Video 85: The Construction of the Soul (Redux)

It has become very obvious that the previous two videos about the construction of the soul left many people very confused and with a lot of questions. This indicates to me that the article was not clear and easily understandable. When something like this happens, it means I need to step back and reconsider the information and how it was presented. After much discussion on this topic, we have decided to take down the previous videos 85 and 86 and rewrite this concept using as much simple information as possible.

Transcript to the video


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  1. I have following questions. If i will come in BLA After Life „ is the old artificial Soul a Part of the New artificial Soul or is the News artificial Soul completly new Made. Second question: „ if i Leave the Matrix through the Grid what Happens with my artificial Soul of this Life? Thank you for your answer. I am very Glad to find you in the net, coming from Austria

    1. @Helmut ~ A lot has happened since this article was written. I can give you my own personal conclusions that have not necessarily changed, but rather expanded on this idea, if you don’t mind.

      What we were calling the “artificial soul” is what could be called the shadow aspects of the personality. I don’t think I need to explain what “shadow” means. I think it’s pretty well understood by now. What happens to this part of the soul? We travel with it. We don’t automatically shed these undesired aspects of our personality when we die. Whatever we think and feel is what we take with us, and that will determine what happens to us and where we “go” after we die. Holes in the grid? The more shadow you have, the stronger your “grid” and the less permeable it will be. The grid, in my opinion, was just a suggestion to give humanity some kind of idea that there was *more* that they should be aiming for. Whatever you do here in this life is what you take with you, both the good and the bad. Not all of this fits into a perfect, pretty picture, in my opinion. I still have questions, too, but this is where I am currently.

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