Gnosis Part 19: Important Definitions Before the Next Article

by Wes Penre, June 22, 2020

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Before we get into the Consummation of the Age, let’s start with some important definitions. We are aware that there are many words and terms in the Gnostic texts that people in general are not familiar with, and it can be confusing. Please also use our Gnostic glossary in the “Gnosticism” section of our blog.

Consummation of the Age(s):What is an Age (Eon/Aeon)? In the previous article, we talked about the star constellations and that the Zodiac changes position, relative to the Earth, every 2156 years—that is an Age, or part of a bigger cycle. Because there are twelve Zodiac signs, 2156*12=25,872 years, which is the full circle around the galactic center, being a full cycle. This is where the concept of 2012 as being the time when our solar system (the Zodiac) have completed a full cycle around the galactic center. Unfortunately, most people have based the full cycle on the Mayan calendar, which is not precise. These days, we are following the Gregorian calendar, which is slightly different. Therefore, the years are a little bit off, but we’re getting close to completion. There are those who suggest that we are actually in “2012” right now. This means that we are at the starting process of the Consummation of the Age of the Greater Cycle.

The Gnostic texts sometimes talk about the Consummation of the Ages, in plural. This refers to the end of the influence of whatever Zodiac sign is predominant at a certain time. This signifies a partial cycle. We will address this in more specific terms in an article that is separate from the Gnostic series because to be able to explain this in full, we need to address other sources together with the Gnostic texts, and this series is only an introduction to the Gnostic texts themselves. Important for the purpose of this article is to understand that we are right now in a time-period where we have completed a full circle around the galactic center, which is significant, as we shall see in the next article.

Floods/Deluges: From having studied the Gnostic material, we recently came to an insight that has led to a hypothesis: when the Bible and the Gnostic texts talk about the Flood, or rather many different Floods, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our planet was flooded by physical water. Atlantis “sunk” in water, which is probably very symbolic. It potentially refers to the Cosmic water, not a literal Flood. In other words, we sank lower into matter, into a lower density/dimension. Atlantis was destroyed, but probably not by a physical Flood. This might be why scientists can’t find any physical evidence of a Flood 13,000 years ago. There could also be a logical reason why Yaldabaoth has been “cast down” to lower and lower Heavens, and we have volunteered to follow him down because that’s how it needs to be done, in order to complete our Mission to help withdrawing Spirit from the Kenoma.

Apocalypse: Apocalypse means revelation, i.e. that which is hidden is going to be revealed. The Kenoma will be enlightened and darkness/ignorance will be exposed.

Ascension: This is a loaded word because it’s frequently used by the New Age movement, pertaining to the ascension to the 4th or the 5th Dimension within Yaldabaoth’s Heavens. The term Ascension is used in the Gnostic texts, as well, but means something different. Instead of “ascending” within the Kenoma, Spirited humans are ascending to the 8th or 9th Heaven and eventually to the Pleroma. It’s not about being “saved” because we need to do the work first, before we can reach those “higher” realms, as explained in previous articles.

Grace: In a spiritual sense, grace means benevolence, forgiveness, love, compassion, gift, and healing offered through benevolent mercy.

Justice: This is another loaded word because the justice system we have here on Earth has a negative connotation. Our Earthly “justice” system is actually an injustice system (Yaldabaoth’s “justice”). In the Gnostic texts, Sabaoth/Ninurta/Prince En.lil/Michael is Justice. It means no judgment or evil—only Grace.

Injustice: This refers to Yaldabaoth’s Laws. His laws are physical laws that only apply to the Kenoma, and particularly to humans on Earth. It’s his control system. By following his laws, we are limited in our creation and our freewill. Many people might say that the Ten Commandments and other laws are benevolent and logical, but Spirit doesn’t need any restrictive laws—they are of the Construct; of course, not to mention human laws that the Justice System has created to keep humans in check and under control.

Again, people might justify the human Justice System by saying that there will be chaos unless laws are put in place and with them punishment. As of this writing, there are strong suggestions that we should defund the police and get rid of the police force. People in general disagree with this, fearing the consequences—the “law of the mob.” This is true—if we suddenly remove the law enforcement, there would be chaos because we have been subjected to Yaldabaoth’s and human laws for so long that we don’t know how to behave without them in our ignorant state. Thus, so long as we are living in ignorance, it’s a Catch 22—we are restricted by the laws but in a higher state of chaos, evil, and crime without them. Not until we wake up to Spirit do we understand that we do not need laws to keep ourselves from hurting others or from doing destructive things. Instead, it would give us a full range to create within.

The next article will be about the Consummation of the Age.

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  1. I would think the laws are needed mostly for NPCs and narcissists. True spirited humans have strong moral values and eventually learn to distinguish between good and evil.

