Video 97: Q&A Session #5

QUESTION: I remember Michael Tsarion has talked about the matriarch and patriarch, the reason we put women under us and men gets better treatment rewards then women is because last world age or something that women was on top controlling and ruling, and they treated men like dirt so that’s why this time around we got ‘em back? What’s going on here, what do you think he meant???

ANSWER: Although there are certainly destructive and oppressive women, and have been throughout history, just like men, we don’t see Tsarion’s theory being valid. Women have been suppressed because this is’s Universe, where he is the MALE God. He doesn’t think very highly of females, and neither does Marduk. The reason is because they have a horn on the side of the Mother Goddess—the Queen. The real Universe (the KHAA) is feminine, while has made his own 4% universe masculine and patriarchal…

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