Video 131: “Personal Responsibility”—The Loaded but Perhaps Most Important Words in our Vocabulary

I think we all have been in situations in our lives when we blame others, or certain situations, for what is happening to us, and then we leave it with that by saying, “it’s not my responsibility—it’s his or her fault.” Although, it’s true that we are not responsible for how others think and act, we are, however, responsible for how we act and react in every single situation in life, regardless of how “unfair” we think we have been treated. Unless we come to the point where we realize this, not much is going to change to the better in this world.

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  1. How about a children who runs on railway to play there because of its unconcious, because of lack of informations? I, as a mother, will make an action in that moment. Of course it will cry then, but I’m the mother and I have to protect it. I feel there’s a lot of people who are so manipulated, so unconsious that there is no way for them to figure something out without help. I woke up few months ago, I still remember how was to be asleep and I don’t feel I wasn’t resposible. Without a knowledge I found by accident, I wouldn’t get out of the grid. And the knowledge isn’t so easy to find, especially if someone don’t know english.

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