    1. Self Governance could work another way as well. Like attracts like. On the surface many “righteous” Laws have the simulacra of “in the interest of humanity”, but the bottom line for any dynamic can be game-theoried, exposing how a guideline/restriction/law will ultimately play out. “Discrimination” and “Anti-Discrimination” laws attempt to “make” everyone equal. We may have all been “created equal”, but after that individual Free Will and Self Responsibility determine everything. Discrimination as a word and its meaning has been reframed to mean something it really doesn’t. A synonym for “discrimination” is “distinction”. I’ve studied and practiced various neuro-sciences for 31-32 years now. One of the guidelines in NLP is that “The more distinctions you can make in any context, the more choices you have.” An example is given of Eskimos that have over 300 words for snow. The Eskimos discriminate between different types of snow for survival, shelter, food & water, the kind that hides thin ice…I can’t even imagine 300 words for snow. The value of their discrimination just about snow is quality of life. So, Yaldabaoth’s Justice takes xenophobia (fear of that which is strange or foreign) and attaches it to the process of discrimination (this is the definition of Ignorance). In old 50s and 60s American TV and Movies you might hear a local deputy or constable say “You’re not from around here are you?” He’s made the discrimination that he’s dealing with a stranger (doesn’t have to be a different skin color or nationality), if he welcomes or at least politely acknowledges the “stranger” that meeting of a stranger doesn’t have to be fearful or hateful (repressed fear) or xenophobic (racist, prejudice, etc). Xenophobia is the kind of reaction that the Archons and the Patrix feed off of.
      Ah, so to my point. Tricking you into thinking making distinctions in your world day-to-day, moment-to-moment is “bad”, “wrong”, “evil” makes it easier to keep you in your pasture, inside the fence. It also keeps you trapped in trauma, which will eventually emotionally debilitate you. You must discriminate between the love, peace and serenity you require vs. the Narcissists, NPCs, Thoughtforms you perceive. Remember the more distinctions you make, the more choices you have.
      You are correct, spirited humans do eventually awaken to their heart and make enough distinctions on how to go about living; however it is important to point out that in the Patrix at one time or another we’ve all been compromised somehow. The goal isn’t to be morally superior, it is Knowledge/Gnosis & Wisdom (not Ignorance). Fear, reactions, pain and suffering all stem from Ignorance. “Good and Evil” are part of the Patrix Trance (duality). Most humans that participate in the good vs evil collective thoughtform cheer on good and terrorize/punish/cut-off evil. There is no evil, only ignorance.
      The energy draining NPCs are a test for those of us with spirit to see if we will awaken further through acceptance or engage in the pain-suffering dynamic through division, blame, reaction and attack. The NPCs no matter how frightful are just mirrors of our own Ignorance. Or reminders we are not complete slaves of the Patrix. Ultimately, you cannot give something to someone else that you don’t first give to yourself. So, if we were to create Laws for the NPCs and other Vampires ONLY, we would be creating the division first inside of ourselves, which would open us backup to the reactive mind and loosh generators we can become without discrimination.
      Yaldabaoth’s “reaction” to chaos is to control, over control and micromanage everything. Anyone who has ever studied chaos theory knows that the more control you introduce into a system the more chaotic it becomes.
      Finally we already have our laws. 1a. Free Will is the Law. 1b. Non-interference of Free Will is the Law. You are free to be free.
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  2. Magnificent! The definition of Justice created a huge shift in me. I remember having grace when i was younger. I don’t think it’s gone, just buried under an avalanche of pain and suffering. In regards to the “defund the police” and the general sentiment opposing the movement – our current local, state and federal law enforcement often acts like a thinly disguised army. And this model of US vs THEM (competition) contrasted by Everyone (collaboration) is very painful for the masses. We should declare the police the “winners”, buy them all a “winner’s dinner”, give them awards and then move to create a New Justice System where the police are guardians of all people, not just a few people. I think the greatest force beneath Yaldabaoth that humans can see/investigate/conclude for themselves is international banking and multinational corporate interests. The machine needs consumers to consume. And the Machine needs the various levels of consumers to “stay in their own lanes” (classism). I actually never took defund the police seriously until I read your interesting comments about the topic.

    I love you both, Wes & Ariel. Thank you for your enormous commitment to this work.

    1. I heard a comment from somebody on a political level (can’t remember who it was), who said, in defense of defunding the police, that having a police force is a “privilege” which could be taken away. Oh my…..

