On Detachment

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  1. Yeah! … but love is also an attachment that most of the time makes you suffer. If we suffer because we love does it mean that we don’t have to love anymore? 🙂

    1. Love does not make you suffer. Suffering is self inflicted.
      You only suffer when you can not let go of that which you cannot control.

      1. Yes, that is true, and in order to leave this Matrix, we need to be able to detach from everything we have created here and what others have created. When we die, and still feel attached to something in this world, we will be recycled again. It’s like a chain that won’t break.

    2. There is nothing wrong with love–quite the opposite. But love in the Matrix/Kenoma is a condition that easily creates attachments. Love is wonderful, so long as it doesn’t make us attached to it once we die. However harsh it might sound, we even need to detach from the people we love in our physical life when our bodies expire. This is where love can otherwise become a trap. Many people have a difficult time with this.

    3. @Green Acid Burn ~ “Yeah! … but love is also an attachment that most of the time makes you suffer. If we suffer because we love does it mean that we don’t have to love anymore?”

      That depends on what your definition or interpretation of love is. Love is not suffering, in my opinion, but it can feel like it if we don’t have an understanding of love as the highest vibration we extend for another or ourselves. If your interpretation of love is a very low vibration more akin to something like fear, anger, sadness, jealousy, etc. then those things are at the opposite end of the pendulum swing and not love, in my opinion.

      Love shouldn’t create an attachment, it should create a bond of matched frequency through which both people (or whatever we are talking about here) collaborate and hold the same intentions. If someone has the intention of “I need to go a different way” and the other person is having the intention of “Please stay!” – then the person who is asking the other to go against their intentions to leave needs to figure out why they do not want that person to fulfill their intentions. Probably fear of being alone, grief, anger at no longer feeling important or prioritized in that person’s life, etc. That’s not love. Love is letting the other person seek out what is in their best interest EVEN if it means they don’t choose you.

      I love my children. For me, loving them does not mean holding them to MY path, but supporting them and encouraging them to find their own. By holding my children in the utmost vibration of THEIR best interest, I convey to them the vibration of love and they meet me on this vibration as they develop it for themselves. I know my children love me and I don’t need to keep them within arms reach to feel it. They are free to “move” either toward or away from me and I do not feel threatened by their own process of growth because love exits as a bond and not an attachement. Yes, it’s hard. The cool thing about it, though, is that at times when I am sinking they have been able to lift me up, as well, because we share the same intention for each other.

      A member of our community recently passed away and even though we all felt very sad and somewhat shocked, we all very consciously LET HER GO so that we do not keep her energy here by attachment (created by grief). No one had to tell us to do that, as we all just felt the intention on our own. We knew that it was in her best interest to leave and so we, because of our love for her, let her. If you are having an attachment in your life that is making you suffer…look at that attachment and try to figure out if that is really your interpretation of love. Then, you have just created an opportunity for a choice in your life, and ultimately you decide what you will and will not allow to create suffering. We aren’t powerless.

      No, it does not mean we don’t have to love anymore. It means we need to figure out what love really means. How that happens for each person is part of the reason for being here in the first place. 🙂

      1. Well said.

        Note that over fifty years ago, In The Urantia Book, it is said that love is defined as “the desire to to good” to/for another.

        That’s it. No other reference to the subject in over 2,000 pages.

      2. I agree with your explanation here of love, Ariel. Like you, I love my children, my grandchildren, and the rest of my family. I love them very much. However, I still plan to exit when my time comes. The fact that I’m doing as much as I can to support their goals and the lives they are living makes it easier for me to detach when time comes. I leave knowing that I did all that is humanly possible within this construct to show my love,caring, and support for them. The rest is in their hands.

  2. I totally agree, but if there is something you do need to detach is your ego. When I practice the power of now, being the observer with concious of myself, watching me in third person, all the things I need and can not have, and make me sufer, looks diferent from this perspective. I realize I need less than this world programed me with. Because you can start to notice you are more than just this person, you are a concious being trap in this body.

    1. Agree. FEW EGO’s trippers and not the best leaders for human kind. Some of them dream of a realm of Creator’s Gods…not what we need to hear about at the moment. They are stubborn . They don’t listen because Sophia is a lower Aeons. Shiva is a destroyer not a truther. Shiva is out of balance and unable to look at the big picture. The fallen Eve and Adam were already condemned in a double universe trying to prove they were the real ones.

      This is not bad to be part of the fallen club. Do you know why? Because you connect the big picture and most of them don’t. Probably why they harass humans and disempower them, through economical , social, professional , health , spiritual abuses.

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