Gnostic Musings #5: Mastering the Human Mind

by Wes Penre, August 18, 2020

What is the Human Spirit? Which part of us are most humans disconnected from that they will reconnect with when they achieve Gnosis?

According to the Gnostic gospels, Zoë Sophia (also called Achamoth), gave us of her Spirit, but we also are individually connected to the Spiritual Realm (the Pleroma) through something we might call the Super-Mind or the Divine Mind.

We all have heard of the conscious and subconscious mind, but both of those are only operating in the Kenoma/Matrix (the material universe). There is also a spiritual aspect of the mind as a part of Spirit,

And just as the admirations of the silences are eternal generations and they are mental offspring, so too the dispositions of the word are spiritual emanations. Both of them admirations and dispositions, since they belong to a word, are seeds and thoughts of his offspring, and roots which live forever, appearing to be offspring which have come forth from themselves, being minds and spiritual offspring to the glory of the Father.

The Tripartite Tractate

Ariel and I are preparing our own article about the different minds from a Gnostic perspective, which will be published in the near future, but in the meantime, we would like to address the Divine mind with an excerpt from an excellent book by Caroline Cory, called “God Among Us: Inside the Mind of the Divine Masters[1].” She explains very well and in simple terms what the Divine Mind is—she has a very good understanding of this Gnostic concept.

Mastering the Human Mind (excerpt)

The information and experiences provided to me about mind control prompted my concern over my own mind mastery and that of all humans currently on earth. Clearly, while the actual superior intelligences that instilled such hideous plans are not in charge nor able to control our destiny, the influences and momentum they have created for thousands of years are still felt and experienced to this day, thus the dysfunctional societal inequities we are plainly observing. And so, I asked:

ME[2]: How will I know then that I have mastered my own human mind and that I have begun functioning with a divine mind?

HIM: This question entails the definition of divine mind. When you say “divine”, you are asking about the nature of a mind, which is different from a human mind. It is indeed different in the sense that it does not require attachment to human emotions in order to function, or that emotions are unable to cloud its functionality. That does not imply a feeling-less mind or that you should become an emotionless being. It does imply that your mind is no longer subject and restricted to the human emotions as commonly experienced on earth. As such, the typical human emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, worry – or even positive emotions – are no longer valid for the divine mind in terms of perceiving reality. In other words, these emotions, which can restrict your perception of the truth, are simply experienced for what they are, without impacting your physical reality.

As a divine being, you may experience anger at the sight of evil, for example. However this anger will not be part of the decision or action that you will choose to take regarding your experience. The divine mind, while experiencing human emotions, transcends them spontaneously in order to perceive truth and will take action and function within that truth.

“Furthermore, a divine mind is no longer subject to the limitations of fear. Fear can be useful in terms of a warning sign of physical danger, for example. However, it is limiting in terms of decision making and understanding of truth. The divine mind will perceive and experience the human emotion of fear, simply as a temporary warning sign of an upcoming physical danger of some sort, but it will not become subject to its limitation. For example, the fear of illness, the fear of financial insecurity or the fear of loneliness are irrelevant to the divine mind.”

“Conquering the human mind, once again, does not mean you lose compassion or understanding for your humanity. It simply means that you are now able to understand, embrace and use your emotions in order to control and create your own reality as you please. That is the ultimate goal for all humans: to explore their humanity, transcend its limitations and recognize their divinity within their human body.”

“You will also know that you are now functioning only with the divine mind when all that you do, all that you speak, all that you see and all that you think is aligned with your higher good and the higher good of humanity. It is a mind reflection of the Divine Father, which can only be truthful, loving and good. As you go about your day, observe that which you do, that which you speak, that which you see and that which you think. Notice whether your experience is aligned with your human or your divine mind. All that is restrictive is human. All that is expansive, effortless and freeing is divine. You may choose at any time to master your human mind as it is, once more, the ultimate way of being for all humans: divine beings in human form.”