  3. I know a few people who r inocent who have gone ti jail for horible crimes. When the real person has been caught later. They dint even get an apology n there name n life is ruiened. I happens a lot more often than not

    1. Yes, I agree to a point the conviction and imprisonment of people who didn’t commit the crime they were arrested for does happen. What also happens though, which is caused by Ignorance is that some souls will choose to exploit the Patrix, to profit in some fashion by engaging the Patrix. What the Ignorance does is create a blind spot to just how much the Patrix has us. We are not just “in” the Patrix, our true selves are wrapped up in one artificial overlay after another. Artificial Chakras, Artificial soul. Artificial Mind. The list is long. So, when a human imitates an NPC or Energy Vampire, they are agreeing to the Terms of Service (even though they don’t know this: Ignorance)of the Patrix. You can’t outsmart our outplay the Patrix by going up against it. The Patrix wants you to battle it, struggle with it, hurt it, try to kill it. The energy (loosh) that you put off when you are engaging the Patrix is just this. So, if a human finds themselves wrongfully convicted of a specific crime, that is just a technicality as far as Yaldabaoth is concerned. By his standards and laws, you were asking for more of his control, thus pain and suffering.
      Breathe, relax and calm the mind. Do not agree to the terms of service by investing your attention and energy into the Patrix. Drama is trance inducing and leads to Trauma. In our Ignorance we don’t know what to focus on, so whatever is before us is usually how it goes. If it is true that we all volunteered to come liberate/awaken Yaldabaoth, so all of spirit can be withdrawn from this dimension(s), let us get on with the work of Gnosis and release our attachments to the Patrix.
      I certainly don’t have all or perhaps any answers, but I am open to receiving what I need to be free and if my freedom liberates others – wonderful. Come be free with me!

      1. Completely agree with you, Bruce–the thoughts you have are my own thoughts, as well. Yes, we “volunteered” to come here in Spirit. However, just to clarify to everybody…like I wrote in the WPP, we ARE Sophia (and now also Christ, after having Gnosis–we are complete, and so is Sophia). So, it was Sophia who sent down beams of her own Spirit into the lower levels of the Kenoma to attach to genuine souls, which are attached to physical bodies, etc., These souls are a ‘loan’ from the Pleroma for us to use while we’re in the Kenoma/Patrix and Orion. We are not individuated Spirits–we are simply “fragments” of Sophia/Christ, and when we return to the Pleroma, we ARE Sophia/Christ and nothing else, and we will be part of the Pleroma creation and continue creating there as Sophia/Christ. We will lose our current individuality and merge with the Aeon Sophia.

        When we reenter the Pleroma together with Sophia/Christ after the Consummation of the Age, the genuine soul will dissolve because it’s of the Kenoma and not of the Pleroma. In the Pleroma, there is only Spirit. This is my understanding, at least. 🙂

  4. You know its a curious thing but when you have a moment just seeing, without filters, I find that “love” doesn’t exist at all. In fact by contrast, a moment of clarity shows me that all the time I have this fuzz over my perception and a lot of has to do with some unquestioned presupposition about “love”, the way life should be, god should be, I should be, you should be etc. Somewhere along the line we (or I at any rate) form this incredibly dense idea about love which becomes the standard we always subconsciously compare to. When you see that things are just moving in a way that is natural, the idea of love falls away and fear can’t reach you. Since our complex ideas about love are really, born out of fear that the world might be loveless, which seems cold and unbearable. But, a crisp moment and you see that its not hard or painful to look at reality. Its just vastly different from all expectations we have set up. When you think about the way we have been manipulated, a lot , if not all has to do with love. Again, Yalda made a brilliant and perplexing facsimilie.

    1. This is very good thinking, Leo. Love, as we know it here on Earth, is just a distortion of what real love is. We call it love when we fall in love with a woman or a man. Yes, that’s love to a certain degree, but it comes with attachments, such as lust, physical attraction, etc. E.g. “I love Mary more than Jane because Mary has a personality that suits me better and she is more attractive and sexier.” Real love is to be in Spirit and understand that we all are one and the same on a spiritual level and take that into ourselves and make it part of us–unconditionally. We can’t love unconditionally from a soul perspective, because on that level, we are separated and different.. It’s more of a spiritual thing.

      1. Yeah it’s amazing to see how the radical left and new age movements use “love” as a weapon of control because they know how strong a trigger it is. There has been this setup where our true spiritual reality has been cast as some horrible cold reality that we must deal with by constantly lining up for “opiate love” to keep it at bay. The left takes everything natural about life, our wildness and potency, and makes people believe it is dangerous and evil, using love as a way to make us cowardly, dependant and impotent. The same with the spiritual left. The “right” doesn’t exist except as a reaction to the manipulation of the left. That is, the extreme fascism or redneck nationalism of the right is actually a production of the leftist BS. Then when you get Hitler’s, holocaust or even Trump’s, the left say “see there you go.. this is what happens when you have power” and uses it as a further way of enrolling people to their collective impotence agenda. The same happens on the spiritual right (tradition and religion). By brainwashing people into believing the universe and humans are fundamentally loveless, a “market” opens up for “love”. This structures much of how we regard life and defend ourselves against our spiritual truth, avoiding gnosis like it was covid19 or something lol

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