Video 46: Between Lives Area and Soul Patching Part 2 of 2 (WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted!)

Published: July 16, 2018

What we are trying to get across is that coming back here in a new incarnation, in order to help humankind out, is fruitless. Instead, what happens is that we lose the personality we have built up during this lifetime—a compassionate personality that instead is highly needed in the KHAA! What a waste, if such a compassionate individual would literally commit suicide by agreeing to reincarnate again. I know many people are thinking about coming back, and if you are one of them, I hope this video will make you seriously reconsider! You’re needed elsewhere. Instead, do everything you can NOW, in THIS lifetime, to help yourself and others, as needed. If you feel an urge to assist, don’t wait—do it now!

Transcript to the video


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  1. Wes, isn’t everything already a parasite though. If you really think about it… that’s the way that this world works and vampirism is being depicted as something negative. But if you stop and actually think about it- this is exactly how our world inherently works from a natural perspective. What is a baby to a mother? The baby is a literal parasite to the mother, a vampire… But yet it’s how we reproduce. Same with trees, plants, animals and so on. Wouldn’t it just be a matter of an opinion on if that is a good thing then or not a good thing then? Not necessarily a fact as presented here. I dunno just my opinion here.

    1. It’s more a matter of who created this “parasitic world” the way it is now and why. It’s parasitic, for sure, but why did it have to be in the first place? What created that?

  2. Wes that’s where I’m completely lost..

    If The Queen can terminate the whole experiment (humans and AIF) with or without our consent, why can’t she just terminate the AIF only and free us once and for all?

  3. Here’s something I thought about what are your thoughts on it,
    So after one dies, goes through the tunnel does all the whatever’s they gotta do with upper management then when their soul is resting they go around and start telling everyone what’s really going on everyone you mentioned here is told to them up there so you think that would be helpful for the souls in the BLA? So people don’t have to keep going back into the reincarnation trap.

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