3. The Second Construct

This short-movie is about Atlantis, which was the time between when Earth was populated up until the infamous Flood.


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  1. Hello Ariel & Wes,

    I was wondering if those genetically engineered creatures (mermen, giants) were used as avatars for the Namulu’us’ souls? If they were, would those experiences become a part of their reincarnation history? If I lived through the flood should I have those memories in my cellular memory?

    My other question is how En.ki lowers the vibration of a planet? I’m not thinking in terms of specific scientific explanation I just like to understand it in layman terms.

    Third, are the seven realms representing dimensions? If they are, does it mean En.ki has knowledge/power to create only in these realms within his 4% of real estate?

    Finally, I’ve been also wondering about the Hollow Earth society. Who are they and when did they get there? Are they also part of En.ki’s clan?

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Margareta for the questions 2,3,4!
      Regarding the Q1 : I never thought that this could be possible!
      Please allow me to put an other question : the physical world as we know it(experience it in our current life) has this characteristic only on Earth?
      The other “astral dimensions” have different types of “physicality”?In fact : how exactly one define “physicality”?

  2. Wes do you think Enki created the Draco and the insectoids? also do you believe Sofia is the Queen of Orion?

    1. I just now answered your question about the Queen on facebook ;). Regarding the Dracos and Insectoids…see the FAQ I also posted this morning: https://wespenrevideos.com/2020/02/09/faq-different-traveling-methods-in-the-khaa-aka-the-greater-universe/ .

      The nonphysical beings (the Overlords/Anunnaki in this case) can shapeshift and take any form they like. There are no such things as Dracos and Insectoids–at least not in the sense our human narratives go. It’s sometimes the Overlords and their Minions shapeshift into. Other times, it’s MK ULTRA, Military false memory implants after abductions, or thought forms.

      I’m not saying there are no draco-like or insectoid-like beings in the entire Universe, but when it comes to those whom people claim to have encountered….well, those who know how to shapeshift make us see what they want us to see.

      1. So in myth, the ant men enki (as Poseidon) supposedly created for a male offspring to serve as their king (mother said to be an incarnation of Isis) is a fabricated story..Meaning also the ant beings in those AZ caverns during one of the floods, who told the Hopi they were there to save them, and did help them, were minions of the imposter AIF’s intent on saving themselves. Oh, the depth of the falsehoods..

        1. In short…yes, you could say that. The ant people would be the “Greys,” and they are running En.ki’s errands. Isis and the Mother Goddess (Queen) have always been two different beings, but Isis has at times taking the self-induced role as the Goddess.

  3. Throughout their conflicts and displacements I see a common element and that is to have or gain control of this “physical creatrix incarnation”. We see this documented in their recorded bible, myths, and legends from all over the world. The Queen was the first free-will sovereign, but in the Milky Way Galaxys recent stages of existence, her successor was the enabler, mind-wiped, creatrix pawn who was never granted actual unadulterated free-will or sovereignity. Always, always SHE is the main character, even when called by many various names, and possessed in physical, mind and spirit by different means, through many ages. Poor dear, wonder when this is all over with if she will ever recover from the exponential traumas experienced here in oppressive enslavement; During rare moments of lucid memory does she feel all she ever loved has abandoned her. Mother points to son, son points to his son, others to all involved in the deceptions. Is it possible we could be experiencing this holographic realm in order to gather witness testimony and physical evidence for defenders/prosecutors in preparation for Crimes Against Humanity Tribunals? Who knows, all seems to be more than a typically orchestrated illusion.

    1. The testimonial aspect has now become a part of it all, but that’s just a byproduct–a consequence of how the Experiment turned out. In the next FAQ we’ll publish here, we will go into more detail regarding the purpose with the Experiment, what makes us different from other star races, and what the human soul group was set out to accomplish and why.

      1. Atlantis is of course just a term we use for an epoch of our history, but in the context most people think of Atlantis, there have been two I know of. The first one was on Tiamaat–our original water world, and when that planet exploded, En.ki hijacked the human soul group and put us on Earth, trying to mimic the previous Atlantis/Tiamaat, and it’s the second Atlantis people usually talk about when they discuss Atlantis. This is also the Atlantis Plato talked about.

    1. We are not planning any particular videos right now while we’re doing the new Gnostic articles series on this platform–except maybe a Q&A now and then. After that, we’ll make more videos.

  4. @Wes… good morning. Thank you for your work. I have posted your link to the “levels of learning” to many…

    Possibly you could help me understand why it is that when I try to do research on any of this I have this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I struggle to stay on task and leave feeling completely drained. Is this a part of the programming? How can I fight against it?

    Thanking you in advance…

    1. @GetReal When we decide to dig down the rabbit hole, we are leaving our state of false “comfort” and what we find is not what we want to find–it’s often dirty, ugly, violent, and shocking. A lot of different emotions will surface–sadness and anger are just two of them. At one point or another, I think almost all people go through that to a larger or lesser degree. We “just” need to work through these emotions while we continue, and eventually, they will transform into a much clearer understanding, which will enable us to see this whole thing from an observer’s viewpoint, without getting invested in the negative parts of it. Just keep going 🙂 .

  5. Wow, beautifully illustrated, I also noticed in the second construct, the character God appeared in the beginning, why he was not there in the first construct, and who is he?
    It was a sumerian script I think I recall reading somewhere about Enki and Enlil, etc but l never knew Noah was the son of ( ) and very nicely you have made this movie

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