Video 77: The Teachings of Thoth Part 2: Thoth’s and Marduk’s Impact in Ancient Egypt

Thoth was of course’s emissary among humans, being his father. sees himself as the true God of the Universe. He was known in Egypt as the Sun God Atum, who created the world and humankind. He was sometimes depicted as a snake. He was the Sun of the Morning, while Marduk, who often hijacked his father’s persona, became the Sun of the Evening, also known as Ra. Sometimes, Marduk hijacked Yahweh’s persona, which is the reason why we in Yahweh/Jehovah can see a schizophrenic God—one being more “friendly” and covertly manipulative, while the other side of God is very blood-thirsty and cruel.

Transcript to the video


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