Video 205: Q&A Session #45

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QUESTION 1: Was the Tiamaat water what we know as being water, i.e.  H2O?

QUESTION 2: Since we, the Namlu’u, are loving and passionate, showing empathy, etc., would it be normal to show and give my feelings to someone who is soulless/spirit less? How would I even know that they are not part of the Queen? I work in psychiatry and I deal with all kinds of people who are no longer thinking and behaving, should I say normal? Sometimes I think that some of them might be Namlu’us, but their genuine soul is suppressed. How can I be sure? How can I protect myself in order to retain my energies? I have studied to work in the health, to take care of the sick, but now that you have opened my eyes, I am no longer sure if that was the right choice. I go home after work feeling so heavy and very tired. I do put a shield in front of me and also lock myself inside a ball just to protect myself but, I think i need more than that. Please advise me.

QUESTION 3: How do they trap animals in the reincarnation trap? How are animals lured in the tunnel? The same as people?

QUESTION 4: It seems to me that purpose of energy is to create, otherwise there is no expansion. I don’t think we need to store it or hoard it; we need to use it. Therefore, should we not focus on eliminating bottlenecks and expand our ability to utilize greater amounts on demand (bandwidth), rather than to seek to accumulate large amounts, then execute? Is not source our infinite battery storage system?

QUESTION 5: You stated that we are recycled back to the same period in time over and over again under the premise of getting it right. Much like Groundhog Day? Is this in addition to having our original soul recycled over other periods of the earth’s existence (for example, born as the same person in 1965 seven times so far, 1832 nine times so far, 1758 twelve times so far, etc.)?

QUESTION 6: You mentioned how we find partners who mirror our parents essentially, which doesn’t help our healing. How then ARE we supposed to heal from parent issues? Is it something we must just do 100% on our own through understanding?

QUESTION 7: From Dolores Cannon book; they always talk about different planets and how we need to evolve from here; earth the training ground, from your information. If I’m correct, these are all part of this construct, so are the entities that are speaking also Enki’s minions?

QUESTION 8: I’m looking at Monroe’s “Far Journeys” and his explanation of creation of this construct by someone (EnKi) and the diabolical way that they stimulate loosh production by us ‘lulus‘ for their sustenance and pleasure. The explanation fits your description of the second rate copy we experience. It got me thinking; if the Mother Goddess of Orion created the original (before it was destroyed along with Tiamaat), did that also mean that she also desired or required Loosh? It’s bad enough being a lab rat for EnKi, but did that apply to the Mother Goddess as well?

QUESTION 9: Regarding the Flood; I am just wondering…for those human beings, was it possible to leave the body at will and in this way to avoid experience “physical trauma”?

QUESTION 10: Do stones die and how would they trap stones? I means for instance like in volcanic eruptions?

QUESTION 11: Do you know the proper frequencies of earth and other constructs including the Khaa? For instance, I’m always hearing about 432 Hz and such; are there any that could actually be beneficial for us that wouldn’t keep us connected to earth energy? Do you know of any that could help connect us outside of the grid? 


  1. Thank you Wes and Ariel for taking time from your time to answer the Qs! Setting boundaries(I recognize myself in Q2😊), education, doing your best in this time here on Earth and have the courage to take the exit.Sometimes I review the last scene of Truman Show.

    1. Thanks for your comment, anamaria! Truman Show was a VERY interesting movie, resembling the Matrix quite accurately, including the “background people.” For those who still haven’t watched it, it’s a great movie.

    2. Has anyone heard of this new theory where by space is measured as a super- fluid and not a vaccum?

      It makes a difference when one measures the rate at which light travels through various mediums.

      Example: if the star light we see is passing through both water-space and air – atmosphere before it meets our eyes then the distance these so called stars are from the earth must be recalculated.

      Long story short; so these peeps who are using the super fluid space model say stars are actually a lot closer. Snow globe construct?

      1. Yes, our research points at that “space” is liquid. Regarding the distance between stars…it’s irrelevant in a sense because in the KHAA, we travel with thoughts–not spaceships.

  2. I have noticed space videos of booster and the space station showing the black space and no stars. Does this mean that this construct is really just what are seeing here? Just made up to look real. There is nothing beyond what you see.

