VIDEO 228: Q&A Session #54

By Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, July 12, 2020

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: I have a question for your Q&A, could you explain indigo children, crystal children and rainbow children?

The New Agers mention how the Indigos etc. are supposed to be the ones that the Gnostics mention to raise the vibrations of the planet. Interesting connection. Also, there’s a different spin on it, how the Indigos etc. are actually these new humans who toe the line more and go along with things easier. This title thing seems like a contrivance. Or it could be to categorize certain energies.

Bob Marley; “Want you to know .. I’m a rainbow too”. (Even though rainbow children are supposedly this new generation).

QUESTION 2: Yaldabaoth is now restricted to the underworld, but the 7 “heavens” (where did that tag come from as they would better be described as “hells?”) appear to still be intact, including the archon recycling center in the fifth heaven.  Presumably, the archons themselves other than the demiurge himself still have free reign in all seven.  These “heavens” should shortly be crashing into non-existence pancaking like the WTC towers are purported to have done but didn’t.  Since the recycling center in the fifth still seems to still be operational, it appears that this pancaking into non-existence has not yet reached the 5th heaven.  Would welcome your comment and thanks.

QUESTION 3: I’m a little confused about a few things. So, when the Consummation of the Age has transpired, would we merge with Sophia or would we go to the Pleroma, become Aeons, and become true creator gods? I’ve seen you mention both perspectives, and I’m unsure if it’s either or. Could you explain what you mean by “merge” in greater detail? I know you’ve mentioned that merging with Sophia implies becoming an experience, much like what we’ve done last week, but wouldn’t that completely negate becoming Aeons/True Creator Gods in the Pleroma?

QUESTION 4: When we merge with Sophia, we become memories and experiences. So, I have a few questions from this perspective:
A) Do we have a choice in the matter, whether to merge with Sophia or not?

B) Does this merge mean the end of our individual experience and we’re no longer able to experience individuality?

C) If we don’t have a choice and we absolutely MUST merge with Sophia, will we see and experience through her eyes, but will be unable to interact?


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  1. Can we look at Joshua chapter…whatever….for a moment and compare it to penre’s speculation that ninurta/prince enlil/saboth held the title “lord of hosts” ???

    In Joshua, the Israelites are waging wars and the mysterious “lord of hosts” appears to fight along side them. This other-worldly warrior is so strong he destroyes more men by himself then then entire Hebrew army.

    This fits ninurta’s master of war persona, but leaves little to the iminagation that he was Jesus in the flesh-a kind and caring teacher on a mission to help us with our mission.

    Wes penre,

    What do you make of this myth and the Lord of hosts involvement or author’s motivation??

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for answering my question, very thought provoking and thorough response! First timer on QnA (I feel special, Just Kidding, hahaha). I know a lot of people who claim they are indigos or empaths and how it makes them special. I heard the word special is dehumanizing to others. And humans like to categorize things. Yeah, you made it clear in your research, there are spirited people and then there are not. But everyone has things to offer.

    A person I know always told me to see everyone as soul, or as spirit.

    Interesting thing, some people with psychic abilities actually have holes in their auric field. So they’re more susceptible to the supernatural.

    Is this new generation really more aware? I say they have the ability to be more aware with more knowledge available to them, Eg: researching online.

    1. Yes, I think the reason that the new generation in some cases seem more aware might be twofold. Like you said, they have access to information that the older generation didn’t before Internet evolved to what it is now. Also, those who woke up before the new generation also affect the younger generation, who can wake up easier than they otherwise would, perhaps.

  3. Hi Wes & Ariel,

    Can you suggest other books/texts that are as empowering as Gnostic texts? Thank you.

    1. It’s difficult to do at this point, I feel, because I am quite absorbed by the GT at the moment, and for that, in general is very enlightening. Then, I read interpretations from different scholars–both current and ancient, watch videos I think might give some more insight, etc. If you mean on other subjects, it depends on what you’re looking for. As it stands right now, the Gnostic texts are superior to anything else, and there is still a lot for me to learn from them.

    2. @ LC – Anything that you feel gives you a better understanding of who you really are, where you come from, and to where you need to return is beneficial, in my opinion. That will be different for each person. You can find little “bits” from various places that help you to remember what you are. Literally, *anything* that is uplifting to the spirit will help in that process.

      In a nutshell, anything that helps you align with the knowledge/KNOWING of “I am from the Pre-Existant One, and it is from where I came that I am returning.”