“The next step to achieve is to realize that the divine mind can only create in accordance with higher good. Once you have conquered the human mind and consciously merged, totally and completely, with your spirit self, you can only create your outer reality through your divine thoughts. You will then have access to higher knowledge, higher vibrations or spontaneous healing instantly. You will attract that which you desire in a matter of seconds for yourself, and in a matter of days when your desire involves others. You will perceive your physicality from the perspective of your spirit self, and you will begin a timeless experience within the time/space reality. The divine mind is not only free of the restrictive human psyche, but it is also free of the terms of your physicality. It defies time and space, and manages to integrate effortlessly and gracefully the unseen worlds within the material ones.”

ME: How do you achieve that level of Mastery?

HIM: ‘By asking’.

I suddenly became aware of the real divine potential, as a human. Through these connections, conversations and waiting time, I realized I had finally completed the cycle necessary to master the human mind. I did not simply understand intellectually but truly experienced conscious creating through the training and controlling of my thought. It is a difficult task to control our thoughts as instead, we are dragged into others’ negative or subjective viewpoint. Therefore, mastering the mind is the way by which the Masters (that is precisely why we call them “Masters”) can create anything of great value on this earth. These Masters are but an example of the real human potential indeed.

Since that time, I began my daily affirmations as follows: “I have decided to control my own mind and allow only positive and uplifting thoughts to enter my mind. I now choose not to give attention to negative thinking that may appear in my thought pattern. I am in charge of my destiny and my thought process. I choose to manifest in the physical all that I have asked for, if it is the Divine Father’s will. All and any other negative thinking shall not interfere or distract me in my asking and shall be eliminated from my thought process automatically. I also choose and ask to eliminate all negative thinking that still remains in my memory cells or subconscious. I choose to access my divine self and create only positively.” That is creating with the divine mind, when the outcome of your thought can only be positive. However, in this realm of duality, is that even possible? To my questioning, I received this divine reply: “If you are a Master and believe in your destiny as an offspring of your Creator, not only is this possible but it is your ultimate goal and only way of existing in the physical realm.[3]”

[1] Can be downloaded to Kindle at
[2] ME and HIM is a conceptual communication between Ms. Cory and the Spiritual Realm.
[3] These are Caroline Cory’s personal affirmations. Please feel free to make up your own.

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  1. Beautiful message, please keep writing about this, As its important to learn about truth and spiritual nature, its important to know how to integrat gnosis into our lives and how to think and function in the world from an integral prespective.

    Thank you Wes and Arial.

  2. The ‘observation’ they are talking about it, is somewhat similar to Eckhart Tolle teaching in the book Power of Now (I know he is a new age guy). I adopted the ‘observation mind’ especially before the onset of my period when I always entered the stage of sadness and depression and couldn’t get out of it. Observing my mind when I was sad and depressed is what helped to break that cycle. Thank you for the affirmation. I already wrote it down.

  3. My old teacher, Osho, made this an integral part of his teachings. Thank you. Well explained. .

  4. This is what Dr. Joe Dispenza is teaching in his books and workshops. His meditations are designed to achieve the state where you can align yourself/mind/heart so you can heal or transform your life the way you want to. Not at all an easy task and takes inner work.

    When I was healing myself out of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, I was sitting in my walking closet (my meditation place) at 4 a.m. in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening for 2 hours sessions. I didn’t achieve mastery and conquered my mind fully but within one month I healed myself. The reason I was able to recover that quickly because I had no destruction and I took two months off. Everything was balanced in my life so I could focus on myself without any stress.

    2020 has been challenging in business and in general. So it takes me much longer to get to the state where I can create. And many times the entire practice is just about settling my body down and repeatedly bringing my mind back to the present and observe my thoughts and feelings. Throughout the day too, I need to be more aware of my thoughts than usual and I often fall from grace.

    Mastery seems like a long way ahead.

    1. Yes, I don’t think we can fully master it in this reality–we just need to do the best we can. That way, we contribute both to our own spiritual well-being and affect others positively.

  5. I spent 12 years behind the scenes working/supporting one of the big names in LOA (The Law of Attraction). I didn’t do it because I was a believer or resonated with this type of content. I was involved because my wife and I essentially ran the day-to-day business of this [unnamed] big name in LOA. I am certainly curious about the most advantageous way I can use my mind until I can be free of brother Yaldabaoth’s House of Happiness. Though I am Gnostic-ally cautious of the mind magic of the law of attraction. Perhaps as I shift from my human mind to my divine mind I will have some wisdom on this which will overcome my caution.

