Video 49: The Mindset to Exit the Matrix

Published: July 22, 2018

This Matrix is a construct of ultimate separation. Not only are we separated from each other as individual souls, which would be in order, but we are also separated further by the treatment we receive in the Between Lives Area (BLA), where the Overlords split our souls, rob us of our previous individuality, and patch us together using x amount of soul fires from different other souls to create a new being. On top of that, we are recycled into a new body, which is split further into the ancestral lines from both our parents (see our videos 45 and 46 for more information.)

Transcript to the video


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  1. hello. your new transcription format on the site is not available to all non-English speakers. very big loss. many people prefer the read version because then the imagination works. Maybe you will think about making the addition of transcription more accessible to more of us breaking your knowledge?

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