Article #1: Can Nanobots be Removed?

by Wes Penre, Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016
Revised: Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016

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In my book, Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind—A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond, I discussed, among many other things, nanobots and the Singularity.

In order to get a fuller understanding on the subject, I suggest that the reader reads my book, but those of you who already have a fair grasp of what Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, and the Singularity are, should not have problems understanding the meaning of this short article.

In my book, I explained how the Alien Invader Force (AIF) have instructed the Controllers (the alien hybrids of the first generation, who run the show here on Earth, taking direct orders from’s son Marduk)and their Minions (the power many people call the Illuminati, the Global Elite, the Powers That Be, etc. taking orders from the Controllers)to recently add nanobots to the chemtrails, vaccines, certain prescription drugs, and so on.

In order to prepare humanity to serve the AIF agenda, they need for us to already have thousands, perhaps millions, of synthetic nanobots in our biological system as we rapidly approach and arrive at the Singularity, and the Controllers are making sure we get these bots in our blood system one way or another. If the area where you live is being sprayed with chemtrails, you are breathing in these nanobots—there is no way to avoid that. I have them in my blood stream, and you might have them in yours, too, if you see chemtrails in the sky, take vaccines, or certain prescription drugs—particularly pain medication and psychiatric drugs.

Nanobots have many functions. They work as antennas, which means they are both receivers and transmitters of information when activated. Those in charge of this project can thus retrieve information from our endocrine system, but they can also alter the functions of the endocrine system as they please. This will be particularly important as the Singularity approaches, and it won’t be long now. The goal is to have the Singularity in place by 2045; something I exposed in my book.

Another function that the nanobots will have is to eventually replace the cells in our body. The Singularitists want the cells in our organs to be replaced with this nano-sized artificial intelligence (AI). For example, if a person is old, and his or her organs begin to fail, younger cells from this organ will be retrieved, and the old, failing organ will be replaced by an entirely new organ, and if a person needs a heart transplant, as one example, the new heart will be as young and vital as it was when the person was in his or her twenties or early thirties. The plan is to replace all our organs this way and thus give us synthetic, eternal life.

Before we get too excited, there is a serious catch to this agenda; the new organs will not consist of organic cells but of synthetic nanobots that can keep the organs young “forever.” The person will remain in his or her twenties or thirties (the person’s choice) for an “eternity.” At that point, they have become the definition of a cyborg—half human and half machine. The human part is the soul/mind/spirit body that will occupy these cyborgs, who will look just as you and I do but will consist of nanobots rather than human cells. According to the Controllers and their Minions, there will be no death post-Singularity because those in charge will make sure that if something were to fail in the body they can rejuvenate that part of the body. In the extension, people who are part of the Singularity (the new cyborg species, whom I call Posthumans—a term coined by Dr. Ray Kurzweil who is one of the AI Prophets working for the Controllers), will be able to rejuvenate their own physical bodies.

In the near future, the synthetic nanobots in our system will be the key to keeping us trapped in the third dimensional reality forever because cyborg bodies can’t die. This also means that the soul/mind/spirit body can’t leave this cyborg, and they will be stuck here and controlled by a Super Brain Computer (SBC), which is ultimately run by the Overlords (the AIF). Humanity will become a hive-mind, which is much easier to control than 7 billion individuals, who are prone to being quite unpredictable and difficult to control.

Possibly, the great majority of humankind will become stuck in the Singularity—we, as a human soul group, are rapidly heading toward the Singularity as of this writing in August of 2016. Unless people wake up to this fact and stop choosing to being addicted to electronics, they will inevitably be caught in the Singularity—there would be no way around it. The Singularity will be the end of Homo sapiens sapiens, who will be replaced by a Posthuman species—a cyborg race and a hive-mind, living in a virtual reality world that will be controlled by the Overlords. This virtual reality will eventually make Posthumans into Super Soldiers because the AIF is building a legion of space-faring foot soldiers to attack their number-one enemy: The Orion Empire.

In summary, this is what the Singularitists have in mind for us, and smartphones and nanobots are the cornerstones in this agenda. To learn more, I urge the reader to also read the book I referred to in the beginning of this article.

With the above in mind, how do we get rid of the nanobots that most of us already have in our blood stream? Unfortunately, it seems as if we can’t! Once these nanobots are in our system, they will stay there. For now, they are not activated—at least not in the majority of the population, as far as I know.

