Video 199: 2019 Seasonal Message from Wes and Ariel

A Seasonal Message to all of you who have been following our work during 2019, and a huge THANK YOU to all of our Patrons, who make our work possible! It has been an incredible year, and we feel we have expanded our horizons significantly–much of it also because of the feedback we have received from many of you.


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  1. Thank You! Love and Light 💛☀✌

    On Thu, Dec 19, 2019, 12:23 PM Videos and Articles by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad wrote:

    > Wes Penre posted: ” A Seasonal Message to all of you who have been > following our work during 2019, and a huge THANK YOU to all of our Patrons, > who make our work possible! It has been an incredible year, and we feel we > have expanded our horizons significantly–much of it” >

    1. Hi Gene!! brightest blessing back to you friend. If you lived near by, we would have you over for some tea and baked goods… Stay safe : ) : ) : )

      1. 🌹💙 Hmmm—hmmm: tea and baked goods? 🤔 That’s tempting Friend Anon! I live close enough! I’ll do tea leaf readings for baked goodies, but I’ll add tarot and pendulum readings for Macadamia Nut cookies! Just sayin! 😆.

  2. When I was a child…I had a wish…I whished happiness for everybody….and now, when I think of that child…I think…WOW… what a clever thought of that child…hihihi!
    Life goes on…a lot of work to do, a lot to un-fold…Thank you Wes and Ariel…your work find me again and reminds me of that child….the wish still stands…for everyone, for every day….and hopefully we’ll all meet each other some time, some where as the ‘family’ we’re creating here.

    Thanks with gratitude

    1. I am quite convinced that those who exit through the Grid will meet again “out there.” I think that’s inevitable. We will be drawn to each other. If we go to Orion, we will definitely meet sooner than later 🙂

  3. So pure, kind and loving!! We are all blessed to have found you two… Sending you both lots of love and joy : ))

  4. Thx a lot both of you for your efforts this year. I sooooo enjoy reading and discussing your material.
    A bit of a story for you guys that should bring and spread some joy.
    I run a community living center for young adults with developmental disabilities and behavioral problems, mostly severe angry issues that prevent them from interacting with the rest of society. The boys all have iq’s in the 70-80 range. High enough to function yet to low enough that they miss out on the social participation of their peers. These are the kind of guys that will scream at little old ladies in the parking lot. Some of them even get beat up when their behavior is too inappropriate. It is both sad and funny. I live them all so much for who they are!!!
    The boys are interested in the usually teenage stuff, video games, social media, girls and talking about aliens or movies and cool government cover ups. We hold weekly round table discussions about whatever each guy is interested in and then the listeners comment after each presentation.
    Last month the topic if the matrix was brought up. It lead to a lively and hilarious debate about many off topic points.
    When my turn came to talk; i gave a short overview of the wpp story. These guys are open to anything and although the ideas presented were not well received by all, two young men seemed eager to learn more and have since asked a lot of follow up questions.
    We have been discussing the artificial soul and its reason, role, or responsibility for their angry issues. Although these two guys are not able to comprehend a lot of the ideas (nor are we really) they have become increasing aware of identifying their negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.
    One if the two used to be the worst in the bunch. He has not had an emotional outburst in over a month now. They both still loos their temper on occasion, but the joy has increased ten fold in their lives.
    All this achieved by an individual decision to not let their disabilities deter them. They dont like being labled as different so i think the artificial soul theory enabled the boys to chance their perspectives and thoughtforms in a way that was unconventional, like them.
    Its a long battle, one of them just smashed a toaster last week Still, marked improvments have been made with this new line if thinking!!

    Thanks for your ideas!!!

    1. This it the best thing I’ve read in a very long time, Last Lion! WOW! What an incredibly important task you are performing. THANK YOU for doing what you’re doing–but how rewarding! This also proves the point that you and I are already aware of; intelligence has nothing to do with it (except that it’s harder to break through, although you’re doing an excellent job at that!). Intelligence is mostly physical and genetic in this construct. Behind these handicaps, there are genuine souls who are just fighting to come through! And when they manage to penetrate the layers of obstacles, lo and behold! There’s the original Namlu’u soul, eager to learn more!

      I’m so grateful that you shared this!

      Love and Blessing to you and Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi Ariel and Wes! I wish you all the best of the next new Year and it was a pleasant 2019 getting to know and have knowledge of the truth. Sending lots of Love and light your way from the Universe and beyond with good of the heart always!

  6. Thank you very much Wes and Ariel for your love, kindness and willingness to share your knowledge with the rest of us. This shows your true character. I too, hope to meet all of you like minded beings beyond the grid one day, even though we may not ever meet in this physical life. I too, believe that we will be drawn together based on the positive energy we radiate, our pursuit of the truth, our deep love and appreciation of the true creation and our desire for continuous spiritual growth.

    Happy and safe holidays, everyone! May 2020 be an even better year for us all.

  7. We should be the ones thanking you and Ariel for sharing your knowledge with us and caring so much.. xo
    Love and gratitude to you both..

  8. Thanks wes and ariel.. i wish i could spread and share your knowledge to many people .. 2020 is exciting

    20/20 vision.. the veil will be lifted 100%

  9. Thank you Wes and Ariel so much for this message.I have at times been a little confused over celebrating Christmas but your lovely words give me a better understanding of the benefits of a wonderful ,heartfelt get together.You certainly gave me a wonderful 2019 full of learning and empowerment.Much love and big hugs to all

  10. Hey, Wes and Ariel!
    I was told that if we mention “Santa Claus”, we are evoking “satan” because now we have an anagram…
    Does that work this way? Do words really have the power to evoke something harmful?

