Video 232: Q&A Session #58

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, September 21, 2020

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: Have you heard about pure land Buddhism?  If not, look into it. They say it is outside of Samsara (which is reincarnation in Buddhism), so that interests me. I was very intrigued until I read after reaching enlightenment here you have one more life as a Buddha?

QUESTION 2: “Outside universe is just our own projection from what is within our minds.”

How could you explain all the injustices in this world? I know that the world was created in ignorance and we cannot make it a paradise. I guess it’s hard to create something positive for yourself when you witness so much undeserved justice people experience on a daily basis. Maybe feelings of guilt, because you choose to focus on yourself and in order to remain positive and create from a higher vibrational level, you can’t let the outside world affect you but you care and realise how badly others are treated and it feels guilty when you don’t take action to help. 

I guess guilt is a massive part in this. Why are we so vulnerable to feeling this way?

QUESTION 3: These bodies we have come with numerous programs (amnesia, fear of death, etc.). Do the planets have an effect on our everyday life due to our bodies or our chakras? I know “addiction” has ET origins i.e. attachments, but do the planets have much to do with it as well?

QUESTION 4: While viewing a video recently they mentioned the Milky Way and how it is called by many different names (which I did not know).  What name is given for the Milky Way from the Gnosis viewpoint?  Is that the Pleroma?

QUESTION 5: Should we be careful with the LOA (Law of Attraction)/manifestation because it is primarily a New Age practice?


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  1. Q: “Because we live the same life over and over, from what we’ve concluded, people repeat their previous lifetime over and over in new incarnations, and if we don’t make different choices in a certain lifetime, compared to the lifetime before, the person’s new incarnation will be fairly identical to the previous one. The progress we make depends on the choices we make”. – Because we are at the end of an age do we all have the choice to leave this construct? On one hand it seems like we can but on the other it seems like we cant since you say that we will go where we are ‘ready’ to go?

    1. @Anonymous ~ Because the end of All Ages has never happened before, we don’t have any precedent or any idea how that plays out for us. You are right, it is very confusing because this answer you’ve quoted is how things have worked up to now. If this is the consummation, this way of doing things is no longer relevant. Regarding this being a choice, there are other sources of information who suggest that for those who are not “ready” at the time of the consummation, a temporary location or “place” has been created for those souls who need a little more time to work things out, i.e. rehabilitation. All of this is purely speculation no matter who is saying it, where we read about it, or what we think about it. No one knows. It’s up to everyone to draw their own conclusions about this.

  2. @Wes, @Ariel, @*, i forgot. What is “KHAA” ? I remember that it means void in orion language or some other language.

  3. Greeting and Salutations Spirit sisters and brothers.

    Years ago, from your earthly perspectives there was an old army Major and remote viewer named Ed Dames. Ed claimed he could not remote view into the future past a point which he called the “kill shot,” it was a solar x-flare that ended all life on earth or so he gauged.

    Numerous other individuals claiming involvement in time-travel projects along with the much-hyped but little played-out 2012 end-of-the-world movement also forecasted a solar event of diaster proportions.

    I recently read your gnostic papers on the consumption of the ages. Ala the spirit of Christ returning to the darkness of this realm and filling it with his/Sophia/our light. The manner of Christ’s return at the consumption of the ages is as Ariel suggested earlier, open to speculation.

    So let’s speculate. What would the roll-up of a universe look like to a human like Ed Dames? Might the spirit of Christ be returning through the sun/Stargate to light-up this dark realm with some kinda Meta-physical substance?

    Who knows these things, not us, not now, but soon as we say on Barsoom/Mars.

    Please drop a hint what your working on next. I love to read your stuff.

    Captain John Carter
    4th Virgina Calvary.

    1. Hello to Captain Carter,
      You must be aware of the nuclear holocaust experienced on Mars many tens of thousands of years ago, the evidence of which was documented in Dr. John Brandenburg’s book: “Death On Mars: The Discovery of a Nuclear Massacre”. But that is not why I am adding this comment.
      I would like to venture that it is possible, that Sol and all stars are conscious entities and that the coming Solar Flash may be different to each conscious being who experiences it. And although I have my doubts, it may perform the upcoming “Harvest” function discussed in several popular Earth texts and mentioned so prominently by Ra in the Law Of One material from the 1980s (not that I give a lot of credence to channeled material – but it certainly was an interesting read).
      I wish you all the best,
      Richard Blibit

  4. Question #1 – Never heard of it.
    Question #2 – “Outside” “How could you explain all the injustices in this world?”

    Answer: to this is so simple yet requires a certain level of perspective to benefit from. I’m not a fan of this “reason” for most phenomena, but I do accord it respect when it contributes to a perspective that liberates the mind. All that is “known” by humanity is inverted. The Gnostic concept of “justice” is compassion. Laws are the domain-function of Yaldabaoth in Its attempt to “control chaos”. So, “justice” inverted is crime and punishment, incarceration and murder (death penalty).

    “I guess it’s hard to create something positive for yourself when you witness so much undeserved justice people experience on a daily basis.”

    Thought/Answer: Phase 1 Empaths and others that relate to such thinking have this idea of “creating positively” or “being positive”. First, the discussion of emotionally negative and emotionally positive is perhaps the clearest example of the illusion of duality which is an elemental part of the Kenoma/Patrix. Being emotionally positive doesn’t neutralize or eliminate your negative feelings, but that is the “common” logic. Negative and Positive are metrics for the reactive mind. Then there is the active/proactive mind and finally there is the Divine, silent, serene, peaceful mind. Another “key” word in this question is “create”. Creation was the error to begin with. Ask yourself if your Ambition brings you closer to peace and a serene mind? Often “ambition” can be framed as “intense” or “intended” will. Humanity doesn’t know about Free Will and The Law of non Interference. We exercise our will daily interfering with others and we don’t fully embrace FREE WILL either.

    More later perhaps.

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