Video 175: Wheels within Wheels

It can be very difficult to grasp how time and no-time works. Although we’ve said earlier that our video series on time is a hypothesis, we notice that it answers more questions than not. Also, questions we had earlier that we didn’t know the answers to now fit in nicely. This is at least an indication that we’re on the right track. However, there are still things to take into consideration that need to be answered, and we are currently pondering these aspects of the hypothesis. Your input in the comment section is extremely helpful and valuable because it makes us all think! So, please express your thoughts on this matter, if you want to.

Transcript to the video


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  1. I decided I will not end up in a nursery home when I cannot take care of myself any longer, instead, apply for Eutanasia dead. Question, Will it be taken as suicide in the other side ?

  2. Wow. Im SO glad I found Wes!!!!! This info is just too good. It reminds me of Neville Goddard. In his lectures he talks about this exactly. That its all a movement of mind and he hops from timeline to timeline and he does it spontaneously. But then he wakes up inside a skull and realizes he has been dreaming there for 1000s of years and then he climbs out through the top of the skull and then he decides to make his final departure. He talks about this skull is so many of his lectures and I dont follow it. He always says that we are in the world of death. I wonder if he was one of Enkis ascended beings. He says that everything in the bible didnt happen, that its all just metaphors.

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