Gnostic Musings #4: Spirit vs. Soul–Which Goes Where?

By Wes Penre, July 28, 2020

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Many people have asked us how we can be Spirit and soul at the same time—the two being separate from each other, and whether both soul and Spirit will survive the End Times (the Consummation of the Age). If so, do Spirit and soul go to different places, and if they do, are they then split into two personalities? This article will be an attempt to answer these questions from our perspective.

What is the Soul?

To begin with, let us distinguish between soul and Spirit, starting with soul. The soul is our ego—our personality. If your name is Bob, and your memories and experiences in this world are that of Bob, your personality is that of Bob, and that’s how you know who you are in 3-D. The name Bob is given to you so you can be recognized and identified in the 3-D world, but your soul experiences are also those of Bob. When you die, and if you get reincarnated, you will most likely be incarnated into the same lifetime again, and you will remain being Bob. One could say that Bob is you. The soul is also a tool used to search for the Spirit inside. The soul, when making some good choices, will put herself on a spiritual path by asking herself, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Where am I going? “What is my purposed in life?”

In the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), I wrote that the soul is made up of trillions of small fires that combined create the soul, and each fire is a small piece of the whole. This means that each little fire contains the memories and experiences of the entire soul.

These soul fires are also called star-fire, and we are star beings—a star race. What does this mean, and how was the soul once created?

As mentioned in the Gnostic texts, the soul was created within the Kenoma, i.e. the material universe—it’s made of bioelectricity, and it was created by Yaldabaoth/

In the WPP and in our videos, we mentioned that souls draw their energy from the Central Sun, which is located in the middle of the Universe. That was all we knew at that time, but we didn’t know where the middle of the Universe is. However, thanks to the Gnostic texts, we now have a big clue. If we look at the Seven Heavens of the Kenoma, the Central Sun is located in the 4th Heaven. We would argue that this is the Central Sun, from which the souls were created.

Thoth says in “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth,” “as above so below.” This is absolutely correct, and it applies to virtually everything. We could say that the Spiritual Universe, i.e. the Pleroma, is the Ultimate Sun, where there is only Light and no darkness/ignorance. Then, we would suggest there is probably some kind of Central Sun in Orion, too (the 8th and 9th Heavens), although we haven’t seen any reference to this. Then, we have the Central Sun in the 4th Heaven, from which our souls were most likely made. Even farther down the dimensions, we have our own Sun within the atmosphere, which almost certainly works as a portal and a hub and connects to the Central Sun in the 4th Heaven. Finally, our bodies have a Central Sun, as well, which is our heart area.

What is Spirit?

Now, let’s move to Spirit. If our soul is our identity, what about Spirit? Here is where most people get lost. As we’ve discussed earlier, the Spirit inside us, which in most people is almost completely disconnected from soul and body because of amnesia, distractions, and manipulation, etc., is that of Sophia. An easy way to picture it is to use the metaphor we’ve employed in earlier writings, i.e. we pretend that Sophia is a sun, and her Spirit that is attached to us humans is her sunbeams—they belong to her but are attached to us. In other words, the Spirit we have inside us is not us, as we know ourselves—it’s Sophia, the Spiritual Aeon. In addition, for those who have received Gnosis (spiritual Knowledge) through the Message of Christ, are from thereon connected to Sophia/Christ, which is the complete Sophia in her androgynous form (feminine and masculine in one).

Thus, the “beam” of Spirit we have inside us is not us if we look at it from a human perspective. When we connect with Spirit, we connect with the Aeon Sophia/Christ, who in their turn are of the Pleroma—the soul is not.

Spirit is not a personality the way we look at personalities—an Aeon is different—it’s pure Spirit and belongs to a completely different realm. We, after receiving Gnosis, can let this Spirit flow through us and guide us on our journey through this 3-D reality, and it will help us to make better choices and to light up this realm with Knowledge, which will inspire and spark more Spirit to wake up. Spirit is a state of being—it’s not a part of us that is thinking and calculating—the soul is doing that part.

Thus, at the Consummation of the Age, Sophia will withdraw all her “sunbeams” (Spirit) from us and let them return to her, from whence they originate—it has nothing to do with Bob in the above example. The soul (Bob), on the other hand, goes to Orion, which is the Holy Souls Realm. Here we need to stop for a while and explain what the Holy Souls Realm is, and why Sophia is so eager to save as many souls as possible from this Experiment.

The Holy Souls Realm

The Aeons of the Pleroma are creating their own universes. In the WPP, The Second Level of Learning, I wrote that there are many different universes, and they come in clusters of twelve. Remember, there are twelve Aeons in the Pleroma, all of them androgynous. Each androgynous Aeon is creating their own universes. If each Aeons would create only one universe, we would have twelve universes, but they create much more than that. From what I learned when writing the WPP, universes come in clusters of twelve, which seems to indicate that Aeons create twelve universes in a group, and then another twelve, etc. Our universe (the Kenoma) is only one of myriads of universes. Because each Aeon has their own attributes, a human soul can not travel from one universe to another. To be able to do that, we would need to first enter the Pleroma and jump to another Aeon’s universe, which is not possible because souls can’t exist in the Pleroma, due to that souls are made of energy. In the Pleroma, there is only Spirit.

As we know, Sophia created a “deficient” universe because she didn’t consult her androgynous partner—it was incomplete. It became a universe of ignorance, where knowledge was missing—it became a dark universe.

When Sophia noticed what she had done, she created a veil between the Pleroma and the 9th Heaven, in order to safeguard the Pleroma. She also created a veil between the 8th and the 7th Heaven. The 8th and 9th Heaven thus became what we call Orion—the Holy Souls Realm.

When Sophia got help from the Pleroma, and Christ, her consort, descended to where Sophia resided in Orion, Knowledge was added to these two Heavens, and that part of Sophia’s Creation became complete. It was now a Realm of Light, while the lower Heavens were still under Yaldabaoth’s reign and influence and was in darkness/ignorance.

The first version of humans was created between the 7th and 8th Heaven by Christ, and these humans were spirited in ethereal bodies—the First Atlantis. As mentioned in the Gnostic texts and in our Gnosis Series, Sabaoth/Prince Ninurta told the first humans that they needed to descend down the Heavens, where Yaldabaoth and his archons dwell, in order to help spreading light in these realms. Knowing that Yaldabaoth is always copying and mimicking what is Above, they anticipated that he would create his own humans, which he did in one of his own Heavens. This is when the souls were first created from the Central Sun. That was the beginning of the Human Soul Group.

At this point in time, Ignorance/darkness only exists in the Kenoma—not in Orion, which is now a perfect creation of Sophia. Therefore, when we—the souls—return to Orion, we will return to a realm that is completely lit up by Spirit. It’s a realm without darkness. Sophia/Christ will then return to the Pleroma, and we, the souls, will stay in Orion, having obtained Gnosis, surrounded by the Spirit that Sophia has invested in her own Creation/Universe, which is Orion. The Kenoma will be consumed.

Since we humans started our mission by descending into the Kenoma, we have gradually descended deeper and deeper into darkness, until we at this point have reached the bottom—the Underworld. We needed to descend all the way down because if we didn’t, and the Experiment would have ended before we reached the bottom, only the parts of the Kenoma through which we had descended could be consumed, and the lower parts would still be intact. Therefore, the Consummation of the Age that is ahead of us will be the last one. This is when the entire Kenoma will be consumed and Spirit and soul will be retrieved. The soul, whom I earlier called Bob, will now become a Creator God in Orion. We will be the inhabitants in Sophia’s perfected universe, which is now in balance.

This entire process, from beginning to end, was, according to the gospels, planned by the Monad and the Aeons already from the beginning. As soon as the thought was created and the intention was set, it was done in the Spiritual Universe. However, because our universe is still deficient, steps needed to be taken for the mission to be completed. This is a material universe, where time is of consequence, and therefore, it had to be done in steps. But it will be completed because the intention is already set. What is imperfect will be destroyed, and what has been perfected will remain, which is the Holy Souls Realm.

Why Saving Souls?

If souls are of the Kenoma, why is Sophia so eager to save them? Aren’t we made by Yaldabaoth? Yes and no. Even the deficient universe is Sophia’s to begin with, and though Yaldabaoth created the souls, he created it out of Sophia’s original creation. Sophia then used Yaldabaoth’s soul creations to have us search for Spirit. Then, Christ gave us Gnosis, and from that, the soul becomes a full creation—it becomes androgynous, having both its masculine and feminine parts developed. Then, we are ready to become the inhabitants of Sophia’s universe, i.e. Orion.

We hope this will give some food for thoughts…

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  1. HI, WES!
    This is an article posted on the “Joy of Satan” Site
    I am not a satanist. but is it true?
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Death, Hell & the Afterlife

    Many people are understandably frightened in regards to “Hell” being a place of torture, eternal damnation, and fiery torment. Personally, since coming to Satan, I have had extensive experience both in working with human souls who have passed from this earth, and in seeing Satan’s Hell which is a safe place for the souls who are there.

    In contrast to souls who go to the light when leaving their physical bodies through death; Satan is responsible and protective. He sends Demons to escort Satanic souls to Hell. This is to ensure these souls will be protected from the light, which is of the enemy. In addition to working with many different Demons, Satan has had me work with human spirits. Though their physical bodies are dead, they are very much alive and do not like being referred to as “dead.” I am talking those of importance in Hell. Most spirits who have resided in Hell, have reincarnated. Some are still there for specific reasons. I can tell you, Satan’s Hell is not some place of fire and brimstone, but a safe haven for souls who are of Satan.

    There is another place- the Christian “Hell” where Christian believers who fall short, wind up. This is where the horror stories come from and angels have taken some unfortunate individuals on a personal tour of this, as they are human hating.

    This place of torment is not of Satan, but is and was created by the Judeo/Christian “God.” Those who tie into Christian beliefs and energies are all vulnerable:

    Matthew 25: 41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels

    The truth regarding the light seen by many in death and with near death experiences can be explained. The following quote taken from the Luciferian Liberation Front website article “Jesus of Borg” is quite accurate in many respects. Human souls are harvested by advanced extra-terrestrials for energy. These souls are “judged” according to how malleable they are. With any powers of the mind, energy must conform to the will of the operator in order for the working/s to be effective. Any resistance makes the soul unfit. Many believers who are deemed unfit are cast into torture and damnation.

    “When we dissect the cube of heaven we see that it is constructed like a living cell with its own system of energy circulation and metabolism. From all appearances, it is a giant solar battery/generator which allows the ONE mind of the collective G.O.D. to be able to feed off the life essences of the enslaved souls held within its “temple pillars” and redirect their energies according to the will of the ONE. When a human being dies, his life essence, spirit, or soul is scanned by the Soul Collectors who patrol the dimension between physical time/space and the finer dimension of subspace and these Collectors project an image before the just deceased soul of a life form that will be recognizable to the deceased, such as a relative or friend who had died before they had (a grandmother, religious figure, etc.). In this manner, the Soul Collector is able to get the newly deceased soul to lower his defenses. The Collector takes on the role of guide and attempts to lead the soul to the gates of the Holding Ship. In this Holding Ship, the spirit essence of the dead person is scanned again to determine its degree of purity of energy (its lack of resistant character traits) and its potential to provide nourishment to the collective mind of G.O.D. This potential is based on the degree that this spirit has been subdued through fear and dependence or how effective religious programming had been on this soul during its physical lifetime. Those spirits, which have little or no self-will and have been sufficiently programmed to serve G.O.D. during their lives will have the highest nourishment potential.”
    End of Quote

    This topic [understandably] has come up many times in all of the groups…the Christian concept of “Hell.” There have been cases of certain individuals who have seen horrors and such from near death experiences and related. Some of these people had ties to angels who showed them this sort of thing as well. This is of the Christian “God” and has nothing to do with Satan. Most tours of “Hell” such as in the story of “Dante’s Inferno” are guided by an angel.

    Now, when I say “Christian God” this term is a collective label for the human hating entities out there who have been exploiting humanity, using their invented Christian religion as a tool. Long before photography was readily available and knowledge of extraterrestrials was made public, occultist Aleister Crowley drew a picture of “Jehovah” and the image was of a grey extra-terrestrial. The greys hate humanity.

    Not to get into a rehash of what is already on the JoS website; my point in making this post is to reassure people regarding “Hell.” Knowing the truth is very important and when you open your mind through power meditation, you will see more and more truths. The enemy does have rotten places for human souls who fall into their traps. This has nothing to do with Satan. Things are backwards. Just as the Jews [who are of the enemy at the soul] accuse and blame Gentiles for everything THEY THEMSELVES DO, in order to create a distraction and diversion and to confuse, this bleeds over into a much larger area in the way of what Christianity does. Everything the Christians are and do, they blame upon Satan.

