FAQ: The Nano World and UFOs

The so-called “nano world” is being discussed on several occasions in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), which can be found at https://wespenre.com. In this FAQ we want to briefly summarize what the nano world is and how it differs from what we consider being our reality within this construct.

This Matrix, which we collectively perceive as our reality, is a simulation that we have, on a collective level, been manipulated into believing is real. By being attached to our physical bodies, we enter into a program that was created by En.ki and his fellow scientists. It’s very similar to being drawn into a virtual reality game on the computer, but without any obvious way to get out again–this 3-D construct was designed that way. We could also say that this reality has been embossed or superimposed. When we talk about macro- and micro-cosmos, what we perceive being Earth and the Universe above our heads are part of this macro-cosmos. The micro-cosmos is, in this context, the atom world that we can’t see with our naked eyes.

These days, we hear and read a lot about nanotechnology–nano meaning “a billionth” in size. Obviously, we can’t see the nano world. So, what is it? Is it just atoms, electrons, and molecules, etc., like science says? No, not really…

The nano world is the 96% Universe, in contrast to the 4% Universe of visible light that we can perceive. What we experience, while on Earth, is only a tiny piece of the electromagnetic spectrum. The rest–the 96%–is what scientists call Dark Matter and Dark Energy, but they don’t know what that is.

Thus, when we go through the Grid (see previous FAQ about the Grid), we are leaving the Matrix of visible light and enter the 100% Universe, which is the nano world. Everything in the KHAA/Greater Universe is nano-sized, compared to the Matrix that we currently live in, but once we’re in the KHAA, we don’t perceive ourselves as being of nano-size because we blend in with the environment, so to speak. By “shrinking” ourselves into the nano world (which happens automatically when we enter the KHAA), we will be able to see and perceive the entire Universe. It will look a lot different from what we are used to and what is showed in NASA pictures. You will experience things, being able to use the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

A source-in-the-know once said to me that “those who are in charge of the nano world are in charge of the Universe.” This is exactly what the Overlords–the Invader Force–are trying to accomplish! This is why they introduce nanotechnology to us humans. The Overlords want to take over the nano world, i.e. the Universe, starting by attacking Orion, using us as their shields and foot soldiers, as discussed in the WPP. Next to no one, except the Overlords themselves, believe they will be successful in conquering the Greater Universe, but a lot of damage will be done if they try, and it will definitely wipe out the human soul group, if we remain here to let this process continue.

This brings us to the subject of UFOs. Sightings have become more and more common, and now, when people have smartphones, they are able to take good pictures of what they encounter. The phenomenon itself can’t be explained away–UFOs are real.

But what are they? Are they really spaceship from other star systems?

Those who have read the WPP and watched many or all of our videos know that things we encounter here in the Matrix is of the Matrix and not of the 96% Universe. If it was, we would not be able to see them or hear them because they would operate outside the spectrum of visible light. Even if a spaceship from the Greater Universe (the nano world) would enter the Matrix, we would not be able to see it. We would need to look through a very strong microscope–stronger than what humans possess–in order to see it. Therefore, the UFOs we see can’t be from Orion or the Greater Universe. So, what are they?

The Overlords operate both in the Greater Universe (but in a limited way because of restrictions put upon them a few millennia ago) and in the earthly realms, within the Construct. When they operate closer to our density, they either use hollowed-out asteroids as “spaceships,” or they use more technological craft that we call UFOs. However, they are very rarely entering our immediate environment–they prefer to operate from the nonphysical densities (nonphysical from our perspective). The overwhelming majority of the UFOs we see in the sky are our military, using classified aircraft. They have even taken patents on them.

This technology is not something the military just developed because they had smart inventors. These inventors were contacted by the Overlords and/or by their nonphysical Minions, who gave them the technology–either in dream state or by inserting it as “data dumps” into their minds (data dump, in this case, being a package of information that’s transferred from the nonphysical realm to somebody who inhabits a 3-D body). Some also refer to physical encounters with the Overlords, such as in the case of President Eisenhower. That story might very well be true, although we think it’s a mixed bag. Either way, scientists have then used the information they have received from the etheric realms to build the UFOs we see in the sky today. We don’t have any numbers, but a wild guess is that 98-99% of all the UFOs people see in the sky are flown by our military.

Next time you look up in the sky, hoping to see a UFO, what you are actually expecting to see is not aliens from another star system, but the military, flying around in classified aircraft. These craft can also move slightly out of phase, which makes them look like they’re disappearing in thin air.

