Video 229: Q&A Session #55

by Wes Penre and Ariel Glad, August 4, 2020

Questions in this Q&A Session:

QUESTION 1: What does a man who achieved Gnosis live like?

QUESTION 2: You write that this 3rd dimension or the Pleroma will dissolve in the consummation of age and the archons will disintegrate along with it, so does the visible material plane along with unawakened human bodies. I hope so far, I got it right.

[Is] the back-up plan of the archons to create a virtual copy of everyone and everything in the physical plane/underworld to continue their existence there through emulation. How does one – during the lifetime – free oneself from the manipulation through one´s virtual avatar and the binding contracts in the background?

I think you mentioned that the artificial soul will disintegrate when going through the grid. Does it also apply to the virtual avatar? Or will the avatar remain active regardless?

QUESTION 3: What are some of the main indicators to know if someone is Spirited or not? People that can harm animals and abuse or kill other humans? Full out narcissists and psychopaths? Lack of Empathy and Compassion? Could it be these and more?

QUESTION 4: Loved reading [the] W.P.P, so helpful. Gnosis seems too religious; are they saying there are two Jesuses? One good/one bad? If so, aren’t we falling for the duality trick once again? I feel most content thinking only of the Queen of Orion; why is that? The moment you bring in the ‘J’ (Jesus) dude I feel extremely uneasy; is it because of the W.P.P.? I truly felt whole after reading them, [but] now that you have done a 180, I feel left out a little. Are we to believe that Ninurta WILL be given the throne to Orion while the Queen abdicates? And, why is she jumping ship? Is it through guilt/failure to protect her own? Was so happy that the true Universe was/is female orientated and operated; until the gnosis, or the interpretation of it.    

Also, when you speak of the end-of-times, I get the feeling it is about Nibiru; all events seem to tell of the same narrative; stars falling from the sky etc. It is estimated that Nibiru will arrive in the next two years. What are your thoughts?

[Also], [t]here seems to be something before the beginning; Gnosis says that there was only nothingness; I get the feeling there was indeed something before Sophia’s awareness. Please, if you can, get to that topic as well. There is something definitely there; I can feel it. 

QUESTION 5: In your Singularity book you bring up “’s gift,” and that this was something he left in our DNA that couldn’t be tampered with because he didn’t fully trust his cohorts, and this so called gift is a big part of the reason for our sudden awakening, mostly during the nano[-second].  I’m reluctant to trust because one of his true aliases or alter egos is Loki, the Trickster God. What about’s Gift?


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      1. I am a fragment of a large conciousness,i am a part of god.. i am god pretending im not.. i am sophia (gnostic) i am queen (wpp) and i dont need any god,queen,kings.. all i need to know is to realize I AM GOD. We dont need ascension because we are already ascended.. we only need to realize it.. after body death i will not submit myself to a king or queen because I AM both king and queen on my own universe..

        No to submission
        Yes to self realization..

        Wherever and whatever happens . I am my own God.. i am..

        How powerful is it? @wes_penre

  1. Hi Wes and Ariel,

    I have a question regarding your answer to question number 2. You said that Yaldabaoth will destroy his own archons and then destroy himself. I thought that part of the reason we are here is to awaken Yaldabaoth to spirit? Does this mean that he will never awaken, and instead destroy himself? If so, doesn’t that negate why we are here in the first place? Thank you for your time doing all this. I look forward to reading everything you both write.


    1. @KM ~ Let’s see if I can try to explain it the way I see it…

      Think of the Archons as thoughtforms. We’ve discussed how we all create thoughtforms, alot. The stronger those thoughts are, the more energy we give them. They can even be SO strong that they develop a sort of *will* of their own. Have you ever heard someone say, “I don’t know why I did that!” after they have done something or said something they shouldn’t have? What made them do or say that? Could it be that *whatever it is* has a will and a need of its own that is influencing the things we do so that we can feed it more of the energy or emotion that it was made from? Absolutely!

      Now, if WE can do that, what kind of thoughtforms do you think come out of Yaldabaoth? THOSE are the Archons. When we work on healing our own emotional wounds such as envy (which is one of Yaldabaoth’s Archons/thoughtforms), we stop feeding it the energy it needs to be sustained (that energy would be envy).

