Video 221: Who’s Who Among the Gods and Goddesses Part 5 of 7: Marduk

The ancient texts are invaluable when it comes to figuring out our true history, but they can also be very confusing to read because there are so many names and titles. In the Wes Penre Papers, I broke down many of the names and titles of the gods and goddesses, showing the readers that they are all the same deities under different titles or names.

However, because there are so many names and titles mentioned, Ariel and I decided to make a seven-parts video series on the subject, so people can go back to these videos, or to the transcripts, to find out who is who.

The astute reader or viewer will notice, as the series continues, that the same name or title will be listed for more than one deity. This is not a mistake—these beings take over each other’s titles when they take over each other’s roles…

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    1. Yes. There have been a few different Jesus’ and probably a few faked ones, too, but the Jesus I’m convinced you’re referring to fits best with Thoth,’s son. So, Jesus is the son and is the Father.

      1. Has utu shamis ever emailed you again? Marduk is so lame. Thoth’s a way cooler character
        Marduk is the result of a union between enki and isis yes? Who thoth’s mamma?
        Can you explain to me how both marduk and thoth came to be. Ive heard you speculate on soul splitting and what not.
        What is your current opinion on the origin of these two beings?

        1. I still see both of them as being soul extensions of Most researchers into the ancient texts I believe see Marduk (in his incarnation as Horus) as being Isis’ and’s son, but that was just a physical incarnation into a human body. Marduk existed before the invasion of Tiamaat. We know this because he became in charge of the destruction of the planet. So, for Marduk to be’s son, it must be on a soul level for it to make sense. If it was only on a physical level, Marduk would only be’s son in ONE incarnation, if this makes sense. So, it doesn’t matter if has 50 different physical sons, only one of them would be Marduk, the soul. Same with Thoth. Therefore, both Thoth and Marduk are–just other soul aspects of him with their own unique personalities, as I see it.

  1. @Carmela, Jesus might have been an actually existed person called Radomir.

    Also through cult/worshipping of Jesus, energy flows get redirected to Enki and AiF/archons to run their machines and machinery:

    1. Hi Robin.. I dont know if this video it is relative to Marduk’s video but I really like it! I have a question about this.. do you really need to consume shooms? or is it possible to have shrooms next to us in the same room without eating them to have an experience like these humans in the video? I heard by a shaman in south america that once you consume a psychedelic plant it is already store in your spine and that you can ask from its presence whever is needed.

      1. You can do it through lucid dreaming or dmt breathing:

        Or you can channel snippets of visual information looking similar to those like on mushrooms.
        Or you can try remote viewing. It will yield results but more looking like something in the physical world:

        If you want to consume a mushroom once, and activate to go into trips by use of your intentions, you can learn psychokinesis – it teaches how to combine visualisation+intentions.
        Search “(psychokinesis|telekinesis) tutorial” on youtube. And some of those videos might help. I also recommend ckecking out body observation meditation to learn how to activate the area of the spine.
        But be careful with this, if you actually want to start it off.

  2. @Wes, what is that picture of a samurai-like person in the intro of your videos? Is it a depiction of an archon?

    1. That picture was created by a graphic designer, who volunteered to make a few pictures for our videos–this was one of them. It portrays Marduk during the Invasion of Tiamaat from the designer’s perspective.

      1. @Wes, does it portray Marduk as a cyborg/bionic already? Because it looks like it’s an exoskeleton for Marduk’s consciousness. You know like Krang from TMNT:
        ( )
        …Do you think tops of the archons/aif look like squids/larvae initially, and after, they could shapeshift(after connecting themselves to astral machinery/AIs) to whatever they wish?
        …i kinda don’t get it: when did AiF/archons got grip of hi-tech to have shapeshifting abilities? Was it before the invasion of Tiaamat, or after?
        I’m having an intuitive that they might had been using astral Gods’ or somebody else’s energy to develop their hi-tech before the invasion.