This is also why Orion can’t come here in gigantic spaceships, pick up and save humans, and safely bring them to Orion, or wherever they want to go. Their craft (when they actually use them) are nano-sized, from our perspective, and we wouldn’t be able to recognize them.

Last, some of the UFOs–and even “aliens” people claim to see–are collective thought-forms that we unintentionally have made sentient and to a certain degree self-aware. We’ve done it by putting our soul energy into a belief, and we make that belief manifest, although we are not aware that we’re doing it. We are “creator gods,” and we are much more powerful than we think. Every thought counts because thoughts create. Please watch our video on thought-forms: https://wespenrevideos.com/2019/05/14/video-149-the-bigger-picture-part-13-important-on-thought-forms-and-entity-possession/.

UPDATE 12/23/19:

We got a good comment on this FAQ, so we decided to add a section here. When we say that the KHAA/Greater Universe is “nano-sized,” it’s in comparison to this Matrix. We would appear super-imposed, which means that we are the “abnormality.” The KHAA is “normal-sized,” and we are “macro-sized.” En.ki implanted this illusion on a collective scale, so that it would be almost impossible to consciously connect to the Greater Universe–it became hidden in plain sight. Because of the way we perceive ourselves, as a collective, it is easier for En.ki and the Overlords to hide both themselves and this construct.


  1. ECETI, SETI, Steven Greer, John Mack, Edgar Mitchell, Linda Moulton Howe and many more are collective delusional humans?
    My firsthand knowledge as a baby was seeing a tiny creature (green) that actually entered inside of my body and assured me IT/they were here in my crib to assist me in surviving this lifestream. My entire childhood was really rough yet survived. I am not a book or learned smart being but I feel something more than meets the EYE has and is transpiring in our individual and collective awareness of other worldy existences. I try not to think to much.
    Blessings, Peace and Love.

    1. I don’t think the people you mention are delusional. First, UFOs DO exist, but some of them are also thought-forms, which I should add to this article. It’s a collective thought-form. This is why Greer can summon them when he’s taking people out in the desert. Then, it’s a matter of distinguish between serious researcher and those who are controlled opposition ;).

      1. First of all we create tought forms/enteties attached only to our own body.after they get strong enough and they can roam freely,they can attach to oters(same frequecy,or not),until they become gargantuan and assimilate other tought forms/enteties.is it so?

        1. Yes, that’s basically how it works. They can either assimilate other similar thought-forms, or they grow in awareness separately the more energy we give them on an individual or collective basis. Thus, you can say that “God” (En.ki) exists both as the sentient being he’s always been, but also as thought-forms that we’ve created through our collective religions.

  2. “Thus, when we go through the Grid (see previous FAQ about the Grid), we are leaving the Matrix of visible light and enter the 100% Universe, which is the nano world. Everything in the KHAA/Greater Universe is nano-sized, compared to the Matrix that we currently live in, but once we’re in the KHAA, we don’t perceive ourselves as being of nano-size because we blend in with the environment, so to speak. By “shrinking” ourselves into the nano world (which happens automatically when we enter the KHAA), we will be able to see and perceive the entire Universe”…If THIS is understood… This is GOLD information once understood! It changes the entire perspective!!! Thank you!!!

      1. Mister Shyrk, yes!And please read Mister Penre’s last comment!In short : this website plus the Souls here are my HollyDay’s gift!Thank You All😊!

  3. Can you explain a bit more about how the overlords were able to overtake the Pleiades, or a portion thereof?

  4. I can only add my personal experience to this. I have informed Wes of my experience as a child when I saw a different reality whilst also viewing the one we are in. What I saw was expanding, evolving and growing at an unexplained rate, it was not ‘here’ but within me but I could see it. It scared me to bits as a very small child and affected me all of my life. I saw it again, for a brief moment after meditating every night for 4 months for three hours each time. As an adult I was not scared at all, it felt like home to me, this place does not. I meditated in this way after the birth of my second son, who when he was born I looked into his black eyes and saw a beyond ancient creature, my son, coming into this world, he didn’t make a sound for ages, he just looked around at the light.
    I am utterly convinced that what Wes says is true, we simply do not belong here.
    I have seen many UFOs at ridiculous altitudes at night, moving from one horizon to the next in seconds. These I scoff at and smile because they are useless bits of junk made to move around in this reality.
    What I have seen through my minds eye is limitless, not fathomable and magnificent beyond any human words.
    I have had many flying dreams, I’m always looking down at this reality, I do hope that one day I will look up and escape through the grid and leave everything behind, even though this saddens me to the core.
    I feel that a tiny percentile of humans will leave which also saddens me. I have learnt to make peace with Enki and his cohorts and fully appreciate my time here in this reality some call a prison, I did once. There is beauty and wonder and so much love here, but I’m off as and when I have that opportunity.
    I wish you all the same fair speed on your travels, my beautiful human companions. Take care and rejoice in the joy of Wes and Ariels knowledge they have given so freely.

