Video 159: More on this Construct, the Exit, and the Power of Thought

Fear can be our worst enemy, and fear of death is deeply rooted. It’s easy to say that we just need to get rid of it, and everything will be fine. It’s often not that simple because it’s actually a program, inserted into our body’s DNA. Although we all have died numerous times, we don’t remember what happened afterwards, and this makes many people anxious—particularly as going through the Grid and entering the KHAA is a new thing. It is unexplored territory, and we don’t know for certain what to expect. I personally have no fear of death, and I am not afraid that I will fail exiting through a hole in the Grid, and there is a reason for this. Hopefully, after listening to this video, you will start feeling the same.

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  1. I’ve been watching Michael Tsarion’s “Origins and Oracles” ( He has a very interesting take on how the entire satanist agenda is to create the technology to get out of the grid. This part starts at about [6 hours:18 minutes] in the video above. He argues that the entire “modern world” is a creation by the serpent\satanists for the sole purpose of their desire to escape the prison they so richly deserve. Talk about not learning why you’re in prison?!?!
    I’m also reading: “The Shining Ones.” ( – which retranslates the biblical stories and they are clearly about the Annunaki creating a farm near present day Isra-hell. It’s REALLY fascinating

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