  3. Dear Wes and Ariel, Im a little confused with the issue of the races of this whole family, because when you refer to Enki, Enlil jr. or even Marduk in your videos they are represented as bird tribe, despite being the mother of Enki and Enlil a Dragon, and what happen with Marduk, because Isis happened to be of the feline race in your videos, when she is supposed to be a mixture of Dragon by her grandmother and father and Sirian of the aquatic bird tribe by his mother, according to what I understood from the WWP, son whats race is Marduk?. What happens in turn with Ereshkigal, is isis’s sister? they share the same mother or are from a different mother and what will be the race of her. As both see Im a little confused now and for me is important to know this issue. Thank you very much in advance. Hugs. Mar.

    1. It really doesn’t matter what they look like, to be honest. It is my understanding that beings can identify with a preferred “shape”, but physical bodies are irrelevant. If someone wants to walk around on our Earth, for example, they would need a human body to do that, but that doesn’t mean that they are neccesarily part of the human soul group. If you were to visit another construct where beings looked like birds, or fish, or whatever…you would need to take on the physical body vehicle of that planet to do so. You would need to become whatever vibration was appropriate for that particular environment.

      It is also my understanding that “Races” or species of beings are identified more by their energy signature or “soul” vibration, rather than what body they are wearing. If you were of a different soul group that was human (like us) and you showed up on a planet where the dominant physical form was a cat, they would know you didn’t belong, even if you took the cat body in order to participate in their world. You would stand out. We have a hard time doing that, here, but if our awareness would be expanded, we could also recognize the people around us and we would realize that not all of us are the same on the “inside”. I think it’s best to focus on the personality and qualities of character when it comes to these beings rather than what they look like. Not all Angels are angelic and not all Snakes are evil. 🙂

      1. @Ariel Glad, but this brings me to my questioning…what if we are not human soul group, but each is it’s own – we are just combined together as alien souls. Some people say some of us are renegades put into this matrix as in prison. I and @434, and many others think we might be starseeds/alien souls not belonging to humans.
        I saw a video, which desribed NPCs as “original inhabitants of this reality”(where word “reality” stands for “world”)
        Although i know that it’s not true, and they are not “original” – they were put here somewhen after the invasion and terraformation(cyborg-planets)

        1. @Robin Obinray
          I like your curiosity. 🙂 I can’t tell you anything about starseeds. It isn’t something I have researched or know. The little I understand that might be related to this, from what I have learned, anyone who came here who isn’t part of the human soul group, eventually forgets their origins because they are subjected to the amnesia process all the same and get “absorbed” into being human, for lack of a better description. So, if you were one of those, I’m not sure how you would regain your memory. I know there are many people who feel like they are part of something else, other than the human soul group, and maybe they can help you more than I can on this topic.

          1. @Ariel Glad, 1. Most of us forget who we are at the soul level, or even spirit level. Most belive they are living meatsacks, in which consciousness is produced by the physical body. So every spirited human has amnesia. Everyone gets absorbed into being human, even NPCs, although they are souled and have (artificial) spiritual soul nature.
            2. I don’t think such thing as humans, that we know about rn(bald monkey?), existed before. Physically, we are hybrids of reptile-monkey-rat-etc-etc.
            So, the energy signature might be completely different.
            3. There are quite a lot people, who say the belong to pleiadians, lyrans, andromedans, etc-etc
            And they mean this as their soul group/spiritual race, not their physical race.
            These people might be right. Some of them channel (and maybe get redirected to parasitic entities that fool them – according to Nikolai Levashov) this info with details.

        2. Robin about second video l am not actually understanding what is being said who are machine elves can you elaborate can it be fit into what we know now .being from other dimensions are they meaning from other universe or realms of this universe separated by frequency variations.

          About love what is this ?

          1. @4501o9, i think machine elves are existing somewhere in-between middle and upper dimensions of our astrals(same universe as this; astrals start from 4th dimension)…it’s like the more above you go, the more of a fractal mess it looks…
            He made a video on what are machine elves, you can watch it on his channel(one of the oldest videos).
            He also talked about love or 434 concept in separate videos.