    1. That’s an amazing experience Andrew.

      I also am conflicted about leaving and go back and forth on the matter. I also don’t see most of the human race being anywhere ready to know reality any time soon : (

  5. 🌹💙 Awesome Article! Thanks Wes and Ariel! I am very grateful. Bright Blessings! 🌞🙏🐝

  6. Wow, I think this opened my eyes even more… But I’m not sure I understood fully. I did not realize the Khaa was nano sized. This boggles my mind LOL. THANK you again for another AWEsome piece of Gold.

    1. Compared to how we perceive reality, KHAA is nano-sized. Still, it’s not. It’s we, who perceive ourselves as super-imposed. So, if we really break it down, the KHAA is “normal sized” and we are super-imposed, if that makes sense. En.ki created it this way, so it would be almost impossible to connect to the 96% Universe.

          1. This makes what I constantly perceive make more sense to me now too. I am consistently shown/or see or perceive … like a vortexie looking swirlie thing in my solar plexus area… but it is not my solar plexus chakra that i know of… i was told or just “have known” that this is the doorway to my “home.” I literally have to go within. It’s like a portal … it leads to another dimension. I have not been able to consciously travel through it yet … but I breathe through it… breathe my “home” into me from it … when I am in distress.

  7. Wes,D: Wow, Dec 23rd update is so amazing as well.
    If even more to add or do a Part II?
    This is helping to make things less abstract in my mind … still working on it 🙂

      1. Thanks and *if* there is a graphic representing the “superimposed” concept of what you say, I’d love to see. I never thought of that word before in relation to what’s going on here, and I find it very impactful. I wonder if the nano size expands upon observation / focus of soul/s? Is speed of consciousness the fastest speed ( vs speed of light that we’re sold).

        1. I don’t know if there is a graphic representation of it. If I find one, I’ll post it. The way I visualize it is that if, for example, you have a map on the table, representing the entire 100% Universe, and then you take a super-powerful magnifying glass and look at 4% of the map, that part will be super-imposed, and so long as you are ONLY looking through the magnifying glass, that’s all you’ll see. The rest of the map will be invisible.

          Yes, in the electric universe, I believe speed of thought is the fastest. David Icke once said that in order to escape the Matrix, we need to move faster than the speed of light. In that sense, he is right. Speed of light is just the speed limit within the Matrix (visible light). Visible light is a wavelength, and when we vibrate within this wavelength, we will only experience what is within that wavelength.

          I have learned from a source-in-the-know but needs to be anonymous that the Universe indeed does expand in ratio to the expansion of what souls create out in the KHAA/Greater Universe.

  8. as a kid,i recall travelling in dreamtime, with a silvery cord of light attached to my naval, through a spiral, on a backdrop of blackness with stars everywhere. i have a better idea now of what was happening to me then. this is a fascinating journey, truly. thanks Ariel and Wes for this info!

  9. unrelated to this, but I have to remember to send you information I came across … native american in origin about the Thunderbird of their culture. Correlates to Ea in my opinion… and something (which I can’t remember now of course lol) in the 5th Level of Learning reminded me of it and made me want to send to you. I also got the 5th Level converted to an MP3 version, will send it to you along with the 4th which I also converted (because Titan Blooded hasn’t done it yet lol!!!)

    Happy Holidays to you and Ariel!

  10. There is a book by Madeline L’Engle… I can’t remember the title, it was NOT “A Wrinkle in Time”…it was another one where the main character went inside her brother’s body to help heal him…. it was the characters from “A Wrinkle in Time” just a different story. That was the first time I had the concept introduced to me that the tiny cells and organisms in our body might have a whole conscious reality of their own.

  11. Did Enki create us or trap us? Can we call Enki our God or just the God of this universe/Matrix. If Enki created this construct, it means he’s far more intelligent than us cos everything looks so in order and excellently constructed/managed. Did he steal our intelligence or he is far above us from the beginning? If he stole or still steals from us, does this imply that we have the abilities to create a universe like this too? If yes, let’s destroy Enki. Let’s come together and finish him already. Shall we?