      Some of the most empowering forces for me have been in conversations I have had with others, of which that answer I just gave above ^ was one significant “piece” of KNOWING. (Thank you, sahib, if you read this.)

      Anything that helps build your confidence and assurance in *that* answer to the only questions of “Who are you, and to where are you returning?” will be tremendously helpful. Those are the *only* things you descended here to discover and know. That doesn’t neccesarily need to be found in a book, in my opinion. It can be found in the way you interact with this world, the people you know, the quiet thoughts that you meditate on in your mind as you are walking about, etc.

  4. We are in the abbys where almost no light exist.. we are here to light this darkness .. the reason there are ignorance here because of the absence of light .. we are here for that mission.. we are the light.

  5. I wonder who “the Lord of hosts,” was in Joshua chapter 12? This guy shows up and utterly wastes armies and the Hebrews went on a rampage.
    Doesn’t sound like the enlightened and spirit enhanced saboth/ninurta. It’s does speak to his lord of war persona though.
    At what point did ninurta flip sides in this story???

    1. @Mes – “At what point did ninurta flip sides in this story???”

      Long, long before ‘Jesus’ came on the scene. “On the Origin of the World” (Nag Hammadi) describes how and in what context this Grace was given to Sabaoth.

  6. Watched a YouTube video yesterday on Jean Claude Beyond Mystic channel He was chatting to Aurora from the Aurora Collective. She said she is a walk in from outside the matrix. What she was saying was similar to your work.
    Are you aware of the Aurora Collective.?

    1. Not so sure the monad is unknowable.
      Sounds very much like Sofia/us are trying to do just that.
      Anything worth doing won’t be easy. Yeah us!!!

  7. So people who merge with ,,god‘‘ in their NDE merging with sophia or yaldaboath? where is the difference?? for me it seems to be another side of the same coin. first you always stated we never lose our individuality because it would be an regression and all of a sudden our spirit merges with sophia and becomes sophia again any maybe if we are lucky enough ( this is just a speculation, right? ) our souls can play creator gods in the 8th and 9th heaven. i dont see any difference anymore with the merging with god the new ages promotes. it seems there is no real liberation.

    1. The difference between following Yaldabaoth’s path and going to Orion is that Yaldabaoth’s path takes forever. You are tested after every time you die. If you, for example, have acted out in anger during your life and not taken responsibility for it, that will be considered your “karma,” and you’ll be sent back here until you go a full lifetime being in control of your anger (just an example). Let’s say you manage doing that after 20 lifetimes, you will advance to the next level, which might have to do with jealousy. And so it goes, seemingly forever. And there is no sure thing that once you master yourself “perfectly,” they will set you free. Even if they will, it takes, like I said, “forever.”

      Instead, you can go through the Grid, ignore any and all distractions you might (or might not) meet on your way, and go straight to Orion and become a creator god there.

      This is all based on using existing sources, and from all we can tell, this is how it works.

      1. Hi Wes, thanknyou for all your hard work. You helped me find my inner peace. How you can master yourself if you never renember wht you did in your previous life?

        1. @JustMe – “How you can master yourself if you never remember what you did in your previous life?”

          You don’t need to know what you did previously. You have all you need, now, to make the right choices. The mastery of yourself is supposed to be a measure of how much you have grown. If you knew what you did last time, you might make a different choice based on that but you still have not achieved the growth that was needed to achieve that decision, so it wouldn’t matter in the bigger picture. You learned that the answer was wrong, but you did not learn *why* it was wrong. It’s the *why* that provides for the growth and development. It’s the difference between having the answers to the test ahead of time getting a perfect score without doing any of the work, and actually doing the lessons so that you can answer the questions for yourself. If you cheated and only got the answers from your friend, then you really wouldn’t be able to put any of the information from the lesson to use becasue you didn’t learn it. You cheated. This system is designed so that we cannot cheat (and we shouldn’t really want to, to be honest).

          1. Thank you Ariel very much for your great resp. You and Wes are such a beautiful lights in the dark. Much love. ❤

      2. Good image of how they try to trap humans .

        At the same time spirited humans know intuitively when they lie even if they push and harass them to overcome the false program . Knowing it within is enough to disempower them. Why? Integrity from within don’t allow them to take control over us. This can be achieve by many of us even if some are or were lost. The moment we know they lie, they lost us.
        Each one it’s path!

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