Video 4: Narcissism and the Human Condition

Published: May 11, 2018

Narcissism isn’t only the grandiose, pompous, and conceited control-freak you might automatically conjure to mind when you hear this term. Narcissism also has a more discreet, quiet, and equally (and arguably more) dangerous version; covert narcissism.



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  1. I have come to similar conclusions after ending a 13 year relationshit with a Narcissist Alien freak.

    1. Thanks for sharing… I used VIMEO for a while, and Vimeo took down a lot of videos for me recently, so they have to be replaced, one by one. This one, Video 4, I replaced just now, so it should be working again…

  2. Wes, your info on narcissism is like a splash of fresh water in a desert. I am so grateful I found you! The info resonates with me like never before. I am still in 15 year old marriage with covert narc and it always felt like he has some sort of virus and acting like a robotic tech program. He used to say he can not grasp how famous humans (composers, artists) can create something out of nothing-it is because he has no access to the Divine creator (Fire source of creative energy). He was also copying me in my expressions and often this mirroring felt like I am going crazy. One day I may write a book about my life with him, after I gather my shattered pieces and escape from this energy-sucking swamp.
    He is also invalidating and ridicule my beliefs in aliens, very interested in AI and Matrix is his fave movie.
    Also he have chosen Non-Violent Communication (NVC stream) to mask his true self and present himself as nvc coach 😳 Absolutely mind-crushing facts that dont come together in my mind.
    Thank you again and looking forward to expending my knowledge from highly valuable information you presented to the public in your works.

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