    1. En.ki is not God of anything, but he has manipulated us into thinking he is God. The “God” of any major religion is always En.ki from a different perspective. He is the enslaver of mankind and a trickster. He is more intelligent ONLY because he dumbed us down. When we get back our potentials, he has no power over us. He only has power over us if we let him. Unfortunately, the great majority of humanity DOES let him…

      1. I’ve been thinking along the lines of Obi. I completely understand and agree that this is EN.KI’s realm and not worth saving. I understand we can’t fight him and win in this Patrix. However, I always like to play devils advocate, which annoys people around me, and I want to take this up all the notches and let me know where I am wrong, probably at the start, but here it goes.

        When I leave this Patrix through the grid, I will become a powerful creator god. Will I not be more ‘powerful’ than EN.KI since I have the spirit of the Goddess and he does not? Could I not create a powerful weapon or whatever that would be able to destroy the grid? You have mentioned that in the KHAA other beings are allowed to destroy what you create. Would I not then be ‘allowed’ to destroy EN.KI’s construct?

        People will immediately say I am violating the freewill of the remaining humans, however, if I take this up all the notches, everyone is me and I am everyone. I am the only star in the movie and all others are just bit players. Therefore, if I escape the grid, then humanity has escaped the prison and I don’t want to leave the trap behind anymore, not out of vengeance, but compassion. The only analogy I can come up with is say I am walking on a path through a jungle and there is a hidden pit I fall into. I am able to assemble a ladder from what is in the pit and the rope, etc. I have in my pack and I get out. I would think a caring human would 1. Try to fill in the pit so others don’t fall in, or if that’s not possible 2. Leave the makeshift ladder in the pit in case others fall, or at the very least 3. Leave some sort of warning or sign that there is a pit. Carve it into a tree or something. Anyway, why would I leave the trap without destroying it on the way out? I understand people would die in this construct, but they will anyway, and the spirited ones would immediately be free.

        1. @Shawn … Two parents make up a precise and workable plan for the family to be implemented step by step. They are both highly educated and know exactly what they are doing, which is all for the best of the family and their survival and eventually so they can thrive. However, their son, which is still a child and not educated or knowledgeable enough from his so far limited perspective, starts interfering with the parents’ plan to such a degree that the entire plans gets ruined and becomes useless.

          We are that child. The Divine “Parents” already have a plan how to end this Experiment. Our job is not to terminate it or violently or forcefully set ourselves and others free. Our job is to wake up, gain Knowledge/Gnosis and “light up” this Construct and replace much of the ignorance with knowledge. We become like lighthouses in the night, which inspires others to become lighthouses, too. We are here to prepare for what’s to come, which is the Consummation of the Age and the end of the Kenoma/Matrix. But we are not the ones who will terminate this Experiment. That’s for Sophia and Christ to do.

  12. A bit unrelated to this topic, but I feel like sharing this with you. There is a TV Series called “Altered Carbon”, situated some 300 years in the future where the Machine Kingdom you spoke of is in full effect. After rereading your levels of knowledge 2 and 3 and then re-watching the TV series I was shocked. Everything pertaining to the Machine Kingdom was implemented, including a way to cheat body death – that is uploading your consciousness into the “cloud” and then when the body decays, you just download your consciousness in a new body (or “sleeve” is the term used in the show) and continuing from where you left of. Everything you said fits perfectly. One could think that the PTB are deliberately using predictive programming to let the idea of the Machine Kingdom gradually sink in the human consciousness, so that when they introduce such new tech, the people will be in awe and applauding and not giving any second thoughts about the consequences (when have they ever?). Anyway I thought I should share this with you, because this show is like a glimpse of what is awaiting our soul group as a whole unless we change or way of thinking and start working on ourselves. You could check out the TV series, it’s definitely worthwhile. Thanks again for being here and working towards educating people, Wes! Best of luck to you!

    1. Yes Pete, I’ve watched this series too. I learnt sooo much about our potential future from this, very interesting!

  13. Gosh. So grateful I found Wes Penre during this transformative time. I have read L1, 2, and 6 and am half way through L3. And, Im at the section where Wes is saying that those of us who have this information could really help create a new timeline for those not willing to accept all of these truths at this time but maybe later on. And, I open the DN today and see this, https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9029557/Mankind-contact-alien-Galactic-Federation-Israeli-official-says.html looks like something is brewing. Geez.

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