Video 48: Personal Responsibility vs. Life Outside the Matrix

Published: July 21, 2018

Now, let’s look at false beliefs. A common false belief is that people STILL think we are going to some kind of biblical “Heaven” when we exit—a belief that, in this case, comes from the New Age community, where they suggest that we are going to the 5th Dimension, etc., where everything will be wonderful and easy. This is a huge misconception that needs to be addressed again. We need to ask ourselves why we, the separated souls, are operating in the Universe in the first place. If we grasp that concept, the rest is easy to understand. We are NOT here to live in a nebulous cozy Heaven for the rest of our existence, where everything is love and light— we are here to learn, create, expand, and experience. And experience means PERSONAL experience, which can be anything a soul wants to experience—“good” or “bad” from a human perspective—it doesn’t matter because it’s all experience. YOU, who listen to and read this, is the one who chooses, based on your own freewill, what YOU want to experience. It’s your choice. If we humans, or other star beings, make what we consider bad choices—that’s fine. It’s just a matter of making a better choice next time. The same goes for our own entrapment here on Earth. And this leads to the next topic…

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