On Listening to “Experts”

by Wes Penre, September 21, 2020

The Media, CDC, and the Government tell us that we should listen to the “experts”/”authorities” and not to “conspiracy theories.” In that case, wasn’t Einstein an “expert,” too?

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    1. @bettwice ~ Yes. Ultimately, people are responsible for their own. However, in this country at least, there is this division between “the people” and “the government”. Well, aren’t those political officers also people? So, the divisive methods are a false construct or program engineered to make some of us feel helpless and oppressed by “others” of us.

      In reality, we are ALL people and no one has the right to rule over another. This power-trip was, unfortunately, given into the hands of certain “chosen” people through the Rule of Law. Where does that Law ultimately come from? God – whichever one you choose to give your allegience – doesn’t matter which. For every ruling body of people over people, their “right to rule” was given to them by their God. This goes way, way back in our history and unfortunately (again), we do not know our own history. That has also been given over to the book-keepers who are in charge of recording the appropriate story that will give shape to or foundation for a specific agenda. That doesn’t make it truth.

      I’ve recently heard that our global society functions on the tenets of Maritime Law because technically “Earth” is the name of a “body” which is traveling in “water”, therefore people are subjected to laws and codes that they aren’t even aware of. Who has the perspective of Earth to see Her as a body traveling through water? Those who are not *on* her, but viewing Her from a higher perspective…i.e. “Gods”.

      I have a problem with any law or any agenda when it is given by a “God”. It’s NEVER objective and ALWAYS with the slant toward that God’s personal benefit rather than ours. I’ve yet to find anything that shows or proves to me there is something truly altruistic and benevolent in this creation *aside from* other humans. I’ve only experienced Love from other people and NEVER “God”. So, while humans are busy fighting about other humans, maybe we should be directing our questions to why we are fighting about things that don’t really matter (or shouldn’t) in the first place and realize that WE are the only potential for Love that exists and act like it. 🙂

      1. Again, archons/AiF are making us re-live (relief, re-leave?) their struggles, thoughts, ideas that were circling around in their original civilizations

        1. No, politicians and lawyers illegally in our government are not people. Lawyers are spies. Politicians are servants. They become servants when they assume office. BY choosing to argue with this fact instead of embracing it, you abet the government and help them abuse you. Congress loves you.

          1. Thank you too😊I do not know any country (or historical period) where politicians serve/served people.Can you name a country or a historical period who illustrated the contrary … meaning : in which the rulers are spiritualized and concerned with the transmission as accurately as possible of the formation they hold?

      2. What nobody seems to understand about “law” is that, in the US, the Declaration of Independence is the only genuine law. We were conquered by attorneys in the 1800s and they foisted their brutal and blind force disguised as law upon us. This is what the BAR is, a hoax upon humanity to control us for the banksters. In fact, there is no law in the US now. Every judge is an enemy attorney and do whatever they want to serve the banksters who own our country. There is no such thing as fraud upon the Court or fraud by any lawyer. All of this is ignored in our courts while judges ignore all of our laws.
        No politician will do anything to remove a corrupt juge from the bench because all judges are corrupt and the politicians know it. About 20 to 30% of politicians are lawyers and the rest of the politicins bow down to their alleged knoweldge of phony “law” and let them get away with deceiving all of us.
        In reality, we the people have the power to void every law made since 1776 including the Constitution and repair the damage done to us by enemy attorneys. But Ameericans are too brainwashed to know they have this power and they refuse to talk about arresting every lawyer in the country and firing all of the politicians or hanging them for treason.
        (When I first replied to this, I only saw part of Ariel’s comment on my email. Then i came to the site and saw the rest of it and it was too late to edit my first comment.)

        1. I don’t think you understand the content on this website. What you’re talking about is ultimately irrelevant. This is a bad copy, prison patrix we are in. The US government was set up by the same evil that made this false reality and is ultimately beholden to it. You’re not understanding the information here. This world cannot be saved. It will be destroyed after falling into evil and Apocalypse as described in every religious text and explained here. “The people’ are not going to change anything in the end. It cannot be saved or changed. Disengage from politics and this material world. It’s a useless trap. I have voted in every election my entire life since I could vote. After this plandemic and all this information, such as presented here, I will no longer vote. To vote is to consent to be governed. I no longer consent to be governed by anyone. I will now do what ever I feel is right, which I have mostly done anyway my whole life, and if it runs afoul of some ‘law’, oh well, I guess I will have to face the consequences. I don’t really ever go along with the masses so I don’t care what most people think. I have been stocking up on food, bought a water purification system, and have been learning how to survive in the wilderness. I am now going to start buying hiking and camping gear to be ready to bug out when things start to go downhill. There are still ‘New Age’ people saying everything will be wonderful soon and a new golden age is right around the corner. NESERA and all that stuff. Turning into crystal people and living in the 5th dimension. Yeah, no.

