Video 177: The Twin Flame and Time-Loop Connection

Those who have looked into the twin-flame phenomenon deeper than we have all seem to have come to a similar conclusion—twin-flames might meet each other in one lifetime, but if they are not vibrating close enough with each other, the relationship, whether it’s a friends relationship or romantic relationship, will usually not last. Twin-flames are mirrors for each other, and it can be a very triggering and intense relationship, until the two decide to work on themselves with each other’s assistance. Twin-flames may meet, separate, meet again, and separate, until in some specific lifetime/time loop, they are frequency-wise close enough to be able to take full advantage of the situation and create astonishing results—both physically and spiritually—and a lot of healing will take place.

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  1. I’m trying to understand this right, I’ve been living the same life, over and over again making different choices than the one before. In different ‘timelines’ there could be another aspect of yourself, and you might meet in a specific lifetime, but your twin-flame has to be at the right frequency as you are….I wonder how one wakes up, does your twin-flame wake up too since you both are mirrors? They share life experiences so would that make sense? And would the vibration of someone awake be different enough to make each other bounce off?

  2. The concept of Twin flames is a narcissistic notion created by women who want to feel like their relation-ship is extra special. Because if it isnt-ouch that’s rough. Then couples would be reduced to being just another cog or couplings for etheric currents.
    It is simply not an interesting question as love is not unique but common. It is rather the question of a little girl who likes to play look-at-me-and-mine.
    This is human husbandry in hindsight.

    1. My current take on twin flames is two persons who are being drawn to each other in an attempt to heal emotional wounds. It doesn’t need to be on a conscious level–I just think the twin flames somewhere inside feel ready to do some shadow work. To qualify as twin flames, in my PERSONAL opinion, the parties need to be more or less each other’s opposites in many ways (but not in all ways). It’s the opposites that can make the other one grow and vice versa, if they both are willing to work on it. It’s very challenging to be with a twin flame.

      I don’t think there is only one twin flame for each person. It’s not the person itself that makes him/her a twin flame. It’s their state of mind and their coping mechanisms, based on childhood trauma (most of the time).

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