      2. @Ariel Glad, btw this is how archontic minions/reptilian djinns snuck in…because of our materialistic view, they social engineered to be, we only look at the physical body but not on the energy signature.
        Personally, i think that spiritually there is a first division like this:
        * NPCs, quotemark-humans, natural-looking AIs, spiritless ~55+-%
        i don’t know much about their spirituality
        * “genuine” humans, spirited beings ~25+-%
        Subdivide into different soul groups…because starseeds/indigos exist.
        * reptilian-operated NPCs, archontic minions with split personality of dominant/recessive egos ~10+-%
        Tesla numbers: 3 6 9 <- my intuitive channeling

        Or maybe you mean that NPCs can also belong to some temporary-existing soul groups?

      3. @Ariel Glad, i agree on the “not all angels are angelic and not snakes are evil”.
        1. Prototypes of Aif/archons, first fallen angels, and the demiurge/enki/lucifer were initially angels
        2. I channeled that initially and there are benevolent dragons and reptiles, snakes. A person named @Indicas Prime(appears on @Ankaraman channel) says this as well.
        It’s that AiF/archons spoiled the image of a reptilian with their malevolency/violence and they put on us their nihilistic philosophies of self-parasiting nature…they make it look to everyone as if our Abs Self is seeing existence as meaningless worm-like parasitism…

      4. Yes, I totally agreed with that, I had experience in first hand with that kind of situacions, the aparition of a being during the day in front of me taking the image of and ascended master or jesus and feel that he was regresive and negative. Im familiar with that. Im an Energetic Therapist, I work whith the synthetic soul healing traumas and other things so im well prepared with dealing with all kind of impostors. The point is I was interest in that because I need personal anwers for many personal experiences I had and regard my memories . For me was important. I study History in the University so I like to have all the information that I can. But thank you aniway.

    2. It’s easy to get confused on this subject. The Queen is not only a dragon–she has a lot of different shapes and forms. We compare these beings with us humans, which is a very limited perspective. These beings can shapeshift into any shape or form, so the physical body form becomes more or less obsolete, although most beings often seem to favor one body type before another. Ninurta, for example, is the Queen’s son, but he is not portraying himself as a dragon but an aquatic bird being. Why? Because he decided to take the same kind of body shape as Khan En.lil, his stepfather.

      1. For those of you interested check out The Lego Movie 2 Hollywood makes a very distinct representation of the queen as a shape-shifting spider and she is scary
        Also both those Lego movies are predicated on the Lego figures living in an artificial reality

          1. I know I’m just thinking they portrayed the divine feminine in a very bad light. They got the shapeshifting right though

  4. @Wes Penre, why are feline lyrans often showed as oversexualised or enslaved?
    There is a thing in anime(japanese animation) like cat ears – and it means “sexy”.
    There is a term for sex media slaves of hollywood – “sex kitten”.
    In furry art, a wolf(dog ET?) is depicted more often than others…
    And in the modern world we have this:
    Humans(representation of reptilian hybrids) as owners, cats(feline lyrans) and dogs(sirians, dog ETs) as pets/slaves.
    Why is that so? What’s the symbology behind this?

    1. Yes, the “cat race” is often sexualized here on Earth. It’s my conclusion that this is because Isis/Inanna/Aphrodite, etc. is often portrayed as a cat being, and this “goddess” was certainly over-sexual, from a human perspective.

  5. @Wes Penre, i think the problem with Aif/archons is that they see their ideologies and philosophies as absolute undeniable truth. They think our Absolute Self/God is an AI-like being with no free will, no thoughts of our own – and they see this as 100% truth. Some of it does look like truth tbh – at first glance and analysis.

    But i don’t like that this is being forced upon us. And the fact that it looks like something self-harmful/malevolent, makes it look, as if it should have been a harmony of opposite side opinions or something in-between.
    I personally think that Aif/archons may be too limited(in tulpa’ existence, and rn as well) to understand “how it is” and “what Self is” in-actuality. I don’t mean that i know myself everything already.
    But, i still have an intuitive feeling they are not fully correct.