Although the nanobots can’t be removed, there might be a solution to this problem. Albert Einstein once said that a problem cannot be solved on the same level that it was created, and this is no exception. Nanobots are technology on a quantum level, and in order to solve this problem, we need to address this situation on a subquantum or soul level.

Universal Laws exist. One of the most important of these is the Law of Free Will. The Overlords can manipulate us as much as they want, as long as we fall for it and agree to their agenda, which unfortunately, we as a human soul group, have done throughout the eons. However, they need our direct or indirect consent in order to control us. They already have our indirect consent because they are revealing their entire agenda in mainstream media, in movies, and in music, and they are supporting a debate on the subject, because they are well aware that very few people will pick up on it and object. In the meantime, their agenda progresses as usual. The few who protest don’t count because they are in the minority. We need a majority of protesters to declare their sovereignty and demand the AIF stop their abuse. Unfortunately, this does not seem to happen; therefore, humanity is heading directly toward the pre-ordained “destiny” set up by the Overlords. This is called indirect consent; people may read about much of this, and even if they think it sounds crazy, most people just shake their heads and continue with business as usual, hoping it won’t happen or that someone else will stop it from happening. Some people might even look forward to the Singularity, without realizing what it really is and are too lazy to research it. Instead, they rely on human authorities to decide what is best for everybody.

This is where the solution comes into play. The Overlords need our consent, so let us choose to refuse. Do not give it to them. We might have nanobots in our system, but we do not want them activated—ever. Moreover, we don’t want to have anything to do with the Singularity.

We need to individually send out a clear intention into the “Universe.” You need to state that you are a sovereign spiritual being, you don’t give your consent to have any nanobots activated, and you don’t want to be part of the Singularity in any way, shape or form. Please send this intention out as a clear, focused, but light thought and let it expand to include the entire Universe, so everybody out there can “hear” it.

This is how we communicate with the Overlords and anybody else that exists out there in the Multiverse. They will hear us, and they will know without a doubt that we refuse to give our consent to become cyborgs. Therefore, the AIF should not be able to proceed with their agenda for us because we clearly declare our refusal to participate.

I have no full guarantee that this will work, but it should work, unless the Overlords have ways to manipulate such resistance as well. However, if we send out clear thoughts that emphasize our sovereignty as spiritual beings, that should be accepted. If they go ahead anyway, they are breaking the Law of Free Will, and they don’t want to do that because it makes them prone to prosecution in the future from a higher authority, if they get caught.

Therefore, I urge everybody who reads this article to send out this intention as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your participation.


  1. I am just catching up with the changes you have made to your website. I got behind in my reading of your research. You replied to me awhile back about organ transplants and nanotech – beware. There was a gentleman who was asking your advice about a knee replacement and I followed his question about a mitral valve. No, I did not have the surgery ; it was determined that it would only create more complications, blah blah blah. My plan is to head for a hold on the grid. This is what I want you to know before I leave, probably sooner than later. It is very easy to get distracted while out of the body!!Keep warning people to stay focused no matter what! And this just happened……as I was resisting in my mind the idea of any involvement in the singularity (I doubt that I’ll be here anyway) I heard a very quiet distant voice in my head answer me……it said “resistance is futile.” Yes, I have heard this line before ,but I was unnerved because it felt PERSONAL!I
    Kinda rattled my cage for a second. I can’t be accused of watching too much tv because I do not own a tv. Nope not in my home.!! Anyway, I thought I would let you know. But don’t worry about me cuz as we say in the hood……I’m not the one……!! Thank you for all you are doing!!!!

    1. Yes, we are actively emphasizing that people need to stay completely focus and NOT pay attention to anything–sightings or “voices.” All of it is distractions. Like the mother, whose child is stuck under a car. She doesn’t think about what’s possible or not, she just goes against all physical laws and lifts the car to get her child out of there. That’s the kind of intention and focus we must have.

      Thank you for your post, and I do remember the conversation you’re writing about.

  2. Can Nanobots be filtered out of the bloodstream like dialysis or replaced altogether with a blood transfusion (assuming clean blood with no nanobots could be found.) I saw a video that said they are in processed foods we eat like McDonald’s chicken McNuggets. Is Nanotech and Nanobots the same thing? One is ingested the other isn’t I’m guessing.

