Video 35: Our Matrix as Computer Code and its Implications

Published: July 3, 2018

In science, the “Double-Slit Experiment” is a classic. Many viewers probably don’t know what this is, so we suggest you look it up in Wikipedia. In a few sentences, it shows that light can show characteristics of both waves and particles. This means that an electron, for example, produces a wave pattern when two slits are used for the electron to move through. This displays the fundamentals of quantum mechanics. The controversial scientist, Dr. Tom Campbell (his YouTube channel is linked in the Description box below), has taken this further, saying he can prove that this 3D reality is a simulation, like a computer game—it’s all made up of code, just like in the Matrix movies. Many people are now accepting that this might be the case, but there are also many alternative researchers who reject this statement. So let us take a look at this…

Transcript to the video


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