    Their philosophies and ideologies is something that is based on fear of the unknown. And they think fear is useful. But it’s a double-edged sword here. Fear is both useful and not – sometimes it is precatious in dangerous/tricky situations, but most of the times it’s better to eliminate fear and to act from your core-self.

  6. Marduk also

    Atlas, Beelzebulb, Adonai, Baccus, Calagistia, Allah (sometimes) Diablo, Tlaloc (Aztec) Yama (current) “The Red Cardinal” (Cosmic)

  7. Could someone explain why Jupiter AND Saturn are Marduk? Is this where jahweh (as enki) pretended he was enlil (saturn/ninurta) so people would see enlil as the oppressor when he wasnt even on the planet? also, if marduk and enki share a lot of their titles, what then is the difference in their agendas? thx

    1. Penre says they share, swap titles. Marduk is a complete and open pyschopath. Susceptible to all kinds of Satanic rituals blood drinking,
      kid killing whatever you can think of that’s gross and perverted wheras enki still has a basic albeit veiled shred of decency left in him. His agenda lies blanketed under the love
      and light movement where he presents himself to humanity as a loving and caring father god.

      Marduk just dont give a f___

        1. Ya, what i want to know if what enki and marduk relationship is like today. Are they rivals or do they still work together? Is it still all a ruse?? I dunno

          1. Most of it is a ruse, although there has always been tension between the two. It’s polarity and duality… is playing “God” and Marduk is playing “Satan.” Two sides of the same coin.

      1. They, and Marduk in particular, look at us as their “toys” with whom they can do whatever they want to, without having any remorse. It’s like when we humans are playing a warlike video game and furiously kill each other’s avatars. Of course, we don’t feel any remorse because it’s just a game. It seems to me that they think the same about us. It’s NOT the same, by any means, but they seem to look at it in a similar fashion.

    2. These Invaders are impostors. None of these planets are theirs to begin with, but they took them over after the War of the Titans. Before the invasion, the Saturn and its stargate was guarded by Ninurta/Prince En.lil. Marduk took over the planet and the stargate. He also possessed Jupiter as one of his domains, but shared that with…thus, we see both and Marduk portrayed as Jupiter at times. And you’re correct; the impostors have often taken on the role of En.lil, which makes it look like En.lil/Ninurta was here on Earth when he wasn’t.

      This is a realm of duality, so if is “God” of the Matrix, then his counterpart would be “Satan,” i.e. Marduk. They portray themselves as the opposite sides of the spectrum.

      1. thanks, Wes. fascinating. I think its hard for a lot of people to see two sides of the same coin thing, I have no religious upbringing so its easier for me than for a “god” allied person I suppose. as I said in another comment, Trump seems to represent God/Enki, he’s cleary not the Mardukian cult type, which is why he represents hope and change. yet we are still going to be spiritual pawns in the “new order”, which doesn’t bother a lot of people it seems

      2. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Enki and Marduk. I have the feeling they now walk on Earth and I want to know who/were they are. Ukraine? A couple of weeks ago I was thinking that they must have played many roles, googled and found you Wes. Again I have read your material here and there for over 20 years or so. But I had until a couple of days ago no clue that you are from Sweden! I live in Tullinge Sweden. Thank you for fantastic work!
        I of course been completely obsessed with Tiamat too. I even changed my middle name….

        1. Hej Marjo. Kul att du är svensk också!

          These days, the gods don’t come down here in person so much, it seems. They are using the Global Elite as their proxy–they do the job for them, so they don’t have to. Since the gods got stripped of their creative abilities, they don’t like to come down here in the “material” world. It’s not good for them–they tend to deteriorate, slowly but surely. More about that in my upcoming Orion book, being released in January.

  8. @Wes, what do you think about the idea that each spirit is a tulpa/thoughtform of Gods(uppercase G) from KHAA? I mean not just creation of Sophia, but also our each spirit’s existence is somewhat collective tulpamancy/imagining done by those Gods.

