Video 79: The Teachings of Thoth Part 4: Jesus

What Ariel and I have found as we have researched Thoth, his incarnations, and the messengers he’s been using, is that they seem to be many, distributed across all continents over a time span of many tens of thousands of years. There is no way we can dig into all these incarnations in this video series. Therefore, we will eventually make a list of the incarnations and messengers we can find at a later date, so that those who are interested can look into them and compare the teachings and the particular traits Thoth has used over the millennia. This particular video is about Jesus.

Transcript to the video


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  1. As a christian, and believer of God Almighty what do you believe through the Gnostic Texts the proctician in the beginning and alchemy in the Nag Hammadi? Also following through the Sophia and as the holiest Arcangel?

    1. @drosfey1 …. Everything in the Nag Hammadi that suggests we use magic, rituals, and revocation of names is Hermetic (alchemy included) and put there by the impostor–Thoth/Hermes. The pure Message from Christ does not include any of that–all the pure Message is intending to do is to wake people up to the Holy Spirit inside. No rituals or hocus pokus needed.

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