    Up to this point in your material (Wes and Ariel), my evolving perspective has been to discover how to awaken to spirit that is all that I am/we are/there is in light of the knowledge that even our soul will be discarded at some point in our journey. If such awakening/awareness is included in The Divine Mind, I’m all in. I have struggled to frame a process by which I become self aware of all-that-I-am-is-spirit. Struggle just means for me it is still a work in progress. Earlier today I was needing a user name for some new online thing I’m trying out and I was researching Aeons/the Ogdoad, etc and come across the name Achamōth. I had never seen the name before today and then I read/listen to this last topic on Gnosticism and there it is again. What are the odds?

    So back to the LOA stuff. My Empathy read on many of the people and the icons of this movement as a dance between desperation and exploitation. I didn’t know about the Lion headed serpent nor was I very learned about The Divine Feminine, then. The end of that 12 year journey was a traumatic/dramatic and very dark jolt to how Archontic the leaders/teachers/coaches are and how drunk with loosh and rationalistic “they” were with their perpetual exploitation of the ignorant. I don’t usually focus on the negative in my posts, but I do think anyone that might read this who has had less direct experience (gnosis) with the worship of the Kenoma/Matrix through LOA might consider this a cautionary tale.

    Of course everyone must learn at their own pace and in their own fashion and going through “how to attract” [insert whatever here] may be an upgrade from the frequency they just graduated from.

    In dealing with my own bullshit, I try to find good humor by remembering “Don’t feed the Archons” and “Hi, Yaldabaoth” when I find my focus/context energizing something other than Spirit-Peace-Freedom-Joy-Serenity. As always, thank you for the amazing material. I am grateful for both of you Wes and Ariel.

    1. Hey Bruce

      Thanks for that I’m going to try doing just that In your last paragraph. Although I thought I did set somthing like that for myself but u can easily get lost and forget your intentions. As the world is complicating to deal because everyone doesn’t want to cooperate and I think if people did it would help speed process. But I do get not everyone is the same. Also is that what you should do if you’re being taken advantage of. For all I know I’m not here to suffer myself. But my question is how can you work with that? I want to know how to master not letting myself angry when it comes to people ignorant towards me or anything.

  6. @* , there is an idea circling around the russian-speaking internet, about ancient slavic people, Slavo-Aryans. And some people, like Nikolai Levashov ( ), say they were one of races, who came from space and colonized Earth( if i remember correctly ). People of this race had white skin and had possibly telepathy, psychic abilities and psychokinesis. So they were originally highly-advanced. They also spoke ancient russian, slavic languages. That’s why some people say the russian language is therefore highly-modified, and it’s actually one of descendants of the oldest language on the planet, oldest language of humans. I also heard some people say the runes ( ) were part of the Slavo-Aryans, and that they were three-dimensional version of poor 2D letters we have right now.
    Nikolai Levashov told that our official history is counted in 200,000+ years, while the history of Slavo-Aryans is going back 10s of millions years ago. He said this race was the core of a biggest empire in the world, Grand Tartaria, which included all countries of USSR + Europe + possibly Asia + some eastern countries ( like Iraq, for example).
    And if USA is on the same continent with China, like this video shows ( ), then USA might had been part of this empire.
    …If this is all true, then it’s another confirmation of the obvious. That we all fight one another, even though we are all humans. All one species/group (of avatars). But this confirmation kinda gives a different perspective – that we live on the same continent.

    Was there such empire? Was there such race/civilization? Or is this just another divide & conquer to make some people of slavic genetics claim and fight over their superiority? Or is it both?
    …Were the Slavo-Aryans originally technocratic, or more psychic ability based, or both at the same time?

    And if it doesn’t matter, because i should focus more on spirituality…yes, maybe😔
    But to me it matters. I wanna know about it and why people talk about it.