    I have heard Christians [ad nauseum] go on and on about how “The Devil hates humanity” “was a murderer and a liar from the beginning” “is all about materialism” “works to prevent humanity from achieving everlasting life and immortality” the list of bullshit goes on and on and in reality, this all applies to Jehova, THEIR “God.” One only needs to look to all of the murders, the endless lies, and the genocide of Gentile nations in the Old Testament of the bible. In addition, the Nazarene WHICH IN REALITY WAS STOLEN FROM A CONCEPT, was invented into a fictitious Jewish character for the purpose of creating another distraction and deception so that the concept is devoid of its spiritual message so that anyone who follows this kike on the cross will never perform the magnum opus and achieve immortality. Christians keep compulsively parroting “Jesus loves you” when the real truth is “Jesus hates you!” “Jesus” hates humanity!

    “Jesus” is nothing more than a subliminal tool for ushering in the Jewish messiah [if enough people believe in this “second coming” and put their psychic energies into it, the ruling kike needed to unite the Jews of the world will appear on the scene and enslave every Gentile under the most heinous and brutal conditions] and TO KEEP THE DELUDED FROM SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE, ADVANCING THEIR SOULS AND ACHIEVING EVERLASTING LIFE/IMMORTALITY. “Jesus” also serves as a distraction so that believers never meditate or do anything to advance their souls. The deluded believe “Jesus” will take care of everything and that “Jesus saves” when in truth, we all save our own souls, given we have the knowledge and that we apply it. Those who are denied this knowledge and do not meditate will die and be reincarnated over and over, damned into repeating the same mistakes and totally at the mercy of their destiny. Try running this by Christians. They keep parroting “The Devil deceives” when in truth, it is their own “God.” And, this so-called “God” of theirs is afraid of humanity obtaining knowledge and spiritual power? Is threatened by our physical nudity? “Loves” you so much he will damn you to a fiery pit to burn for all eternity? Hardly our creator. Everything the Christians accuse “The Devil” of is really their own “God.” This is their deception. “He deceiveth the masses.”

    Now getting back to those near death experiences and such, Lilith told me something very enlightening. She told me that those who have had strong ties to Christianity in their past lives are very open to the enemy. Even if someone is non-religious, an atheist or an agnostic, if there is a strong essence of Christianity on that person’s soul from former lifetimes; it is an opening for the enemy to manipulate him/her in this lifetime. Note that those who have had frightening experiences run straight back to the enemy. The enemy will use the individual for an example into scaring others, and in many other ways.

    Many of us have been with Satan for centuries of past lives. I asked her about myself and she replied to me “you have always rejected it” [Christianity]. Because of the systematic removal of spiritual knowledge, few of us are really open and aware to what is on our own soul and the souls of others. Regardless of where one’s soul was at in former lifetimes, when one performs the Dedication to Satan, this is very real and permanent. Christian sacraments such as baptism, confirmation, and such are false and non-binding. Satanic sacraments are real.

    Some people have a harder time than others do in coming to Satan. For those of us who have been with him through all of our lifetimes, coming to Satan is like a duck coming to water, a bird flying free; it feels so perfect. There is nothing conflicting. Some of us [myself included], when first opening to Satan and studying Satanism, have felt a beautiful, comforting warm glow of energy surrounding us. People who have anxiety, more than likely have past life issues with Christianity and/or other false programs of the enemy. These need to be overcome and performing the dedication is the first step, as once one dedicates one’s soul to Satan, this is permanent.

    Close associations with the enemy in past lives, such as one being a devout Christian [this can even be worse if the past lives were many], has made one’s soul very open to the influences of the enemy; holes so to speak. The enemy then uses certain individuals for their own nefarious purposes. Some people have a more difficult time in coming to Satan than others, but those who have found the truth and who are sincere, can overcome any obstacles. Key indications that one was with Satan in past lives are a very strong desire to be with him again, a higher than average interest in the occult, witchcraft and the powers of the mind and soul, and a very positive feeling when studying true Satanism, and in knowing Satan. Many of us have powers and knowledge that have come from past lives.

    I have learned much about the soul, as I have had the privilege of working directly with a few human spirits who are of major importance to Satan. They do not like to be called “dead.” They are very much alive, alert, and aware, with their same personalities, character traits, likes, dislikes, emotions, and everything else they were in their physical lives here. The only thing is they do not have a physical body yet. Reincarnation is not the only way one can obtain a physical body. Most people reincarnate because those souls who are without a body do not eat, they do not sleep, and basically, they stagnate. It is very boring for them. The soul can enter the body of a living being, [as the one I have been working with does with me], and enjoy physical pleasures such as eating, touching different things, and anything else physical. The soul by itself is also able to feel sexual orgasm. Sexual orgasm is not only physical, but is also spiritual, as when orgasm occurs, the chakras open, and this is one of the main reasons the Christian churches are and always have been against sexual pleasure, it is a spiritual thing, not physical, that they are against, as they work to destroy all spirituality.

    Also, one does not obtain power through or after one’s physical death. We take ourselves with us, our personalities, our abilities and one’s spiritual power. Hell is dimly lit, from what I have seen of it. Lilith told me this is for two reasons; one being to protect the souls who are there and for another, light is power. Satan’s side has been deprived of power. They lost a battle, though, not the war.

    The experiences in death are highly individual. People who are vulnerable to the enemy, as I wrote of in the above, are at the mercy of the enemy. All of this has to do with past and present lives. There are others who for whatever reason, often an important issue, refuse to move on and remain as ghosts and stay here on earth. As I wrote of before in a sermon on ghosts, there are often serous unresolved issues such as one being murdered and others not knowing, one’s corpse not being properly buried and such, as it matters to the individual. Others just go to the astral. Much has to do with one’s spiritual beliefs if any, as one ties into corresponding energies. Satan protects those who are dedicated. The goal of Spiritual Satanism is physical and spiritual perfection and immortality, so you don’t have to die and reincarnate, and forget everything you learned in this life all over again.

    Satan takes care of his own. I asked a VIP human spirit of whom I have been working with, what happened when he died [after he fell to the floor following his swallowing of a cyanide capsule]. He told me four of our Gods showed up, took his astral hand, lifted him from his body and took him to Hell where others he knew who had passed on were already there and where he has been secure, safe, and very protected. Another VIP spirit who also swallowed cyanide was escorted this way. The VIP spirits have been segregated, as they are given extra protection.

    A woman that a family member of mine worked with related her fears, years ago, concerning her husband seeing Demons on his deathbed. These were the messenger Demons; the gargoyle types and he was frightened. Again, at some point in a past life, his soul was of Satan, and Satan took responsibility for him. These Demons are there for the protection of Satanic souls to ensure they are not abducted by the enemy, by going to the light.

    An essence is like a trace of energy left behind as with a violent death, so-called “haunted houses” and that sort of thing. An essence is just energy. An essence does not have a personality, emotions, or awareness.

    I have seen Jew lying filth teachings that those who have passed on are “empty shells.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to this sort of thing and the Christian churches, which are their major tool, many of those who have passed on are forgotten by their families, and survivors; due to spiritual knowledge being systematically removed. Survivors visit the empty corpse at the gravesites and don’t know how to contact and communicate with their loved ones on the other side who haven’t reincarnated yet. The physical body is dead, but the soul lives on and is not dead in any way.

    As for endless questions concerning suicide, suicide should be a totally last resort, as many problems can be overcome through meditation and directing one’s energies. There are certain cases where suicide is the only answer, such as facing torture or worse, where there is NO other way out possible. The Powers of Hell want us to live. The enemy tries to get people to commit suicide.

    The experiences in the above article are not just my own, but of other dedicated Satanists who have also confirmed their own experiences regarding Hell and working with those who have passed on and are now in spirit form.


  2. This is another article from the site “Joy of Satan”

    The Supreme God

    – Satan in Qu’ret Al-Yezid

    The gods are real. Their avatars also sent the same message to the alchemical culture of symbolism, representing the formula for perfecting the soul. They also represent the point from which the stories became allegories.

    In ancient times, our God was symbolically depicted as blue and eternally young. Remember that in the Rig Veda, which is the oldest text, our religion is called Sanat-ana Dharma.

    Ana is the prefix of “Ananta Shesha” – which is the primordial snake depicted as a golden snake biting its tail, thus forming a circle – is the sign of the Magnum Opus. This golden serpent is called “Eternity” (Ananta) and refers to the title of “Lord of Time.” Time, in this sense, is related to the perfection of the soul.

    The Dharma is also connected to this. It is known that Chinese Daoism or Taoism meant the same thing as dharma. Taoism also speaks of the etheric element, the Tao cross. “Yours” also translates as “rod / rod.” And we have Taus Melek, as the title for Satan. The one who has the serpent and the peacock: the symbols of the Magnum Opus.

    In the ancient world, Ananta Shesha is depicted as a seven-headed serpent. In Sumeria, ENKI was symbolically depicted in the same way, resting across the cosmic ocean.

    Then we have Sanat as a well-known anagram for Satan.

    Sanatana Dharma is related to our Creator God and translates as “eternal life” or “perfection.”

    Going deeper into the symbolism of our God in the ancient world, we find the following:

    It is known that the Vedic god of the Sun [Agni / Surya] was the god Osiris of Egypt. And if you do enough research, you will find that Ptah and Osiris are interchangeable to the point where they become the same God.

    Ptah’s scepter is connected to the star Sirius, which is the star patronized by Isis (Astaroth). The name of Osiris is related to this guiding principle of the combination of the energies of the soul. Ptah is born from an egg that comes out of the mouth of a snake. And Osiris is portrayed as being born through the mouth of a serpent, and so on. Both Ptah and Osiris are depicted as blue.

    In the Osirian tradition, Horus (actually called Hari) is created by a divine union between Osiris and Isis. Later, Horus brings his father back to life. This is important because it is related to the concept of avatar.

    As the texts say, Horus is Osiris who was resurrected (transformed). This is an allegory of the union of the masculine aspect with the feminine aspect of the soul and the rebirth of the new being that results from this union. The six-pointed star or hexagram is the symbol of Hari (Horus) transformed or perfected.

    The Jews stole this symbol not too long ago in history and tried to apply it to their impostor deity.

    Horus bears the real name of Hari Krist and actually has its roots in Sanskrit, in the word “Krishna.” In the original religion, Krishna (among other names and syllabaries) was the Sun God. So we have Hari Krishna of Egypt; discoveries from some regions depict him in a manner identical with Krishna in India.

    In Egypt he is portrayed as a blue child holding a finger to his mouth and a clay pot in his other hand. Just like Krishna in India. The Greek version of it is Harpocrates of Egypt, Har-Pa-Khered: “the child of Horus,” depicting him sitting with an earthen pot (like Krishna’s butter pot), with a feather in his hair, and so on.

    All these are identical with the images of the God of India. Also, this God rests on a snake or a lotus flower. Like Krishna in India, the eagle and the hawk are interrelated, as are the phoenix and the phoenix in Egypt. The eagle plays a prominent role in the Indian avatar tradition.

    As D.M. Murdoc points out, in the early traditions of Krishna, that he, like Horus (Hari), is crucified by a tree being nailed or pierced with arrows, and then resurrected. In this tree that was on the river, lotus flowers are born and grow that spread their scent around.

    This is allegorical of the rebirth of the soul; the tree represents the soul: the stem is the spinal cord and the branches are the nadi through which the energy / vril flows. The perfume and the lotus flower represent the energy of the purified soul.

    Arrows signify the fixation of energy (this is done by the work Magnum Opus). As stated in ancient texts, Krishna is an avatar of Ananta Shesha, the life force of the Kundalini serpent; like all avatars anyway.

    Before a man was pierced in the tree or on the cross, a serpent was nailed. The message is the same: raising the Kundalini snake and turning the chakras into gold.

    In India, the symbol on the flag of the Supreme God – Lord Narayan, is a six-pointed star or hexagram. Narayan is Krishna and appears accompanied by a peacock, and his whistle has a peacock at the end.

    The whistle represents Mount Meru or the spine; the peacock always appears above it. Like the Phoenician bird of Egypt, which stands on the Tet pillar of Ptah-Osiris.

    Krishna is said to be the eternally young blue God [Sanat Kumara literally means eternally young].