  3. 🌹💙 Regarding question #3–animals who pass over—when I was a young child, I was playing outside my grandparents’ house when I felt I was being watched. I looked up and saw this black (silhouetted) apparition of a Civil War soldier sitting on his black horse which was very malnourished. They were both watching me from the rooftop above. I shrieked in terror and ran inside. (My grandparents believed me because they had experienced paranormal phenomena their entire lives.) Thirty years later, my grandmother saw the exact same Civil War soldier who was watching her one afternoon near her patio, which was at a different location on the same property. The soldier was levitating a few feet off the ground but his horse wasn’t there! Maybe the horse moved on? Who knows, but it’s intriguing as to why the horse—who was previously connected to the earthbound soldier—was no longer (required to be) with him! 🌞🙏.

  4. Thank you Wes and Ariel for your advice applied to Q#2. I did try to open the link you have referred but I got an error. It says that I have no allowance. Is it due to being not a member on wespenreboard?

      1. Thanks Wes 😊

        It was really interesting to know that I do interact in my daily life with Co and counter-dependent people. The problem is that they exist almost everywhere. In the case of someone who’s working at a mental health institute, it’s really a complicated situation. As you said, leave the job and look for something else. Not bad. Thanks again for your advice.

  5. Hello Wes and Ariel! First of all, I’d like to thank you for all this valuable work.
    Please, help me clarify on this: does the Queen still receive our experiences here on earth? Because I think there´s no use to continue having experiences if they don’t serve to her anymore. Whatever we create in this construct will not be beneficial to us in the KHAA, will it ?

    1. She receives it to some extent. Most people on Earth are just recycling their thoughts and energy within the Matrix, and they have lost the connection to their Genuine Soul. They are in a loop and almost completely disconnected. The more we wake up, spiritually,, the more we open the door to the realm of our genuine soul, and when we do that, we report back some of our experiences.

      No creation or experience is in vain–it’s all experiences, which contributes to the overall experience of everything alive in the KHAA. IOW, the Divine Feminine/All That Is, learns from good or bad. The problem with this Matrix is that we have a veil of amnesia and don’t even know who we are. We don’t have true freewill. Each soul should be presented all options, and then they can decide whether they want to stay here or leave. Humanity is not presented with these options.

  6. Thank you wes and ariel.. for now i cant afford to be a patron but im glad i can still listen to the videos and q&a for free.. thanks for the wisdom.and great insights…

  7. If I remember it correctly, we are fire souls. What is better for us, being buried or being cremated? Or does that really not matter?

    1. @Krots This is my take on it: For a person who is unaware of any of the spiritual stuff and has no idea what happens after death, cremation is probably the best. This is because that is more likely to eliminate the soul’s urge to stay around in the lower astral. When the body is gone, there is no return, and the soul is more likely to quicker move on.

      For someone who is aware and realizes that they’re dead and can’t return doesn’t care whether the body is buried or cremated–they know they can’t return. My own choice would be cremation because that completely eliminates the body as an attachment. It can’t be an attachment when it no longer exists in the physical. Not that I’m afraid I will be attached to my body and won’t let go, but overall, cremation means the end to something. I want to make sure I don’t leave any soul energy in a body that is buried underground, if that makes sense.

      It doesn’t have so much to do with fire in itself; it’s more about what I wrote above, IMO. Good question, by the way.

      1. Awesome answer! BTW, what is the title and or composer of the music you guys use at the end of every video. I absolutely love it!

  8. Morning Wes,

    Why overlords want us to know that we are in the simulation? How are they benefiting from us knowing that we live in some sort of virtual reality? Thank you.

    1. You are correct because now mainstream science and people like Elon Musk are saying what “conspiracy theorists” have said for quite some time now. Of course, none of us has been in any of the secret meetings that the Global Elite are holding, so we don’t know exactly what is being planned behind locked doors. But I can imagine that this revelation is part of a much bigger plan, i.e. the Singularity. If people start accepting that we live in a simulation already, it’s easier to accept a NEW simulation that’s being planned, i.e. the Singularity. I’m sure that’s not the only reason why they are suddenly promoting this, but I think that’s one of them.

      1. Hm, I would think more that if we know we are in a simulation, we would want to stay away from another simulation. Anyway, thank you for your time answering my question.

        1. @LC Yes, I know what you mean. But propaganda is powerful. If “they” want us to believe something (whether true or false), all they need to do is to repeat it over and over, until we accept it as the truth. If people start realizing we’re in a simulation, they will accept it, and if someone like Elon Musk and scientist talking heads say so, as well, people will believe it. Musk pretends to be “of and for the people,” and he pretends being against A.I. overall, but then presents an “alternative” solution (“if we can’t fight them, let’s join them–but on OUR terms”). This is all manipulation, coming from a man who is just another spokesperson for the Singularity. So, he presents Neuralink, which is just another step of the Singularity agenda. People never ask themselves the question, “why is Elon Musk allowed to develop his so-called solution if it goes against the agenda of the Elite?” Instead they believe in Elon Musk being an adversary to the Singularity the way it’s originally planned.