          1. You don’t understand common sense. Lots of people with low IQs will never understand it. So, I guess I can’t help you and you will continue committing treason against yourself.
            When the Declaration of Independence means nothing to you, you’re just a damn fool. You should be asking questions instead of offering criticism and childish advice.

            1. @bettwice33: “people with low IQs will never understand it” and “you’re just a damn fool.”

              Derogatory statements like these are not accepted on this blog. If we see it again, we’ll need to take action. There are ways to keep civilized conversations going without putting others down.

                1. Correct @ bettwice33

                  @SHAWN J LINNEHAN “I don’t think you understand the content on this website. What you’re talking about is ultimately irrelevant.”

                  Let’s not get into a debate on whose point of view is irrelevant or make assumptions about people’s ability to understand the content on this website. Pointing fingers and trying to make someone else’s perspective “less than” is not cool here. If what bettwice33 writes does not feel relevant, then there is always the choice not to respond to it.

                  1. I live in an institution for people with low IQs. They wear masks to ward off hoax pandemics. That institution is called the USA.

          2. Shawn, Lawyers do not know Law. They know a brutal and blind force disguised as law. The Declaration of Independence is our only genuine law and it gave us all the duty to remove the lawyers from our presence and undo all of the harm they did to our freedom. Since we outnumber them 300 million to only 1.3 million, we can do this if we unite and talk about doing it. Sounds simple but provoking Americans to understand the Declaration and the power it gave us is probably futile. They’re all too brainwashed and dumbed down to learn the truth. But that’s they key to everything so I keep talking about it even though Facebook and Twitter ban me and Youtube deletes my videos.

          1. As I have come to understand, the “rule of law” comes from Lucifer and was described for us in items 3 and 4 on page one of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” as a “brutal and blind force disguised as law” to restrain the beasts of prey who are called men. This is the sort of “law” practiced by the BAR and which we absolved ourselves from all allegiance to in the last paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. This tells us that the Declaration is a “Rule of Freedom” not a “rule of law” with the good people of these colonies as the authorities.
            So, I can’t disagree with your statement that “rule of law” comes from God since god and Lucifer are the same being known as Enki or maybe known as Enlil if you cite Gnosticism. The United States has a “Rule of Freedom” that was subverted by attorneys when they wrote the Constitution along with every other hoax “law” the bastards foisted upon us since then.

            1. @bettwice33 ~ “Rule of Freedom” is an oxymoron. One cancels out the other.

              “En.ki”, “Lucifer”, “En.lil”, et al., are all archetypes who ultimately exist within the “mind” of the Universe and are “roles” that we all must go through on our journey out of here. That lawyer that you are condemning is not your enemy, (s)he is you just wearing different clothes. When you sentence a murderer to death, you become the murderer. You criticize justice for upholding the Law, but at the same time you come here seeking to defend the Law. That makes you on the same side as the lawyer.

              1. I took the LSAT and almost became a lawyer. I’m glad I changed my mind.
                Under our Rule of Freedom, the only rules we set down were “consent of the governed” and a “duty, to throw off such government”. There are no restrictions on freedom. The rule exists to maintain freedom. If you choose not to obey the law, you lose your freedom. And as we have seen, all of the mask wearing morons are free to do that with no punishment whatsoever.
                So, NO, it’s not an oxymoron.
                The lawyer chases dollars abiding by the system’s rules. But it’s a 100% corrupt system so he abets our enemies and is one of them. People like me gained dollars by avoiding the system and finding ways around adhering to any rules at all. For instance, I used the law against lawyers to avoid paying my mortgage for 11 years and lived there for free. I even collected refunds on property taxes that I never paid because their law was imperfect and allowed me to do it..

                1. @bettwice33 ~ 🙂 I knew you were a lawyer at heart. I even told Wes just now, “He would make a good lawyer.” We will have to agree to disagree on our interpretations of freedom. When you say that lawyers are just chasing the dollars, I’m sorry but I don’t see any difference in your proud statements that you were able to collect tax refunds and avoid paying a mortgage, which to me is also chasing the dollar, albeit your *own* dollars. It’s all dollars from the same pot, though. You’re both fighting over who owns or holds that dollar – “me or them”. You may see yourself on a different side of this fight, but when I look at this from an objective perspective, you are both fighting for the same thing and the only fight is for who is in control – you vs them. To fight for control is to, indeed, feed the control system by participating in the need to control. Same.