  9. 1) How does pure consciousness create a physical being?
    2) Does consciousness have a sex?
    3) Is the Orion Queen pure consciousness?
    4) Is there a being higher in the hierarchy of living beings than the Queen of Orion?
    5) Did the Queen of Orion create her consort Khan En.lil Sr?

    6) The war in the heavens was started by En.Ki because his brother En.lil was given his birthright or because wanted to over-throw the Queen and Khan En.lil Sr and be in charge?
    7.) Said fight led to war in the heavens between and his 1/3 Sirian “Angels” he recruited vs The Queen and Khan En.lil Sr.
    8) The battle led to Tiamat being destroyed by nukes or something similar and as a result, who lost the battle was able to take a chunk of Tiamat and terraform the Earth from it. The 2nd Construct. Some large formations on earth are the result of petrified giants who were still on planet when Tiamat was destroyed. They weren’t melted or blown to pieces like the planet. We’re they flesh? I’ve never seen petrified animals or people from Japan after Fat Boy and Little Man do they exist?

    9) How does this tie into Nibiru? Is Nibiru BS concocted my Zitchin?
    He said Nibiru or Planet X was to collide with earth in 2003. then 2012, now ? The reason for gold being mined was for the diminishing atmosphere there.
    10) Did Babylonians and Africans mine gold for atmosphere purposes or for other reasons. If for repairing an atmosphere why forge all the golden calves, idols and other jewelry from it?

    11) If the 4th and higher dimensions are “Astral Realms” how do they wage a physical battle capable of destroying a planet? Can 3D forms exist in a 4D world? Is there a physical nature in the higher dimensions that we just can’t see as humans? I’ve always pictured astral beings being transparent but not having any physical ability to feel or touch as they would simply pass through an object or person without interacting directly.

    These are just a few questions I’ve had that I can’t seem to make sense of. These aren’t just for Wes. Anyone who knows or has an answer is free to reply. Any insight is welcome. Thx

    1. It seems kinda pointless to learn all these names and titles. It’s still confusing as hell to sort out and in the end what does it do for you? Will we see them in the KHAA and wave? What if we call them by the wrong name because we’re confused who is who still? Is there a KHAA citizenship test we have to pass? I think we all just want to know where we came from and why these entities playing games with us are trying to lie about it.

      Just like in the movie Prometheus the character played by Guy Pearce who is the “creator” of David the hybrid/AI human character, finally gets to see the alien captain of the starship face to face and tries to ask him a question. After his lifelong research and fortune spent trying to find extra terrestrial life the alien kills him without an answer. Your insignificant existence does not interest me in the slightest is the reply of his actions, imo.

      That in a nutshell is the human condition. We all think our lives matter so much and that we’re all so self important in our minds when in reality we are here on earth for a nano second in scale to the universe’s existence. All the knowledge we gain- good or bad acts performed- in this lifetime boils down to squat other than satisfying our own self conscious feelings we have about ourselves. 7-8 billion ants walking around on a giant sphere going in circles repeating the same routine nearly everyday until our last breath has left our mouths…or a marble like MIB from the gods perspective.

      I like the band “The Red Hot Chili Peppers” and Anthony Kiedes throws some lyrics that make me think from time to time. “Coming From Space to Teach You About the Pleiades-Can’t Stop the Spirits When They Need You-This Life is More Than Just a Read Through. Or “Under The Bridge” he sings “Under the Bridge Downtown- Is Where I Drew Some Blood-UTBD I could Not Get Enough- UTBD I Gave My Life Away….sounds to me like he joined the satanic cult and signed his soul away that day/night.
      Also more your heyday Wes, Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir is quite cryptic saying “ I am a traveler of both time and space
      To be where I have been
      Sit with elders of the gentle race
      This world has seldom seen
      Talk of days for which they sit and wait
      All will be revealed

      Talk and song from tongues of lilting grace
      Whose sounds caress my ear
      But not a word I heard could I relate
      The story was quite clear…the whole song is like a future revealing of what’s soon to happen now imo. Quite revealing who they were in contact with I’d say. The one Jimmy Page gave his praises to.