          This is just the way we humans operate–instead of using critical thinking, we just accept the words from authorities.

          My point is that the Overall Agenda is extremely complex, and everything that’s being done is a part of the whole–even when it seems to be separate and disconnected from it. If they reveal that we are living in a simulation, there is a very important reason for that, and it has to do with grooming us for the Singularity.

    1. I answered this elsewhere, but just in case someone else is wondering; the music that goes together with the Patreon promotion is “Together we Stand” by and with Scott Holmes.

  9. Hey, Wes and Ariel! Please help me with some marriage counseling. At this stage of my life, after I had realized that nothing else appeals to me (sex, for example, has never been pleasurable) and that everything around is full of boredom in my marriage, what do you think I should do?
    I love the family I raised. Now I even have a lovely 3-year-old granddaughter, and I wouldn’t like to divorce because I know it would create suffering for the whole family.
    But the problem is that I cannot stand to continue pretending all is fine.
    I am exausted, bored, and desperate, and if I tell him the truth, I would make matters worse. What are your ideas regarding this?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. @Luisa So sorry to hear this…Is your husband abusive (verbally and/or physically)? If not, have the two of you tried to repair your relationship by talking things through? If so, afterwards, are there any positive changes or no changes at all? Marriage counselling? If the relationship feels abusive and you’re unhappy and nothing you’ve done helps, you may consider ending your marriage. YOUR happiness and well-being is very important. When we make big changes (like with a separation), there are always going to be those who are affected, but the changes still need to be done. Other people have to deal with their issues about it–it’s no longer your concern now when your own children seem to have grown up. You have a life, too, and it’s your responsibility to do the best of it. It’s never right to sacrifice ourselves for someone else, contrary to what we’ve been told. Those who truly are your friends and loved ones will still want to be in touch with you. If they don’t, the loss is theirs. I understand about the granddaughter–these situations are tough. Maybe you could still see her, even you break up?

      Have you read up on narcissism and codependency? If not, it’s crucial that you do. I know too little about your situation to know exactly what’s going on, but just you feeling the way you do requires that you make changes in your life. You can’t go on living like that.

      Does this help?

      1. Hi, Wes!
        Thank you so much for your reply!
        No, Wes. He is not a narcissist. He treats me very well. We have been married for 33 years. He never complains about anything, he works hard but gives me attention. He’s always been a good father to my children. The main problem is that I dont want to play the role of wife anyore. I dont like when he touches me.
        I hate the way partners were designed to live together. (Especialy regarding sexual relatioship) But I have never told him about it.
        I wish I were in the KHAA right now!

    2. LUISA ~ If you are in a marriage in which talking to him would make matters worse, then there is a problem that needs to be solved.

      A marriage is a partnership and a cooperative relationship in which each person is valued, heard, and their needs met.

      NO, you should not pretend all is fine. You are not only being dishonest with him, but also yourself. If you do not want to talk to him alone, maybe have a family member or counselor (someone you trust that will be an objective perspective for both of you) to sit with you while you both express your feelings.

      Try your best to talk and come up with a plan to work things out. Ultimately, if two people who are married turn away from each other to solve their problems instead of turning toward each other, this relationship and its benefit to both of you needs to be reevaluated.

      Don’t be impulsive and give everything a lot of thought. A lot of talking and listening can go a long way to getting down to the bottom of your problems. That might take quite a bit of time, but if the two of you are dedicated and want what is best, not only for yourselves but each other, you’ll eventually come to the point where you know this will work or it won’t.

      If it won’t, I would still suggest using a counselor or some type of third party who can be sympathetic to each of you to work out a plan for separation that will involve the least amount of trauma. I wish you both the best.

      1. Hello, Ariel! Thanks for your lovely reply. The truth is: being married for more than 3 decades sucks.
        Like I replied to Wes, it’s not a case of abuse at all.
        I just realized that I am in a bad situation and I feel if there is any change it will be worse because right now I am the only one in suffering,
        If I change, I am going to cause my whole family to suffer too. I dont think it’s right ’cause I love them.
        I’d like to find something to reduce my boredom and try to live a better life, that’s all.