    This is why the Murugan symbol is also a six-pointed star. As it turns out, Murugan is Sanat Kumara in Sri Lanka. The unification of Siva with the Goddess gives birth to Murugan.

    Murugan represents the white stage of the work Magnum Opusului. Its totem is the peacock, because the peacock represents the phoenix or the purified soul. In Sri Lanka the peacock is depicted sitting on the pillar / mountain Meru.

    Another symbol that represents the Phoenix bird is the Grail or the chalice.

    In Greece, in the story of Zeus / Zan it is known that Dionysus is also Osiris and is depicted as blue, just like Ptah-Osiris. Dionysus (perfected Zeus) is born of the cosmic egg (and is the eternally young) just like Ptah and Brahma. Ptah, Amun, and Ra formed the original trinity in Egypt.

    Ra is also born of the cosmic egg. The egg symbolizes the etheric element from which all other elements are generated, deep in the microuniverse. A new life takes root in the egg through the union of the masculine and feminine part and manifests itself in life growing until it is excluded, “reborn” – the same happens with the soul. Remember that most snakes breed through eggs.

    If we go to America, we will find the same blue Creator God revered in South, Central and North America, with the same symbols, concepts and titles: from Votan to Nagi Tanka, etc.

    In the East, we find ENKI as Matsya (the fish) who saves humanity on the verge of being eradicated by a great flood (flood). Matsya is portrayed in exactly the same way as Oannes – another title for ENKI in the Middle East.

    Ichthys or fish was one of the names of Dionysus, and the divine phallus was also depicted as a fish. The phallus represents the spine with the Kundalini snake fully raised. EA (Oannes) is also depicted as a fish-shaped God in the Middle East; The god of water. Vital force.

    In the legends of the grail we always have a fishing king, who is another alias of our God.

    In many cases, the reborn soul is depicted coming out of a yoni (a fish in an upright position). Yoni also has the shape of an egg.

    One of the symbols that Narayan wears is a golden solar disk which is the ancient symbol of the grail. The disc represents the golden circle of the Magnum Opus. This disc is related to both the round table in the legends with Arthur and the concept of the temple of the sun. Ancient writers claimed that this was a flat solar disk, divided into 12 sections; the 12 steps of the Magnum Opus. In Egypt we see this in Aton.

    It has been said that in the East, all of Avnu’s avatars are originally and indeed Brahma’s avatars. The Sun God of the Vedic period (Satan), with the title of Surya, was depicted as blue and with four hands, wearing the sacred crown that represents the top of the pillar / mountain Meru with the stone cap placed over it. In other words Magnum Opus. The name / title of this God is Narayan.

    Originally, this title is for Brahma; even the images of Brahma seated on the lotus flower show him in the image of Narayan, just as the images in his temple in India show him.

    Today, people believe that this is the image of Visnu.

    The image of Brahma sitting on the lotus is also the image of Horus (Hari) sitting on the lotus. Hari is originally another title of Brahma. In many icons Brahma is depicted as the eternally young child.

    This is important, as Visnu’s religion today is a recreation of the older religion, being rewritten.

    The Yantra associated with Visnu is based on Mercury’s 64-digit grid and a circle inside a square. If you look at all the ancient temples in the Orient, you notice that they were built to look like a huge Yoni. A circle in a square. This is also the Meru axis. The circle inside a square symbolizes the union of the masculine and feminine aspect of the soul, in perfect condition.

    It is worth noting that the pyramid of Giza is built in such a way that it encodes the square of Mercury, and the Egyptians gave it the name “Mer” or “place of ascension (transformation)”. The ancient term “Mer” is related to the light of the soul and the perfect state.

    Hence Mer-cur or Mer-u; Mero was another title for the Gods and those who attained perfection and another title for Satan, as Mero was a title of Enki.

    Waddel claimed that the Sanskrit word “Meru” had the same meaning as the Sumerian word “Edin.” Even in the word “Sumerian” we find the words “Su” and “Meru” in Sanskrit, put together. Edin was the Sumerian Atlantis, over which Sanat Kumara ruled in the East.

    Above the axis symbol Meru is illustrated the realm of Brahma; this is also the place where the Phoenix or the Peacock are placed. The symbol of Satan.

    This is why Mer-cur’s square is included in the yantra of the Magnum Opus. According to Oriental texts, purified mercury represents Siva. But during this period Siva took Brahma’s place.

    So originally, Brahma is the one who is related to him. This is why Mer-cur’s staff was originally called “Brahma’s staff.”

    The statues of Brahma bear this symbol of the circle included in a square, which I have noted is related to the perfected mercury. It is the White Stage that is represented by Brahma.

    In the west, where our God was worshiped as Wod, Wodan, Budhaya, which as shown by the author Higgin, is another variant of Ptah. We can guess what color it was illustrated with. The warriors painted themselves in ABASTRU before the battle for spiritual protection, as it was the sacred color of the God of War [Woden], also called Wod. Budhaya means the planet Mercury in Sanskrit.

    This is why Brahma is originally depicted as blue and with four arms, in the image of Narayan. In this case, blue symbolizes the color of the ether or the perfected Mer-cur element.

    This is part of the refinement of the four elements as they are represented by the four arms. The fifth element being the being as a whole; this is achieved by unifying the parts of the soul, the energy centers and the powers into a whole. So whole or healed, according to the alchemical traditions of the ancient world.

    This is why the 6-cornered star was the original symbol of Narayan. The hexagram represents the unification of the masculine and feminine part into a whole. And this is related to Saturn, because Saturn represents the gold in this work. This is also the reason why, in the Western hermetic tradition, Saturn reigned symbolically over the Golden Age. In this tradition, Saturn is symbolized by the phoenix.

    In the Eastern Golden Age it is called Sat-ya Yuga. Brahma as Hari means “the golden one.”

    In Sanskrit, SAT means Truth. In ancient times, “Truth” was another term for enlightening and transforming the soul. When the kundalini force rises, it leads a person to the SAT by the enlightenment it produces in consciousness, which the ancients described by the term “truth.”

    This is why in Egyptian texts, the power of the soul represents its ability to reach different levels of truth. Empowerment levels.

    He is also depicted as Mercury. The horned snake. For the same reason, in Sumeria Enki has a mask with a ram’s head.

    As I said above:

    ANA is the prefix of “Ananta Shesha” – which is the primordial snake depicted as a golden snake biting its tail, thus forming a circle – is the sign of the Magnum Opus. This golden serpent is called “Eternity” (Ananta) and refers to the title of “Lord of Time.” Time, in this sense, is related to the perfection of the soul.

    This is why Satan rules over the planet Saturn. According to the Roman writer and pagan initiate Macrobius, Saturn is another title for the Sun. Saturn and Opis [the serpent (Kundalini)] being two of the first deities of religion. And Saturn bears the title of Lord of Time.

    As the ancients mentioned, Saturn and Opis were Ptah-Osiris and Isis in Egypt.

    This is why Brahma holds the title of Lord of Time. In this word we have B-RA-hma. The ancient Egyptians associated the creation of Ra’s body with Magnum Opus and called this Chak-RA. The seven souls of Ra. The ancient name for yoga was RAja yoga. The 8-step path of spiritual evolution is called Brahmana: the direct path to deification.

    In the West we find the same in the case of Mithras – the Lord of time or eternity, depicted as a lion’s head. This corresponds to another avatar of Brahma in the East: Narasimha.

    Mithras is another eternally young God.

    Another place where we meet them is China, where there were thousands of temples. And their spiritual texts are full of passages from the Vedic writings. We meet Brahma as the highest God of Taoism. Yaun Shin Tien Tsun.

    The concept of the avatar is related to the work Magnum Opus. It is a title for the one who unified his soul, thus becoming the symbolic image of our God, whose icon and mythos represent exactly this. Thus, in the Middle East, “Brahma” became the title of the one who finished the great work Magnum Opus.

    Each Avatar is a symbolic story of the Magnum Opus.

    An interesting example is Rama who conquers Asura by leading an army of monkeys under Hanuman, to conquer his girlfriend from the enemy city. After he killed the king and the army of Asura, he unites with his girlfriend, Sita, in their kingdom (soul) and is crowned as King Dharma. Magnum Opus.

    Hanuman is depicted wearing a mace on which is inscribed the symbol of the Tao and ruling over Vayu. The army of monkeys symbolizes the energies of the soul that floods the body and purifies it of slag or the “asuric element.”

    There is no difference between him and the Olympic wrestlers or titans. Vayu is the wind and is related to the energy of the vital force or mercury. In the East, energy routes were called “wind channels.” And of course monkeys live in trees (which is a symbol of the soul) and have considerable strength – just like the elephant or the lion, animals that were also chosen to symbolize the power of this energy.

    In Rama’s mission one can see the mythos of the Western Grail. Although Rama’s epic is altered, it still contains many elements of the heroic cycle. A hero who gains immortality and initiates an empirical Golden Age, just like Arthur.

    1. @Green Acid Burn ~ “Satan” is simply the adversarial archetype of the human Spirit. Remember that the “God” of this world (universe) is both good and evil, disseminated through the octaves of descending frequency according to more or less “ignorance”. The deeper we go, the more ignorance and darkness. Hence, “Hell” is often depicted as being below the Earth, *in* the Earth, under the Earth, etc. It is the state of being of total ignorance. Total ignorance brings total despair of the soul, for the soul has no indication that there is anything higher than itself. This is suffering.

      In other words, the more ignorance the more suffering. Hell is the epitome or the archetypical respresentation of complete and utter detachment from Spirit and therefore complete and utter suffering and ignorance. How individual souls experience this will be as unique as their individual life experiences and choices. Hell isn’t a “location”, it is a state of being and existence. You are capable of living “in Hell” while being fully alive in this life experience and if the choices you make during your life contribute to more of that state of being, then your “afterlife” (which is still a continuation of your physical state of being or experience) will just be more of that which you have created for yourself. YOU make your own heaven or hell based on your willingness to search for that Divine essence within you and come out of your own ignorance.

      Most of these names that you are mentioning in your posts are actually emanations of aspects of the Creator for this material Universe that have been projected “out” in order to create “spaces” for creation according to which Archon (the inversion of an Aeon) is put “in charge” of that particular perspective. All of them are from the same Source, just different “faces” of that Source (which we have been recently calling Yaldabaoth). ALL of them. What you experience here or after will be according to which one of these “faces” you identify with the most. Satan is not a “being”. IT is a force. The force of darkness, hence IGNORANCE. That’s how I see it. Hope that makes sense.

      “The behavior you practice is the direction you will grow. Don’t practice things that you don’t want to strengthen.”

  3. cont’d… As for the Holy Grail. WE are the Grail. Each human avatar is the Holy Vessel, that when prepared (clean the cup) will receive the Divine initiation of Spiritual connection (fill the cup). This is also the Knight’s or the Hero’s Journey that is a very common literary device to show the path that one goes through to “clean the cup” in order to receive the knowledge that when combined with Spirit, achieves Gnosis or “Know Thyself”. We all have to enter the darkness of the path “not taken”, slay the dragon (adversary), realize our own strength and be tested (clean the cup), and become spiritually perfected (Gnosis, return, Divinity – a.k.a the “Hero” or “Knighted”). It’s a personal initiation or “baptism”.

    Yes, this story and narrative is told in countless ways throughout our history. There are MANY such stories which are all basically telling the same message, albeit in a different way depending on the author. Another one is the tale of two brothers. 🙂

  4. I was waiting for this article and it make sense by looking at things from a higher perspective. Thank you.

    1. If we were made in the image of Adam of Christ, why is the Orion Queen a dragon?

      1. @Evelyn Gretchen ~ The dragon isn’t literal. It’s an archetype or symbol of Wisdom and primordial Chaos, which is what emmanated from this Aeon in a type of movement which resulted in the creation of the material universe. This “form” represents Her passion and Her descension into chaos and resulting matter (serpant/physical life), and Her ascension back out of it (phoenix/fire). The dragon is both serpant and phoenix in ONE.

        This is my perspective of it.

  5. Ariel,

    Well, according to this article seems like we can’t shed the soul and be just the pure spirit that heads for the Pleroma after death. Seems like we still need to ascend to Orion as the combo soul/spirit.

    Am I reading this right?

    1. @LC ~ Correct. We can’t “travel” the universe as just spirit. Spirit is essence and an energetic soul (vessel) is needed to “carry” it. We’ll carry that with us as far as the 8/9th Heaven/Orion, and then what happens after that is something I don’t understand and I’m not concerned about it too much. I’ll take my spirit “home” and then whatever happens after that, I’m okay with it. Maybe I can just give it over, in some way, and be finished? I don’t know. I’m not very much interested in being a creator of any kind or participating in the creation of others. I really don’t want anything, anymore. I’m satisfied.