    1. Hi, Great Question. I’ve done some research on Tartaria, which includes the Mud Flood. Fascinating stuff for sure. I am unfamiliar with star beings that are 10s of millions of years old. There are still a few artifacts lying around that the lay person can visit. #1 on the list that I’m aware of is the Berlin Zoo. Some key words that are attached with Tartaria are “Star Forts” Berlin happens to be built inside/atop of one. This zoo is said to do some kind of Nicola Tesla type transformation of the ambient energy to create a state of peace and serenity. This zoo is often referred to as the happiest zoo in the world (even for the animals). I’ve forgotten more than I currently remember on this topic, but my take away from that research is something that most seekers never really swallow whole and adapt too. Nothing, literally nothing is as it seems. The Ignorance Factor that we all suffer from in the Patrix cannot be satisfied by unsolved mysteries or knowing “The Secret” or A Secret.

      Every shiney that attracts the mind’s attention, which exists “outside” one’s “self” is the Patrix. Every emotional link you have to the Patrix is a set of shackles to your awareness and blinders from Spirit. A very liberating discovery once you accept the Ignorance Particle spanning all of the Patrix which keeps awareness asleep to its true nature (Spirit)

      Today’s human mind cannot fathom how much like a deck of cards our reality is. The wardens/guards of Planet Ignorance have started any given timeline over and over again to try new approaches to create different results. Without a lifetime of training, I suspect any human mind that was somehow able to be aware of those kind of restarts would go crazy very quickly or assume experiencing at least 2 timelines means they are crazy.

      If what you are focused on was either born/created in fear or used to cause fear, then you are still a slave to the reactive mind. I can’t tell you or anyone else (including myself) how to awaken to spirit, but I’ve been learning how to keep from going to sleep or at least becoming less aware. If I had to try to explain Awakening to Spirit, it would probably sound backwards “Surrender your focus on any and everything that directs your attention anywhere that helps y ou forget y our true self. In order to do this, you have to quieten the mind and eliminate emotional reactions. This takes work and practice, patience and surrender, devotion and compassion and I still don’t know how to do it.

  7. Wes, do you still believe that everyone on Earth is Spirited? Considering growing population, where do additional souls and Spirits come from?

    1. Good question, Anonymous! According to the Gnostic texts, all human are supposedly spirited, in order to be able to animate this solid, human body. However, this was told by Christ 2,000 years ago. Now, 2,000 years later, this might still hold true, or the Archons have found a way to create a resemblance of Spirit from Artificial Intelligence. I have nothing to back that up–it’s just another option. If this is so, it would explain why people talk about non-spirited humans.

      If what Christ said 2,000 years ago still holds true, where do souls and Spirit come from when the population increases? The soul comes from the Kenoma/Matrix and is therefore of the material universe, so the Archons can replicate them in the recycling centers. Sophia’s Spirit is “sprinkled” on each new human that is born. I gave the example of Sophia being a Sun (metaphor), sending sunbeams onto humans (Sophia’s Spirit). Every time someone is born, a new sunbeam is attached to that soul. I am sure it’s more “SOPHI(A)sticated than that (pun intended), but I still think this metaphor holds water.

      1. So this basically invalidates “Enki’s Ascension Program”? Because for many souls it’s their first incarnation here, even if they are Spirited.

        1. The ascension program is still valid (’s). If a new soul is created, it starts from scratch and has to “work itself up” the ascension program from the bottom after having reincarnated numerous times. Souls that have already incarnated many, many times, will in most cases ascend through’s ascension program faster than those who have to start from the beginning.

      2. I wanna say that I read somewhere in the gnostic texts, might of been in the Secret Book of John, that not all humans are spirited and some contain only false spirit of Yaldabaoth to mingle with spirited ones (us) and pollute them.

  8. Yes, yes, yes the monad gave man an indominable mind with which to cut threw thoughts.
    I wonder what the other aeons realms are like?
    Are they bulit according to their designers attributes?
    Ignorance is getting dull and crowded.
    Zoe was said to exemplify innocence and purity. Those might be fun.

    1. “Zoe was said to exemplify innocence and purity. Those might be fun.”
      Dear Sir : I understand what you say….I do😊.
      I have a question which might sound “childish” but…why would a 65 y old “man” (read consciousness) want to subdue and defeat a 12 y old “woman”? Why purity and innocence would trigger this “attitude”?Why? To prove what? Where is the wisdom in this?

  9. This article really resonated with me and spoke to me. To know thyself and master the physical through spirit has always been the goal of this 3d experiment.

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