Video 216: Who’s Who Among the Gods and the Goddesses Part 4 of 7: “”

The ancient texts are invaluable when it comes to figuring out our true history, but they can also be very confusing to read because there are so many names and titles. In the Wes Penre Papers, I broke down many of the names and titles of the gods and goddesses, showing the readers that they are all the same deities under different titles or names.

However, because there are so many names and titles mentioned, Ariel and I decided to make a seven-parts video series on the subject, so people can go back to these videos, or to the transcripts, to find out who is who.

The astute reader or viewer will notice, as the series continues, that the same name or title will be listed for more than one deity. This is not a mistake—these beings take over each other’s titles when they take over each other’s roles…

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  1. Wes, I am a true Twin Flame, but much of this seems incorrect. At what point would we have volunteered to come back here? What do You and Ariel think?


      1. It feels like we could have volunteered to come back after the flood. To this day I have a fear of swimming in the ocean (even thought I scuba dive) and the deep part of a swimming pool. I feel like I died in the flood.

        Thank you Wes, please let me know when you have watched the above video with part 2 of it.


  2. So many religions/gods and only 1 truth. And no one can agree on it because no one really knows. If only God would make his presence known to everyone instead of making it a journey with no end.

    1. It is definitely frustrating and if a loving, sane god existed I believe we would have clarity instead of lies. I’ve given up trying to figure out ‘god.’ All I can do at this point is inform myself as best as possible, find teachers that I trust and spend time going inward as much as possible. It’s where we’ll all end up sometime anyway.

    2. If “God” made himself or herself known, how do we know it’s the “real thing?” If the Overlords have advanced technology, how can we distinguish? And how can we know that “God,” even if he/she acts benevolent, is not just deceiving us? What if this “God” does not correspond with certain religions? Just to take Jesus as an example: if we pretend he actually WAS the “son of God,” how many believed him?

  3. You forgot one… THANOS.. im 100% he is… and i forgot also.. PAIN from naruto anime… PAIN is 100%

    1. Marduk is thanos enki is ego cuz everything is enki. Just like everything is queen nin in the khaa. Or the artificial soul inverted here on ea’s earth.

      Enki expected a longer video. This doesn’t do him justice. 😂

        1. How will orion defeat the aif should a battle occur in this singularity scenario? Enki/mdk was pretty unstoppable in Joshua chapter ten. He should try fighting stronger oppenets like ninurta instead of human and then see how he fairs.

  4. You forgot one… THANOS.. im 100% he is… and i forgot also.. PAIN fro naruto anime… PAIN is 100%

    1. This video was taken down by YT and Vimeo. It’s an interesting story behind it, and I’ll copy and paste something I just wrote on my facebook wall:

      “David Icke censored from YT AND Vimeo and the video was taken down from both platforms. It’s ironic because this is a 2 hrs+ interview with a mainstream channel. The interviewer from that channel went on YT a few hours before the interview and told people that the upcoming interview would probably not be popular among his listeners because Icke is considered a “conspiracy theorist.” However, the interviewer was very balanced and said that even though he does not agree with much of what Icke is saying, he wants to protect freedom of speech and let Icke talk uncensored, with the interviewer more or less only listening to him. He was of the opinion that all voices need to be heard so people can make an informed decision. But lo and behold! The entire interview was deleted. I wonder what this mainstream interviewer thinks now…

      Icke’s video is still up on BitChute: (scroll down on this page)…”

  5. So many titles, the essence of deception. The only one I couldn’t fully agree on was Pan, I always thought he was more a nature archetype, probably the life of the body impulses which , yes enki is sex maniac but dont think of Pan as patriaarchal and controlling like enki we know… thoughts?

    1. Pan and, historically, are one and the same, like all the gods mentioned in this video. It can easily be proven by using syncretism. Then, what people are doing, and what significance they put into these titles/gods is just their own idea, in retrospect. The fact remains that Pan resembles

  6. Dear Wes and Ariel, last night I felt an enormous desire to reread the articles written by Ariel called “The Orion family feud”, excellent articles by the way, and so in tune with this times, in chapter 98, she mentions that they both did not know the name of the Archangel that corresponds to Lucifer in our history. With this episode I conclude that you managed to find that name and that is Uriel. You can dig a little deeper into how you came to that conclusion. Huge hugs, Mar.

    1. Hi, Marcela J.H ~ Yes, the conclusion came by looking at the station or position that each Archangel holds in their relationship to “God”. Uriel translates to “Light of God”. Whenever we see it indicated that the archetype is associated with Light, we are then able to tag that role to Lucifer. Lucifer seems to always be the representation of Light where these specific functions or roles are concerned. You are right, at the time that I wrote the article I had not made this connection. (((HUG)))

  7. Do you have any idea on’s mention/appearance in Islamic texts? Iblis? Allah? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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