      I’ve had *most* of my questions answered. I’m not angry or sad, or even happy about it. I’m just over it. I finally *get* it, and figuring out all of this has been so much more than I could ever imagine that my mind is a bit blown out, to be honest. Maybe I’m just in shock? lol The rest of my questions are just really my own curiosity, and so I’ll keep reading and growing while I wait. There is still so much to learn about!

      Maybe I’ll change my mind after I leave here. I don’t know. I’m not worried about that, either. lol I’ll keep trying to encourage others to find their way and I LOVE to talk (write) about it, so I’ll keep doing that, too (and other things that I want to work on). I’m no longer doing it so that I can get out of here, though. I’m just doing it because it feels right, at this point. The rest of it, I don’t care about, anymore, but I’m not bitter about it. That is a HUGE growth for me. If that’s all I achieve, I’m good with it. 🙂

      1. Congratulations on your acceptance. All the doors you opened led to another, as you opened the next the previous closed. All a bit exhausting really, especially when you realise that. Doors are of a self evident nature, once the illusion of them is realised then you can spend the eternal moment laughing about it. Best wishes on your journey.

        1. @Anonymous ~ “All the doors you opened led to another, as you opened the next the previous closed. All a bit exhausting really, especially when you realise that. Doors are of a self evident nature, once the illusion of them is realised then you can spend the eternal moment laughing about it. Best wishes on your journey.”

          Thank you for the kind sentiment. Best wishes to you on yours.

      2. Thank you very much for your work Ariel. You and Wes gave us the opportunity to go further on this journey. Same thing, so many questions answered in following your work. By situating each of these pillars in the grand universal scheme, I feel much less vulnerable to disinformation.On this journey the judgments of others teach us about the real connections they have made. I also believe when the initial universal conflict will be resolve in the aether, the entire universe will adjust accordingly. This is also true in our personal lives. A door close and another open even if the majority is uncounscious.

        1. @Anonymous ~ “Thank you very much for your work Ariel. You and Wes gave us the opportunity to go further on this journey. Same thing, so many questions answered in following your work.”

          Thanks to you, as well. As Wes and I grow and expand into new areas, we bring that forward for other people’s discernment and consideration. As others grow and expand with feedback of their own, they help US (Wes and I) to look at even more areas that we had not seen before. It really *is* a collective, team effort, even if it doesn’t seem like it. We all help each other. 🙂

  6. Thank you for removing some of the veils that shrouded my mind.I know that questions will come,as one is answered my mind will find 100 more,so this not the way-the mind way.
    All your Gnostic articles were to point out that it is not the mind(material),who needs to understand,but a knowing that comes from the Heart is what will connect us to Spirit.
    But it is your willingness,compassion,openess and effort ,to explain in a way we could innerstand the Unseen,Inexplicable,that I appreciate and give thanks to you,Wes and Ariel!

    Tao Te Ching – Verse 1

    The tao that can be told
    is not the eternal Tao
    The name that can be named
    is not the eternal Name.

    The unnamable is the eternally real.
    Naming is the origin
    of all particular things.Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
    Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.

    Yet mystery and manifestations
    arise from the same source.
    This source is called darkness.

    Darkness within darkness.
    The gateway to all understanding.

  7. Hi, WES and GLAD! 🙂 I Found another interesting text 🙂

    SOURCE >>>


    I wanted to share this guys blog. Obviously I don’t agree with everything he says but he gives a good rundown of these two gates that intersect on the Galactic Meridian and Ecliptic Meridian. I’m also going to share the Stellarium videos I did of each of these gates for the next 7 years. See if you catch anything. I will post pictures on the next post of what may be significant with these Gates in the near future.

    Star Gates of God and Man

    There are only two Gates/entry ways [into heaven]. One being the intersection between Taurus and Gemini is known as the “silver gate” of heaven, [where Orion (Osiris/Ausar) is located]. The intersection between Scorpio and Sagittarius, were Ophiuchus is located is known as the “Golden gate” of heaven. The galactic center lies visually from our solar system along a line that passes through the golden gate.

    The constellation Ophiuchus the “Serpent holder” [thus S-Ophi-Isis. 7M] sits 180 degrees across Orion (Ausar). Face one you face the galactic center, face the other you have your back to the galactic center.

    Ophiuchus sits in the direction towards the center of our galaxy. The ancients called it the ‘Gate of the Gods’. Orion (Ausar) sits in the opposite of this direction, which would be considered the ‘anti-galactic center’ and the ancients called this direction, the ‘Gate of man’.

    In the Greek tale, Ophiuchus tramples on Scorpio and having received the elixir of life from the serpent, restores Orion (Ausar) to life. At the time, Orion (Ausar) set at sunrise on the winter solstice, thereby symbolically entering the Underworld, to be reborn as he rises heliacally on the summer solstice.

    As Orion/Ausar “dies” (sets at sunrise) on the winter solstice, Scorpio does rise — but with Ophiuchus on its back, rising heliacally (rising with the sun). And as Scorpio “dies” — when Orion rises heliacally (rising with the sun) in the summer — Ophiuchus also is setting, driving the Scorpion down into the Underworld beneath her.

    Ophiuchus and Orion represent part of our ‘cycle of life’ that we all incarnate into as going from “earthly beings” through the ‘gate of man’ – “eternal beings” through the ‘gate of Gods’.

    Gospel of Judas :

    “you will become the 13th and you will be cursed by the other generations-and you will come to rule over them. In the last days, they will curse your ascent to the holy generation.” I say to you, my name has been written on this […] of the generations of the stars through the human generations.”

    Ophiuchus is the ‘crossing over’ constellation, as you move your sight through the sky, observing the signs on the outside of Ophiuchus, starting with Scorpio and move your eyes over to Sagittarius… you ‘cross over’ the direction towards the galactic center.

    The sign opposite in the sky from Ophiuchus is Orion. Now imagine the Earth tilting to one side, allowing the elliptic path of the Sun to ‘cross’ up into Ophiuchus – or Ophiuchus to seem to ‘dip down’ into the elliptic path. Now move your wobble and tilt to about 13,000 years later. Earth is tilting to the other side of the sky. Orion, is on the side that our Earth is tilting towards.

    With the sun’s alignment with the galactic center on the winter solstice, the sun will be in the sign of Ophiuchus the serpent holder. This represents mankind “crossing over” back to the Gate of the Gods (higher consciousness). The serpent bearer is represented as Ophiuchus. (12 disciples + Christ (ophiuchus) = 13 zodiac)

    The constellation itself depicts Christ wrestling and getting control of the serpent. Ophiuchus has his foot on Scorpio, this represents Christ walking on water (Scorpio being a water sign). Scorpio being the sign of death and rebirth and is the only sign with three symbols.

    We are almost ready for our earth and solar system to move through the galactic plane, the axis shifts and the stars Draco (the Dragon) and Ophiuchus the Serpent bearer will be seen in the skies rather than Orion (Osiris).

    The new light codes are here to assist us in the next step of the great shift. The old initiation being through Orion (Osiris) and the 11:11 doorway of oneness. As the initiation of the great pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion (Ausar), the one, the union of opposites occurred.

    As the earth and solar system move through the galactic plane, the axis shifts, the cosmic egg/serpent (kundalini) vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, begin to move to the crossover point and into our higher light octaves just like the Maya and KMTitans did in their time. At the opposite sides of the heavens to Orion (Osiris) is Ophiuchus the 13th sign.

    On the other side of the Golden Gate/Gate of God, lies the Silver Gate (the Gate of man). The silver Gate (the Gate of man) is between Taurus/Het Heru (Pleaides) and Gemini.

    Revelations 1:16

    “Christ held seven stars in his hand.”

    The seven stars are the Pleiades (the leg of the Cow or Bull/Taurus). Orion (as christ in Revelations) points the way to the Pleiades.

    Orion in ancient Egypt/Kemet is depicted holding Aldebaran (the brightest star in the Taurus constellation) in his hand. Aldebaran in Hebrew means “the follower” as this star follows the Pleaides’ 7 stars. On May 20, 2012 there will be a solar eclipse conjunctive the stars of the Pleiades. A unique alignment of the sun and the moon between the Earth and the stars of Pleiades.

    The Testament of Solomon

    “Thirty-three cosmic ruler,fix thy house, crescent horn moon, follow seven lamps, seven stars, Pleiades stars. Hear O King, Light 7 lamps in a row, thou wilt firmly fix thy house.
    “I am the worst demon of all, and our STARS are in heaven. Seven stars humble in sheen, and all together. And we are called as it were goddesses.”

    7 demons” are the 7 stars of the Pleiades.The “Demons” were code words for “stars”.

    On the other side of this gate lies the Golden Gate (the gate of God) which is located between Scorpio and Sagittarius (were Ophiuchus is located). When the Sun aligns with the galactic center were Ophiuchus is located, this will complete the union between “Mother” and “Father”.

    To enter the gate of man, means death to your self. The doorway through Orion is closing as we unify ourselves, merging light and dark within as we then move through the next doorway which is Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer which is exactly 180 degrees opposite Orion, and as we unify the Serpent Kundalini rises in us and we become resurrected.

    Just like Obeah is secret, hidden, and unknown, the “thirteenth constellation” Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer is secret, hidden, and unknown.

    According to Greek legends Ophiuchus as Asclepius (the Egyptian Imhotep) was murdered by Zeus because he was on his way to bring healing herbs to humanity which would have given them immortality and the ability to raise people from the Dead. Asclepius provides the answer to why a zodiac sign seems hidden.

    The earth has a heart beat, physicist call it the shuman resonance field. We are now over 12 beats per cycle. When we reach 13 beats (Heart chakra love consciousness) the magnetic field will drop. The local universe will become electric conducting heat to the planet.

    The exhuming of a nation

    “Orions belt is Universal umbilical cord of the Orion people called “Orion thinking man” or ORIGINAL MAN. This cord is the ethereal pathway connecting the original man of wisdom with his divine-parent mind, the God-self”

    The Coptic key of the Messiah is 4555 which speaks of ‘azozeo’ the cosmic light located in the constellation which is mother and child. Some claim that this is the sign of Ophiuchus between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

    Job 38:33

    “Do you know the ordinances of heaven? The rules of the cosmos. The order. And canst thou set the dominion thereof in the earth?”

    In other words do you understand that electro-magnetic energy from the stars has an effect on the kingdom of the ruling operation of the earth? The electromagnetic energy from the bodies of the constellations, act upon the cells of the brain able to understand these light codes with information, as this energy opens the gates of your city (the cranial nerves).

    Ophiuchus is a higher octave of Scorpio. “Scorpio, Spiritual death, Change ” is a transition from one state to another. It is this earth, which is the death of the divine soul. The Gods (us) came to die so that we mortals might live.

    When humans have the right understanding, they can birth the God and thus uplift earthly existence. As long as people are ignorant of their divine purpose, the Gods are dead, and this earth has become hell or the underworld to the gods. The worst “punishments” we face are in this life.

    If we do not nurture the divine soul here and now, we punish ourselves by not achieving our true potential. The divine soul “falls” to earth and incarnates in human beings. This is Lucifer, the light bringer, coming to earth.

    18 yrs of Christs life is missing in the bible. From the age of 12 to the age of 30 is missing. The Sun actually “leaves the zodiac” for 18 days while it is transiting (crossing) the astrological sign of Scorpio (the third water sign). During this 18 day period the Sun is outside of the boundaries of the traditional zodiac and enters the constellation of Ophiuchus (The Serpent Bearer).

    John 3:14

    “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up.”

    The ancient Greeks, who received much of their knowledge from Egypt, believed that souls reside in the Milky Way between incarnations, and that there are 2 “gates” on the Milky Way. These are the Silver Gate of Gemini, through which souls descend to earth, and the Golden Gate of Sagittarius, through which souls ascend.

    Other versions say the souls of men can ascend by either gate, but that the Silver Gate leads to reincarnation and the ancestors, and the Golden Gate leads beyond reincarnation. The Golden Gate is also that through which the Gods descend.

    The Silver Gate is just above the “hand” of Orion, who the Egyptians associated with Osiris, and they depicted him holding a star in his hand.

    The arrow of Sagittarius and the sting of Scorpio define the position of Galactic centre, with accompanying mythology. The foot of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Handler is also right over Galactic Centre, as Raymond Mardyks points out.