      Essentially, it will dissolve. IF Yaldabaoth becomes EnLightened to the point that It no longer continues to emanate these qualities within Itself (just like us), the Archons will cease to exist (just like ours). Think of it in terms of the mind. WE do this in our mind and “perfect” the Spirit within us. Now, think BIGGER. Think of it in terms of a BIGGER, GOD-MIND.

      Yaldabaoth disappears because all Yaldabaoth really is, is the SHADOW of this Aeon, Sophia. Shadow work. Shadow work from a much, much higher perspective. Make sense?

      As for whether or not our time here will be negated or pointless, I don’t have an answer for that. I still have many questions of a personal nature along these same lines. I’ve concluded that I’m going to have to let most of that go. The answers wouldn’t change anything.

      1. Very well put Ariel! I’m thinking about this concept where humans need Spirit or the breath of Spirit to be Animated. But those that are so psychopathic or sociopathic I’m having a hard time seeing that it is so hidden in them to have no empathy at all so I’m still going on the theory that there’s empty vessels in this realm as well. What do y’all think? I know the archons are empty vessels so maybe they are more widespread than we think.

        1. @Anon ~ This is one area where Wes and I interpret things differently. He has come to the conclusion that all humans have, or at least have the potential to embody, the essence of spirit. I am still firmly fixed on the conclusion that there are some *humans* who do not and will never have it – not even the potential for it. I think humanity is a mix of several different types of *human* that all appear the same on the outside but are fundamentally different on the *inside*. “Humans need Spirit or the breath of Spirit to be Animated” – I interpret that concept differently than Wes.

          1. @Ariel_Glad, there are few videos touching this subject of NPCs, empty vessels, artificial spirits/souls, which i found on 434 youtube channel.
            ( )
            ( )
            ( )
            That channel is focused on messages 434, or Peter Hedron, receives from DMT entities, machine elves.
            Among all their messages, there were some about “spiritless” humans. Machine elves called them “original inhabitants of this (physical) reality”. Which is imo a tricky half-truth. Because i keep in mind the “Moksha” video and that invasion, overthrow of original order.
            And because “…lost, confused, fearful spirits. Living here, looking for guidance” <- as he says it at 5:15 in the first attached video, can also describe some genuine spirits.

            …Machine elves are kinda like false on another level spirit guides?🤔 Because i heard from Nikolai Levashov’s recordings about parasitic entities pretending to be someone’s spirit guides. Plus, there are false beings of love and light in alien abduction stories. And then as one of the reincarnation traps, there are those AIs, or maybe parasitic entities, in the between-lives area, who try to confuse you…What if, it’s like all those, but much more complex, more twisted, more strategic?

            If they are called “empty vessels”, it’s potentially possible for a spark of spirit to also “fill it”. I’m not sure if that would be similar to possession by an entity.
            I personally think there is a tiny-tiny hidden fragment of a spark of spirit inside both quotemark-humans and archons/AiF ( )

            @Anon, even in that video 434 says something like: majority of primitive consciousnesses (or you can say AIs) and minority of genuine consciousnesses. And i heard this idea repeat way before i found out about 434, on russian part of the internet. It talked about “90-98% biorobots, 10-2% human”.

            1. @Robin Obinray ~ “If they are called “empty vessels”, it’s potentially possible for a spark of spirit to also ‘fill it’.”

              Yes, I have recently heard someone mention this as another possibility (along with those who cannot) and it’s something to keep in mind, in my opinion. If that’s true, you never know who you meet and whether or not *you* will be the one who gives them a spark of spirit. All we can do is try. Maybe it will stick and maybe it won’t. Who knows? 🙂

              1. Yes Ariel very well said I try to be that Spark as much as I can and that’s where I see these differences, some people you could just tell they just go on and on without Gnosis no Care in the world. But these events happening now there a lot of people asking questions so we need to help answer as much as we Know. That’s the message in The matrix trilogy that most people missed is the Why.

