FAQ: Is the Universe Neuter, Masculine, or Feminine in Nature?

Many people have a difficult time accepting that the Universe is feminine in nature. Of course, because NASA and other “authorities” have told us consistently throughout modern history that the Universe is gender-less (neuter), it has become the general belief. It’s difficult for people to change that perspective. This is interesting because how does science explain the Big Bang, if that’s the theory they accept? The Universe was, according to them, starting out as a big explosion. Isn’t this a birth process? Isn’t the procedure of giving birth a feminine attribute? Thus, how can it be neuter?

It has not always been common belief that the Universe is neuter, however. In ancient times, humans knew that the Universe was feminine, but what does a Feminine Universe and the Divine Feminine actually imply? The answer is quite simple.

In the beginning, before any universes were created, there was a Source, and She was pure Spirit, not part of any universes, which were yet to be created–She was a static.

This Source became aware and divided Herself in two, to begin with. This second part of Her was the First Creation of something that could be perceived as “outside” Herself. This First Creation is what we call “the Queen,” “the Mother,” “Mother Goddess,” “Queen of the Stars,” and “the Orion Queen,” to name a few. Thus, Source, whom we call the Divine Feminine, “gave birth” to Her First Creation, and I think most of us can agree with that the masculine (or the male) does not give birth–the feminine (female) does. So, this is the first indicator of a feminine “All That Is.”

The Queen went into the VOID (the KHAA) to explore what it was that now was perceived to be outside Herself and Her “Mother” (the Divine Feminine/Source/All That Is).

Eventually, the Queen started playing around with energy/electricity, and She realized She could create a variety of things out of energy. Thus, She “gave birth” to universes, and in these universes, She created individuated souls, made of bio-electricity (fires). So, the Queen (feminine) gave birth without a male.

Then, She created physical bodies to operate in, at least in this universe we live in. In the beginning, all physical bodies were female. Still, souls in female bodies gave birth to new female bodies that became clones of their mother.

Not much expansion came out of this, so the Queen decided to create a counterpart, which became the masculine energy. This allowed for more variety and expansion.

Some of the readers might be familiar with researcher and writer, Robert Morning Sky, who wrote “The Terra Papers” in the 1990’s. Many years ago, he did research on the feminine universe because he was convinced that the Universe is feminine in its essence. To prove his point, he dug through ancient texts, but even more convincingly for some, he also used mainstream science to help him get his point through. This is what he found:

“Every human embryo has approximately 250 Female genes for 1 male gene. X gave birth to Y.

After conception, the human embryo is 14,500 parts female to 1 part male.
These are real scientific facts that cannot be refuted.

Our star ancestors from whom we got our life cells were x-chromosome based, they were female.

With no x-chromosome, the life cell will die. With no y-chromosome, the life cell will still live.”

Nothing of what is mentioned in this FAQ indicates that the Universe is neuter or masculine in nature, but it shows strong evidence that the Universe and Source are both feminine in their origin. Neuter doesn’t give birth to anything, nor does the masculine. Only the feminine can give birth and can also do so without the masculine counterpart.

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