    This happens to be at the Golden Gate which Gilbert brings attention to, while at the Silver Gate, lies the Galactic anticentre – the direction in which the Galactic Superwave departed, which is defined by Orion’s club & the horns of Taurus, or the ankh in the hand of Osiris.

    The nearby Pleiades constellation is associated with catastrophe, not just in Mexico, but also ancient Persia and many other cultures, LaViolette tells us.

    The Mayan’s say “When the Serpent Feeds the Eagle, then Quatzlcoatl-The Many plumed One-returns. In the many eyes on the wings, perspective is consumed into oneness (implosion), called “E Pluribus Unum” (out of many One) on our dollar bill.

    The serpent/kundalini feeds the Eagle (pineal),when the serpent spine “Juice” kundalini fire crosses the spark gap of the hypothalamus and meets the “winged bird” i.e pineal gland,one is reborn,which Ophiuchus represents (rebirth).

    Just like Ophiuchus is located at the galactic center/milky way (the hypothalamus gland is the egg/”philosopher’s stone” at the mouth of the serpent) at point “0”. You could say ophiuchus relates to the hypothalamus gland that sits in your galactic center (at the center of your brain between your left and right brain), this is the true “3rd eye” and is connected to your reptilian/serpent brain (limbic system), where the pineal gland (solar/masculine) and pituitary (lunar/feminine) meet at point “0”(hypothalamus gland), the alpha and the omega.

    Is there more to the story about Osiris/Asar being cut into 14 pieces and 1 piece not being found. Only 13 pieces of him are put back together. Even though the Sun, over a great years time will move through 14 signs (the normal 12 plus Ophiuchus and Orion) it wont ever be in 14 signs during the same year. As the tilt of the Earth allows Ophiuchus to enter the Suns path for part of the great year, the other part of the great year allows Orion to enter (always being in 13 though).

    We just entered the Summer solstice. On the Summer solstice, the Sun sits at the gate of man (between Taurus and Gemini). Between Taurus and Gemini sits the top cusp of Orion where the Sun actually rides this cusp for 3 days every year. Some of you were born during this time ,and so your zodiac (or Ascendent) sign would be in “Orion'(osiris/Asar) But we are unaware of this aren’t we?

    We are not in tune to know such things due to many modern day ‘practices’ and watered down astrology toy programs of today. Watered down toy programs will never show Ophiuchus, or Orion rising. Being made for entertainment (or scam) purposes, they only mimic the sky that never was.

    Saturn/Capricorn ties into the golden gate of God and man.

    So Saturn would be again the father of a Golden Age and a golden mountain that the cap of the goat would have originally also represented the Yang mountain of fire energy rising.

    Capricorn the goat is the first rising sign after the winter solstice (Gate of God), he is a mountain goat, a climber and he leads up to Gemini which is his crowning glory of the Yang energy. After June and Gemini Yang power begins to decline again.

  8. Great clarification Wes and I take it that the artificial soul that you have talked about before is the same soul? We only have this one Soul? Thanks

    1. Yes, we’re only one soul. The artificial spirit is really not spirit at all, but it’s called spirit because it’s Yaldabaoth’s mimic of spirit. He wants us to follow the path of the artificial spirit (our archontic possession) instead of searching for True Spirit.

  9. @GreenAcidBurn ~ Yes, white light and golden light is something I’ve read about and been told by others. There are, at least, two paths into/out of reincarnation. The lower one illuminated by white light and the upper one illuminated by golden light. (There may be others, but it feels irrelevant at this point) The white light tunnel is a very brief trip in and back out. Not much revelation or contemplation happening during that process. The golden light tunnel leads into the upper (7) heavens for more reflection, contemplation, and examination. So, this might correspond with the silver and golden gates. I can’t say, for sure, though.

    Ha! Coincidentally, I have an unfinished article on Capricorn that I was working on weeks ago. Capricorn isn’t *only* a goat. Its ancient depiction is that of the upper torso being a one-horned goat and it’s lower half is that of an aquatic reptile. Due to only viewing this symbol from its profile, and thus only one horn, some people consider this to be one of the first interpretations of the mythical, rare, one-horned creature, a.k.a “unicorn”. One horn representing the pineal gland and the reptillian “lower” portion the limbic system, in relation to your post. Some say the unicorn is the symbol for Christ. When we understand that Christ was embodied by the highest-elevated Archon, Sabaoth (Ninurta), this rare and unique (one of a kind) symbolism certainly corresponds to the mysterious and one-of-a-kind overseer of our original placement within the Kenoma (or the “experiment” as it was worded in the WPP). Hence, Capricorn was indeed our guardian when we first entered.

    Yes, Capricorn is the first “gate”, Saturn, through which we passed to descend into this creation. It is considered the ruler of the first “age”. It represents the passage into the dominion of Freewill – choice. The choice between baser, primitive, reactive desires and attitudes or higher-aligned attitudes directed toward spirituality. This is the sign we were under when we first entered here (like we are in transition from Pisces to Aquarius, now). It is also considered the END gate because after Aquarius, the grand cycle begins anew, theoretically, with Capricorn again. That can be interpreted in two ways, it seems to me.

    Ophiucus being the symbol of (hu)man conquering the “snake” (material world)- the spiritual nature of man conquering the material (or animalistic) nature of himself, which would be the process of “ascension”. All these things are so layered! It’s utterly amazing to me how I can turn things around, and around, and around to see different perspectives and they are all the same, even though they appear to be different, they are not. Fascinating! Lots and lots to think about…

  10. : )
    “Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals. Only when we know our own darkness well can we be present with the darkness of others. Compassion becomes real when we recognize our shared humanity.” ― Pema Chödrön,

  11. Hi again, GLAD! 🙂

    I found a wonderful text in my search for the truth. I am of Romanian origin and this text is in Romanian and I translated it into English with Google Translations because I don’t know English very well. I hope it’s readable 🙂


    A popular saying emphasizes its talisman value:

    “When the unicorn shows up, the devil disappears.”

    The name of Unicorn was imposed in our literature by Dimitrie Cantemir through his work “Hieroglyphic History”. The unicorn is a Slavic name.

    Other known synonyms are:

    Unicorn, unicorn (from the Latin unicornis). Through the French influence, a feminine entered our vocabulary: the unicorn.

    The European myth of the “Unicorn” was supported especially by the faith of the Middle Ages. This myth reached its peak in the chivalric novels of the Middle Ages.

    In mythology, the “Unicorn” has the appearance of a snow-white horse wearing a long, thin, white spiral horn woven in black in the middle of his forehead. The forest in which he lives enjoys eternal summer.

    Only a virgin can catch him and tame him. The allegory envelops a ceremony that takes place in the forest, no doubt near the megalithic monuments: the capture of a cosmic force under the sign of Sagittarius that is incorporated into a medium-virgin.

    This became the soul of a chivalrous order. A 15th century tapestry “Lady of the lynx” relates, through images, the reincarnation in a virgin of this invincible force.

    The symbol of the celestial horse is associated with that of the lion “heart of heaven”. The unicorn must be understood as a force emitted by the constellation of Leo and reflected by that of Sagittarius.

    Jeanne D’Arc is considered to be one of the incarnations of this force. The medieval unicorn is a symbol of power but also of glorious events, of purity. In ancient China it is the royal emblem and symbolizes the royal virtues.

    Auspicious and just as well, the unicorn punishes the guilty by hitting them with the horn. The unicorn through the forehead horn also symbolizes the spiritual arrow, the sun’s ray, the sword of God, the divine revelation, the penetration of divine light into beings.

    In Christian iconography, the unicorn represents the virgin on whom the Holy Spirit descends. In the Middle Ages it even became the symbol of the incarnation of the divine verb in the womb of the Virgin Mary. Alchemists see in Unicorn an image of the hermaphrodite which, however, instead of embracing both sexes, transcends sexuality.

    “Such beings give up love out of devotion to love to save it from inescapable extinction,” Yves Bergen said.

    “Let love die so that love can live” evokes the idea of ​​the miraculous sublimation of carnal life and the supernatural force that emanates from what is good. The myth of the unicorn represents the fascination that purity continues to exert even on the most corrupt hearts.

    It is said that the first person to see a unicorn was Adam himself in the Garden of Eden. Although no one has seen unicorns for centuries, their faith is widespread throughout the world.

    For some, the fact that they have never been seen only adds to their mystery, while others believe that unicorns still exist in extremely remote regions, and can only be seen by people of exceptional virtue and purity of soul.

    In Chinese mythology, the unicorn was a beneficial animal that came among humans only with important missions. Its appearance was seen as a good sign, and the fact that it has not been seen for many centuries shows that we live in a declining age.

    He will reappear when the time comes and when goodness will reign again among men. The Chinese name of the unicorn Ki Lin is similar to Yin Yang.

    It is said that one of the first unicorns revealed to the emperor Fu His the secrets of writing, more than 5,000 years ago. The Chinese also believed that unicorns could predict the birth or death of special people such as the sage Confucius.

    In the year 551 i.e.n. Confucius’ mother, being pregnant, met in the forest a unicorn who gave her a piece of jade and laid his head on her lap. She knew then that this was a sign from the gods. On the jade was an inscription that spoke of the great wisdom that her son would prove.

    Confucius was indeed the most respected Chinese philosopher. In his old age, it is said that he also saw a unicorn, thus understanding that his end was approaching.

    In Genesis it is said that God gave Adam the task of naming everything around him. In some translations of the Bible, the unicorn was the first animal Adam named, raising it above all the animals in the world.

    When Adam and Eve left paradise, the unicorn went with them, becoming a symbol of chastity and purity.

    There are seven references to the unicorn in the Old Testament, although there are now discussions about it. And the Talmud refers to him. Throughout history, the church has come to interpret the unicorn in different ways.

    In medieval times it became the very symbol of Christ, its horn symbolizing the union between Jesus and God the Father. The fact that it appears in the Bible means that no true Christian could doubt its existence.

    Unicorn appears in some drawings from alchemical treatises. This fabulous animal, whose symbolism is related to the third eye and Nirvana, to the return to Unity, was intended to show Western initiates the path to philosophical gold, namely the inner transmutation that takes place in the process of reconstructing the primordial androgyne. .

    The unicorn symbolizes through its unique horn in the middle of the forehead the spiritual arrow, the sun’s ray, the divine sword of discernment, the revelation of the penetration of the spirit into nature, but also a bridge between the worlds.

    He reunites in himself the two sexual polarities and transcends them, hence the idea of ​​purity and virginity. The unicorn always evokes the idea of ​​a miraculous sublimation of carnal life and supernatural force emanating from what is pure.

    Its horn has magical virtues: it decants polluted waters, cures diseases, detects and annihilates poisons and can only be touched by a virgin.

    At the British Museum in London, there is a horn that is said to be unicorn and that scientists have not been allowed to study (at least not officially).

    It is said that the Unicorn will return. This can only be a metaphor for what people are looking for today: the truth, purity and love that have been lost in the shadow of technology.

    In order to find the Unicorn as our ancestors found it, we must return to what we have learned, to give up our pride in mastering nature.

    Only then will we find him, as well as the other extraordinary creatures in us who can’t wait to walk the world without fear again …



    “The unicorn always evokes the idea of ​​the miraculous sublimation of bodily life and that of a supernatural power emanating from what is pure.”

    In ancient times, somewhere in the Apuseni Mountains, lived an old woman who raised a little girl about whom it was not known where she came from and who her parents were. The house where they lived was in a safe place. No one had crossed their threshold except a few animals, the girl’s friends.

    When the story began, the girl was three years old, she was a girl with freckles on her nose, with golden hair and sapphire eyes. She was so pretty that her grandmother, as she called the old woman who cared for her, loved her like the back of her head.

    Her name was Sya and she had such a beautiful voice that she competed with the birds in singing. She sang at dawn or in the evening, she sang whenever her heart urged her. The wind carried his songs far away, on the ridges of the high mountains.

    Not far from the house was a cascade of water in sparkling streams, the fine drops of which gathered in dozens of rainbows, which the little girl stared at unsatisfied.

    Sometimes he tried to pick them up, but he did not reach out, as they disappeared and appeared elsewhere in the waterfall. She wanted to warm her waist with a rainbow belt.

    Seeing her so troubled, her grandmother secretly wove a belt on which she sewed glittering beads. In fact, they were precious stones of all colors, gathered from a cave known only to her. After that, she put the belt on for the day when her niece will turn 12 years old.

    Now Sya was 11 years old, but she looked much older. She was as tall and slender as a reed, her face was as white as a jasmine flower, her bald hair fell cascadingly on her shoulders, and her eyes were clear, blue, and with shady eyelashes.

