Video 215: Q&A Session #49

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: Here in Puerto Rico, Martial Law has been declared. How does someone survive this kind of situation? I am concerned for my health as someone who has DID? If possible, can you include this in a Q&A video?

QUESTION 2: What can we do if they make vaccines mandatory for virus? How can we escape? If we take it is there any herbals that can flush it out? I’m worried for kids. How can we save them?

QUESTION 3: I was just wondering, when we are out of here, then we can do anything. Or will this real earth seize to exist when En.Ki and his co-jerks are gone?

QUESTION 4: What I’ve heard regarding the New Earth is that once there, there is no death, but you can choose to die if you want to. With that in mind, could we actually go through with this “Event” and then shed whatever bodies we have there in order to exit the Grid (if there is one), or do you think the Grid would have been done away with by then? Do you think we would even be able to escape at all if this “Event” actually happened? OR if we did end up on this “New Earth”, would that actually mean that our chance of escape has been slashed to zero?

QUESTION 5: Do mind altering substances (i.e. Cannabis and DMT) hinder our ability to connect to the Queen, our higher self? Or does it depend on our intention for using the substance? 

QUESTION 6: Where should I recommend [people] to start, to introduce them to your information to make them inquisitive and give them a desire to continue to read? Unfortunately, I know very few will continue to read, but I feel I need to give them the opportunity to discover the truth and let make their own choice.

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  1. 🌹💙 Thank you Wes and Ariel for this Q&A; it is reassuring during these days of uncertainty, your encouraging us to find our way! I would like to ask everyone to consider becoming a patreon of this Work, if you are not yet a patreon—this Endeavor needs your financial support! Bright Blessings to all who read and consider! 🌞🙏.

  2. Wes,
    You mentioned in past videos that we have been sprayed with nano bots for well over 50 years. Is it possible they can enter the virus into our system? From watching the rapid rate that people worldwide have been getting infected, it really seems like it is demonic in nature. Something Marduk, thru the elites would really want to do since he has no empathy. A precursor to even more demonic events in our near future.

        1. Thank you! Yes, even in the scientific community these days, most scientists seem to agree that viruses are dead things and bacteria are alive.

      1. You mean the powers that be lied to us and we dont have to be afraid of their fear porn? NO WAY!
        The govt wouldnt lie, lol

  3. Hi Wes and Ariel. This video was made two days ago. When I watched it it made me think of what you said regarding the time for abusers of mankind to be over soon. If true, things are happening on a grand scale that I never thought possible.
    My sister has friends who know people in LA Sheriffs who said the higher- ups were in a big meeting the other day. Possible two week lock down on everybody including grocery stores. Only hospitals/dialysis open. A friend of hers is also married to a retired diplomat confirmed it too

  4. Your love of the halflings leaf has clearly slowed your mind.
    Gandalf smoked. He still went west with the elves and bilbo at the end

  5. Thank you for this clarifying Q&A. Very educational too. Especially this advice from answer to Q2 hit here:
    “We understand that many people are looking for advice and want someone to lead them in knowing what they should do.

    We would like for all of you to know that whatever decision you make is the correct one for you. Listen to your heart and do what intuitively feels best for you.

    Now is the time to stand on our own two feet and take responsibility for how we choose to live during this shift.”

  6. I’m wondering your thoughts on David Wilcock. I know you like to not talk about others in the truth community that often (which is a noble thing I think.) He says that the so-called aliens, the ascended (which you said are just advanced humans) need the human soul group to evolve so they can evolve. And that is their agenda. He mentions space and other planets being tangible things, when we know now that they’re densities and maybe they’re a physical work in progress, like a movie set piece, since we know this place is a copy. Funny theory of mine right? Or they have been copied and they are occupied by humans who relocated there, who knows. Or maybe these planets people think they’re on are just another part of this unexplored Earth plane. I’m on the fence about a lot of things.

    I’ve always thought that since Wilcock mentions the Ra material that is a red flag (since we know who that is) and he said he isn’t in a faction, yet he seems to be supportive of the new age ideals. You’ve equipped a lot of us with good discernment now, on seeing the whole picture. I know that people are being called into action to support this new age thing, people who are good and kind and don’t know any better. It’s hard to say to others that the good force on Earth has its own agenda and it’s just a duality game. I’ve discussed this with my parents and they don’t get it, they are too indoctrinated into the new age. I feel like if I discussed this with Wilcock he would change the subject, or not, who knows. I have been gaslit a lot because of my truth, which I’ve known my whole life intuitively until I came across your work for validation.

    1. When it comes to Wilcock, all I can say is that it’s very little I agree with him about. And “aliens” are not what we think they are. There will be more about this in our upcoming videos. The truth movement has been heavily indoctrinated.

  7. Thank you for this Q&A session! It contained amazing Informations. I have something to share with you regarding the informations that you shared inside, about them collecting data in order to build some kind of digital clones of us! A few weeks ago I hade a strange dream, it seems that I was forced ?! (I remember the feeling refusing that) to looked of a kind of robotic copy of me that just get finished – “they” (even it was nobody there working on this copy of me it’s seems to happened automatically) just assemble the head and somehow put this clones so in function! Than I woke up! A few days after this dream a friend of me send me a picture from a women that looked exactly like me, wearing a mask – it was from an online daily newspaper (the women was just put there as an example about the necessity to wear masks in each situations, no name of her)! Me personally strictly refuse to wear this masks and I put one just when I’m forced in order to go for shopping food! I remembered immediately my dream about the clones of me and had a damn bad feeling! But still didn’t know what to think about! Now hearing to your thoughts about the digital new matrix where a digital copy of us it’s supposed to be plugged in, I think this was more than a strange coincidence! It will be so great to hear your Thoughts about – do you think they are already so advance in their agenda that some clones are already exist in this digital kind of a new matrix? What can I do to refuse the transfer of my own life informations and skills to this clones? It’s a revocation contract as an expression of my own free will that I refuse to participate in this new matrix and I don’t give my consent to, enough? Any advices ❤️? I’m not afraid about this life – even I have a daughter and I’m worry more about her! But I refuse to spend eternity feeding this monsters! I want to exist this matrix and find my way out! Thank you so much for all your work and for sharing your knowledge! Much love for you and Ariel 💞

    1. Social media(fb.instagram…our phones,etc.,) is a tool for collecting information about us.even the comments we leave on youtube help the A.I. to create an accurate evaluation of our own character.I don’t know if you are familliar with Westworld,The series,but you will find some answers in there.-how the Park(Earth) is a way to spy(try to recreate)the clients.
      Also,the movie “US” has some truths.

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