                  1. What would have followed a true Rule of Freedom that we had for only a few years would have been a society without money where everyone would have lived like millionaires. I think that would fit well with sometthing you said elsewhere on this page.
                    The legal battles I briefly described were more about freedom than they were about dollars. As things stand. all of us are slaves to the dollar. But, collectively, it;s our own fault for not firing the government and arresting all of the lawyers.
                    I baited judges into committing treason, foolishly thinking I could have them removed from the bench for that. At the time, I had not learned that our government is 100% corrupt with not one honest being in it.
                    We (collectively) have the power to abolish money and be free.

                    1. I did not see this until after I got home from work. I did not mean to cause such a backlash and apologize for doing so. You do understand things based on reading your subsequent responses and I understand your point of view completely. You are correct about the people’s power, however the majority of the people are not awake, will never become awake, and therefore, they will never seize power. I went through the court system with my wife, who was wrongly accused and illegally detained. I know law. My college roommate is now a lawyer. I have several lawyer friends. I wrote the judge, pointed out the wrong doings, etc.. blah blah. I witnessed two police officers commit perjury. My wife was still charged. I know the corruption first hand. I basically agree with you, but my point is I, personally, don’t think it matters. I don’t understand why you disagree with the rest of my statement. Is this or is this not a holographic prison destined to be destroyed? If yes, the people aren’t going to seize any power. It’s impossible. The Apocalypse and Consummation of the Age will go down as foretold. The people of the US or any other country could not stop it. I just listened to Lisa Renee and she is still saying the Earth is ascending, we will all evolve and things will be great. If that’s the case, then what you say is valid and if the people of the US would stand up it would speed this along. But what is it? What’s going on? I don’t know. Either Wes and Ariel are right and it’s not really worth anything except living the best life you can and trying to get enlightened. The geopolitical stuff is irrelevant in that case because the Consummation of the Age is foretold. America can’t really get enlightened and save the day. Or these fine people are wrong and people like Lisa Renee are right. Either way, all signs point to things going south around election time and although I have no fear of death, and honestly never did, but I feel kind of obliged to try to keep my family alive as long as possible without having them killed by some mob or starve to death. Again, sorry to trigger you like that.

                    2. @bettwice33 ~ “We (collectively) have the power to abolish money and be free.”

                      Yes, we absolutely do. I agree with you more than I disagree. You are correct about many things.

    2. In Russia the simple people are also the backbone of the whole country. Yet those who put on a show of deciding or solving something are like parasites, that made themselves higher in priority and more wealthy than regular working people(majority).

  1. And this is a quote from Albert Einstein, who represents modern and mainstream science. Which are followed blindly by people regardless of his quote and that there is alternative science and ways of gaining knowledge.

    1. @Robin ~ re: science

      I listened to a video production today which quoted Carl Sagan in the beginning and said (paraphrased) that science is intentionally made confusing so that no one understands it which creates the need to depend on experts for the explanation (which is often nothing more than theory and wrong interpretations designed to support “history”). Very often a solution or outcome is derived and then “scientists” back-track to come up with a theory that supports it. Backward science and backward thinking. Here’s the quote:

      “We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology. We have also arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. This is a prescription for disaster. We might get away with it for a while, but sooner or later this combustible mixture of ignorance and power is going to blow up in our faces.” ~ Carl Sagan.

      This video went on to show that despite the most “amazing” advancements in science and technology, we still don’t actually solve many of the problems of the world such as hunger and poverty when we all know damned well we could.

      1. And another idea is that our civilization right now could be yet another “social reset” of a much-much more advanced civilization. Alternative history researchers show it well

      2. Ariel. Carl Sagan is correct in his observation. I speak as a lifelong EMPIRIC scientist I can assure anyone that the false ‘science god ‘ paradigm that is wreaking havoc on humanity is by design esoteric. Anyone who thinks that scientists are humanitarian beyond reproach is sadly mistaken. We have the most vicious and unprincipled Materialist scientists now ruling the people we elect and give our power to. There are many good and true scientists that are marginalised and deprived of their voice no matter how vaulting their Research or achievements. I am getting on a bit now and don’t have much longer but it saddens me to see how deceived people are by the puppet scientists of the cabal and the bastard child of science technology. In my life I have never witnessed or experienced such a low level of values in humans. Utterly devoid reason, coarsened, by relentless propaganda, traumatised by materialist so called leaders and now becoming consummately vicious towards one another.This can’t be right! I wouldn’t like to be a flea under their collars when they get to the event horizon and pitch into the abyss

        1. @grandalph ~ “There are many good and true scientists that are marginalised and deprived of their voice no matter how vaulting their Research or achievements.”

          Thank you for your input, grandalph. Of course, we always hear and read that this is the case, and I appreciate your confirmation. *Tip of the hat* to those many good and true scientists, like you, who struggle to find equal footing. Here’s to the ones gaining a little more ground for as long as you can. Best wishes 🙂

  2. Who needs laws to tell one what’s right and wrong when one just knows. It’s baffling.
    Cool conversations here

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