    His eyes were magnetized sapphires. His whole being emanated a perfect harmony between inner and outer beauty.

    In her walks on the mysterious paths of the forest, wild animals accompanied her. They all bowed before her and listened to her as if she were their queen.

    But there were days when he preferred solitude. Then he roamed the forest in search of fruit and flowers. On some mornings he ran barefoot through the damp grass, at other times at noon he bathed in the lake at the foot of the waterfall.

    The girl was cute, graceful and very cheerful. When he laughed, between his lips like a strawberry, the pearls of his teeth, small and regular, came out.

    His heart was full of kindness, and when he met an injured creature, he took care of it until he got to his feet.

    The birds competed in her singing, and she danced and smiled as the restless wind ruffled her hair. He often bent down and gently kissed the tender head of the flowers with dew still on them.

    Sya watched everything with innocence, delighted by the birds’ concerts, the delicate flight of butterflies, the movement of the clouds in the sky, the aromas of the forest and the calls of the distances.

    In the glade of flowers he had a special place, a haystack, on which he slept on nights when it was raining stars in the sky.

    When it rained, she stayed in her wildflower-smelling little room and peered into the magical luster of a crystal ball found near the waterfall.

    It was a sapphire as big as a quail’s egg, but the child did not know what it was, but enchanted by the charm of the color and the figures that took shape on its surface, she looked at it for hours…

    When she turned 12, on September 1 – the sign of the Virgin, her grandmother gave her the bead. They were blue like her gem, only they were smaller.

    At the same time, she gave him a white dress, delicate, soft and light as a flake, a rainbow-colored beaded belt and a pair of Roman sandals.

    The virgin, as her grandmother sometimes called her, shone in her simple but beautifully crafted clothes. Tears of joy lingered on her cheek, and some clung to her thick eyelashes and got rainbow iridescence as a ray of sunshine reflected through them.

    Now, at this age, he had some feelings that he could not explain. Often the smile disappeared from her face, lingering for hours on end.… She felt a call, something urged her to go to the waterfall by the flower meadow.

    On a full moon night, as sleep enveloped her, numb from the scents of mowed hay, with her eyes half open, she saw among the old trunks of secular trees, a fantastic being that shone, to catch her eye.

    As if on command, her sleep jumped, becoming the lively and curious little girl of old. Carefully, he approached what appeared to be a white horse with a horn on his forehead and studied it carefully.

    Her heart was pounding with vague emotions, and curiosity was pushing her forward, closer and closer to him. The splashes on his mane had diamond sparkles.

    The child had never seen such a miracle to which she felt a strange attraction. After a while he left, promising to return.

    Exhausted, she arrived home and fell into a deep sleep. In the dream, the being he had admired at the waterfall appeared to him. She told him:

    – I’m Unicorn, don’t be afraid of me. I am a divine creature and I love everything that is pure, chaste, virginal. You’re Sya, call me Yang. I’m waiting for you tomorrow in the flower meadow, next to the waterfall.

    In the morning, when she woke up, Sya woke up looking at herself in the glistening water of a clay pot, then put on the beautiful clothes she received as a gift for her birthday.

    At last he rubbed his palms with the leaves of a fragrant plant. She looked in the water mirror once more and hurried out the door.

    He walked with small, quick steps so as not to be late, but when he saw him in all his splendor, accentuated by the first rays of the sun, he could not take another step. She was stunned, her eyes wide with surprise and admiration.

    Then a melodious voice, resembling the divine tinkling of bells, said to him:

    – Come on, come on! You have nothing to be afraid of. You are so Beautiful! Would you like to go for a walk?

    “Yes, I like to walk in the dew, even bathe in it,” Sya replied.

    “Then let’s take a bath!”

    Shyly, the girl took off her robe and, blushing, sat down beside him, then they began to bathe in the fragrant, cool dew of the flowers.

    Happy, Yang said,

    “Do you know that dew outweighs our powers?”

    – No, I didn’t know, but I’ve always liked the dew bath.

    In an almost whispered voice, he asked her:

    – Do you agree to become soul mates and roam the whole Universe together?

    With her cheeks burning with shyness and her voice choked with emotion, she replies:

    – Yes!

    From that day on, the two became inseparable friends. Where you saw one was the other. There was a platonic love between them and an oath of chastity.

    Often, after bathing in the waterfall, he would make her a bed of flowers, and she would weave her blue bells into her snow-white mane.

    They were happy and had incredibly beautiful days. In the forest where they lived, spring and summer were eternal. Sometimes Yang would put his head in her lap and fall asleep like a baby.

    This was a sign of great confidence, for the unicorns did not approach anyone. Although they had magical powers, they were shy and distrustful.

    The spiral horn was adorned with sapphires reminiscent of the blue of the sky, water, and planet Earth. The initiates knew the symbolism of the color of sapphires.

    It expresses one of the universal Laws, the Laws of Kybalion:

    “What is Above is like what is Down. What is Down is like what is Up. Heaven and Earth are me. ”

    We are not alone in the Universe, whatever you get your hands on in nature, you find that it is related to the rest of the world. People need to remember these things. The horn of the unicorn was a bridge between the Worlds, and the unicorn, the divine messenger.

    At night, the two walked on unpaved paths, flew among the stars and traversed the dimensions of unknown but fascinating worlds. The white streaks that could be seen in the sky in summer were not only shooting stars, but also unicorns in flight.

    Yang also initiated Sya into the mysteries of the universe, so that she too could become invisible. Often, at night, they entered the homes of the unseen (invisible) who, at the mere touch of the magic horn, healed instantly.

    The next day they told those around them that they dreamed of someone taking their pain while whispering to them:

    “Change, be better!”

    The ancient merchants, who roamed the world long and wide, told of the stops they made, of the Unicorns of the seas and those of the deserts, but also of the magical power of their horn to annihilate any poison.

    This is how the years passed, many in number, but who kept their line… Finally, He and She retreated to Mount Kogaion, the sacred place of the Dacians and the Heart of the World.

    Sya was already ready to be initiated by the High Priestess of Zalmoxis to fulfill her mission for which she had been sent to Earth. And she was a divine entity, but she still didn’t know

    As the world grew worse… the unicorns disappeared from the earth. They passed into other dimensions and roamed the heavens. Sometimes it is shown in a dream or even in reality to those with a pure heart. Children, especially…

    1. Hi😊!That is the best google translation ever seen//my google does not translate at that level😄
      Why Acid?…and … I am familiar with that legend.Nice to read it again.

    2. @Green Acid Burn…
      We know that all that are spirited (Sophia) are here on a self inner mission to locate our original makeup (to draw the “Twins” ) and locate the escape back to our original home. All else is not important or part of the mission. The Gnostic text that we’re researching together depict either the map out of here plus our full story or the distortion Atoth son of Yaldabaoth who was instructed to assure that the spirited (Spohia) stayed asleep as the slaves we were created to stay in darkness. We have researched all the top dogmas including the ones you have shared and to us they all point to Yaldabaoth and his plan to captivate his fashioned bodies in this construct called death or the walking dead. If we are here to empower the “Twins” then all else including the over 2000 dogmas who are followers of Yaldabaoth. The “Twins” that hid the Gnostic Text were instructed by the “light” so during the time of the consummation of the ages, we of whom are of Sophia can complete their awakening towards the whole truth. Let’s stay general in order to not distract others.

  12. Hi Ariel and Wes, I always like to hear your thoughts and wisdom. What it is interesting here in earth is how easy we are manipulated. I read about Cobra and the pleiades, Q anon saviors of the world. But all off it is a hoax. And thanks to my hunger of wisdom I know the truth. I have no doubt this is really going to be bad for Yaldabaoth and in the end SPIRIT is going to win the battle. I my self do not believe in Jesus as a being, and that is the trap. Praying and giving your free will to Yaldabaoth
    Christ= Conciousness
    Sophia= Wisdom
    Yaldabaoth = Ego
    And what life has teached me is that ego is my enemy and when my ego gains something it is just an ilusion not real.
    Hopefully there is going to come the time when we all souls are going to see the real truth. And I know you are so close to it!!

  13. Hi, ARIEL and WES!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    This is another Wonderful Text.
    The most beautiful i’ve ever read in my entire life. The Book is called THE STELLAR MAN by John Baines (PDF) >>>–The-Stellar-Man-Hermetic-Philosophy-book-2.pdf


    “I, ISIS, mistress of the mysteries of Nature, speak to you.

    You, novice who seeks to go through the gates of initiation, and you, layman who will read with idle curiosity, calm your spirit, clear your mind, calm your emotions.

    Get away from worldly noises, and look for shelter under the mantle of your own SELF so you may cross the threshold that leads to the abode of the magicians with no danger.

    Cast away your prejudices; shed your egotism; flee from personalism and rashness for an instant; analyze with serene eyes.

    Do not fear aught but yourself; do not doubt but that which you analyze superficially; do not deny before meditating. Separate yourself from the multitude that obscures your ideas; be yourself and think for yourself; do not limit yourself.

    You, seeker of wonder, you, candidate for initiation, do not look into the distance. Gather all your energy within yourself. Forget about India and Tibet. Do not cry out for God, Allah, or Jesus.

    What you look for is right where you are at this moment. Yes, stop looking toward the outside and bury your sight deeply within yourself.

    Tune your perceptions, sharpen your senses, and there in the center of your being are you, your “I”, your real essence, the truth behind lies, the immortal energy that gives life to the clay that is you. Look with devotion and reverence because there is light … and the light that blinds you is God.

    Listen to how it decrees:

    ‘7 am the road and the life.’

    But … Beware!

    You cannot contemplate God face to face without dying. Are you willing to continue?

    I can grant you a great gift. I offer you … death! Do not tremble, this death is the gift of the immortals; it is the gift of the phoenix that is gloriously reborn from its own ashes.

    To be, one must not be; to be born and to be, one must first die. If you achieve this, you will be called the twice born.

    Do not scorn my offer; consider it carefully. It is better to die now than to live awaiting death. Do not believe that if you reject me you will be able to continue your path unharmed.

    On the contrary, all paths lead to me; ignore me and you will be like an orphan who does not know its parents. You only have two paths; either I devour you or you unite with me. Yours, and only yours, is the choice.

    If you decide to be devoured, fully dedicate your life to enjoyment; drink the last drop from the cup of pleasure. Close your mind to the voice of your spirit, abandon yourself to the beast and enjoy the sensual pleasure of matter.

    Thus, when you are least aware, the moment of final cannibalism will arrive.

    Do you really believe I will take pity on you? You deceive yourself; I have no feelings. I am beyond pleasure and pain, beyond right and wrong.

    I am like the sun that rises in the morning to light everything equally. After your death, you will become only remains and a relic. Afterwards…not even that.

    If you desire to marry me, you must be ready to suffer the death of initiation. You must pass the trials the terrible Sphinx will send to you without mercy in order to judge your spiritual courage and the quality of your nature.

    I surrender myself only to he who has reached the stage of crucifixion, resisting the attacks of the four elements. I love only those who have drunk from the cup of bitterness, of betrayal, of ridicule and mockery, of persecutions, of slander, and of defamation.

    I love the initiates who have persisted with courage, suffering the loneliness of the spirit in the midst of a world of animals.

    You come to me after experiencing slander and defamation, which are the specific trials of the element of air; after blows and persecution, the trials of the element of earth; after sensual temptations and vices, which are trials of the element of water; and after dominating uncontrolled ambitions, which are the trials of fire.

    This quaternary corresponds to each of the ends of the cross to which one who came to me was nailed …Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, others even greater have lived and live in secret; no one knows of their existence because it is better for their work.

    Do not believe that in the world there exist only the once born and the twice born; unfortunately the once and a half born and the aborted ones also exist.

    Beware not to be taken in by their convincing lies and machiavellian language. These beings live neither in this world nor the next.

    They are neither initiates nor laymen, but imitators of Masters, semisages, sowers with unclean hands, the followers of dead scrolls, and black magicians who covet me and boast of my love when they are not even worthy of my smile.

    Some may wear saris or tunics; others, collars and aprons; others, the Rosicrucian attire; some proclaim themselves the only possessors of the truth, believing that they actually possess this monopoly. All of them claim my friendship, but are only beggars who plead to me for crumbs of wisdom.

    You do not achieve second birth by standing on your head or meditating, nor in the coffin of purely symbolic ceremonies, nor by good works or the grace of the Holy Spirit.

