Video 214: Who’s Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 3/7 “Prince En.lil”

IMPORTANT NOTE: I forgot to include a picture in this video from the Vedic texts. Prince En.lil/Ninurta is Brahma in the Vedas. Brahma is just a title, and Prince Ninurta inhabit that title, too.

The ancient texts are invaluable when it comes to figuring out our true history, but they can also be very confusing to read because there are so many names and titles. In the Wes Penre Papers, I broke down many of the names and titles of the gods and goddesses, showing the readers that they are all the same deities under different titles or names.

However, because there are so many names and titles mentioned, Ariel and I decided to make a seven-parts video series on the subject, so people can go back to these videos, or to the transcripts, to find out who is who.

The astute reader or viewer will notice, as the series continues, that the same name or title will be listed for more than one deity. This is not a mistake—these beings take over each other’s titles when they take over each other’s roles…

Transcript to the video


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  1. I remember reading the syncretism paper and taking forever to get through it because I had to re-read the same passage several times because it seemed so dense and that’s what it took for it to sink in. I have a very good memory but trying to keep track of all the gods and who’s who was too much to remember. These videos help. I find it easiest to just use a piece of paper with each god at the top and list all the names below it for each one for reference.

    A deck of cards would work great too for matching names, titles and picture. Kind of like baseball cards matching team, player and position. In1983 I could have recited almost every players statistics for the year for each team. Kids didn’t have as much entertainment options back then and baseball was my passion. Times change.

    1. You’re not alone. The reason we decided to do this series of videos was because many people were/are confused about who is who in the Pantheon. WPP Level 5 is particularly confusing for people because in the Vedas there are so many titles, and we who live in the western part of the world are not familiar with the languages in the East, making it even harder to remember the names. So, we hope this video series will help. Next up is…

  2. Thank you for bringing back that intro sound. It causes some sparks in me and I like it

  3. Hi Wes it’s been a while since I got in touch. I have an important information to share I don’t know if you are aware there is a big event being organized it’s of the utmost importance we are at a knot of timelines and everything is up in the air. It is up to us to focus and determine what outcome we want as a collective and this is the perfect opportunity for a better world.

  4. Wes you said that mother goddess does not want or need worship then why were there religions in her name?

    1. Worship was something that was invented by Before the Flood, there was no goddess worship/religion. It was just a connection humans had with her on an energetic level (shamanism/nano-travel). After the Flood, this continued until gave us amnesia and started his own experiment here. There was still evidence all around us about the existence of a Mother Goddess, but then introduced religion in order to worship HIM. Those who still knew about the Feminine Universe were then manipulated into converting this knowledge into religion and worship. This way, it didn’t matter to whether we worshiped him or the Mother Goddess–all energy stayed within the Matrix anyway and ultimately was received by HIM.

      1. Oh okay I think I get it now. Its like in the movie avatar where they all are connected to the sacred tree which is like a mother to them

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