    1. Yes, words ARE powerful, and it is an anagram. For people who are ignorant of this, it does affect them because they are giving their energy to “Satan,” which is Marduk. However, once we’re getting aware of things, we can also change our perspective. If we take Santa as an example, and we understand what it comes from, we can CHOOSE not to give our energies to where it’s programmed to go (to the Overlords). We can look at Santa as something that just stays within the family. You can look at him as just a fun character that enhances the family’s joy and happiness during Christmas. WE can decide where our energies go. For their agenda to work, they need to have our attention, and it can only be done through manipulation.

  11. I am grateful for your research and wisdom Wes. I humbly thank you. It has made me a stronger person throughout the years. I’ve been wanting to tell you this for many years now. I finally have my chance.

    I have combined my experiences with your information and it is telling. Many ‘aha’ moments. I have had a lot of strange experiences since finding your website back in 2012. Things that would have made some people lose their minds over. I’m happy to have gained wisdom from them and to put things behind me. One must be safe with disclosing this information and not tell random people about it, use discretion. My advice to others so they are safe, because I care for people and leaning from pain and hurt is Not the main way one should have to learn things, as you know. Let’s learn from love for a change, wouldn’t That be nice!

    Main reason for using discretion, -say if you are in public and talking to people you don’t know- is that everything is being recorded, as I know it, and we also are recording all our experiences (which can be read by those who know how). I have learned to let go of this and to regulate my vibrations to not take things so seriously, knowing that we are not our body/ego, we are spirit, which is greater.

    Distancing yourself from the illusion that is this world is one thing, having higher objectivity facing other worlds is the next step that you’ve helped me with a lot. I can see now that external things/forms I will always have to take them with a grain of salt, that is, carefully understand them as being just more illusions/phantoms. And to never fear being alone, because alone means All One. And go straight to acceptance, – nevermind the drama and the questioning and suffering – accept the things for what they are, which is nothing -or something, it’s whatever you want. Wes, you tell others not to discriminate people who have information to share, just to Take what resonates with you and leave out the rest. This applies to most things in this world. I have met many people who could be my enemies, but we took a life-game timeout and we found middle ground, even love! For one another. It’s truly amazing being of the mind of nonduality, you have a greater acceptance of all living beings and otherworldly things.
    The spectacle of this reality is like taking a walk outside of yourself and playing around with the illusions.

    The Buddhists say that there is no point in explaining this reality, or the other dimensions or densities, when they’re all just fantasy rooms. And there is no truth there. We take what we know with us and the love with us and everything is just a projection back. So, we have to go within and to our void-space, to pure awareness. I have practiced this and it can work to shed off the artificial layers. If you can be happy with nothing and just yourself (basically you enjoy your own company) you will be living in the moment and you have ‘lightened up’ with enlightenment. Share this with others, because they can be there too if they want. Smile in the void, there’s nothing to fear but yourself.

    Thanks again Wes, for your websites and your ‘connecting the dots’, and your wisdom (and your Q&A videos, they answered a lot of my question I didn’t even have to email and ask! And I have some weird ones). Your information can create other teachers, and This is what we need. We don’t need followers, we need leaders. Sans their artificial egos though, that get in the way. We need humble leaders and teachers. And being more of a spirited person is an inside job, and we have to accept that maybe others need more time to gather their things from the playground here, while we’re ready to go! I just hope they can gather their things in time. Because we’re running out of it, as we both know.

    Just wanted to add, everyone should get themselves a piece of shungite to have on them to thwart EMFs. 5 bucks for a small piece that can be very powerful at your local metaphysical store. Orgonite necklaces are great too, just make sure they have shungite in them. We have to do what we have to do for the time being. Affirmations do work too. I’m letting you know from experience. I’m in my 30s, but I’ve been exhausted of this world from the beginning. I’m over it, it’s nice to have outgrown things.

    Much love and take care. Use the positive energy of the season for constructive things. I know you will. And I hope this for everyone.

    1. What a wonderful feedback! You have really figured things out and are connecting beautifully with your True Self. You’ve done such an extraordinary job. And I am so glad to hear that my/our work has been such a springboard for you. Thank you a million for sharing and have a fantastic Holiday Season!

  12. Thank you Wes & Ariel for what you do. Your productive work and research are of tremendous value to me.
    I wish you and all in our Orion family a great holiday season ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Mister Penre : you know what was the information that literally took my breath away? The accurate description of the Souls(my Soul ) : “made by trillions of small fires…and so on”. I know that this is True. I saw my Soul and others souls too..20 y ago.It is for the very first time when I say this in front of other people. I did not talk to anyone except my own father. Thank You and Ariel!

  14. Thanks for this video. I’ve been experiencing nothing but lethargy the last few weeks. This whole deal of spending so much money to buy gifts in celebration of Enki is just too much. I decided to focus on my love for my family and buy a meaningful single gift for each family member. That has helped but I will be happy when January gets here.

  15. I am so glad that you address this holiday celebration thingy. Thank you so much Wes and Ariel for your insightful work and sharing them with us. I am soooo grateful that I discovered your work way back before you even had YT videos. Your work has helped me to connect the dots and brought me to much awareness. I wish you both happy holidays and joy. Much love.

  16. Thank you so much for adressing that! I just wanted to leave a comment to tell you how thankful I am for your words and that of course I will always be with you! Could not log in as Beyond 3D, but well, its me.. lots of true love for you <3

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