    If you disdain me, receive my blessings and continue on your road, destined to be food for the Gods. Not all can be men; some can only be animals, or worse, vegetables.

    If you come to me through curiosity, think twice. It is easy to be rash with what one does not know. If you are not brave enough, turn back; shield yourself with your vanity and your pride, content yourself to look down at the ground like your kin.

    If you are not prepared, do not aspire to see my face; unfortunate is he who, possessed by animal greed or misguided curiosity, contemplates only my reflection, as he will never forget me, and will die tormented by the desire to possess me.

    If you are prepared, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear, if your intention is pure and noble, proceed without discouragement and know that from the moment you cross the threshold of the occult abode, I will be anxiously awaiting you like the young bride for her first love.

    This book can help you; it can be the guide that will take you to the hidden door, which so many seek and so few find.

    Seek and you will find; do not pray to the Gods, fight for me. You will conquer me with the strength of your decision, not by praying.”


    Whoever reads this book expecting to find an informative essay on “sugarcoated” commercial esotericism will be greatly disappointed. The Stellar Man is about a science more elevated than any now known, and what it can do for mankind.

    This wisdom, the true origin of all knowledge, represents the highest treasure that the human being can ever succeed in possessing in this or any other century, on the planet Earth or anywhere else in the far reaches of the Universe.

    It is the arte magnum, the perfect vision of the essential reality of Nature, which encompasses developing the capacity to see oneself objectively, and evaluating the true level of development of one’s own instrument of knowledge, the mind.

    All knowledge, in order to be true, has to be based on man’s internal reality, and has to be integrated into a wise, just, omnipresent, immortal, and eternal nature.

    The ability to see reality is not a congenital capacity. The human being is only able to observe the map that he himself created from a subjective, limited, and rationalized interpretation.

    This process creates a personalized pseudoreality, of which there are as many as there are inhabitants of this planet. I call this imaginative creation “social reality,” since in practice, the individual is a mere cultural resonator and an appendage of the collective psyche of humanity.

    This is why people live “halfway” and are a mixture of good and bad; why they are a little asleep and a little awake; why they are insignificant even with all their delusions of grandeur.

    In other words, they do not live profoundly and cannot even grasp the overwhelming significance of this fact. They just graze the surface of the planet and the epidermis of knowledge.

    According to tradition, more than twenty centuries ago, the greatest sage of all lived on our planet; Hermes Trismegistus, the three times great.

    His Teaching, being of extraterrestrial origin, was called Hermeticism. Its objective is the profound knowledge of oneself and of the Universe.

    According to Hermes, the microcosmos and the macrocosmos are analogous, which is why the conscious penetration into one’s own Universe will also lead the student to universal wisdom.

    The characteristic of this knowledge is that it transcends time and space, and corresponds to the secret anatomy of Nature, which like God, has neither beginning nor end.

    When Hermes wanted to transmit his teachings to a chosen few, he found himself faced with the problem of the limitations of language, which is descriptive and informationally based.

    This inherent disability made human language inadequate to meet the desired end, since all authentic wisdom is “meaningful” and not “informational.”

    It can only be comprehended at the level of BEING, and not through merely intellectual faculties.

    For this reason, an unknown language had to be used, different from the language of people and nations. It is a “language of meaning,” that emanates exclusively from a potent mind at the level of higher consciousness, and which far exceeds the habitual condition of man.

    The “language of the Gods” was the only means that could assure the comprehension of that sublime teaching.

    Hermes started to transmit his Teaching in great secrecy, choosing only the most prepared as his students, due to the great difficulty that such a magnum opus entailed.

    In time, he succeeded in forming a few inheritors and continuers, Masters who formed an Initiatic School. They formed an occult fraternity that fulfilled its work behind the scenes and in silence.

    They knew that there were many neophytes who were guided by greed and ambition to obtain unlimited personal power to satisfy sordid passions, rather than a genuine spiritual or philosophical restlessness.

    Many of those who gained admission into this School failed in their tests and their twisted intention and absolute lack of ethics became evident over time. The possession of ethics was an indispensable condition to be chosen to receive the highest level of instruction.

    The limited and superficial information that these pretenders thus obtained became the basis for the birth of a false and spurious esotericism.

    It was based on speculation and superstition, and its dissemination is the foundation of the immense majority of what today is erroneously known as “magic”,”occultism” and so forth.

    True and sacred occultism was the knowledge of Hermes, hidden from those who have not succeeded in mastering the language of the Gods, and from those who, owing to their own limitations, pride, and pettiness, were not concerned with developing their higher consciousness.

    What is certain is that despite the time and difficulties, a few Masters with the necessary power and wisdom to confer Hermetic initiation have existed in every epoch.

    This initiation is a mystical and transcendental event that offers the individual a certain opportunity to cross the threshold that leads to the path towards spiritual perfection and cosmic wisdom. If the individual triumphs in such an undertaking, he becomes a Stellar Man.

    This represents the highest goal that Homo sapiens can aspire to, and which corresponds to the culmination of the evolutionary process, but which the species would reach only after many thousands of years of successful development.

    Making this ascending leap leads the individual to completely overcome his animal condition, thereby moving him up one step on the evolutionary scale in the Universe.

    The path of self perfection is long and arduous. There can be no other way than to pursue the attainment of authentic power over oneself and one’s own existence, and to pursue the possession of a state of consciousness in which disharmony, destructiveness, ugliness, aggression, and unhappiness no longer exist.

    The real Hermetic Initiate acquires the capacity to transcend such petty realities, to instead place himself in the unlimited and infinite context of absolute reality; that which transcends time and space.

    From that moment on, he will never again be defeated by hesitation, loneliness, or doubt. He will have united himself harmoniously with that unique and powerful force which is a creator and maintainer of life, what Hermes called “MIND.”

    The Hermetic Principle says:

    “The ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

    This means that only one class of essential energy exists in the cosmos.

    This energy, this higher conscious and intelligent force, is divided, and projects itself into infinite vibrations and forms of life, thus maintaining the balance of creation and life of all animate and inanimate species.

    The occult anatomy of the cosmos is the mechanics of Nature, whose forces reciprocally feed from and nourish man, influencing everything in his life.

    Knowledge, and the use of these forces, is what permits the genuine Hermeticist to act with his mind in different vital situations in order to ensure the achievement of his goals.

    Fate does not exist; everything has a cause and effect; nothing happens by chance. True magic bears no resemblance whatsoever to superstition and witchcraft. The true magus, is a KING of his internal world which by analogy can influence the external world.

    “As it is above, so it is below.”
    “As it is within, so it is without.”

    Guided by voraciousness and greed, there are many who believe that it is possible to steal the secret and usurp the magic power, supposing that it is based on the development of parapsychological faculties. Nothing is further from reality.

    Magic is the path of the mutant.

    It is the supreme art, which leads to one’s own liberation and spiritual perfection. It is the ascending evolutionary spiral that leads the individual to the only true heaven – the one gained through one’s own merit and through internal discipline – it is the legacy of Hermes.

    It is not possible to reach this goal without having first dominated oneself. Nature makes the candidate for immortality undergo various tests.

    The will and character of the candidate have to be tempered silently in the forge of daily experience, until he cleanses his heart of all impurities. It is not possible to approach Isis, the mistress of the mysteries of Nature, without having first achieved a state of inner transparency.

    If this were not so, the candidate would end as the butterfly burned by the flame of a candle, for supreme truth blinds or burns the evildoer and the impure as much as it elevates the just and perfect. The noble figure of Hermes, the envoy of the Gods, rises out of the remote past showing us the correct path.

    NOTE: The use of the masculine pronoun “he” is used throughout this book, (other than in cases that specifically refer to the masculine gender) to refer to both men and women. This was done with the aim of simplifying the sentence structure.

  14. I know this article is not directly about the singularity but because what we are experiencing globally and Wes wrote two e-books about it and countless articles, I think it is timely.

    The latest London Real YouTube video just arrived into my e-mail box:
    GEORGE GILDER – LIFE AFTER GOOGLE: How The Singularity & Cryptocurrency Will Redefine Humanity

  15. I must admit there are some replies that deserve my attention. Interesting
    However, I would like to add a new element:

    Sophia had the mission to create a universe born from a single androgynous being. It was not a mistake but rather dictated by the higher power. If you are looking for the one to condemn, look at you first

    The Christ counsciousness always searched for his consort, because he (knows) gnoses.

    The Orion empire still supports PATRIARCHY over the feminine universe because they are ignorant

    Who can say for sure that Sophia is the real power’s tripper responsible for that mess? So easy sometimes to condemn one over another.

    There is a reason why she did it.

    Just meditate on it!

    This is often more simple when it comes from the Pleroma. Long intellectual dissertation won’t serve anyone in this crucial moment in time.
    The scapegoat trip is over!
    Thank you all to let me share my truth.

    Anyone from the Kenoma knows what has been the real game played in the Pleroma.

    Just be humble as we are all at the moment.


    1. @Anonymous ~ “This is often more simple when it comes from the pleroma. Long intelluctual dissertation won’t serve anyone in this crucial moment in time”

      Okay. Thank you for your input.

      1. Humans beings must walk 3 paths. 1) The path of the moon on which they overcome the emotional body and become able to connect the world from many view points. Meditation help to quiet the mind and body but remains among many others ways only an ingredient to faciltate this passage.
        2)The second path is the path of the sun: This is the path of people feeling the urge to realize their life mission in serving human kind
        3) The third path is the path of the stars: Exactly what we are talking and working on with Ariel and Wes.

        To connect and meditate on the Pleroma, we must first transcend each ones of these paths . We cannot escape any steps in this process

        I’ve learned it from a good teacher either. I applied the recipe , I walked the path and I’m still convince, it’s the only way out for human kind.

        The desires of the Gods(Orion includes) don’t match those of men who live in a completely different reality.

        Why Sophia is not the power tripper they program us to condemn? Another post


        1. Sophia, Eve, Magdalena. and many women have been trapped in a roosters war between Enlil , Enki and the machine kingdom. The lost gospel of Mary Magdalene was a heritage of wisdom. . Exactly what is missing in our modern world. . In all this nonsense, she probably have chosen to support human kind and not these Godily wars . More, by shipping her the whore’s tag, they made sure to silence her for centuries and millenia. Who is in a power trip really? Human kind fight now against the kingdom machine because everyone forgot the essential.

    2. @Anonymous
      A few years ago I read Sophia’s story on a blog and it was similar to the events discussed here. Basically that Sophia during the creation of her Universe created the Archons as an unintentional byproduct. And to have them out of her way she formed the 4% of the Universe for them as their playground. As time went on, we ended up where we are at. This is how that scholar or researcher interpreted the Gnostics. I think we’re all trying our best.

      You have a point and I didn’t think of that.

      I’ve been meditating for years and had even healed myself out health issues. Those meditations were developed by Dr Joe Dispenza and his science team and were guided. When I do a silent meditation I just go to a deep relaxing state but nothing ever comes up. Can you share your method on how to meditate on something and what were your insights when you meditated on why Sophia created her Universe as it is.

      Thank you.

  16. After i die.. i will never submit myself to anyone.. we dont know how many trap we can possibly encounter out there.. no more soul trap again for me.. im so tired of this madness..

    I am.. not the queen,sabaoth or any god … i just want to be myself and live in LOVE.. i want to be mature.. no nonsense … i just want to escape.. and the true gate is inside of me.. how i evolve and become mature..

  17. After i die.. i will never submit myself to anyone.. we dont know how many trap we can possibly encounter out there.. no more soul trap again for me.. im so tired of this madness..

    I am.. not the queen,sabaoth or any god … im just want to be myself and live in LOVE.. i want to be mature.. no nonsense … i just want to escape.. and the true gate is inside of me.. how i evolve and become mature..

  18. I have question can Sophia with Christ help purify the Yaldabaoth mind (If Yaldabaoth have mind ofc) and make him help humans to escape this material reality or its impossible ?

    1. @Kingiux ~ “I have question can Sophia with Christ help purify the Yaldabaoth mind (If Yaldabaoth have mind ofc) and make him help humans to escape this material reality or its impossible?”

      Why do you need anyone’s help?

  19. Wes and Ariel. You were correct that we will have the discernment to scale truth from darkness while reading the Gnostic text.
    Q. We’re still confused about the artificial Spirit vs the true Spirit. And how are the Spirited batteries for them?

    Q. The state that we are in “Consummation of the ages” is it safe to say that the there are no “Twins” that are still buried under the dogmas of darkness still following Yaldabaoths plan?

