially engineer the wearing of masks. There are still independent people and trouble makers. These people, like myself, are basically going to have to be killed to keep us from causing trouble through all this.

    The condos I service are full of wealthy people and millionaires. I doubt any are with the AIF, but maybe low level ones. These people are not going to give up their places on the water. I understand the AIF wants to redo the planet and regular people like us have no say, but these wealthy people are not going to just acquiesce like us sheep. They do think they are better and more important than us. I deal with them daily. I don’t see us going blindly into the singularity. A lot will, but at this point I feel it would have to be done with violence and by force, which screws up the AIF in violating free will.

    1. This is good thinking, and you are correct, from what I have noticed, as well, that more and more people are fed up with the restrictions and rules based on this so-called virus. On this planet, we still have freewill, but so do the EL-ite. The AIF and their minions have taken advantage of our freewill by implementing their own excessively. Let’s take the vaccine, for example. They might not force people to take it, but those who don’t must take the consequences. They are setting things up in such a way that you DO have a choice. Take the vaccine and you can go back more or less to normal, or you don’t take it, and you will be more and more restricted in what you can do (e.g. always wear mask, can’t travel, difficult to get a job, etc.). They are creating new laws, counting on that people after a while will be so tired of the restrictions that they will eventually choose to take the vaccine.

      This is why it is so important that we become observers and distance ourselves from the drama around us, because we might need to make some touch decisions in the near future. We don’t want to wear masks and take the vaccine, etc., so we’ll need to figure out how to go around that.

      Then again, it depends on how many people refuse to follow the rules/laws. If enough people stand their ground, there is not much the EL-ite can do to implement these laws. So, first people need to wake up and overcome their fear of the authorities.

  3. So question about the whole machine kingdom thing cause I love love technology. technology is amazing to me as it makes life more interesting to live in and experience. Not that I use technology or plan to use it with evil intent like the AI spoken about. I believe in people living highly advanced but peacefully. And from my researches I researched that there are highly advanced alien beings who are nonviolent in nature. But I understand why humans can’t do this because of their violent nature..most humans not all. It’s not my fault that there are evil people and use evil agenda on anything they can get their hands on. It’s people like that the ruins it for others. Cause I just live in this world.

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