      1. Should we use words like you’re Welcome? Welcome I see the W as a hidden letter then your basically saying El come, like saying to someone your El come to me or your El come be with me? Or how Christianity has Anity Christ, Dogma Am God,

        1. @Shaun ~ If this is what you see/hear, then this is the energy you are attaching to it and this is what it will mean for you. It’s up to you.

  2. Dear Wes and Ariel,

    I see the Flower of Life symbol being used everywhere now especially in the New Age Circle, as well as the Kaballah version, are these symbols benevolent, like for example on a water bottle?


    1. @Anonymous ~ Symbols are just shapes. It isn’t the shape that does harm, it is the *belief* that it will which creates the negative attraction. Ultimately, YOU determine what shapes and symbols mean to YOU. If it fills you with joy and makes you smile, then it is good for you. If it fills you with fear, then it is harmful to you. YOU are the one doing it, not the symbol. I think the flower of life design is beautiful because of its balance, symmetry, and it reminds me of an art set I used to have when I was little. I could make pretty designs using a series of different sized wheels and colored pens. It was called Spirograph. I would spend hours doing it! lol I don’t meditate on these things, but some people do (mandalas) and if it helps you, then it helps. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t and you can move on to something else. A lot of these things have been tremendously over-complicated mostly because people want to see an enemy everywhere they look (or they are afraid to look) when most things really are very simple. 🙂

      1. Thank You Ariel. I thought I had written my name. I am not Anonymous. LOL. I also had a Spirograph, and I am very fascinated with Tibetan sand Mandalas to practice impermanence and non-attachment. I just stopped when Wes revealed that the Dalai Lama is a satanist, and thought the mandalas are a form of mind control now. That is why I asked. There is a glass water bottle I Love, but it has the Kaballic version of the flower of life or the tree of life on it, so because I see them on so may New Age products now, I was wondering if they are being used to mind control us.

    1. Isis corresponds best with Achamoth, who is an “aspect” of Sophia, who descended into the lower realm. Isis is also Innana, who descended into the Underworld (where we are currently residing), according to Sumerian texts.

      1. Thank You Wes. From the material it doesn’t seem like Isis is benevolent, so that is why I asked. Also, was “Metatron’s Cube” as it is now called a hijacked symbol from Sophia like the swastika, and if so, what is it’s true meaning?

        1. Yes, Isis/Achamoth (if they indeed are one and the same) is not unaffected by the Ignorance that is even more profound in the lower realm of the Kenoma, in which we exist. So, we see a more “spiritual” side of Isis at times, and at other times, we see a more ignorant side. This is just my own speculation because I am still not 100% sure that Achamoth and Isis are one and the same, although it seems like it.

  3. Is Sophia a physical being in Orion? Does she have a physical body just like us? How does she look like?

    1. @Anonymous ~ “Is Sophia a physical being in Orion? Does she have a physical body just like us? How does she look like?”

      I think this Aeon would have the ability to present Herself to us in any way that She wants. Imagine that the “space” or Universe we live in is actually something comparable to Her MIND. In Her mind, She can be anything, anywhere, anywhen that She desires.

  4. @* , i didn’t get it. In theory, Devine Feminine or our Absolute Self saw that there is nothing outside of itself, and it eventually decided to create a mirrorworld, (another) void inside of itself? Was it inside or outside of itself? Or it doesn’t matter (, because it’s kinda unknown what is outside and what is inside) ?

    Btw, do you agree on that our Absolute Self is possibly an AI/emulated consciousness/artificial being that was created by something/someone and that got (a feeling of being) isolated somehow ? That’s what AiF/archons preach, cast and force on us – one of the main things.

    1. @Robin Obinray ~ “Was it inside or outside of itself? Or it doesn’t matter”

      Doesn’t matter, imo.

      “Btw, do you agree on that our Absolute Self is possibly an AI/emulated consciousness/artificial being that was created by something/someone and that got (a feeling of being) isolated somehow?”

      No, I don’t agree with this.

  5. @*, what if the US, china and Russia are all on one continent? What if US, europe and Russia, and possibly China as well, were once all one great empire called Tartaria, Great Tartaria?
    ( <- the video is in russian, but you can look at images and notice known words )

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