    Q. The last stand is to wake up Yaldabaoths part that belongs to Spohia. Is this the remaining “Twins”? Or literally wake him up? He is the King of this realm and usually 99.9% of the time a King never gives up his reign. So this final war of the Apocalypse is this our inner world or Michael vs Yaldabaoth?

    1. @Katherine Johnason Patrick Johnson ~

      *Q. We’re still confused about the artificial Spirit vs the true Spirit. And how are the Spirited batteries for them?*

      To study it and get a better understanding of the battery analogy, I would recommend reading the books by Robert Monroe (who coined the term “loosh” as this substance for which we have no other word or concept), specifically Far Journeys for this description, and Tom Montalk, when it comes to spirit.

      *Q. The state that we are in “Consummation of the ages” is it safe to say that the there are no “Twins” that are still buried under the dogmas of darkness still following Yaldabaoths plan?*

      Can you explain what you mean by Twins?

      1. Somewhere in the study it defined Twin as the Spirited ones or of Sophia. Q. At the time of the consummation are there still Spirited ones who are still members of the 2000+ dogmas? We’re directing our intent in the direction of the Spirited ones that are still under ” the god spell”

  20. What does Escape to Orion to await the the “Twins” then arrive in the Pleroma to become creator gods mean? After this death experience Katherine and I just want to return to our origins and retire there. Mission impossible completed.

    1. @Kathering Johnson Patrick Johnson ~ OH! Is this your “Twin” reference? If so, in some of the Gnostic texts, it is interpreted that a human who has achieved their perfected mind (?) or ascension (or something similar along those lines) will reunited with a “Spiritual Twin” at the gate to enter the Pleroma. Some people interpret spiritual twin to mean Higher Self. I, honestly, don’t know what that means.

        1. According to the Gnostic Texts it means that the Spirits/Aeons create their own separate universes, based on the attributes/characteristics they were given by the Monad/Source. We will go into this some more in the next article, as well, explaining where the human mind comes into the pictures…so stay tuned 🙂

  21. Thanks for the great article.. I think the theory in “Where were you before the tree of life” resonate more with me .. we are not here because of Sofia experiment to wake up one ignorant creature to his spirit and leave.. we are here because two creator gods decide with their free will to disconnect with infinite source of light which made darkness rise inside them and their created universe..their sons Artola and Lucifer are the christ and the devil running the show here
    link to the free book

    1. Interessting but channellers have a bad reputation in a fake scientific world. Lemurians cannot testify anymore how Atlanteans were lost at that time.

  22. [My copy-paste]
    This may be one of those uncomfortable questions, but it needs to be asked, researched, i think. From time to time i feel like i’m an alien that doesn’t fit in into this world, this society, because some things feel very unnatural and alien to me. I’m probably not the only one who sees this way.
    Why do women menstruate? I’m a male, so i don’t understand this. But i’m sure some, small or not, percentage of women also have asked this question. (But were the answers actually satisfying and resonating as truth?) Just like with eating or pooping, this aspect feels way weirder and alien, strange…even redundant.
    One of my paranoid thoughts, impressions was that it has to do with alien abductions, experimentations on humans happening around the world or it’s something to do with gender-swapping…is there a rationale to this?
    Why are symbolically women made into martyrs? You can look at the official history(if it is true), and it shows how throughout ages in some places at some times women were treated like they are not human. Even in this modern era, there are cultures that force unfair standards of clothing and living on women. Why is all of this? …Am i the only one who thinks both genders are equal roles spiritually? Although there are queen ants…
    ( i actually tried to touch this subject in my previous videos – )
    What is your spiritual perspective on this? And again, what mainstream science tells doesn’t resonate with me. I think there is more and it is more different.

    1. Good question. No words for now just sadness. Just few lines…… In shining in the heart of human kind, The Christ has been used to demonize women kind and his consort. Many continue to imply that Sophia made a mistake and this is enough to justify the repression experienced by many of us.

    2. @[everyone], @Ariel, @Wes. So, nobody has an answer to why women menstruate in our current society, our current history, current time? What is the reason of it?
      Besides what science tells us, which doesn’t feel like a true explanation, what is the purpose of this struggle? Is it actually natural? Because i think it’s very alien and abnormal for women to have. Maybe it’s normal for this matrix as a part of its gradually-evolving design, but to me there is no need for it. It’s just made normal for the quotemark-humans(@434’s term ->, humans with artificial spirits, who make it normal for the spirited humans(and in-reverse). It’s etched into the collective unconscious of humans, so nobody questions it…for now.

      I also wanna answer to any people, who may ask “why do i care?” (there is no despising in this statement btw). I care, because, if you’re a genuine spirit or in case you don’t die permamently, forever after your physical death, you have been reincarnating into both males/men and females/women, and you may re-incarnate into a woman next time.
      ( in my opinion, spirits are gender-independent, so we choose to be or get consciousness-washed(deeper than “brainwashed”) to be either male or female in our next incarnation )
      So, why wouldn’t you wanna know why does your avatar has such weird features, functions and characteristics?

      1. @Robin Obinray ~ If we go down this road, we could ask these types of questions about A LOT of different things, such as why do we need to eat, why do men’s voices change, why do we grow hair, and on and on. It’s just not an area that I have spent time focusing on. Are you familiar with Lloyd Pye? He was someone who was interested in and researched human physical anomalies. He’s dead, now, but his video “Everything You Know Is Wrong” (1999) touches on a lot of these things.

  23. Hi, spirited friends!
    Every person has their unique personality, right? But how does one´s personality form? If you say it´s formed by the person´s experiences in their own environment, how can we explain children at early age already show their personality even having lived such a little time? Another question: is my personality going to be the same in my next reincarnation? (if I agree to reincarnate again, for example). One last question: in pleroma, do we have an identity, or is everybody the same?
    Thank you in advance. 🙂

    1. Yes, we all have our unique personality. The 3-D personality (Earth) forms from life experiences and the environment and our reactions to them, like you mention. In little babies we can see some distinction in personality, but we also have the genetic/ancestral line. It’s in their DNA, and the baby has been there before, tuning into the DNA of his/her body and the genetic memory, which can contribute.

      If you would be reincarnated again, you would reincarnate to the same family, siblings, etc., so to a large degree, you would probably repeat the same patterns as in previous life. But there are always some changes because we are constantly faced with options. If you take a completely new route next time, you life will be very different and your personality changes. We all make some progress every lifetime, but depending on our choices, we will either make progress toward enlightenment of more ignorance.

      The archons set it up this way so it will take us forever to transcend. That’s why it’s so important to go through the Grid.

      One thing we haven’t brought up yet in the Gnostic series is the “mind.” It will be the next article. Yes, it seems like we will be individual creators in the Pleroma.

      1. @wes.. do you agree with the wingmakers? What are your thoughts about them? Do you think the wingmakers are working for yaldabaoth? Is their similarity and connection between gnosticism and wingmakers? Im hoping for your response.. thanks..

        1. The Wes Penre Papers (WPP) and the WingMakers Material (WMM) are both Gnostic in nature. Both are conveying the Gnostic teachings from two different angles to undermine the much more complicated Gnostic texts. If you read the WMM, you can see that they have a lot of Gnostic overtones, e.g. the 7 Superuniverses (the 7 Heavens), Atlantis (where humans were more ethereal in nature and then descended to this solid 3-D realm), and the Grand Portal, to name just a few. It’s the same story, and as the WMM evolves, I’m sure we’re going to see even more Gnostic teaching in them.

          I don’t know who James Mahu of the WMM is, but I am pretty sure he’s truthful when he says he’s not human. I don’t have a problem with the WMM, but I am skeptical about the Grand Portal. James says that we humans will discover the Grand Portal around 2080, and that’s when the human soul group will be able to leave this Matrix together. By that time, humanity will live in the Singularity, so I don’t understand why we then, all of a sudden, will discover how to get out of here. It sounds like a trap to me. It would require that most humans living today will be dead and need to reincarnate here again. I don’t think that would be beneficial at all, and I don’t think that’s how it works, either. When we die, we don’t just decide where to go in the afterlife–we go where we belong, depending on our own spiritual development.

          1. @wes .. the year is 2080.. could it be that enki know this thats why they need the singularity before 2080 comes? They all knew this and they dont want us to become free.. is it possible that the wingmakers are our true creator? It is very interesting discovery.. the sovereign integral is also great.. we are sovereign and we are god in the making.. yaldabaoth tricked us to a body that limits our ability as a multi-d.. yes.. wpp and wmm has similarity.. same as the gnosticism.. its hard to trust to anybody because its your freedom is at stake … i cant decide by now if i go to orion after i die. All i want is truth.. and truth will set us free. We all knew that the God of this universe is a master of trick and lies .. the only one you can trust is yourself … some people has their own agenda.. of course i dont know who you are wes.. but 100% i am sure.. you are close… close to the real truth..


  24. Their is a Japanese manga turned into a cartoon franchise-dragon ball- it has the creation of it’s universes clustered into twelve’s with creator gods god over-seeing developments. This gods are two halves of a whole male and female. Spooky!!!

  25. What do you think about Rapture (now when you have studied gnostic texts). According to the bible it could be happend at the end of this year/or 2021. Because their agenda is not complete yet, do you think this would be just some distraction ( maybe like some alien invasion scene). Thank you for your posts.

  26. @* , I have a question some flat earthers and not only flat earthers bring up sometimes.
    [my copy-paste]
    How does space look like? What is outside Earth? Is it water-like? I heard a theory, that our planet is something like rotating and (free-)moving in a space of ether or in an ocean-like space.
    Does gravity exist outside Earth?…Is gravity made-up? If it’s not gravity, how does it work? I heard something about density and its differences, different layers as true explanation of why gravity works.

  27. [my copy-paste]
    @* , when i was researching different conspiracies, i stumbled upon an ukrainian youtuber Vyacheslav Kotlyarov. He created a whole worldview around a theory of our Earth being honeycomb, instead of a globe ( <- has to do with fractals and sacred geometry )
    Vyacheslav also hosts a livestreaming show on youtube called "Kotlyarof fm". And tsomewhere in those livestreams and youtube videos i repeatedly heard about the idea of Slavo-Aryan Vedas and highly-advanced race, which came from space, other star systems and colonized Earth. This race spoke ancient russian/slavic languages. And they had slavic appearance. (Looking similar to pleiadians?🤔 )

    One of the researchers, who is highly-interesting to me, Nikolai Levashov, also talked about this. He mentioned that Encyclopedia Britannica had Great Tartaria as the biggest empire of the world. For myself i understood that, from his words it was like Soviet Union, but much larger and much more powerful. And i don't mean communism or political regime. The different races, just like different nationalities, all existed in one empire. That empire had a core race of ancient slavic people as its foundation, base + other non-slavic races as layers of support.
    Nikolai said the Slavo-Aryans(called also as Rusy, "Русы"), the descendants of that ancient slavic race from space, were the most advanced on the whole planet at the time. Things like telepathy, clair-abilities, psychokinesis, energy-induced martial arts were normal for that race.
    But then i see what is described in "Moksha" by @Technical Intuition as a strong possibility. That remote viewing summary implies our planet was invaded, and a highly-technological system of energy extraction and redirection was set up. Plus, the video doesn't mention this, but a system of social experimentation, experimentation on consciousness and free will was set up as well.
    And so i'm unsure. Was there actually such race? Or is this yet another social engineering attempt of dividing & conquering? Because i also heard about ancient black people with elongated skulls who were highly-advanced. Or is this us shifting between timelines and realities?

    1. Yes, my own research has pointed me toward that the EAarth is honeycombed and inhabited beneath our feet–different civilizations.

      Regarding races coming from space to colonize…that’s a bit shady to me. Earth has always been a Human Experience through different dimensions in a descending order (we’re now in the bottom dimension). I think that most of all these alien races people are talking about is New Age disinformation and misconceptions.

      Tataria is/was real. The human Experiment has been ongoing for quite a while. Each level of this Experiment is a cycle that lasts for a very specific time. Then, as told in the Gnostic texts, that part of the Experiment is consumed, and a new Experiment in another dimension starts. Today, when we look around and dig under the ground, we see remnants from earlier Experiments, such as elongated skulls, strange skeletons, etc. Tataria is a civilization that rose and fell. So, abnormalities people find on this planet are remnants from previous Experiments–also located on Earth but in different dimensions/Heavens (see Gnostic texts and the Wes Penre Papers).

  28. Hello! There was a recent conversation about spirituality and childrens book that I cant seem to find. I wanted to know if anyone had any spirit-based book recommendations for a 13 year old boy?

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