Video 47: Why doesn’t Orion come to our Rescue?

Published: July 18, 2018

Many people have asked us why the Queen and the Orions are not coming to rescue us from this trap—particularly as the Experiment seems to go towards complete failure. Why does the Queen of the Stars—our Mother—let us suffer so much? Isn’t She liable as well for letting it go on?

These are a few of the questions we’ve got, and they are all excellent and logical questions after having taken part of the Wes Penre Papers (WPP) and our videos. However, the reasons why the Queen and her MIKH MAKH armada don’t show up, or why She doesn’t take out the Overlords in battle, are many-fold. It’s not as easy as it might seem, but let us address a few rescue scenarios one by one, and let us show you why they wouldn’t work.

Transcript to the video


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  1. Thank you Wes and Ariel. This video does shed more light.
    The Queen truly does have a dilemma.

    It’s fascinating to be an observer and see two very strong realities at play on this planet at the same time
    …those who blindly believe these mis-leaders.
    ..and those who are awake to their game.

    That she might possibly lose us and lose our energies saddens me.

  2. So then, who created this universe??

    Because obviously it’s not The Queen..

    And from my understanding isn’t it The Queen Enki’s mother or sister I’m not sure because in one of your vids you mentioned her as being NINHERSAG which I thought was Enki’s sister NINMAH not sure if I’m writing these names correctly. Way too much confusions with these beings. I honestly can’t see any of them as being good so far. This whole situation seems really absurd to me on so many levels. May whoever is truly in charge has some compassion 😢

    1. The Creatrix of this Universe is being explained in our new article series under Gnosticism It was indeed the Queen (Sophia) who created the entire universe–that I feel pretty sure of. It was Ninurta who originally gave his Mother, the Queen, the title Ninhursag, but because is copying everything, he also used this title for Isis later on. And yes, unfortunately it IS confusing with all those titles and names. If you’re interested, also watch our video series, which will sort out many of these names and who is who. Here is part 1 (there are 7 parts altogether): .

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