        1. LUISA ~ I am so glad there is no abuse! Thank you for coming back to make that clear.

          Do you know what your passion is? Can you create a project ~ something that helps others, even if it’s only one person. Maybe you have a lot of love to give? See if your hospital’s NICU has a program you can help with holding babies whose parents can’t be there. Find an older person who may need a ride to the store or the hair salon once a week or once a month, or help with cooking meals and cleaning. If you ask around, I’m sure something will become available to you. Maybe you could volunteer your time in a way that will help you feel more purposeful in your life? Many primary schools love to have volunteers come and listen to children read, who are struggling. An hour a day or a week may be enough to elevate your mood and give you some renewed joy. Can you be a mentor or a support for a teenager in your community who needs help with life skills (cooking or school work?) or maybe someone who just needs a friend. Put your intention on it ~ whatever it is ~ and then pay attention to what comes your way. 🙂

    3. Luisa:
      Find some real-life friends outside of your family that give you joy. You could be a mentor or just a paI to these people. I think you’ll find that if you set your intention on finding these friends they will soon enter your life I left my wife for the very same reasons you are describing. Dont worry, you’ll still have a relationship with your grandaughter.
      Good luck sista

  10. In the khaa yes irrelevant. But as the matrix measures distances its interesting to ponder just what these stars are and how far away they might really be.

    So just how fast is the speed of thought? Or how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop? The world may never know.

    Still i wonder if thought has a speed limit like light?
    The khaa must be enormous. Surely some places are closer to where one might be as opposed to others in that universe.

    Will traveling in the khaa from place to place no matter the distances all seem about the same duration of time?

    Whats the point of pesh-meden then and other star lanes like it? Are star beings getting to their destinations using star maps and specific routes? Do you have to check in at the local stargate before entering a world, like customs?

    Weird questions i know and many of them yet i love to speculate on the Logistics of khaa life.

    I bet wes has to wait at least eight hours before he can see the queen once he gets clearance into orion. Bring a book while you wait. Lol

    1. These are very well thought-out questions! Thank you! I will answer them from my perspective–from what I’ve learned and considered…

      Regarding the speed of thought: close your eyes and then think yourself to the neighbor’s house/apartment. You perceive that as quite instant, right? Now, think yourself to the moon. Did you notice any difference in speed? Probably not. So, it doesn’t matter if you think yourself to the moon or the other side of the universe–you perceive it as the same “speed.” What we consider the Universe (KHAA) ultimately exists INSIDE of us, but in order to have a mutual experience among star races, etc., we project our inside outwards. It’s very similar to a film projector. The film is inside the projector, but we watch it on a movie screen–outwards and outside the projector.

      The blueprint for the KHAA/Greater Universe is a spider web. When astronomers photograph the Universe in infrared, they can see it. However, we can’t see it with our naked eyes–it’s beyond the small spectrum of visible light, which human bodies are limited to. The strands that make up the spider web are the universal highways, upon which thoughts travel from one point to another. The space between the strands is the VOID, i.e. the so far non-created space. Then, you might say that there must be different speed of thoughts depending on which highway you choose. In a sense this is correct, but it’s so marginal that the mind does not notice it.

      What we’re talking about here is souls who travel without 3D physical bodies. This is where shapeshifting applies. The soul can travel from one place to another and manifest in any shape and form they wish at their destination by decreasing their frequency. We will fall into this category when we leave the Matrix. Our original template is that of the Namlu’u, so that is probably how we will manifest by default although we can take other shapes and forms, as well. We will be able to travel across dimensions and also choose to mingle with the 3D Universe when we wish to. In this state, we are creator gods, and we can create our own worlds and environments and populate them with our own soul energy–we can make them 3D (think “Q” in Star Trek–that’s how it works).

      Then we have star races who are 3D just like humans on Earth, but they are of a slightly higher density than we are. They live and evolve on planets, stars, or elsewhere (which we can’t really grasp right now). As they evolve, they might or might not build spacecraft in order to travel from one point to another. There are hubs (stargates) leading from one point to another–similar to Star Trek, but not completely–which can be used, so these 3D beings can travel on the spider web strands, as well. They might meet other star races over time and start trading with them–even starting wars if they are so inclined.

      However, this kind of travel and interaction is cumbersome, time consuming, and limited. Later on in their evolution, they will learn about nano-travel, i.e. they stay on their planet and travel with thought (they send out fires across the dimensions or in order to travel a distance). They realize this is much faster, and eventually, they make a choice; should we continue being 3D beings, physically stuck on a planet or star, or should we abandon these relatively solid bodies and become non-physical, so we can travel instantly and manifest wherever we want in no-time? It’s up to the star race what they want to do.