    In the movie “Bloodshot” the soldier has pure biologically enhanced nanobyte blood and it is drained after his mission and he’s deprogrammed (Amnesia) then reprogrammed for his next mission and his nanobyte blood is replaced with fresh newly charged/energized nanobyte blood like an oil change. The nanobytes require being charged since they expend so much energy repairing his flesh.
    Here popular mechanics says how great Nanotech is: Same magazine that tried to debunk 9/11 conspiracy theories. (Zionist Editor)

    1. Never mind I reread and see where you say they can’t be removed. Surely they can be identified under a microscope. No honest doctors have reported on this? Oh, I see the medical field is too busy praising Nanobots to explain there’s a downside.

    2. I don’t think a blood transfusion would remove all the nanobots. First, we continuously get new ones into our bloodstream, but also, the bots enter our cells in many different ways–food being one. It’s not just the blood cells that are infected–it’s all different parts of our body. We also breathe them in from chemtrails.

    3. The holographic matrix written by Abigail pattman has a good exp8and how to remove nanotechnology I did my own research a few years back and did a protocol experiment and was removing nanotechnology/morgellons from my body it took 5 days then it had gone I feel it’s back again as I’ve had a hard difficult year but will be going back on my protocol to remove again

      1. What was your protocol? I would like to try it. I have nanobots in my brain and they are slowly killing me.

  3. Could that affect my day trading? Thoughts being put in my head by a 4th dimensional entity clouding my judgment. There’s always a time when you feel you should buy or sell that turns out to be wrong…holding too long or selling too early. Even though your instincts tell you otherwise. Or maybe I’m just a bad trader lol. Do you have an opinion on the trading algorithms the stock exchanges use. It’s based on psychology no doubt and programs written by physicist.

  4. Are we not equiped by our genetic design, ET as our creators, with the ability to overcome these mental minipulations through technology that is being used against us, just by mentaly tuning our mental capiticy frquency up thereby creating a protective shield around our mind and body,? The human body can be cured of any medical issues through narture produced remedies and our power of thought. Then we should be able to activate inhereted abilities passed down from our creator/creators dna that arms us with the power to protect ourself. I have had very real dreams that i had these abilities, all i had to do was point my finger at the target and mentaly intend for an action and it happened. But i dont know how to activate the ability.

  5. I just dont accept that we are left in the mess with no way to really fight back, those of us that understand and belief the writings are true are here to fight the good fight and for as long as it is necessary, but preparation and arming ourself with more than being able to recognize who is who and see through the lies. How do we activate the dna strands that have been deactivated?

  6. What do you think of this?
    It seems many people have tried it and physically seen these nanobots that have left their body.

    1. Just curious; how could they “see” that the nanobots left their body? Nanobots are invisible to the naked eye…they are so small that you need strong microscopes to see them–thus, the word “nano,” which means “a billionth,” referring to size.

      1. It all depends nanonites are also black specks under the right conditions like wave pulse frequencies can be removed it smells like burnt metal when they fry inside the body DrVirtual7 video removing them is a creation he designed it to work.

  7. Would suicide be ok or even advisable as a last resort to avoid being trapped in the singularity ? I guess it may be too late anyway as those bots may be nestled or integrated too deeply in the body already now. But I didn’t come that far in my awakening process just to be ending up in a far worse trap than the matrix already is.

  8. After reading your article, all this covid nonsense become to make sense. You connect all the dots.

  9. I’m victim to nanoparticle mind control technology. They’ve been in my system for 3 years now and they’ve been able to alter my senses, emotions, perception of reality, and even create and manipulate my dreams with all my senses intact, they’re also able to take technological possession of me. They tell me they’ve subjugated the human mind and disaster awaits in my future/after I die where they’ll torture me technologically for eternity. I’ve not found any help for this so far and am at a loss for what to do.

  10. There is a simple way to scramble the program inside our brains and bodies so that the nano technology is unable to self-replicate and self-assemble. Make any of the anti-nano devices as recommended by Canadian Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco as demonstrated by him in his bitchute channel which is called ‘Independz’. Further to that, there are no extra-terresterials. I have never seen any. There are however many and varied remote controlled robots wearing elaborate costumes what are being remote controlled to walk and talk and to fool people into believing they are animate creatures. Those who control the nano technology are satanists in my opinion.

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