Video 12: Narcissism on a Cosmic Scale Part 3

Published: May 28, 2018

We humans were already fragmented before Enki’s new idea to send narcissists to Earth was implemented, and consequently, fragmented souls, when their bodies died, arrived fragmented in the “Between Lives Area” (the B.L.A.). Previously, the A.I.F. seems to have stripped us off the fragmented parts in the B.L.A. to “feed the System,” as Brett Stuart, remote viewer, puts it. They kept this trap alive with our human soul energy, using our wounded parts. Now, with this new idea, part of our fragments were gathered in some kind of “storage,” and A.I.F. affiliated B.L.A. workers took random fragments and patched them together to create a complete soul, consisting of only emotionally wounded parts from many different souls. These new kind of souls were then shot into bodies here on Earth, and these humans became full-blown narcissists…

Transcript to the video


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