      I had a source that is from the KHAA when I wrote the papers, and we discussed these things. Most star beings, unless they want to be genuine creator gods, have some kind of physical existence in one solar system or another, but can also leave their bodies at will through nano-travel. Thus, they can meet with other star races far away and trade with them, using the spider web. They manifest (like “Q”) on the other end and negotiate trade, or whatever it could be. Then they return home. If they are trading something “physical,” they use technology to get merchandise from here to there (almost like we use the postal service).

      Regarding star maps: yes, star maps are used when someone has never heard about a certain location and can’t visualize it. This is used in greater capacity by star beings who are physical and want to nano-travel somewhere. It is my understanding that becasue we humans were creator gods already from scratch, we have a lot of choices when we leave the Matrix. And we don’t need star maps that often. We think ourselves to Orion or the Queen, for example, and there we are…

      And yes, on occasion, stargates are owned and guarded–particularly if those who guard them feel threatened (or it could be for other reasons, too). Outside star beings might need to address their reason for passing through. This is if you use the stargates. Non-physical beings don’t need to use them. You can compare the latter with a ghost being able to pass through walls.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Yes and no. Now im going to need to create more maps and stargate guardian characters for my universe. Fun stuff. Thanks bro

        Are you in favor of creating framework before beginning works of fiction? George martin says a loose (& changeable) story outline is needed before one starts telling tales. Otherwise the author is going to end up writing themselves into a corner with many major plot holes.

        1. Yes, that’s what I did when I wrote the papers–I organized it first with bullet points. I sometimes do that when I write video manuscripts, too, but not always. Often, the manuscripts write themselves when I have the concept of what I want to say. If writing a novel–definitely bullet point. One overview for the entire book and then broken down to each chapter.

  11. David Thompson and Circle of the Silver Cord
    Sunday 18th March 2007

    Materialization Seances with David Thompson

    What happens to Pets in the Afterlife?

    Victor: Over the years I have had a number of emails concerning pets and I have had people saying that they loved their pets for so many years about as long as 16 years, some of them 20 years and they want to know if pets survive and I tell them, “yes, pets do survive”. But one question is what happens to their pets in the interval between the pets crossing over and the time the pet “owner” crosses over.

    William: Well, let me tell you this my friend; As with young David’s pet rat and other animals, they are looked after by his family members to be returned to him on his transition to the world of Spirit. So, my friend, they are looked after by loved ones and friends that are in the world of Spirit. Let me tell you this way; If I was upon the Earth-Plane and I had a dear canine that I loved dearly and I had to go away for a holiday, and I entrusted yourself and your dear lady wife, Wendy, to look after him – would you not do that? In love and harmony and of course, when I return, would you not return the animal to me?

    Victor: Absolutely, yes of course.

    William: That is the same within the world of Spirit, my friend. Someone looks after the animals in love and passes the animal back to the person when you return to the world of Spirit. Of course, there is no ownership. The animal only resides with the person if it was shown love for no other reason. So merely feeding an animal is not sufficient.
    Victor: Right

    William: You must love the animal also to allow the connection to take place.

    Victor: And how long in the Afterlife will the pets last William? Do they last for a long, long time?

    William: As long as what any other individual does, my friend.

    Audio Files of Materialization Seances with David Thompson.
    David Thompson is one of the world’s foremost Direct Voice & Materialisation Mediums currently based in Sydney Australia but working internationally. Contact David To learn more about David see his home page.

    I would love to see a full Materialization as I would like to discuss the topics with about the light and tunnel and so much more. Victor Zammit – The Evidence for The Afterlife

  12. Wes penre:
    you said once you wished you had not spelled namlu’u like you did.

    Why and how would you spell it now?
    What about Imululu? I–mu (mother) a lulu. Or I’ the mother am a lulu?

    …. Lulus now being derogatory aif names and whatnot

  13. You stated that we are recycled back to the same period in time
    over and over again under the premise of getting it right. Much like Groundhog
    Day. If this is the case, does this mean that we who are here now on this website, read the WPP in the last iteration, tried to make a run for the hole in the grid and failed, and thats why we are here again reading the WPP?

    1. No, something was “inserted” on this time period that has never been inserted before (in my time periods), which broke the wheel of time for this loop, so to speak. This is the first time the WPP were written. Besides that, every time we incarnate into the same time period, we always make small changes, i.e. other choices, which change the previous time cycle and the course of our future., I made other choices this time around, which led me here, and so did you, or you wouldn’t be here, commenting on this video.

  14. Thank you, Wes for the response. My question then becomes, how do you know you didnt write the WPP before, since we all have amnesia? And what was inserted?

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