      1. @DazedNConfused, i think AiF/archons both ignore our significance and continue their manipulations further, and they see us as a “part of the plan”, their plan – so we are significant to them as a collective and individual pieces of a mechanism of cosmic disruption.
        Why else would machine elves(part of AiF/archons) say to Peter Hedron(434 channel) that, “you’re important”, “we are you, and you are us”.
        According to Absolute Self theory(we are all one), each of us, who has a genuine spirit/soul, matters. We all create this reality not just in a simple way, but also literally solipsisticly. It’s both collective, individual and solipsistic changing of reality(physical, astrals, khaa/pleroma). And it’s just that AiF/archons tweaked it with their technology and logical approaches so, that we don’t realize and take back our true potential of solipsistic-style creation/modification upon. This soplipsistic power + the fact that we are innate high-vibrational(more capabilities compared to AiF/archons existentially) makes us significant and dangerous – they are playing with fire rn…and they already learned how to use fire…

        And human is an avatar/setting + ego, not consiousness/soul/spirit behind it.

        I think they just program our actions as a soul/spirit with movies like Prometheus(beliving in oneself insignificance) or They Live(blind killing of aliens/enemies). They can’t actually kill us(spirits are immortal tulpas) or to say to us we are not important/significant…they can’t lie btw, only dodge smh

      2. @DazedNConfused, i agree on that you don’t need to know the titles and names. It’s optional. It’s for those who want to know and who has interest in the cosmic soap opera.
        But it does give perspective on why, who, how, when.
        Maybe if you won’t be able to escape or fail to, you can alter powerfulness level of these gods/beings and their servants through imagination+thought. After all, we are actual beginning gods, while they are only (fallen) angels existential-wise. Only through their hi-technology they made themselves a make over of being lowercase gods.

        And those who want to escape the matrix, can instead find universal/individualized methods of exiting.

      3. The information in this video was created for those who are reading the Wes Penre Papers or are doing their own research into our ancient “mythology.” Without this knowledge, it can get very confusing. I decided to make these videos because of the demand from visitors and readers of the material.

  10. Hi Wes and Ariel there is no mention of music and merriment. I wonder who the gods were those I know Ianna was of that according to sitchin. But is there music on the other side? since I am a guitar player and musician I would like to continue my craft. Get into a soul group so to say. Thanks.

    1. And to add is there even a need for music on the other side I’m sure there is since there is here as above so below.

      1. Guitar guy: try to imagine more than one octave and eight notes. Maybe sound on the otherside works on another scale????

      2. Things in the material universe is held together by frequency waves, i.e. sounds So, anyone who wants to–here in the Matrix or in the KHAA–can tune into those frequency waves and create something new from that–in this case, music.

    2. Yes, there is. If you can compose and play music in this Matrix realm, just imagine what you can do in the Greater Universe (see my previous comment in this particular comment section).

      1. Yes! Sound is a key to all of this. Creativity here with music will just explode in the KHAA I believe. So to all you musicians out there get really good here and see it explode on the other side. And also maybe we can use this in our fight from the other side as I will do with the Queen’s help.

  11. Hi I’m kinda new to all this although I have heard of a number of these beings. Are they all negative entities or are some of these actually helpful to us here in this 3D experience. Ra for example gives the Law of One which resonates with my spirit in being all from one source/the Most High Creator living out his own creation through experience in us. We are all of one universal spirit… would you say this is wrong? As I’ve been on a truth seeking mission my whole life and this is the only things I’ve recently heard which has helped change my life… what are your thoughts?

      1. Okkk great I was thinking oh no have I gotta start again and been following yeah another negative path way 🤣 I finished watching your 3 short videos and wow. The battle was real and the historic records really do show a completely diff life at the beginning of time. I wish we learnt this in school instead of WW1 lol

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