Video 137: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 4 || Where are we Supposed to be Going?

Those, who dwell in the Pleroma, are called the Aeons (with a capital A), and these aspects (Spirits) of Source are androgynous, self-replicating individuated consciousnesses of Source. In the Pleroma, some Aeons created their own realms, which manifested as emanations from their own thoughts, creating Paradisiac Realms. These were Paradise Realms of pure bliss, joy, and beauty; something we humans can’t conceive of in our current state of being. In the Pleroma, there are no wars, conflicts, or upheavals. Where such things exist, these places are not of the Pleroma, but parts of Sophia’s, the Queen’s, emanations, and the emanations of those who came to be because of Sophia’s accidental fall into matter…

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